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Leading local news coverage on the Peninsula

Wednesday Jan. 11, 2017 XVII, Edition 126

Bracing for change

Brown, Legislature
differ sharply on
California budget


An artists rendering of the condo

development at 603 Jefferson Ave.
in Redwood City.

condos OKd

By Jonathan J. Cooper



Brown sees a budget deficit and an
urgent need for spending cuts.
Legislative leaders see a surplus
with room to comfortably increase
Always at odds
when it comes to A practical
the budget, the and serious
Democratic gover- state budget
See opinion
Demo crat i c
particularly far apart this year as
they embark on six months of
spending negotiations amid uncertainty about federal funding under
the incoming administration of
President-elect Donald Trump.
Brown staked out a conservative
opening position Tuesday, warn-

Gov. Jerry Brown proposed a $122.5 billion state spending plan Tuesday and warned of a looming $2 billion
deficit because of falling tax revenues.

See BUDGET, Page 6

Redwood City Council

approval guides future
development discussion
By Anna Schuessler

A six-story, 68-condominium
downtown development scaled
back by litigation was approved
Monday by the Redwood City
Council, whose members took the
opportunity to explore how the
city can meet rising housing
demand while balancing community needs.
The council voted 5-1 to
approve a scaled-back development at 603 Jefferson Ave. on the
corner of Jefferson Avenue and
Bradford Street. Councilwoman
Janet Borgens voted against it and
Councilwoman Diane Howard
recused herself due to potential
conflict of interest.
The original plan for an eight-

See CONDOS, Page 18

Lot splits slow to

halt in San Carlos
City: Increase subdivision
sizes and restrict flag lots

Legislators react to prudent budget

By Samantha Weigel

After Gov. Jerry Brown warned

of fiscal and political uncertainties in light of a new president and
the states precarious budget leaning toward a nearly $1.6 billion
deficit, San Mateo County lawmakers expressed caution while
also urging momentum to address
pertinent priorities like housing

and transportation.
B r o w n
p ro p o s ed
$179.5 billion
spending plan
Tuesday, kicking off negotiations with legJerry Hill
islators before
the 2017-18 fiscal year budget is


See LOTS, Page 18

Marc Berman

praised as conscientious of
Brown warns
of a projected
revenue and the
looming closer

See STATE, Page 6

The end of an era

By Anna Schuessler
San Carlos residents concerned
about residential lot splits can
breathe a sigh of relief after the
City Council approved development standards increasing the minimum residential lot size and width
and restricting flag lots on
Monday night.
Responding to concerns that
development standards implemented in 2011 increased neighborhood density without much
community benefit, the council
accepted a Planning Commission

finalized in the
c o m i n g
Co n s i s t en t
with years past,
the fourth-term
governor has
proposed another fiscally conKevin Mullin servative budget that many
Republicans and Democrats alike

Larry Teshara retiring from education after 50 years

By Austin Walsh


Larry Teshara, left, is retiring at the end of the school year after working for
50 years as an educator.

When the final bell sounds to

end the spring semester, so will it
conclude a career spanning five
decades on local school campuses
for the institution known affectionately as Mr. T.
Larry Teshara, director of the San
Mateo Adult School and former
Burlingame High School principal, announced plans to retire at
the end of the school year after 50
years of working in education

across San Mateo County.

Looking back, Teshara, 73,
attributed his longevity to a
boundless passion for teaching
and influencing the lives of young
My primary interest and career
have been the same thing, and I
consider that to be a blessing,
said Teshara, who came to the San
Mateo Union High School District
in 1972 as a 28-year-old counselor
at Crestmoor High School in San

See MR. T, Page 19


Wednesday Jan. 11, 2017


Thought for the Day

Finish each day and be done with
it. You have done what you could.
Ralph Waldo Emerson, American essayist

This Day in History

The creation of the Academy of
Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was
proposed during a dinner of
Hollywood luminaries
Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.
In 1 8 6 1 , Alabama became the fourth state to withdraw
from the Union.
In 1 9 0 8 , President Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed the
Grand Canyon National Monument (it became a national
park in 1919).
In 1 9 1 3 , the first enclosed sedan-type automobile, a
Hudson, went on display at the 13th National Automobile
Show in New York.
In 1 9 3 5 , aviator Amelia Earhart began an 18-hour trip
from Honolulu to Oakland that made her the first person to
fly solo across any part of the Pacific Ocean.
In 1 9 4 2 , Japan declared war against the Netherlands, the
same day that Imperial Japanese forces invaded the Dutch
East Indies.
In 1 9 4 6 , the Peoples Republic of Albania was proclaimed after King Zog was formally deposed by the
In 1 9 6 4 , U. S. Surgeon General Luther Terry issued
Smoking and Health, a report which concluded that cigarette smoking contributes substantially to mortality from
certain specific diseases and to the overall death rate.
In 1 9 6 6 , Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti, 64, died in
In 1 9 7 7 , France set off an international uproar by releasing Abu Daoud, a PLO official behind the massacre of
Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics.



Actress Amanda
Country singer
Singer Mary J.
Peet is 45.
Naomi Judd is 71.
Blige is 46.
The former prime minister of Canada, Jean Chretien, is 83.
Actor Mitchell Ryan is 83. Actor Felix Silla is 80. Movie
director Joel Zwick is 75. World Golf Hall of Famer Ben
Crenshaw is 65. Singer Robert Earl Keen is 61. Actress
Phyllis Logan is 61. Musician Vicki Peterson (The Bangles)
is 59. Actress Kim Coles is 55. Actor Jason Connery is 54.
Former child actress Dawn Lyn (TV: My Three Sons) is 54.
Contemporary Christian musician Jim Bryson (MercyMe) is
49. Rock musician Tom Dumont (No Doubt) is 49. Movie
director Malcolm D. Lee is 47. Musician Tom Rowlands (The
Chemical Brothers) is 46. Actor Marc Blucas is 45.
by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek

2017 Tribune Content Agency, LLC
All Rights Reserved.



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Redwood City Mayor John Seybert, portraying Town Marshall John C. Edgar in a historic re-enactment of the citys first council
meeting, leads a toast to Redwood City in honor of its sesquicentennial. The citys first council meeting was May 18, 1867, a
week after the city was incorporated. The re-enactment kicked off a years worth of activities throughout the city. Go to for more information.

In other news ...

California whale watchers
see rare orcas, including calf
NEWPORT BEACH Whale watchers in Southern California were treated to a rare sighting of Eastern
Tropical Pacific killer whales.
Dale Frink, a photographer and naturalist who runs a whale-watching
cruise, says the five orcas, including
a small calf, were seen near Point
Vicente on Saturday.
He says the Eastern Tropical Pacific
orcas, identified by a darker saddle
area behind the dorsal fin, make only
rare appearances in Orange County
waters. Theyre more common off San
Diego and south to Peru.
California Killer Whale Project
researcher Alisa Schulman-Janiger
tells the Orange County Register that
it was her first time seeing the rare
type of orca in 35 years of research.
Frink says the boat followed the
pod for about a half hour.

Northern California police dog

bites, subdues naked suspect
FRESNO A Northern California
police dog has subdued a naked,
knife-wielding burglary suspect with
two well-placed bites.
The Fresno County Sheriffs
Department said Monday deputies
were called to a Fresno home Saturday
to investigate a burglary in progress.

Armored car heist suspect says

he didnt mean to shoot guard
SANTA ROSA A suspect in an
armored car heist in Northern
California says he didnt intend to
shoot the guard.
The Press Democrat reports that 24year-old Ivan Morales of Lakeport
told investigators in a taped interview that his friend, 24-year-old
Sergey Gutsu, planned the Windsor
robbery and gave him high-powered
ammunition for an AK-47 rifle.
Morales says he had planned to
leave the rifle unloaded and carry it to
scare the guard.
Prosecutors say Morales shot and
wounded the Loomis truck guard outside a Chase Bank branch in Windsor
on July 12, 2016. His taped inter-

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Jumbles: FLOSS
Answer: With planes landing one after another, the
sky was filled with AIR LINES

The San Mateo Daily Journal

1900 Alameda de las Pulgas, Suite 112, San Mateo, CA 94403
Publisher: Jerry Lee
Editor in Chief: Jon Mays

view with sheriffs investigators was

played in Sonoma County Superior
Court Monday, the second day of a
preliminary hearing to decide if there
is enough evidence for trials against
both men on charges of robbery and
attempted murder.

Man who confessed to killing

pregnant fiance is found dead
BAKERSFIELD A California man
who confessed on TV to killing his
pregnant fiance and unborn child has
died in a suspected suicide.
Manuel Vela said in a December
jailhouse interview with KBAK-TV in
Bakersfield that he choked 30-yearold Katrina Rivera to death after an
argument outside their home. Rivera
was pregnant and the baby could not
be saved.
The 28-year-old Vela was found
unresponsive in his cell and pronounced dead Saturday. The official
cause of death is pending but detectives believe it was a suicide.
Vela was arrested in December following a police chase.
He told the news station that he was
mentally ill. He said during the interview that death would be a fair punishment.
Vela faced domestic violence
charges three times before, including
earlier in 2016 when he pleaded

Local Weather Forecast

Fantasy Five

Jan. 7 Super Lotto Plus


The dog K-9 Kajo quickly sniffed

out a suspect hiding under blankets in
a bedroom and bit him in the leg. The
naked suspect jumped out of bed with
a kitchen knife and Kajo bit him on
the hand, forcing the suspect to drop
the weapon. Police say the suspect is
a 32-year-old homeless man who also
prepared a meal and drank a bottle of
Fernando Jimenez was treated at a
local hospital and booked on suspicion of felony burglary. Jail records
show Jimenez still in custody and
without legal representation.

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the lower 50s. North winds 10 to 20 mph. Chance of showers 50 percent.
Thurs day ni g ht: Partly cloudy. Lows in the lower 40s.
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South City eyes new pot rules

By Austin Walsh

Following state voters legalizing recreational marijuana, South San Francisco officials are slated to examine establishing local
regulations on sale and cultivation of the
The South San Francisco City Council will
host a study session Wednesday, Jan. 11,
regarding a variety of potential new restrictions designed to rein in the budding industry.
The variety of initiatives to be considered
include prohibiting smoking pot in public,
disallowing commercial sales, restricting
outdoor grows and requiring permits or other
security oversights for personal use, according to a city report.
Mayor Pradeep Gupta said he believes the
issue is ripe for discussion, as he has identified a variety of questions regarding how
legalization may take hold in South San
I will go into this study session with an
open mind with regards to how it will be
affecting our kids, our businesses and our
community, he said.
Though no action is scheduled during the
upcoming meeting, officials should look to
move quickly if they intend to establish new
restrictions as planting season for outdoor
grows should begin in the spring, according
to the report.
Officials may also opt to adopt a temporary
moratorium immediately butting out all marijuana sales, cultivation and processing,
along with barring the legal minimum of
growing six indoor plants for personal use,
to grant more time for a deeper examination
of the issue, according the report.
In the months leading up to 57 percent of
California voters passing Proposition 64 to
allow marijuana use for adults 21 and older,
local cities such as San Bruno, Foster City,
Burlingame and San Carlos took action to
establish their own set of regulations on the
drug. County officials are also exploring a
regional approach to potentially craft a template for marijuana rules, which cities within
the county could adopt in an effort to avoid a
patchwork of regulations.
Though proposals to establish local regulations have spread across the Peninsula,
Gupta acknowledged the issue could have an
enhanced resonance in South San Francisco
due to the citys hub of life sciences companies potentially interested in capitalizing on
the drug.
The legalization approval rate among
South San Francisco voters matched the state
level, as about 13,850 of the 24,300 residents who participated the fall election supported the initiative, according to the report.
The proposition passed in each precinct
across the city, except a small area near Alta

Loma Middle School where it failed by a vote

of 91 to 87.
Different cities across California have
adopted a wide variety of approaches to regulating marijuana, according to the report, as
some have embraced the opportunity to capitalize on the drug while others have looked to
ratchet down on its proliferation.
Some cities choose to allow only nondispensary businesses, such as storage or distribution facilities, according to the report.
Others allow a limited amount of dispensaries. While others still, particularly cities
with a large amount of industrial properties,
are focusing on regulations to attract testing,
manufacturing and/or indoor and mixed-light
cultivation businesses.
Beginning in 2018, a 15 percent state tax
on marijuana sales will be levied and cities
are granted the opportunity to add an additional tax should local voters support the initiative. Under state laws, medical marijuana
sales can be exempted from some of the tax
Analysts project the legal marijuana industry could generate up to $1 billion annually
for the state, according to the report, and San
Mateo County officials anticipate such businesses could create $100 million in additional revenue locally.
If South San Francisco were to establish a
business license tax on companies profiting
from marijuana sales, approximately $1.7
million could be taken in, according to the
Regarding whether a tax on such businesses may be a fit for South San Francisco,
Gupta said the issue is not as simple as examining the citys opportunity to turn a profit.
I dont look at the revenue in isolation,
he said. I look at this question in terms of
what we are compromising to get the revenue, and so far I dont have the complete
In all, as cities across California prepare
for an anticipated uptick in interest over marijuana, Gupta said he looked forward to
weighing the variety of local perspectives
regarding potential regulations.
I think well have a discussion going on
for some time because I would like to hear
how our residents feel on the issue as well,
he said.
In other business at the meeting, the council is set to consider approving a proposal to
construct a new seven-story hotel and additional recreational facilities in the Genesis
project near Highway 101. The hotel, if
approved, would add a third tower to the
large, modern development formerly known
as Centennial Towers at the foot of San Bruno
The South San Francisco City Council
meets 7 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 11, in the
Municipal Services Building, 33 Arroyo

Wednesday Jan. 11, 2017

Police reports
Mumms the word
Two bottles of Champagne were stolen
on Roosevelt Avenue in Redwood City
before 5:27 p.m. Monday, Dec. 26.

