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The existence of humor has been about as long as since the existence
of humans. It is one of the greatest source of pleasure for people, as it
also helps to bring them closer to a common attraction of
understanding. In current times the world has become fast moving and
people do not have time to spend in leisure and lead a very stressful
life. In account of such life situations people try to find pleasure even if
it lasts for just a few mere seconds and provides them a source of
happiness. This happiness is mostly found in one line jokes or even
punchlines in a commercials, this study is therefore made to conclude
the importance of humor present in commercials which is not only a
stress reliever but also motivates the person to purchase the product
and remember the advertisement.

Humor is considered as a very important form of commercial appeal
and is widely accepted by print media and broadcasting media. It is also
believed that humor accentuate the effectiveness of advertisement as a
result it connects to a larger number of people. Since for a very long

time the effect of humor has been fruitful for advertisers and agencies
and has been supported on theoretical as well as on empirical grounds.
In order to find out the impact of humor in communication, theory that
describe the humor influence process and what role it plays to account
for individual differences we need to find relevant reports on
humorous advertising effects.
Prior investigation of the impact of humor on advertising message
comprehensions have generally found that humorous commercials
were less effective as compared to serious messages displayed by the
commercial advertisement agencies. Our study will help us to reexamine the influence of humor by focusing on the type of humor
measurement whether manipulated or perceived and the humor
location present in the advertisements. It is indicated that humor
especially in the form of one line jokes helps a lot to promote message
comprehension and offer support for processing of information and
operant conditioning explanations of the humor influence process.

To analyze customer reaction to humor present in advertising media

HYPOTHESIS:1. Appeal of advertisement will be positively related to its acceptance.
2. Personality used in humorous advertisement will be positively
associated with persuasion.
3. Personality used in humorous advertisement would have equal
impact on both genders.

LITERATURE REVIEW:There has been numerous researches proving that advertisement with
humorous appeal can gain consumers likability. A strong positive
correlation is also found between the degrees of how well an
advertisement is liked with the likeability to the brand advertised. In

short, adding humorous elements can enhance ones likeability of an

advertisement and eventually increase liking to the brand advertised.


Elaboration Likelihood Model: - Designed by Petty and Cacioppo, it

helps to assess the likelihood that an individual will cognitively
engage in elaborating information presented in a persuasive
message. Humor might be effective in persuasion in two ways,
which are given in the ELM model
Source:-ELM Model

1) What age group do you fall in?
a) Below 18
b) 19-25 years
c) 25-40 years
d) 40 years and above

2) What gender do you fall in?

a) Male
b) Female
3) What is your occupation?
a) Business
b) Employee
c) Student
d) Housewife
e) If others please specify __________________
4) What is your preferable mode of recognizing a product
a) Newspaper
b) Magazine
c) Social Media
d) Television ads
5) How often do you watch television commercials?
a) Once a month
b) Once a week
c) Once a day
d) 5-6 times a day
6) Would you watch an advertisement if humor was present in it?
a) Strongly agree
b) Agree
c) Neutral
d) Disagree
e) Strongly disagree
7) How much of an advertisement would you remember while
purchasing the product?
a) The joke
b) The joke and the product
c) The entire advertisement

8) Rate the importance of the following while watching the



9) Would a funny joke in a commercial affect your life in a positive

a) Strongly agree
b) Agree
c) Neutral
d) Disagree
e) Strongly disagree

Results for questionnaire



Analysis of results
From the above results we can analyze that: For most people Television advertisements are a source of
information about new products
People mostly prefer to watch advertisements if they include a
source of humor like a one line joke or scripted comedy
Humor present in advertisements help consumers to remember
the products name and motivate them to purchase it as well
The significance of the personality present in the advertisement is
also important
The humor present in advertisements effects the consumers life
in a good way as shown in the results it affects them in a positive

From the above analysis we can conclude that:1. An advertisement is mostly accepted if there is a source of humor
attached to it.


2. When there is humor present in the advertisement there is a huge

chance of people to remember and prefer the product introduced

in the product
The personality present in the humorous advertisement may even
affect the buying habits of the consumer no matter what ever the
gender of the consumer