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International Symposium on
Improvement of Nuclear Safety Using Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics

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Organizer :
PFM Subcommittee
Atomic Energy Research Committee
The Japan Welding Engineering Society
Date : October 24 (Fri), 2014

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Venue : The Welding Hall

4-20 Kanda-sakuma-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0025, Japan

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Report of Symposium
The PFM Subcommittee of Atomic Energy Research Committee of JWES has held
International Symposium on Improvement of Nuclear Safety Using Probabilistic
Fracture Mechanics on 24th October, 2014 at The Welding Hall in Akihabara, Japan.
In the symposium, the PFM subcommittee members have presented their recent
achievements in research and development of PFM technology in Japan. In addition,
some experts in industries have explained practical applications of PFM technology.
Furthermore, Dr. Mark Kirk of US Nuclear Regulatory Committee has made a special
invited lecture on Recent Status of Practical PFM Applications in USA. 59 participants
from electric power industries, plant manufacturers, research institutes, universities
and Japanese regulatory body attended the symposium and enjoyed fruitful
We deeply thank to all speakers, committee members and participants for their strong
supports and cooperation.

- JWES-IT Center

Most of symposium proceedings can be freely downloaded from the link below.

1. Summary of Recent Activities of PFM Subcommittee
Professor Shinobu Yoshimura (The University of Tokyo / Chair, PFM
2. Fundamentals of PFM Analyses
Professor Yasuhiro Kanto (Ibaraki University / Vice-chair, PFM
3. PASCAL Code Series : JAEAs PFM Codes
Mr. Kunio Onizawa (JAEA)
4. Tutorial : How to Use PASCAL3
Mr. Kazuya Osakabe (Mizuho Information & Research Institute Inc.)
5. Special Invited Lecture on Recent Status of Practical PFM

Applications in USA
Dr. Mark Kirk (USNRC)
6. Recent Status of Integrity Evaluation of Nuclear Pressure

Vessels in Japan and Expectation to PFM Approaches

Shohei Sakaguchi (KEPCO) and Dr. Naoki Soneda (CRIEPI)
7. PFM Applications to BWR Components

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The Japan Welding Engineering Society

Dr. Hideo Machida (TEPCO Systems Corp.)

8. PFM Applications to Seismic Safety Evaluation
Dr. Yinsheng Li (JAEA)
9. Dr. Mainte : Integrated Simulator for Maintenance Optimization

of LWRs
Dr. Yoshihiro Isobe (Nuclear Fuel Industries, Ltd.)

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