Theft. A bicycle valued at approximately
$175 was stolen on the first block of Old
Bayshore Highway before 4:30 a. m.
Tuesday, Jan. 3.
Di s turbance. A vehicle drove away with a
gas pump still attached, causing an esti-

mated $10, 000 in damage on the first

block of Rollins Road before 6:48 a.m.
Tuesday, Jan. 3.
Di s turbance. A 25-year-old Berkeley man
was arrested for trespassing on the 500
block of El Camino Real before 12:54 a.m.
Monday, Jan. 2.
Fo und pro perty. A backpack was found
near Linden and Serra avenues before 10:04
a.m. Sunday, Jan. 1.
Arre s t . A 30-year-old Castro Valley
woman was arrested when she was found in
possession of methamphetamine, paraphernalia and suspected identity theft
information near South El Camino Real
and Murchison Drive before 9:53 p. m.
Friday, Dec. 30.

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Wednesday Jan. 11, 2017



Robert Stumbough
Robert Stumbough, born May 19, 1960, to parents Oris
and Blanche Stumbough in San Mateo, California, died
peacefully Dec. 28, 2016, at his home in
Riverbank, California, at the age of 56
after a recent battle with illness.
Robert grew up in San Mateo,
California, graduated from Hillsdale High
School in 1978 and had an Associate of
Science degree in fire sciences at College
of San Mateo. He was a firefighter paramedic at South San Francisco Fire
Department. Robert was a paramedic for
27 years, delivered seven babies and saved countless lives
over this career.In his early career, Robert loved working at
Marine World where he swam and trained killer and pilot
whales, dolphins and seals.
Robert is the proud father of Matthew and Kurtis
Stumbough and felt they were his greatest accomplishment
in life. He also leaves behind his younger brother Doug
Stumbough and his older sister Linda Carney and his niece
Erin and nephew Bryan.
Services are 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 14, at Sneider
& Sullivan & OConnell's Funeral Home977 S. El Camino
Real, San Mateo, CA 94402.

Jean K. Dea
Jean K. Dea, 1939-2017, died Jan. 2, 2017, at the age of
77. Jean was born In Canton, China, but lived in the San
Francisco Bay Area for over 50 years
with the last 40 years in San Mateo
County. Jean was a retired restaurant
Predeceased by her husband, Sun Mo
Dea in 1993, to whom she was married
for almost 35 years. Mother to Emily
(Patrick), Donald and Donna, as well as
grandmother to Christopher and
Jeanette. Sister to Chung Lo (Choi Ling)
Kwan and Tony (Luu) Kwan. She is also survived by many
cousins, nieces and nephews.
Funeral services will be 10:30 a.m. Sunday, Jan. 15, at
Green Street Mortuary, 649 Green St. in San Francisco.
Memorial donations may be made to the Self-Help for the
Elderly,, or to an organization of your

Judy (Eikermann) Mann

Judy (Eikermann) Mann, 81, of San Mateo, California,
died Dec. 14, 2016.
Judy was born Julia Ann Eikermann on July 11, 1935,
in Geary, Oklahoma, to Elizabeth Lucille Simmons and
Everett Henry Eikermann.
Judy served as a registered nurse in the U.S. Navy after
which, from 1968 until her retirement in 2014, she worked
in private practice doctors offices in San Mateo.
Judy was preceded in death by both parents. She is survived by her sister Merry Maddux, her niece and her husband Stormy Maddux and Reginald Smith, and her greatnephew Ethan Smith.
A memorial service will be 6 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 11, at
Sneider & Sullivan &OConnells,977 S. El Camino Real,
San Mateo, CA.

by U. S. representatives
Anna Es ho o ,
D-Pal o Al to ,
Ki nzi ng er, R-IL, to increase efciency of federal data centers, passed
the House by a unanimous voice vote.
The legislation, the En e rg y
Ef c i e n t
Go v e rn me n t
Te c h n o l o g y Ac t ( H. R. 3 0 6 ) ,
directs the executive branch to harness information and communications technologies to improve energy
efciency and reduce energy use within the federal government.
Data centers account for nearly 2
percent of all U.S. electricity consumption and 10 percent of the federal
governments electricity consumption. Improving energy efciency at
the federal governments nearly 2,000
data centers could signicantly reduce
the governments energy use and save
billions in taxpayer dollars, according to Eshoos ofce.

The S an

Mat e o

Co un t y

Trial date set for man accused

of fatally stabbing girlfriend
A June 5 jury trial date was set
Tuesday for a man alleged to have fatally stabbed his girlfriend in her San
Mateo home in
2015, according to
the San Mateo
Attorneys Office.
A n t h o n y
Kirincic, 23, was
out of jail for just a
few days after comKirincic
pleting a fourmonth sentence for felony domestic
violence when he went to Colleen
Straws home on the 1500 block of
South B Street and allegedly killed her
Nov. 28, 2015, according to prosecutors.
Kirincic fled the scene before police
arrived, prompting an extensive twoday search before he was finally spotted at his parents Redwood City home,
according to police and prosecutors.
Kirincic has previously pleaded not
guilty two times, the second of which
was on July 7, 2016, when he claimed
mental incompetence as well. His


Trans po rtati o n Autho ri ty swore
in four directors at its January Bo ard
o f Di recto rs meeting. The TA also
elected its chair and vice-chair for
this year.
Three of the directors were reappointed after previously serving on
the TA Board, and one other joins the
board as a new director.
S an Mat e o Co un c i l wo man
Maureen Fres chet, San Carl o s
Co unci l man Camero n Jo hns o n
and S o ut h
S an
Fran c i s c o
Co un c i l wo man
Kary l
Mats umo to are the returning board
members. Freschet was appointed by
the Ci ty Sel ecti o n Co mmi ttee
to represent Ce n t ral Judi c i al
Ci ti es .
B url i n g ame Co un c i l wo man
Emi l y Beach is the newest member
of the TA Board.
Superv i s o r Caro l e Gro o m was
elected as chair of the board for this
year, and Do n Ho rs l ey , president
of the Bo ard o f Superv i s o rs , was
elected as vice-chair.
The TA administers Meas ure A,
the 2004 voter-approved half-cent
sales tax that is dedicated toward
transportation and infrastructure
improvement projects in San Mateo

Local briefs
defense attorney is preparing doctors
reports for Kirincics next appearance
in court, according to District
Attorney Steve Wagstaffe.
He remains in custody without bail.

Police looking for suspect

in Sunday purse snatching
Police are looking for a young man
they say robbed an elderly woman of
her purse Sunday morning.
The woman was walking on the 600
block of Baden Avenue when the suspect grabbed her purse from behind,
according to police.
He ran off in the direction of Third
He is described by police only as a
young adult male who was wearing a
light colored top and light pants.
The victim was not hurt during the
purse snatching, police said.
Anyone with information is asked to
call South San Francisco police at
(650) 877-8900.

New GGNRA dog rules on hold

Under pressure from members of
Congress and scrambling to respond

The city of Bel mo nt is currently
recruiting residents interested in
serving on various city commissions.
There are two openings on the
Pl anni ng Co mmi s s i o n for threeyear terms expiring in 2020. There
are four openings for adult seats on
the Park s
an d
Re c re at i o n
Co mmi s s i o n for two-year terms,
and one opening for a term that
expires in 2018 (one current commissioner will be resigning to relocate out of the area). There are two
openings for Yo ut h seats on the
Parks and Recreation Commission.
The council will consider applications from Belmont residents who
are between 13 and 17 years old.
Parent/guardian consent is mandatory. These seats are one-year terms.
The deadline to apply is 5 p.m.
Friday, Jan. 20, and the application
is available on the citys website
belmont. gov under City Council
and Commissions, by calling (650)
595-7408 or 595-7413, or in person
at the Ci ty Manag ers Offi ce or
the Ci ty Cl erks Offi ce, Ci ty
Hal l , 1 Twin Pines Lane.
to a lawsuit filed by dog owners, the
National Park Service said it would
postpone the finalization of controversial dog management rules in the
Golden Gate National Recreation Area.
Park service officials said they
would put the rules on hold in response
to a request from members of Congress
to extend the waiting period for the
Statement, which was released on Dec.
The rules, which would sharply
reduce the areas within the GGNRA
where dog owners can walk their pets
on- or off-leash, were previously
expected to be finalized as early as
Park service officials are also working to release and review records
sought by dog owners in a Freedom of
Information Act lawsuit that has
revealed that a former employee used
personal email during the decisionmaking process, according to a
Since learning of the issue in
December, the park service has recovered around 137 pages of emails from
the former employee, in addition to
the 260,000 pages of documents the
agency said it has already released.



Wednesday Jan. 11, 2017

Around the state

Nominee for California
attorney general clears first hurdle
SACRAMENTO U.S. Rep. Xavier Becerra on Tuesday
cleared the first hurdle to becoming Californias next attorney general, a process that is expected to
be smooth for the well-known congressman in a heavily Democratic state.
An Assembly committee controlled by
Democrats voted 6-3 along party lines to
support Becerra, who has represented
parts of Los Angeles for more than two
decades and is the highest-ranking
Latino in Congress. He will now be conXavier Becerra sidered by the full chamber.
The Democrat told the Assembly
Special Committee on the Office of the Attorney General
that he would support law enforcement to cut down on
crime, though some Republicans were not placated. Becerra
also said he would defend the states liberal policies on
immigration and climate change against President-elect
Donald Trump.
Our state has the law, the grit and the guts to fight for
hardworking families, Becerra said, later adding, I think
the best defense is a good offense.


A man looks at a downed scaffolding on Market Street during a winter storm in San Francisco.

Dangerous blizzard, flooding

as new storm hits California
By Eric Risberg and Janie Har

GUERNEVILLE About 2,000 people in a rural California community

near Sacramento were asked to leave
their homes Tuesday as a river swollen
by days of heavy rain threatened to
flood, while north of San Francisco
thousands more were urged to seek
higher ground.
Emergency crews and officials
worked through Tuesday to try to bolster the levee in Sacramento County
along the Cosumnes River, before
deciding to ask 2,000 residents of
Wilton to voluntarily evacuate before
Sacramento County emergency services official Mary Jo Flynn said water
was expected to spill over the levee
before midnight, flooding low-lying
roads and buildings with up to 1 foot of
An evacuation center will be opened
Tuesday evening in neighboring Elk
Grove but some residents said they
plan to stay put.

We have no concerns, Lill

Nichols, who with her husband runs a
horse farm near the river, told the
Sacramento Bee. We have animals and
cant evacuate anyway.
In the city of Sacramento, workers
wrenched open more than a half-dozen
century-old spill gates on the states
biggest river, the Sacramento, to ease
pressure on the swollen river and on
levees there. California is in a six-year
drought, and the last time state workers needed to open the gates was
December 2005.
Some 3,000 Sonoma County residents remained under an evacuation
order as the Russian River rose again
under pounding rain. Officials redtagged seven homes, ordering residents out, when a rain-soaked embankment came crashing down.
Johna Peterson was one of few residents who ventured out in the remote
Sonoma County town of Monte Rio.
Walking on the bridge across the
Russian River, Peterson worried about
what the coming hours and days would

I think its going to go higher,

Peterson said. Theres nowhere for
this water to go.
In nearby Forestville, Kathy
Granados huddled with two other people under an awning at the River Bend
RV Park, watching the downpour.
Were waiting it out, she said.
Yesterday the water dropped, but its
going to get higher. Were just sitting
here. We have no electricity, no heat.
Tuesdays storm was the latest of
back-to-back systems buffered by a
brief respite Monday that have
brought the heaviest rain in a decade to
parts of Northern California and
The storms are part of an atmospheric river weather phenomenon
that draws precipitation from the
Pacific Ocean as far west as Hawaii. Its
impact can be catastrophic.
A blizzard warning was in effect for
parts of the Sierra Nevada, the first
issued in the past nine years, said Scott
McGuire, a forecaster for the National
Weather Service based in Reno,


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Federal judge who pushed

rights of prisoners, gays retiring
SAN FRANCISCO A federal judge who lost his job as a
Justice Department attorney after loaning his car to the
Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and then
pushed for gay rights, police reform and
health care for prisoners during his time
on the bench is retiring.
More than five decades ago, Thelton
Henderson became the first AfricanAmerican attorney in the U.S. Justice
Departments civil rights division a
position that brought him close to King
and other civil rights leaders.
Henderson later went into private pracHenderson
tice and served as a dean at Stanford Law
School before President Jimmy Carter appointed him to the
federal bench in 1980. He will retire in August.
Henderson said Tuesday he anticipates more civil rights
battles under the administration of President-elect Donald
Trump, but its time for him to move on and travel with his

UC clerical workers union calls one-day strike

LOS ANGELES A union local representing University
of California clerical and administrative support workers
staged a one-day strike against the 10-campus system and
medical centers.
Teamsters Local 2010 said nearly 12,000 workers would
walk out Tuesday amid negotiations over a new contract, but
UC says most of the employees showed up.
The union claims violations of state law by the university and unfair labor practices including failure to bargain in
good faith, among other allegations.
A UC statement asserts that the strike is counterproductive to negotiations in which it is offering market-competitive wage increases and good benefits.


Wednesday Jan. 11, 2017

Continued from page 1
than years past. Add in the potential for significant changes to federal policies ranging
from health care to climate change with
president-elect Donald Trump slated to take
office next week, and California leaders are
favoring a cautious approach to spending.
State Sen. Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, said
he anticipates changes during Browns May
budget revision will reflect possible federal
policy shifts.
Theres so much uncertainty in the future
of California related to the economy, to economic growth as well as the effects of
Washington, Hill said. What happens in
the next three or four months, that will
affect what we do.
Assemblyman Kevin Mullin, D-South
San Francisco, agreed the states budget
could take a hit under a new presidency. He
noted the most draconian estimates predict a
$15 billion hit to Californias pocketbook
if Congress repealed the Affordable Care
But its very, very difficult at this juncture to gauge or project what that hole in our
budget is going to be because it really is
contingent upon a whole host of political
factors that are beyond our control, Mullin
said. This is where I would applaud the
governors prudence in his spending plan.
Assemblyman Marc Berman, D-Palo Alto,
echoed support for a fiscally responsible

Continued from page 1
ing of a potential $1.6 billion budget deficit
and proposing a spending plan that keeps
general fund expenditures flat at $122.5 billion. Since costs rise every year, his plan
would require cuts to keep pace, and he suggested eliminating billions of dollars allocated to education, state building construction, subsidized housing, college scholarships and child care providers.
He seeks to boost the states reserve fund
to $7.9 billion up from $6.7 billion in
the current budget year to help soften
what he warned is an inevitable recession
after 10 years of economic recovery.
Youve got to save your money or youre
going to lose the farm, Brown said,
acknowledging that he expected some
shoving back and forth with lawmakers as a
final budget compromise is negotiated by
Democratic legislative leaders gave

approach, particularly while the effects of

the national election remain unknown.
That being said, I was disappointed by a
couple of things in the budget, Berman
said, citing reductions in support for affordable housing and a college scholarship program for the middle class. A budget is the
reflection of our values and I want to make
sure the values I think we have are addressed
in the final budget.


Republican reaction

As Democrat leaders announced housing

and transportation are top priorities this
year, aspects of Browns proposal have
come as a letdown.
Brown essentially revived a prior $4 billion annual transportation package
which includes raising gas taxes and adding
a surcharge for electric vehicles that is
about $2 billion less than the Democrats
proposal and whats needed to address the
states shortfall.
I think this will be a key point of negotiations, Mullin said. Although the proposal is short of what wed like to see, I
think its encouraging that he is engaging
in that conversation. Unfortunately, I cant
say the same about housing.
While acknowledging Californias housing shortage is a growing problem with the
state representing 39 percent of the
nations chronically homeless, Brown isnt
ready to offer up new long-term funding
solutions. Instead, he insists legislators
find a way to ease development hurdles and

lower costs through budget verbiage reminiscent of his by-right proposal. The key
difference this go-round is his one-time
$400 million offer for affordable housing
needs is no longer on the table.
At a time when we need to invest in
affordable housing and transportation and
other infrastructure to sustain the economic
growth that were seeing, the governor, at
least on affordable housing, is moving in
the opposite direction. I really think there
is a fundamental philosophical divide
between the governor and the Legislature
when it comes to funding affordable housing, Mullin said. Were delinquent in our
duty if we dont address this crisis.
With the governor aware the Bay Area
serves as an economic engine for the state,
Mullin noted investing in housing and alleviating traffic is good for business as well
as Californias financial stability.
Brown has historically shown fiscal prudence and is again looking at financial projections that are more conservative than the
states Legislative Analysts Office, said
Berman, who emphasized the need to
address issues that are of particular importance to the region.
Its great that we are building up these
reserves, but we also need to make sure that
we are able to address some of the real concerns that exist in California, in the Bay
Area, on the Peninsula, in the 24th
Assembly District. And I think public college affordability, and without a doubt housing and transportation are the most pressing issues that were facing, Berman said.

Browns budget a tepid reception.

Acknowledging the need for caution in the
face of federal uncertainty, they nonetheless
rejected Browns proposed cuts to college
scholarships and child care while insisting
they will still push to increase spending on
social welfare programs.
This is not a time to eliminate important
programs that lift up the middle class,
DSacramento, said in a statement.
Brown said months of lower-than-expected revenue, combined with the likelihood of
a recession and the potential for drastic cuts
in federal spending, demand restraint.
His projection for a deficit was a stark contrast with the forecast released in November
by the Legislatures nonpartisan budget
expert, Legislative Analyst Mac Taylor, who
projected a surplus as high as $2.8 billion.
Drawing on that forecast, Assembly
Democrats in December called for $1 billion
in new spending for things such as expanding the state earned-income tax credit,
mandatory full-day kindergarten and reducing college costs.
To maintain current spending, Brown pro-

poses cutting $3.2 billion from future commitments, about half by giving schools and
community colleges less than expected. He
wants to stop enrolling new college students
in the Middle Class Scholarships program,
saving more than $30 million, cancel $300
million in upgrades to state buildings and
drop a $400 million proposal for affordable
housing that the Legislature rejected last
Brown also proposed canceling higher
payments for state-funded child care
The governors budget includes $800 million more to cover people who joined MediCal under Obamacare. He also revisited his
previous proposal, which has stalled in the
Legislature, to increase gas and vehicle
taxes to raise $4.2 billion per year for road
construction and maintenance. In all,
Californias spending plan would reach
$179.5 billion when restricted special
funds and bonds are included.
Brown also proposed eliminating drivers
license suspensions for people who fail to
pay court fines a move sought by social
justice activists who say the practice traps

people in poverty.
Many Republicans, who are more often
aligned with Brown than legislative
Democrats on spending, offered qualified
support for the governors approach but said
he should look to fix roads with existing
funds rather than new taxes.
Sen. Jim Nielsen, R-Gerber, the ranking
Republican on the Senate budget committee,
called the budget perilously balanced and
urged Brown to continue holding the line on
We cannot be getting loose with the
purse in California, he said.
Trump and the Republican-led U.S.
Congress have vowed to repeal or alter many
programs that affect California, from immigration to President Barack Obamas health
care law. California has embraced the program and has enrolled about 5 million people in private health insurance or publicly
funded Medi-Cal coverage.
The proposed budget assumes federal policies remain the same, but Brown noted the
uncertainty is another reason to maintain
the fiscal prudence for which he consistently advocates.

Movement on
transportation, housing

But addressing these costly challenges

could require new funding sources and local
Democrats noted bonds or tax increases may
be needed to make a dent in the states housing and transportation issues.
Republican state Senate leaders seemed
less willing to embrace program expansions, instead agreeing with Democrats
praise for Browns prudence in light of
financial projections indicating a deficit for
the coming years. Education and infrastructure were top priorities along with job
growth and preparing for an inevitable
downturn in the economy, according to the
Senate Republican Caucus.
But unlike their counterparts, some
Senate Republican Caucus members questioned whether fretting over Trumps election was sound and instead suggested the
state strive to cooperate with the new president. As in years past, senators also pointed
to high-speed rail and tax hikes as unwise,
according to a caucus press release.
Hill said he expects budget negotiations
with both Republicans and Brown to
eventually include fleshed-out spending
proposals for critical issues like housing
and transportation.
Its just where will the money come
from? Hill said. It needs to be significant,
but with a slight downturn in revenue
noticed already and the fact that were
almost at the end of growth before we see a
recession, we have to anticipate that possibility. So theres less inclination to spend



Wednesday Jan. 11, 2017

Forceful and tearful, Obama says

goodbye in an emotional speech

CHICAGO Conceding disappointments during his presidency yet

offering vigorous encouragement for
the nations future, Barack Obama
issued an emotional defense Tuesday
night of his vision to Americans facing a moment of anxiety and a dramatic change in leadership.
Obamas valedictory speech in his
hometown of Chicago was a public
meditation on the trials and triumphs,
promises kept and promises broken
that made up his eight years in the
White House. Arguing his faith in
America had been confirmed, Obama
said he ends his tenure inspired by
Americas boundless capacity for
reinvention, and he declared: The
future should be ours.
His delivery was forceful for most of
his speech, but by the end he was wiping away tears as the crowd embraced
him one last time.
Reflecting on the corrosive recent
political campaign, he said, That
potential will be realized only if our
democracy works. Only if our politics
reflects the decency of our people.
Only if all of us, regardless of our party
affiliation or particular interest, help
restore the sense of common purpose
that we so badly need right now.
He made no mention of Republican


Barack Obama delivers his farewell address in Chicago, Ill.

Donald Trump, who will replace him in
just 10 days. But when he noted the
imminence of that change and the
crowd began booing, he responded,
No, no, no, no, no. One of the
nations great strengths, he said, is
the peaceful transfer of power from one
president to the next.
Earlier, as the crowd of thousands
chanted, Four more years, he simply
smiled and said, I cant do that.
Soon Obama and his family will exit
the national stage, to be replaced by

Trump, a man Obama had stridently

argued poses a dire threat to the
nations future. His near-apocalyptic
warnings throughout the campaign
have cast a continuing shadow over
his post-election efforts to reassure
Americans anxious about the future.
Indeed, much of what Obama accomplished over the past eight years
from health care overhaul and environmental regulations to his nuclear deal
with Iran could potentially be
upended by Trump.

Trump pushes GOP leaders for fast action on health care

By Erica Werner

WASHINGTON President-elect
Donald Trump pushed Congress on
Tuesday to act swiftly to repeal
President Barack Obamas health care
law and follow up with a replacement.
Speaker Paul Ryan, after talking with
Trump, announced that the House would
aim to take both steps concurrently.
The push for speed and coordination
came as growing numbers of
Republicans expressed concerns about
GOP leaderships plans to repeal the
Affordable Care Act without a replacement in hand, potentially leaving the
20 million people who gained coverage under the law in limbo.
We have to get to business.
Obamacare has been a catastrophic

event, Trump said

in an interview with
The New York
Long to me
would be weeks, he
added of the gap
between repealing
and replacing the
law. It wont be
Donald Trump repeal and then two
years later go in
with another plan.Yet thats exactly
the scenario that had been envisioned
by GOP leaders whove described a
transition period of months or years
between repealing the enormously
complex law and replacing it with
something else.
Under the congressional timetable,
procedural budget votes set for later

this week in the House and Senate

would put the repeal process in motion.
But the vote on repealing Obamacare
wasnt expected until mid-February at
earliest; a full replacement hadnt been
expected until months or even years
Trump seemed confused about that
schedule, telling the Times that the
repeal should be probably sometime
next week, and the replace will be
very quickly or simultaneously, very
shortly thereafter.
Despite his imprecision, Trump was
clear that he put an imperative on speed
for both repealing and replacing the
law, a message certain to be received
loud and clear by congressional
Republicans, some of whom had been
urging the president-elect to make his
views on the matter better known.

Around the nation

Id stand up to Trump as AG, Sessions tells senators
WASHINGTON Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions fervently
rejected damnably false accusations of past racist comments Tuesday as he challenged
Democratic concerns about the civil
rights commitment he would bring as
Donald Trumps attorney general. He
vowed at his confirmation hearing to
stay independent from the White House
and stand up to Trump when necessary.
Sessions laid out a sharply conservative vision for the Justice Department he
Jeff Sessions would oversee, pledging to crack down
on illegal immigration, gun violence
and the scourge of radical Islamic terrorism and to keep
open the Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba.
But he also distanced himself from some of Trumps public pronouncements.
He said waterboarding, a now-banned harsh interrogation
technique that Trump has at times expressed support for,
was absolutely improper and illegal.
Though he said he would prosecute immigrants who
repeatedly enter the country illegally and criticized as constitutionally questionable an executive action by
President Barack Obama that shielded certain immigrants
from deportation, he said he did not support the idea that
Muslims, as a religious group, should be denied admission
to the United States.
Trump earlier in his campaign called for a temporary total
ban on Muslims entering his country but has more recently
proposed extreme vetting.
Sessions asserted that he could confront Trump if needed,
saying an attorney general must be prepared to resign if
asked to do something unlawful or unconstitutional.

Homeland Security pick cites

securing border as top priority
WASHINGTON Donald Trumps choice to lead the
Department of Homeland Security likes the idea of a wall to
secure the border with Mexico but says
technology and manpower are also a
A physical barrier in and of itself will
not do the job, retired Marine Gen.
John Kelly told members of the Senate
Homeland Security and Governmental
Affairs Committee during a confirmation hearing Tuesday. Certainly it has
to be a layered approach.
John Kelly
The normally blunt-talking Marine
walked a fine line in his answers to several questions about
how Trumps Homeland Security Department will carry out
its many varied missions, specifically efforts to find and
deport immigrants living in the country illegally. He
struck a balance between defending Trumps hard-line positions on immigration and border security, and the more
moderate positions of some senators, especially
Asked about the fate of young immigrants protected from
deportation by President Barack Obama, Kelly told
Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris of California that the law
would guide him in every decision he will make if confirmed.


Wednesday Jan. 11, 2017


Dylann Roof sentenced to death for killing nine church members

By Meg Kinard
and Jefferey Collins


Dylann Roof, condemned to death by a jury for the hate-fueled killings of

nine black parishioners at a Bible study meeting in 2015, is shown in this
courtroom sketch in Charleston, S.C.

CHARLESTON, S.C. An unrepentant Dylann Roof was sentenced

to death Tuesday for fatally shooting nine black church members during a Bible study session, becoming the first person ordered executed for a federal hate crime.
A jury deliberated for about three
hours before returning with the
decision, capping a trial in which
the 22-year-old avowed white
supremacist did not fight for his life
or show any remorse. He served as
his own attorney during sentencing
and never asked for forgiveness or
mercy or explained the massacre.
Hours earlier, Roof threw away
one last chance to plead for his life,
telling jurors, I still feel like I had
to do it.
The slain included the Rev.
Clementa Pinckney, the church

pastor and a state senator, as well as

other pillars of the community: a
high school track coach, the church
sexton, a librarian and an aspiring
poet. They all shared deep devotion
to the church, known as Mother
Emanuel, and passed that faith
along to their families, many of
whom offered Roof forgiveness
when he appeared in court just days
after the attack.
As Roof spoke Tuesday for about
five minutes, every juror looked
directly at him. A few nodded as he
reminded them that they said during
jury selection they could fairly
weigh the factors of his case. Only
one of them, he noted, had to disagree to spare him from a lethal
I have the right to ask you to
give me a life sentence, but Im not
sure what good it would do anyway, he said.
When the verdict was read, he
stood stoic. Several family mem-

bers of victims wiped away quiet

Roof told FBI agents when they
arrested him after the June 17,
2015, slayings that he wanted the
shootings to bring back segregation or perhaps start a race war.
Instead, the slayings had a unifying
effect, as South Carolina removed
the Confederate flag from its
Statehouse for the first time in more
than 50 years. Other states followed
Confederate banners and monuments. Roof had posed with the flag
in photos.
Malcolm Graham, whose sister
Cynthia Hurd was slain, said the
jury made the right decision.
There is no room in Americas
smallest jail cell for hatred, racism
and discrimination, he said from
his home in Charlotte, North
Carolina. The journey for me and
my family today has come to an

IRS to delay tax refunds for millions of low-income families

By Stephen Ohlemacher

credit and the additional child tax

credit. These tax breaks are geared
to benefit the working poor, and
many families claim both.
For most of these people its
the biggest check they are going
Commissioner John Koskinen
said in an interview with the
Associated Press. We are sensitive to that.
The tax filing season starts



delaying tax refunds for more
than 40 million low-income families this year as the agency steps
up efforts to fight identity theft
and fraud.
The delays will affect families
claiming the earned income tax

Jan. 23. But a new law requires

the IRS to delay tax refunds for
people claiming these credits
until Feb. 15. Processing times
will delay most of the refunds
until the end of February,
Koskinen said.
The delay is designed to give
the agency more time to screen
the returns for fraud. The IRS estimates that it issued $3.1 billion
in fraudulent tax refunds to identi-

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ty thieves in 2014. The year

before, the agency says, it paid
out $5. 8 billion in fraudulent
refunds. Over those two years, the
IRS says it blocked nearly $47
billion in fraudulent refunds.
The earned income tax credit is
one of the federal governments
largest anti-poverty programs. It
has also been plagued by billions
in improper payments each year,
including overpayments, under-

payments and fraud.

In 2014, about 29 million families received more than $72 billion in earned income credits.
The EITC is a pro-work success, said Chuck Marr, director
of federal tax policy at the liberal
Center on Budget and Policy
Priorities. It encourages work, it
rewards work, and it has long
enjoyed bipartisan support for
those reasons.



Wednesday Jan. 11, 2017

New year baby

A practical and serious state budget

alifornia has come a long way

since the yawning budget
chasms of 2008-2012 and has
actually enjoyed a four-year stretch of
balanced budgets with some money
put away toward a Proposition 2-mandated 10 percent rainy-day reserve.
Still, even with another deposit into
the states rainy-day fund, we will still
be under our requirement.
Gov. Jerry Brown is also stating
that there is a shortfall reaching $2
billion in this years budget, which
needs to be rectied while also nding
room to place money into the rainyday fund.
In recent history, times of balanced
budgets have been followed by
tremendous decits though there is
nothing absolute to indicate any
pending shortfall will be like what
the state experienced from 2002-2006
and 2008-2012 during two periods of
severe economic downturns.
Yet the lesson we collectively
learned from those two trough periods
is that there is a critical need to put
money away toward a rainy-day fund,
and we will be just more than half-way
there at the end of the next scal year.
With tax revenue showing signs of
weakness, along with the threat of
federal changes to health care laws,

there are enough warning signs that
now is not the time to engage in additional spending. In fact, quite the
opposite is true before we reach
conditions that could merit dipping
into the reserves to balance the budget.
That is one reason why we have
strongly encouraged the state to provide for a rainy-day fund since the
economic downturn of 2001-02. The
states boom-and-bust cycles are too
acute to engage in any other form of
scal behavior. Unfortunately, it was
just recently in 2014 that California
voters put the concept into law with
Proposition 2. However, it is also
important to note that the rainy-day
fund is not the panacea to any future
budget woes, or on a grand scale a
collapse of our economy. It is simply
a salve to help future cuts from
becoming more severe.
And with revenue trajectory starting
to turn sideways instead of up, the
governor is right in strongly suggesting that spending remain low.
Its a bitter pill to swallow for
those in the Legislature who face calls

from their constituents and also interest groups for new spending on key
programs to meet a wide breadth of
needs from housing to social services
and health care and even education.
Additionally, and this is always a
sore subject for those in a variety of
positions, the state is facing a growing wall of debt related to previous
borrowing and retirement liabilities,
which is largely a carry-over from the
budgetary shell games of years past
and unsustainable worker contracts
from as far back as the late 1990s.
Climbing this wall is no small task,
and every effort should be made to
reduce it as quickly as possible.
California is in decent nancial
shape and the governor has been
incredibly cognizant of the potential
for that to turn quickly. He has also
proven responsible in acknowledging
the impact of previous decisions on
the states overall budget situation
and its lingering impacts. When he
started this tenure as governor, the
state was facing terrible decits. Now
that the nancial situation has turned
around, yet showing signs of weakness, this is a time for resolve and scal conservatism and Brown has
proven to be good at both much to
the states benet.

Letters to the editor

Throwing stones at glass houses
Are we supposed to believe that we
dont hack Russian systems? Havent
we accused the Chinese of hacking our
systems? I believe the answer is yes.
Isnt hacking a form of intelligence
gathering? Again, the answer is yes.
Didnt we hack Angela Merkels email?
Again, the answer is yes. I realize that
Sen. John McCain is a war hero, but
should we be going to war with Russia
for what we do? When I was a child,
my parents told me people who live
in glass houses shouldnt throw

Keith De Filippis
San Jose

Crony capitalism under Trump

A number of U.S. corporations have
adjusted their strategies hoping to
gain more favorable treatment under a
Trump administration by nourishing
his enormous ego. For example, companies like Sprint seem content with
allowing Trump to take credit for their
decision to hire more workers.
Predictably, he tweeted with great
gusto, boasting that Sprint would hire
5,000 more workers in the United
Largely ignored is the fact that
SoftBank, Sprints parent company,

Jerry Lee, Publisher

Jon Mays, Editor in Chief
Nathan Mollat, Sports Editor
Erik Oeverndiek, Copy Editor/Page Designer
Nicola Zeuzem, Production Manager
Kerry McArdle, Marketing & Events
Samantha Weigel, Senior Reporter
Terry Bernal, Anna Schuessler, Austin Walsh
Susan E. Cohn, Senior Correspondent: Events

made a commitment to invest $50 billion and create 50,000 new jobs in the
United States in October before the
election. The insecure Trump thanked
himself profusely for an increase in a
consumer condence index last month.
More grist for Saturday Night Live.
What is actually behind Sprints
announcement? SoftBank is anxious
to overcome the Department of Justice
and the Federal Communications
Commissions earlier ruling that
blocked a merger between Sprint and TMobile.

There is a new movement to ignore
the celebration of Presidents Day on
Feb. 20, 2017, and renew celebrations
of Abraham Lincolns birthday Feb. 12
and George Washingtons Birthday
Feb. 22. To recognize and celebrate
the lives of two of Americas most
cherished and accomplished presidents
is indeed worthy. School children will
enjoy classroom discussions regarding
both Lincoln and Washington. Those
interested may choose to wear black
arm bands Jan. 20 (Inauguration Day)
and Feb. 20 (Presidents Day) in 2017.

Tom Elliott
San Mateo

Patrick Field
Palo Alto

Presidents Day alternative

Michael Davis
Charles Gould
Dave Newlands

Henry Guerrero
Paul Moisio
Joy Uganiza


Renee Abu-Zaghibra Robert Armstrong
Jim Clifford
Dan Heller
Tom Jung
Brian Miller
Mona Murhamer
Karan Nevatia
Jeanita Lyman
Brigitte Parman
Adriana Ramirez
Nick Rose
Andrew Scheiner
Joel Snyder
Megan Tao
Gary Whitman
Cindy Zhang

Ricci Lam, Production Assistant

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Perspective Columns
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Illegibly handwritten letters and anonymous letters
will not be accepted.
Please include a city of residence and phone
number where we can reach you.

Learning from the past

I recently saw the movie Hidden
Figures about the black women who
worked on the American space program
in the 1960s. The movie showed
scenes of discrimination and unfairness
toward black people, and then
moments of confronting it and trying
to ght against it. The audience of
Caucasian people were very pleased to
see this. Because in this way it
changes their feeling of shame and
guilt about the episodes of extreme
inhumanity toward their fellow
Americans in the past. Im sure
though, that in those days most white
people didnt have any qualms at all
about how they treated black people.
Because I can still remember what
things were like in the 1970s. The
struggle for social equality is still
ongoing whether some like to believe
it or not.
Now, in todays America, the dehumanization of the mentally ill is OK.
Its OK to see them as monsters, and
bad people, and blame their conditions
on their own character faults. So Im
sure if Im alive in another 30 years Ill
be sitting in a movie theater watching
another movie attempting to gloss
over the extreme unfairness practiced
on these people in these times.

Tejinder Uberoi
Los Altos

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he very nature of current American daily life

fast-paced and frequently changing
causes the failure to recognize and to meet
the most important needs of our children. Joseph
Rosner, Myths of Child Rearing.
On New Years Day we welcomed a new great-granddaughter into our family. Looking at that sweet, innocent
newborn renewed my child advocacy campaign. That and
the onset of a new year that has a great chance of ending
up more tortuous than 2016 aroused my fears about the
future of the children in our culture.
I have long had a soft spot in my heart for the plight of
children. These days, especially, it is evident that a great
many get short shrift because: 1). Their parents are overscheduled; 2). Their parents are ignorant of (or indifferent
to) some important needs of babies and young children;
3). Too much is expected of them too soon at home and at
With the help of some of
my favorite authors who
truly understand the dilemma of children in our culture, I am writing today of
priorities. It is obvious
that there are a lot of
things that parents needed
to learn before they had
children things that our
culture apparently doesnt
take seriously. Most
important is that children
are extremely precious
precious enough for parents to be willing to sacrifice or delay some of their personal desires including having children before they are
ready. As Diane Ehrensaft wrote in Spoiling Childhood:
We are so absorbed in our own inner world and ambition
that we generate an unhealthy trade-off between personal
fulfillment and family well-being. The children pay by
getting short-changed on the intensive time required to
create a home and raise children optimally.
They are not ready for parenting if their top priority is
to do what they want to do when they want to do it in
spite of their childrens needs. They may go to the gym
to workout or have their hair and/or nails colored even
when they have little time for the family. If they have to
have every new electronic gadget that comes along or the
latest fashion as they run up high credit card bills that
demand longer hours of employment, the family suffers.
The material standards of living many of us enjoy and
all of us aspire to are higher than they have ever been,
but in achieving them, society has undercut the lifestyles
that all caring relationships, including parenting, used to
depend. Our present lifestyle has no obvious place in it
for children: no easy way for adults to function simultaneously as respected economically solvent individuals
and as caring parents. Penelope Leach, Are We
Shortchanging Our Children?
C. Kent Hayes, author of Why Good Parents Have Bad
Kids offers: The truth is that kids cant bond with a
moving target. They cant become attached to someone
who is not there or only occasionally there. Parents who
are preoccupied with their jobs, themselves or their problems are not available to their children.
Young parents are often victims of our culture that does
not adequately value our children except as potential
consumers. If we did, it wouldnt be so difficult for so
many parents to find quality day care arrangements or
other caretakers they can afford. We would encourage
more mothers to be at home with their babies and toddlers more of the time. The minimum wage would be
increased. Maternity and paternity leave would equal that
of other developed nations. We would value our children
enough to help them grow up with an appreciation of the
responsibility of parenting and model for them the
importance of being able to delay gratification for the
benefit of the family.
We would insist that our education hierarchy would get
its head out of the sand and provide appropriate education
for all children not just the college bound. We would
insist that the schools provide comprehensive sex, family life and parenting education. We would promote birth
control. Wed demand that corporate interests stop producing and advertising products for children that compromise their health. Wed slow down enough to take stock
of how our modern culture negatively impacts our progeny.
Sylvia Ann Hewlett wrote in When the Bough Breaks:
Thousands and thousands of children have been left to
fend for themselves in a society that is increasingly
inhospitable to children. Saving our kids is not just
the compassionate thing to do and the moral thing to do.
Doing right by our kids builds up our competitive
strength and knits together the raveled sleeve of this
society, but it also produces a kinder and gentler nation.
Since 1984, Dorothy Dimitre has written more than 850
columns for v arious local newspapers. Her email address is



Wednesday Jan. 11, 2017


Nasdaq sets another record high on mixed day

By Alex Veiga



The Nasdaq composite index

notched its third record-high close
in three days Tuesday, eking out a
modest gain on a day when the
other major U.S. stock indexes
barely budged.
After wavering between small
gains and losses for much of the
day, the Standard & Poors 500
index closed unchanged, while the
Dow Jones industrial average
posted a slight loss. More stocks
rose than fell on the New York
Stock Exchange.
Consumer-focused companies,
banks and health care stocks were
among the biggest gainers. Real
estate companies lagged the most.
Energy stocks also fell following
a drop in crude oil prices.
Encouraging reports on small
business confidence and job openings helped keep stocks in the
green early in the day. But by
midafternoon the indexes began
to waver.
I do think the market stays
kind of quiet until it really hits
earnings season, said David
Chalupnik, head of equities for




Nuveen Asset Management. The

market will really start to take its
direction when earnings season
starts in full, and thats Friday.
The Nasdaq composite increased
20 points, or 0. 4 percent, to
5,551.82. The index has closed
higher the past six days in a row.
The S&P 500 ended unchanged at
2,268.90. The Dow slipped 31.85
points, or 0. 2 percent, to
While the busiest stretch of the
next corporate earnings season

S&P 500:
NYSE Index:
Russell 2000:
Wilshire 5000:



10-Yr Bond:
Oil (per barrel):
Gold :



doesnt begin until Friday, several

companies reported outlooks or
preliminary results Tuesday that
pleased investors.
Illumina jumped 16.6 percent
after it reported better-than-anticipated fourth quarter sales. The
company also launched a new
genetic sequencing system called
NovaSeq. The stock led the gainers in the S&P 500, adding $23.50
to $165.04.
Alaska Air Group rose 5.2 percent after the airline, which


bought Virgin America in

December, reported strong monthly results. The stock gained $4.53
to $92.
Zimmer Biomet added 6.2 percent after the medical device maker
projected better-than-expected
fourth-quarter sales. The stock
rose $6.67 to $113.67.
Other companies outlooks put
traders in a selling mood.
Ascena Retail Group slumped 10
percent after the company slashed
its profit forecast, citing holiday

World Bank forecasting brighter prospects for 2017

By Martin Crutsinger


Bank is forecasting the global
economy will accelerate slightly
in 2017 after turning in the worst
performance last year since the
2008 financial crisis.
The 189-nation lending agency
said Tuesday that the global
growth should expand at a 2.7 percent annual rate this year. That is
down from the banks June forecast for 2.8 percent growth this
year, but its better than last years
2.3 percent growth.
The global economy faced a
number of headwinds last year,
from economic troubles in China
to bouts of financial market turmoil.

We are encouraged to see

stronger economic prospects on
the horizon, said World Bank
President Jim Yong Kim.
The World Banks Global
Economic Prospects report projects 2.2 percent growth in the
United States, up from an estimated 1.6 percent in 2016. The U.S
forecast for 2016 is lower than
the June projection of 1.9 percent
growth, while the outlook for
this year is unchanged.
In the years since the 2008
financial crisis, the World Bank
and the International Monetary
Fund have both repeatedly
proved too optimistic in their
U.S. growth in the first half of
last year was anemic as American
companies struggled with the

impact of a strong dollar, which

cut into exports. A big fall in oil
prices also triggered a sharp
reduction in investment spending
by energy companies.
Globally, many developing
countries struggled with a fall in
commodity prices, which reduced
the income they received from
those goods.
The World Bank said that commodity exporters in emerging
markets and other developing
economies should see their
economies expand by 2.1 percent
in 2017 after a barely discernible
0.3 percent gain in 2016. The
new forecast expects commodity
prices to gradually recover, and
Russia and Brazil to resume growing after recessions last year.
Among advanced economies,

the World Bank said the United

States should benefit from a
rebound in manufacturing and
investment after last years slowdown. The World Bank said there
is a potential for an even better
performance in the United States
if the stimulus program proposed
by President-elect Donald Trump
is enacted. Trump pledged during
the campaign to cut taxes, roll
back burdensome regulations and
boost infrastructure spending.
The World Bank said the gains
realized from stronger U. S.
growth could help boost global
prospects. It cautioned, however,
that proposals to impose higher
tariffs on goods from such countries as China and Mexico represented a threat to growth if they
sparked trade wars.

Wells Fargo overhauls pay plan for bank branch employees

By Ken Sweet

NEW YORK Wells Fargo

announced a complete restructuring Tuesday of how it pays tellers
and other bank branch employees,
with incentives now tied to how
often customers use their accounts,
as the company tries to right itself
after a scandal over its aggressive
sales practices.
The long-anticipated plan has
been considered a high priority for
CEO Tim Sloan and Mary Mack,
the head of Wells Fargos commu-

nity bank division both of

whom took those jobs after the
scandal emerged. Wells Fargo had
already announced in September
that it was getting rid of the sales
goals that led employees to open
up to 2 million unauthorized
Wells Fargos 70,000-plus
front-line bank employees will no
longer be given incentives for
how many new accounts they open
or for meeting sales goals. They
will instead receive part of their
overall salary based on how the
products they sell are used, with

one component also based on

independently measured customer
service scores for their branch
Do they use the products they
have with us? Do they think of us
as their primary bank? Are we
growing customers who consider
us their primary bank? These are
the metrics we are now measuring, Mack told the Associated
Accounts that are used frequently, such as those where customers
set up direct deposits or use debit
cards often, will be a positive fac-

tor for an employees pay. Idle

accounts will not, and an account
wont be a factor toward incentives
until its been open three months.
Our goal here was to create a
pay plan that would restore trust
with our customers, team members
and the public, Mack said.
Wells Fargo employees will also
receive more of their overall compensation as a base salary, rather
than in one-time incentives and
bonuses. A teller, the lowest-level
position, will have about 95 percent of his or her total pay as a

season sales, which fell for most

of its store chains, including Ann
Dressbarn. The stock lost 60 cents
to $5.41.
Investors boosted shares in
Pacific Continental on news the
holding company for Pacific
Continental Bank will be bought
by Columbia Banking System for
$644 million. Pacific Continental
shares added $5.35, or 25.7 percent, to $26.15. Columbia shares
slid $1. 26, or 2. 9 percent, to
Major stock indexes in Europe
notched gains, led by Britains
FTSE 100, which rose 0.5 percent,
closing at a new all-time high for
the ninth day in a row. Germanys
DAX added 0.2 percent, while the
CAC40 of France inched up 0.1
percent. In Asia, Japans Nikkei
225 index dropped 0.8 percent,
while the Kospi in South Korea
slipped 0.2 percent. Hong Kongs
Hang Seng added 0.8 percent.
U.S. benchmark crude oil lost
$1.14, or 2.2 percent, to close at
$50. 82 a barrel in New York.
Brent crude, which is used to price
oil sold internationally, fell
$1.30, or 2.4 percent, to close at
$53.64 a barrel in London.

Business brief
Johnson & Johnson to reveal
average drug price increases
Johnson & Johnson plans next
month to disclose average price
increases of its prescription drugs,
as the industry tries to calm the
storm over soaring prices.
The health care giant will divulge
its 2016 average increases in list
price and net price, or what middlemen such as insurers and distributors pay J&J after discounts and
Analysts say that will help J&Js
image more than patients initially,
but could push other drugmakers to
tame future price increases and be
more transparent.
We hope that can create a better
understanding of the industry and ...
ultimately improve patient access
to medicines, Joaquin Duato, head
of J&Js prescription drug business,
said in an interview Tuesday.
With annual price tags topping
$100,000 for many new drugs for
cancer and rare diseases, some
patients have been unable to afford
their medicines. Huge price hikes
on old products with little competition, like Mylans EpiPen emergency allergy injectors, also have
left some patients scrambling.
High and rising prices have also
infuriated doctors, insurance companies and politicians, and triggered government probes into the
industrys practices. The government has no power now to regulate
prices, but the industry appears to
be starting to move to deflect further scrutiny and avoid price controls.


<<< Page 12, 49ers interview

McDermott for coach, Riddick for GM
Wednesday Jan. 11, 2017

Raiders cut ties with OC Musgrave

By Josh Dubow

ALAMEDA The Oakland Raiders are

making changes on their coaching staff
after their first playoff berth in 14 years.
A person familiar with the plans said
Tuesday that quarterbacks coach Todd
Downing will replace offensive coordinator
Bill Musgrave next season on coach Jack
Del Rios staff. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the changes
have not been announced by the team.

Musgraves contract
was up and will not be
renewed by the Raiders in
the first changes to Del
Rios staff since he was
hired in 2015.
NFL Network first
reported that Musgrave
would not return next
Bill Musgrave season.
Oakland (12-5) made
the playoffs and posted a winning record for
the first time since 2002 before quarterback

Derek Carr broke his leg in the second-tolast game of the regular season.
Musgrave helped develop one of the
NFLs top offenses in his two seasons in
Oakland as Carr grew from an up-and-down
rookie season before Musgrave arrived into
a possible MVP candidate this season.
Carr threw for 3,937 yards and 28 touchdowns this season, while throwing just six
interceptions and taking only 16 sacks
before the injury.
The Raiders ranked sixth in total offense,
seventh in scoring and 10th in yards per

play this season.

Oakland also had a successful ground
game, averaging 4.4 yards per carry, with a
three-headed backfield led by Latavius
Murray and rookies Jalen Richard and
DeAndre Washington.
The Raiders had 416 points this season
the fourth most for the franchise in a 16game season and had seven fourth-quarter
comebacks on the way to earning a wildcard berth in the AFC.
But Oakland stumbled in the season finale

See RAIDERS, Page 16

South City holds off HMB Boedkers hat

Sharks 5, Oilers 3

trick leads Sharks

By Nathan Mollat

A fast start can offset a clunky nish and

that is precisely what the South City girls
basketball team did in Half Moon Bay in a
49-41 win over the Cougars in the Peninsula
Athletic League North opener Tuesday
Ill take any win I can against this (Half
Moon Bay) team, said South City coach
Paul Carion. We played not to lose at the
end (of the game).
South City led 18-4 after the rst quarter,
but Half Moon Bay countered that by
outscoring the Warriors 17-6 in the fourth.
But an 18-point South City lead going into
the nal eight minutes proved too much for
HMB to overcome.
South City (1-0 PAL North, 10-1 overall)
jumped out to a big early lead in the rst
quarter. After HMBs Ally Longaker scored
the rst basket of the game on a putback,
South City responded with a 16-0 run to end
the rst quarter with an 18-4 advantage.
That rst quarter, it was a combo of us
missing [easy layups] and them making
everything they were shooting, said HMB
coach Antonio Veloso.
Actually, the they was, in reality her,
as in South City guard Brittney Cedeno.
After Longakers bucket, Cedeno hit backto-back-to-back 3-pointers on three
straight possessions to give the Warriors a
quick 9-2 lead.
And Cedeno wasnt done. She came up
with a steal and a layup to put South City up
11-2. After a Jerlene Miller 3, Cedeno
knocked down another layup and nished
her scoring eruption with another steal and
layup to give her 15 of her teams 18 rstquarter points on 6 of 8 shooting in the period.
Shes been doing that in big games,
Carion said. We needed our biggest player
to step up.
Cedeno led all scorers with 25 points on
the night.
In the second quarter, HMB (0-1, 8-4)
started picking Cedeno up defensively once
she got past midcourt and ran two, and South Citys Brittney Cedeno scored 15 of her game-high 25 points in the first quarter to lead

See PAL, Page 14

the Warriors to a 49-41 win over Half Moon Bay in the PAL North Division opener for both
teams Tuesday night on the San Mateo coast.


EDMONTON, Alberta Mikkel Boedker

scored three goals for his fourth career hat trick
to lead the San Jose Sharks to a 53 victory over
the Edmonton Oilers on Tuesday night.
Brent Burns and Logan Couture also scored for
the Sharks, who have won two straight since
losing three in a row. Martin Jones stopped 33
Drake Caggiula, Matthew Benning and Oscar
Klefbom scored for the Oilers, losers of two
straight. Cam Talbot finished with 23 saves.
through traffic gave the
Sharks a 2-1 lead with 18
seconds in the opening
period. It was Burns 16h of
the season.
Boedker then scored
twice 6 1/2 minutes apart in
the second to give San Jose
a three-goal lead. Boedker,
Mikkel Boedker who came in with three
goals on the season, doubled that total at 8:55 with a tip-in from in front
to make it 4-1. It was his second hat trick
against the Oilers.
Benning, with his second career goal, got the
Olers within two 22 seconds into the third.
Klefboms slap shot off a faceoff 2:23 later
pulled the Olers to 4-3.
Couture put the Sharks back up by two at
5:06, as the rebound of his own shot went off
his leg and in while crashing the net.
The Sharks took a 1-0 lead just 1:39 into the
opening period as Boedker got to a rebound and
lifted the puck over a sprawling Talbot, making
his NHL-leading 38th start of the season.
Caggiula tied it up for Edmonton with four
minutes left in the first. He fought off a pair of
Sharks defenders at the side of the net before
hooking a backhand shot past Jones.
NOTES:Sharks D Marc-Edouard Vlasic
returned to the lineup after missing the last four
games following being hit in the face with a

Up next
Sharks : At Calgary on Wednesday night.

Curry, Durant lead Warriors over Miami

By Janie McCauley

OAKLAND Stephen Curry had 24

points, nine assists and eight rebounds,
Kevin Durant added 28 points and the
Golden State Warriors picked it up late to
beat the Miami Heat 107-95 on Tuesday
night in another victory while hardly at
their best.
Durant also had eight rebounds and
Draymond Green had 13 points, nine

Warriors 107, Heat 95

rebounds and five assists in the Warriors
fifth straight win against the Heat and
eighth in 10, including three in a row at
Klay Thompson had the night off for rest
after he played through illness the past two
games. Coach Steve Kerr said he was worn
Hassan Whiteside had 28 points and 20

Steph Curry

rebounds for the Heat,

who were outscored 2614 in the third quarter
after leading 54-53 at
Rookie Patrick McCaw
made his first career start
in Thompsons place and
contributed a key 3pointer in the third that
put the Warriors ahead

While they finished with 28 assists, that

zippy passing game the Warriors have with
Thompson on the court wasnt quite as crisp
though one pretty sequence of several
quick touches led to Ian Clarks key 3 on a
pass from Andre Iguodala with 5:44 to go.
Iguodala later dished to Clark again for a
Curry hit just 4 of 11 3-pointers as the
Warriors shot 11 for 27 from beyond the arc

See NBA, Page 16



Wednesday Jan. 11, 2017


Cavalcade of coach and GM candidates continues for 49ers


SANTA CLARA The San Francisco 49ers

interviewed Carolina defensive coordinator
Sean McDermott for their head coaching vacancy and ESPN analyst Louis Riddick for their
general manager job on Tuesday.
McDermott became the first defensive coach
to interview with CEO Jed York for the coach
opening in San Francisco as the team seeks
replacements for fired coach Chip Kelly and
general manager Trent Baalke following a 2-14
season that tied the worst mark in franchise history.
The four previous head coach candidates all
served as offensive coordinators in the NFL this
season: New Englands Josh McDaniels,


Atlantas Kyle Shanahan,

Buffalos Anthony Lynn
and Washingtons Sean
McDermott just finished
his sixth season as coordinator for the Panthers. His
unit ranked in the top 10
from 2012-15 and he was
the only coordinator to
oversee a top 10 defense in
each of those four seasons.
McDermott helped the Panthers reach the
Super Bowl last season before they struggled
this season after the departure of star cornerback
Josh Norman and injuries to star linebacker
Luke Kuechly.

Before arriving
McDermott had spent 12
seasons in Philadelphia,
including two as coordinator. He was part of Eagles
teams that won six division
titles, played in five NFC
championship games and
Louis Riddick made one Super Bowl trip.
Riddick, a ninth-round
pick by San Francisco in 1991, played six seasons in the NFL with Atlanta, Cleveland and
Oakland. He then spent time in the front office
in Washington and Philadelphia after his playing career, first as a scout and then director of
pro personnel with both teams before becom-

ing a television analyst in 2013.

Local sports roundup

points from Priorys Tatiana Reese. Reese

nailed four 3s. She was one of four players
to finish in double figures for Woodside
Priory (1-0, 9-4). Ila Lane added 16 for the
Panthers, Lala Niu finished with 13 and
Gabby Ruiz chipped in with 10 points.
DeJeane Stine added 13 for Menlo.

Boys basketball

Crystal Springs 1, Notre Dame-San Jose 0

Girls soccer
Notre Dame-Belmont 2, Menlo School 0
The Tigers scored goals in each half as
they stayed unbeaten on the season with a
win over the defending Central Coast
Section Division II champion Knights in
the West Bay Athletic League Foothill
Division opener.
Sophia Viviani and Luca Deza each scored
for Notre Dame (1-0, WBAL Foothill, 100-1 overall).
Menlo falls to 0-1 in league and 3-3-1

Woodside Priory 2, Mercy-Burlingame 1

Emily Naughton scored to tie the game for
Mercy, but the Panthers managed to find the
game winner in a driving storm in a West
Bay Athletic League Skyline Division
The loss dropped Mercy-Burlingame to 11 in Skyline Division play and 6-4 overall.
Woodside Priory improved to 1-0 in league
play and 4-1 overall.

The Gryphons opened WBAL Foothill

Division play with a tough victory over the
After a scoreless first half, Megan
Duncanson scored the games only goal for
Crystal Springs (1-0 WBAL Foothill, 7-1-1
overall) in the 63rd minute, splitting a pair
of defenders and slotting a shot to the left of
the Notre Dame goalkeeper.
Notre Dame-SJ fell to 0-1 in league play
and is now 1-7-1 overall.

Girls basketball
Woodside Priory 71, Menlo School 63
The Knights led 39-33 at halftime, but
could not hold on as the Panthers outscored
them 20-10 in the fourth quarter to beat
Menlo in the WBAL Foothill Division
Sam Erisman led all scorers with 28
points for Menlo (0-1 WBAL Foothill, 9-5
overall), hitting five 3-pointers along the
Erisman was offset, however, by 25

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Sacred Heart Prep 49,

Notre Dame-Belmont 37
Charlotte Levison scored 15 and Grace
Battles added 13 to lead SHP (1-0 WBAL, 93 overall) to the WBAL Foothill Division
win over the Tigers.
Notre Dame (0-1, 2-7) was led by Cam
McNab, who finished with 15 points.
Emilia Daugherty chipped in with 10 for the

Oceana 60, Terra Nova 48

The Sharks opened PAL North Division
play with a win over the Tigers.
Ariana Margate led Oceana (1-0 PAL
North, 10-1 overall) with a team-high 19
points. Sara Langi added 15 in the win.
Terra Nova (0-1, 4-9) was led by Venus
Pascua, who scored a game-high 21 points.
Numi Saini added 14 for the Tigers.

York had previously interviewed five other

candidates for general manager, including
Carolina assistant GM Brandon Beane on
Monday. The other executives interviewed were
Indianapolis vice president of football operations Jimmy Raye III, Minnesota assistant GM
George Paton, Green Bay director of football
operations Eliot Wolf and Packers director of
player personnel Brian Gutekunst.
York said he was open to hiring either the
coach or general manager first. He said the primary goal in the search is finding a coach and
general manager who can work well together.

Woodside Priory 61, Sacred Heart Prep 55

The Gators trailed 33-23 at halftime and
could never quite recover as they fell to the
Panthers in a WBAL game.
Eric DeBrine led the way for SHP (2-1
WBAL, 4-7 overall), finishing with 22
points. Kyle Stalder added 15 for the Gators.
Woodside Priory (2-1, 10-3) was led by
Lucas Harris, who finished with 14 points.
Emmanuel Ajanaku-Makun added 13 for the

Menlo School 45, Kings Academy 35

Menlo allowed just 12 second-half
points, and 18 points over the final three
quarters, in beating Kings Academy in a
WBAL meeting, giving Menlo an early lead
in the WBAL standings.
Menlo (3-0 WBAL, 6-4 overall) got a big
defensive game from Riley Woodson, who
grabbed 19 rebounds and blocked five shots
to go along with 10 points. Thomas Brown
scored a team-high 12 points for Menlo.
Kings Academy falls to 2-1 in league play
and 9-4 overall.



Wednesday Jan. 11, 2017

Dodgers, closer Jansen finalize deal


LOS ANGELES Kenley Jansen is coming

back to close games for the Los Angeles
Dodgers after finalizing an $80 million, fiveyear contract.
The team announced the deal Tuesday with
the 29-year-old free agent right-hander, who
earned his first All-Star selection last year.
The contract was agreed to Dec. 12, subject to
a physical.
Jansen gets a $4 million signing bonus
payable on Thursday and salaries of $10 million in each of the first two seasons, $18 million apiece in 2019 and 2020, and $20 million in 2021. He can opt out after the 2019
season and become a free agent again.
In addition, Jansen would receive a $1 million bonus if traded.
To make room on the 40-man roster, the
Dodgers designated infielder Micah Johnson
for assignment.
Jansen and third baseman Justin Turner were
scheduled to discuss their decisions at Dodger
Stadium on Wednesday.
In addition, left-hander Vidal Nuno agreed to
a one-year contract worth $1,125,000, up
from $532,900 last year. He was acquired in
November from Seattle for catcher Carlos
Jansen was 3-2 with a 1.83 ERA and a
career-high 47 saves, tied for second in the

major leagues, in 53
chances last season. He
ranked second among NL
relief leaders with a 1.83
ERA, fifth with 104
strikeouts and first with a
9.45 strikeout-to-walk
Jansen threw scoreless
Kenley Jansen relief in six of seven postseason appearances.
He is 19-13 with a 2.20 ERA and 189 saves
in seven major league seasons with the
Dodgers since making his big league debut in
Last season, Jansen became the franchise
saves leader with 189 and strikeouts as a
reliever with 632.
The native of Curacao was signed by the
Dodgers in 2004 and spent the first five years
of his career as a catcher before converting to
pitcher in 2009.

Mets, Mejia go through

formality of agreeing to contract
NEW YORK Suspended relief pitcher
Jenrry Mejia and the New York Mets went
through the formality Tuesday of agreeing to a
one-year contract worth $1,976,000, money
he will not ever receive.
Mejia was given a lifetime ban from base-

t1rescriptions & Home

Medical Supplies Delivered

(650) 349-1373

ball last Feb. 12 after his third positive test

under the major league drug program. He
remains on the Mets roster on the restricted
list, and because he has four years of major
league service he was eligible for salary arbitration. However, players serving drug suspensions do not get paid.
Mejias salary was cut the maximum 20 percent from his $2.47 million salary last year
money he also did not receive.

Trump, great baseball fan,

meets Commissioner Rob Manfred
NEW YORK Baseball Commissioner
Rob Manfred says he met with Donald Trump
for the first time, and the president-elect told
him he is a great baseball fan.
The 45-minute meeting Tuesday at Trump
Tower was arranged by New York Yankees
President Randy Levine.
Trump has been a frequent guest in the
Yankee Stadium owners box. Levine worked
for Rudolph Giuliani, a prominent Trump supporter, when Giuliani was New York City
Manfred says in an email it was a really
nice meeting. The commissioner adds that
Trump explained to me his history with the
game and what a great baseball fan he is, and
we are glad that we had an opportunity to get
together before his inauguration.


College football brief

TV ratings down, streaming
up for college title game
TAMPA, Fla. The College Football
Championship rematch between Clemson
and Alabama drew 680,000 fewer viewers
on TV and online than last years game,
though combined viewership for all the
New Years Six bowls and title game was up
15 percent, ESPN said Tuesday.
Clemsons 35-31 victory against
Alabama on Monday night got a 14.7
overnight rating for ESPN and a 15.3 rating
for ESPNs MegaCast, which combines
viewers for ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU. Last
years title game, won 45-40 by Alabama,
drew a 15.8 overnight rating for ESPN and
a 16.0 for the MegaCast.
The online streaming audience for TigersTide II was up 21 percent, with an average
audience of 710,000 viewers.
Overall, last years game drew
26,709,000 viewers, while this years got
26,029,000, ESPN said.
The total live audience for the two semifinal games and championship game
increased 9 percent this season to
22,230,000 viewers. Rating and viewership for last seasons semifinals, played on
Dec. 31, which fell on a Thursday, plunged
when compared with the record-breaking
numbers ESPN drew in the playoffs the first
season, when the semifinals were played
on New Years Day.

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(Near El Camino)
San Mateo

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HOURS: 4:30-5:30 P.M.

Enjoy great music,

delicious snacks and
beverages, and the best
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And if youd like to learn more
about our options for
independent senior living, just
let us know. Wed love to share.

At Sterling Court, were

proud of what we offer.

650 344-8200
Sterling Court, The Community For Seniors 850 N. El Camino Real, San Mateo



Wednesday Jan. 11, 2017

Tennis brief
Sharapova to return from
ban in April at Stuttgart event
MOSCOW Maria Sharapova will return from her 15month doping ban at a tournament in Germany in April.
Car manufacturer Porsche, which sponsors both Sharapova
and the event in Stuttgart, said Tuesday that Sharapova has
been given a wild-card entry into the tournament. It will be her
first official competition since she tested
positive for meldonium at last years
Australian Open.
I could not be happier to have my first
match back on tour at one of my favorite
tournaments, said the 29-year-old
Sharapova, who won the Stuttgart tournament from 2012-14. I cant wait to see all
my great fans and to be back doing what I
Sharapova will be eligible to return on
April 26, the third day of main-draw play,
which could leave her facing a busy schedule of matches in order to win a fourth Stuttgart title.
Im sure the fans will be excited to see her play, WTA CEO
Steve Simon said in a statement.
The Russian will have to rely on wild-card invites to tournaments, including Grand Slams, for a while because her ban
means she has fallen out of the world rankings, which only
count tournament performances over the preceding 12 months.
Sharapova was originally banned for two years but that was
reduced on appeal in October. She said she had used meldonium
for years for medical reasons and was not aware it had been
banned for 2016.
During her ban, she has played in some exhibition events.
Sharapova also enrolled in a two-week program at Harvard
Business School last year.


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sometimes, three defenders at her to force her to give up the
Cedeno is more than willing to share and time and again,
she penetrated the Cougars defense and dished to a teammate,
who, more often than not, missed the shot. Cedeno nished
with just one assist for the game, but not for a lack of trying.
It was more so what they were doing (defensively in the
second quarter), Carion said of Cedenos quiet second period. [The Cougars] were saying, Anyone but her.
The second quarter also saw the Cougars nd their rhythm
offensively. They started to move the ball much better and
with more authority. And those easy buckets that were missed
in the rst quarter starting falling in the second.
After South Citys Nevaeh Miller scored on a putback to
open the second quarter, HMB responded with a 13-1 run.
Longaker, who nished with a team-high 12 points, and Ana
Cordes each scored ve points during the run that saw the
Cougars close their decit to 21-16 with 4:12 left in the rst
We looked like a team that knew what it wanted to do
offensively (in the second quarter), Veloso said.
The Cougars went cold for the rest of the period, however,
and the Warriors gave themselves some breathing room at
halftime, ending the half on a 9-1 run including Cedenos
fourth 3-pointer of the half, a 25-footer as the shot clock hit
zero to lead 30-17 at the break.
South City extended its lead in the third. After a Siohban
Calhoun scored on a putback to open the third-quarter scoring for the Cougars, Jerlene Miller answered with a putback
of her own and Cedeno knocked down her fth 3 and added a
fast-break layup to put the Warriors up 37-19.
South City eventually pushed its lead to 20, 43-23, with
1:26 to play in third before the Cougars turned to what they
do best defensively: play the full-court press.
It worked in the fourth quarter as HMB outscored the
Warriors 17-6 over the nal eight minutes. South City struggled to bring the ball upcourt even Cedeno, who could not
always beat a triple-team. With no secondary ball handler,
the Warriors struggled to get into an offensive set. When
they did, more often than not, they missed the shot. They
were just 3 for 12 from the eld in those last eight minutes of
the game.
We couldnt get that last pass or nish, Carion said of
handling the Cougars press. We did 90 percent of it right
(in breaking the press). We just couldnt make that last
Veloso said normally he has his team press all game long,


Half Moon Bays Ally Longaker scores two of her team-high 12

points in the Cougars loss to South City Tuesday night.
but didnt on this night.
I over-thought it, Veloso said. Its my fault.
The Cougars started to slowly and methodically reduce
their decit. Trailing 47-29, HMB scored the next nine
points, with Addison Walling and Cordes draining back-toback 3s, to close to 47-38 with just over a minute to play.
When Walling nailed a 3 from about 27 feet with 31 seconds to play, it cut the South City lead to 49-41, but HMB
would get no closer.
I told the team, A win on the road in league is a good
win. Especially against this (Half Moon Bay) team, Carion
said. Its (about) players making plays and we have the best
player (in Cedeno).



FIFA to expand World Cup to 48 teams in 2026

By Graham Dunbar

ZURICH FIFA will expand the

World Cup to 48 teams, adding 16
extra nations to the 2026 tournament which is likely to be held in
North America.
President Gianni Infantinos
favored plan for 16 three-team
groups with the top two advancing
to a round of 32 was unanimously approved Tuesday by the FIFA
It meets Infantinos election
pledge of a bigger and more inclusive World Cup going beyond
European and South American
teams, which have won all 20
With 80 matches instead of 64,
FIFA forecasts the equivalent of
$1 billion extra income at current
rates from broadcasting and sponsor deals, plus ticket sales, compared to $5. 5 billion revenue
forecast for the 2018 World Cup

in Russia.
FIFA projects an increased profit
of $640 million despite some extra
operating costs and prize money
for teams.
FIFAs six continents should find
out by May how many extra places
they will each get.
No guarantees have been made,
Infantino said. The only sure
thing is that obviously with 48
teams everyone will have a bit
more than they have today.
UEFA wants 16 European teams
at the tournament, which is strongly favored to be played in North
America. The CONCACAF region
has not hosted the World Cup since
the 1994 tournament in the United
Mexican soccer leaders have had
informal talks about a co-hosting
FIFA members are scheduled to
pick the host in May 2020, though
there could be little competition in
a process Infantino said must be

bullet-proof to meet all integrity

Africa and Asia could be winners in
a bigger World Cup with up to nine
places each. They had only five and
four teams, respectively, at the 2014
World Cup in Brazil.
Still, FIFA said it expects the standard of soccer to drop compared to
the 32-team format locked in for the
next two World Cups in Russia and
The absolute quality of play,
defined by high-ranked teams facing
each other most often, is achieved
by 32 teams, FIFA acknowledged in
a research document sent to members
last month. It made 10,000 tournament simulations to reach that conclusion.
Instead, Infantino wants to create
fervor and months of anticipation
back home in the 16 extra nations
which would qualify, some probably
making their World Cup debut. FIFA
has pointed to Costa Rica, Wales and
Iceland as examples of teams which
overachieved at recent tournaments.

Wednesday Jan. 11, 2017



Girls basketball
San Mateo at Menlo-Atherton, Aragon at Sequoia,
Hillsdale at Burlingame, Carlmont at Mills, Capuchino
at Woodside, El Camino at Half Moon Bay, Jefferson
at Terra Nova, Oceana at Westmoor, 5:30 p.m.
Boys basketball
Menlo-Atherton at San Mateo, Sequoia at Aragon,
Burlingame at Hillsdale, Mills at Carlmont, Woodside at Capuchino, Half Moon Bay at El Camino,Terra
Nova at Jefferson, Westmoor at Oceana, 5:30 p.m.;
Riordan at Serra, 7:30 p.m.
Boys soccer
Sacred Heart Prep at Eastside College Prep, 2:45
p.m.;Woodside at Aragon, Burlingame at Westmoor,
San Mateo at El Camino, Capuchino at Hillsdale, Half
Moon Bay at Mills, 3 p.m.; Mitty at Serra, 3:15 p.m.;
Crystal Springs at Harker, 3:30 p.m.; Sequoia at
Menlo-Atherton, South City at Carlmont, Jefferson
at Terra Nova, 4 p.m.
Serra at Valley Christian, 5 p.m.

Tuesdays Games
Washington 101, Chicago 99
Atlanta 117, Brooklyn 97
Toronto 114, Boston 106
Houston 121, Charlotte 114
Milwaukee 109, San Antonio 107
Utah 100, Cleveland 92
Golden State 107, Miami 95
Portland 108, L.A. Lakers 87
Sacramento 100, Detroit 94
Wednesdays Games
New York at Philadelphia, 4 p.m.
Houston at Minnesota, 5 p.m.
Memphis at Oklahoma City, 5 p.m.
Washington at Boston, 5 p.m.
Cleveland at Portland, 7:30 p.m.
Orlando at L.A. Clippers, 7:30 p.m.

Girls soccer
Notre Dame-Belmont at Sacred Heart Prep, Menlo
School at Crystal Springs,Woodside at Aragon,Terra
Nova at Capuchino, Jefferson at Westmoor, El
Camino at Oceana, Half Moon Bay at San Mateo, 3
p.m.; Harker at Woodside Priory, Castilleja at MercyBurlingame, Mercy-SF at Eastside College Prep, 3:30
p.m.; Burlingame at Menlo-Atherton, Hillsdale at
Carlmont, Mills at Sequoia, 4 p.m.
Bay Division
Burlingame at Sequoia, Capuchino at Oceana, Half
Moon Bay at El Camino, 6 p.m.

Tuesdays Games
Carolina 5, Columbus 3
Buffalo 4, Philadelphia 1
Boston 5, St. Louis 3
Nashville 2, Vancouver 1, OT
Chicago 4, Detroit 3, OT
San Jose 5, Edmonton 3
Anaheim 2, Dallas 0
Wednesdays Games
Florida at N.Y. Islanders, 4 p.m.
Montreal at Winnipeg, 4:30 p.m.
Pittsburgh at Washington, 5 p.m.
San Jose at Calgary, 6:30 p.m.




Wednesday Jan. 11, 2017

Sports brief
Another Rio Olympic venue
struggling to find a use
RIO DE JANEIRO Almost five months
after the Rio de Janeiro Olympics ended,
another venue is struggling to find a use.
Rio de Janeiros city hall said Tuesday that
the Deodoro Olympic Park, which was to be
used as a park and recreation area after the
games, has been closed.
Deodoro was the second-largest venue
cluster during the Olympics and is located in
Rios impoverished north, far from the
famous Copacabana and Ipanema beaches. It
held events that included equestrian, rugby
and field hockey.
Measures are being taken to ensure that
the space is reopened as soon as possible,
the city said in a statement to The
Associated Press. It did not say when that
might happen. It said a contract had been
terminated at the end of the year with a company operating the park.
Rios new Mayor Marcelo Crivella took
over on Jan. 1, replacing Eduardo Paes who
served his two-term limit and was credited as
the driving force behind the games by the
International Olympic Committee.

The parks main attraction is a public
swimming area, which is now unavailable at a time when temperatures in the South
American summer in Rio soar daily to 35C
In another setback, Rio de Janeiro last
month handed over responsibility to the
federal government for sports venues in the
main Olympic Park after a bid to auction
them failed.
Officials said only one bidder participated, and failed to provide required assurances
for a 25-year concession.
Brazils Sports Minister Leonardo
Picciani said at the time that the federal government would operate the two arenas, the
velodrome, and the tennis stadium.
A $20-million golf course built for the
Olympics is also struggling to find players
and funds to take care of upkeep.
The state of Rio de Janeiro has declared a
financial calamity and is several months
behind in paying teachers and public
employees. The country itself is in the deepest recession in decades, with unemployment at 12 percent.
This stands in stark relief to the $10-12
billion Brazil spent to organize the
Olympics. It spent a similar amount organizing the 2014 World Cup.

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and 45.3 percent overall. The two-time
reigning NBA MVP fell short of a fourth
straight game with 30 or more points.
Golden State, which played its lone road
game in 10 on Sunday with a bus trip to
nearby Sacramento, again struggled to find
an offensive flow while missing everything
from layups to open 3s during stretches.
Miami lost its third straight game and
dropped to 1-4 on this five-game road as
coach Erik Spoelstra works to help his team
find our identity on both ends of the court
and doing it more consistently.
Whitesides alley-oop dunk with 7:15
remaining pulled the Heat within 85-80 and
forced a Warriors timeout. Tyler Johnson
scored to make it a three-point game before
the Warriors closed it out in their typical,
impressive fashion.
Luke Babbitt returned for Miami after sitting out against the Clippers on Sunday
with an illness, but he was limited in 18

Continued from page 11
with backup quarterback Matt McGloin and
then lost the playoff game behind rookie
Connor Cook.
Del Rio publicly criticized Musgraves
play-calling at times during the season,
wondering why Murray didnt get more carries in a season-ending loss at Denver that
cost the team a division title and first-round
And Del Rio also questioned why
Musgrave didnt stick to the run on the final
drive in a key December loss at Kansas City
and said he would have rather had one of his
big backs run, instead of the smaller
Richard, on a failed fourth-down play in an


Zaza Pachulia had scored in double figures
in four straight games for the Warriors but
had eight points, six rebounds and three

He at : Whiteside has eight or more
rebounds in a career-high and franchise-best
50 straight games. ... The Heat have held
opponents below 50 percent from the field
in 33 of 40 games. ... Udonis Haslem was
available but didnt play while dealing with
a chest cold.
Warri o rs : Clark notched his eighth
game scoring in double figures. ... Golden
State outscored Miami 21-9 on fast-break
points in the first half. ... Since 2014-15,
Golden State is 33-2 at home against the
Eastern Conference and 5-0 this season.
Chicago and Boston are the lone East teams
to win at Oracle Arena during that span.

Up next
Warri o rs : Host Detroit on Thursday
night for the middle game of a three-game
home stretch vs. Eastern Conference opponents, including Mondays matchup against
LeBron James and the champion Cavaliers.
early season loss to Atlanta.
Despite that, Oakland had one of the
leagues top offenses behind Carr, 1,000yard receivers Amari Cooper and Michael
Crabtree, an offensive line with three Pro
Bowlers and the running game.
Downing started his NFL coaching career
in 2001 in Minnesota. He also served as
quarterbacks coach in Detroit and Buffalo
and is very close to Carr and will bring a
level of continuity to the job.
Defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr. is
expected to return despite overseeing a unit
that allowed a league-worst 6.1 yards per
play. Defensive backs coach Marcus
Robertson reportedly will not be back next
season after the Raiders allowed an NFLhigh 61 pass plays of at least 20 yards.
Del Rio put the blame on the defensive
backs for that weakness in his season-ending news conference Sunday.



Wednesday Jan. 11, 2017


Celebrate Lunar New Year with Asian bok choy

By Katie Workman

If you tend to fall into cooking ruts,

one easy way to snap out of it is to
check out the holiday calendars of different cultures. Next up on my list of
inspirations is the Lunar New Year, or
Chinese New Year.
I love cooking Chinese and Asian
food all year, but certain foods carry
symbolism in Chinese culture and are
intrinsic parts of this holiday. Many
of the new years foods are associated
with luck and prosperity. Long noodles symbolize longevity; the word for
orange in Chinese is similar to the
word for gold, thus signifying
wealth, so that fruit is commonly presented and shared (the round shape also
signifying fullness); fish is served
whole, to symbolize a strong year to
come, start to finish; and green foods
are equated with money.
It takes just a few ingredients garlic, ginger, soy sauce, hot chili sauce
to turn a variety of vegetables into
a delicious Asian side dish. Because my
husband is knee-deep in love with bok
choy these days, that was the vegetable I picked to create my prosperity
green vegetable dish. Bok choy is
available in cute baby versions, but
for this dish you can use the inexpensive bigger bunches. Look for it in
well-stocked produce sections or Asian
specialty stores.
This dish has a nice amount of cooking liquid, so serve it over rice along-

side a main course.

Im under no illusions that money
equals happiness, but I do know that
this green dish makes my family
happy, and thats a rewarding feeling.
Wishing all of you lots of luck in the
Rooster New Year.


Serves 6
Start to finish: 20 minutes
2 tablespoons sesame seeds (optional)
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
1 tablespoon minced garlic
1 tablespoon minced fresh ginger
2 pounds bok choy, trimmed, sliced
into 1-inch pieces, and rinsed
1/2 cup chicken broth
2 tablespoons soy sauce
1 teaspoon Sriracha or other hot
chili sauce
Place the sesame seeds, if using, in a
large stock pot or braiser (this will
seem silly, but you will use the same
pan to cook the bok choy). Heat the
pan over medium heat, stirring frequently until you can smell the sesame
seeds and they turn a bit more golden
in color. This will only take 2 or 3
minutes; watch carefully that they
dont get too brown. Turn the seeds
onto a small plate and set aside.
Heat the vegetable oil in the same
pan over medium-low heat. Add the
garlic and the ginger and stir for 1
minute until you can smell the aromas.
Add the bok choy (its OK if its still a

This dish has a nice amount of cooking liquid, so serve it over rice alongside a main course.
bit damp) and stir for another 2 minutes, then pour in the chicken broth,
soy sauce and hot sauce, and bring to a
simmer. Cover the pan and cook the
bok choy for about 8 minutes, until it
is tender, stirring occasionally.
Transfer to a serving bowl with its
cooking liquid and serve hot, with the
sesame seeds sprinkled on top if
Nutrition information per serving:
65 calories; 34 calories from fat; 4 g
fat (0 g saturated; 0 g trans fats); 0 mg
cholesterol; 316 mg sodium; 5 g carbohydrate; 2 g fiber; 2 g sugar; 3 g


Mention this ad and get 15% off your
catering order of $200 or more.

- A Touch of Europe -


Wednesday Jan. 11, 2017

Continued from page 1
recommendation and voted 4-0 on the new
standards with Councilman Ron Collins
absent. The changes will increase the minimum lot size for subdivisions to 10,000
square feet from 5,000 square feet and minimum lot width to 65 feet from 40 feet.
The new standards also include an additional provision restricting flag lots in residential neighborhoods. City officials and residents have previously deemed flag lots as disruptive to the general pattern of a neighborhood.
Several community members came forward
to urge the council to revert back to the pre2011 standards. Many residents, like Brent
Cowan, have attended public hearings on the
topic since June when the City Council
imposed an emergency moratorium, which
prohibited some residential property owners
from splitting their lots to build additional
homes. Cowan lives on Cedar Street, a neighborhood that faced a possible lot split with
resulting flag lots earlier this year. He said
the current standards had a negligible impact
on the citys housing shortage, and only
negatively impact neighbors of the eligible
properties split to accommodate large homes
on comparatively small lots.
At the end of the day, you see a five to 10
[times] factor in terms of dissatisfied residents for one resident that is satisfied, said
Cowan, according to a video of the meeting.
Resident Peter Tzifas urged the council to
vote against changing the current standards
and instead to reconsider the entire ordinance.
Just as the current code doesnt fit the
neighborhoods in and around Carmelita nor
does the proposed code fit my neighborhood
or the rest of San Carlos, he said.
Tzifas said he favored policies requiring
property owners considering lot splits to
take a neighborhoods existing qualities into
account. He said he liked the approach of one
policy requiring a minimum lot size of 5,000

square feet, with the additional requirement
that the lot split align with the average lot
size within a 300-foot radius.
Vice Mayor Matt Grocott was sympathetic
to Tzifas concerns and advised the council to
continue thinking about the entire ordinance
and how it might play out in the future.
Are we just going to take this action
tonight because weve heard so many comments? Im surprised this has gone through
the process and so many people have had the
chance to look at it to me, this is a bit of
a knee-jerk reaction to something that was
bad, he said.
Grocott acknowledged the public concerns
the council has received in the past year, and
ultimately voted to approve the new standards.
Mayor Bob Grassilli said when the standards allowing lot splits passed in 2011 they
were not meant to negatively impact San
Carlos residents, but rather had unintended
consequences made apparent after economic
conditions shifted.
A lot of times, government does things
because no ones in the room, he said. I
wish every night we had folks like this.
Councilman Cameron Johnson thanked
community members for voicing their concerns throughout the process, resulting in
improved standards for property owners in
the future.
I hope this wont be the end of it, he said,
according to a video of the meeting. I hope
you think of other things we can do to
improve your neighborhoods.
In other business, the council moved to
reopen public hearing on the regulations for
formula businesses downtown at its next
meeting on Jan. 23 to incorporate Collins
input. The efforts aim was to keep mom-andpop businesses from being displaced and
retain the areas small-town charm as commercial rents soar. Support was mixed, however, because it could have limited retail
stores that people may want downtown.
The council also moved to discuss changing to the citys general election cycle to
align with statewide election dates to Jan.


Continued from page 1
story building with 91 condominiums and
4,500 square feet of ground-floor retail
space was approved by the Planning
Commission in May but appealed by citizens group Redwood City Residents for
Responsible Development to the council,
which denied the appeal and approved the
project in July.
That sparked a citizens group lawsuit, settled in November with the agreement the
project applicant, The Pauls Corporation,
would submit a scaled-back plan for review.
Geoff Carr, a longtime downtown resident
and attorney representing Redwood City
Residents for Responsible Development,
expressed frustration it took a lawsuit to
achieve the settlement compromise at
Mondays meeting.
This kind of compromise should have
been hammered out without a lawsuit, he
said. If anyone in the city had come to us
and said, What do you think about this
one? We could have ended up with this
without all of this difficulty, expense and
unnecessary controversy.
Paul Powers, president of The Pauls
Corporation, agreed that the compromise
was not ideal, but represented a sustainable
path forward in increasing Redwood Citys
housing stock.
We support the settlement. It wasnt our
first choice, he said. We believe strongly
that the previous project and this project
represents smart growth.

Balancing needs
Several residents lent their support for
the projects approval. Peter Frank, a 20year resident, said he and his wife are looking for ways to downsize from their fourbedroom home in Redwood City, which is
central to where their children live on the
We want to stay here. I want a place I can
move to, where I can own it, he said. Its
the perfect answer for us, It [would be] the
last move were going to make.
Councilmembers leveraged extended discussion on this development to bring attention to focus areas for future discussions.
Borgens acknowledged the complexity in
balancing the housing needs of Redwood
Citys diverse population.
I love hearing that our seniors want to
downsize and move to Redwood City and I
want to make that possible, she said.
Bo rg en s s ai d t h at wh i l e g ro wt h i n
Redwo o d Ci t y s do wn t o wn h as b een
exciting for some, it has caused angst
for others wishing to preserve down-

Comment on
or share this story at
towns historical feel.
I would like for us to make sure that
those developments that we are approving
are complementary to our history, she
said, referring to the projects size and
design. I dont think this is that.

Housing impact fee

Other councilmembers noted the impact
on the number of units, especially affordable housing units, as a result of the
changes made to the original plan.
The new plan generates almost $500,000
less in the affordable housing impact fee,
which allows the city to charge project
applicants for new residential and commercial developments to help fund the provision of affordable housing units in the city.
The project at 603 Jefferson Ave. marks the
first time since the city adopted the fee in
December of 2015 that is subject to it, said
Assistant City Manager Aaron Aknin.
Councilman Jeff Gee drew attention to the
magnitude of the affordable housing impact
fee reduction, which he said is a multiple of
the face value.
Perhaps one of the unintended consequences is the financial impact of contributing $500,000 less toward affordable
housing, he said. We have learned that
whatever monies we can offer as a city are
leveraged five to 10 times over.
Councilwoman Shelly Masur was similarly affected by the loss in funds accompanying the reduced project, reminding the
group of the urgency of the areas housing
At almost every single meeting that we
have, someone comes before us to talk
about the dire straits that members of our
community are in with regard to housing,
she said. It takes money to bring in affordable housing. It cant be done without
leveraging other monies.

For Vice Mayor Ian Bain, the obstacles
encountered with the 603 Jefferson project
plan offered an opportunity for improved
communication between developers, city
councilmembers and members of the community so that proposed projects reflect a
wide array of community needs. He also
implored future developers to consider
including below-market units in new residential projects as an alternative to contributing to the affordable housing impact
We need your help, he said. Its not
enough to pay in-lieu fees.

Sunday, January 15th

.VTJDCZ.FEJDJOF3PBEtKnife Sharpener on Site!

Rain or Shine

For more information, visit:



San Mateo Professional Alliance

Networking Lunch. Noon to 1 p.m.
Pacific Catch Restaurant, 243 S. B St.,
San Mateo. For more information
Chinese and Japanese Story Time.
4 p.m. to 5 p.m. South San Francisco
Main Library, 840 W. Orange Ave.,
South San Francisco. Stories will be
primarily told in English, Mandarin,
Cantonese and Japanese. All ages
welcome. Every Wednesday. For
more information email
Vinyl Club. 5 p.m. South San
Francisco Grand Avenue Library, 306
Walnut Ave., South San Francisco. For
more information email
Adult Crafts: Acrylic on Canvas for
Beginners. 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Millbrae
Library, 1 Library Ave., Millbrae. All
skill levels are welcome. Free but
spots are limited. For more information and to sign up visit
Playing God: Is Science Going Too
Far? 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. 1095
Cloud Ave., Menlo Park. Come to
watch a filmed interview with Ron
Stoddart, an adoption attorney and
embryo adoption advocate. There
will also be a discussion on the viability of embryo adoption. For mroe
information call 854-5897.
Knitting with Arnie. 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
San Carlos Library, 610 Elm St., San
Carlos. Free and open to the public.
For more information call 591-0341
ext. 237.
Nobel Laureate Dr. Elizabeth
Blackburn and Dr. Elissa Epel: The
New Science of Living Younger. 7
p.m. Schultz Cultural Hall, Oshman
Family JCC 3921 Fabian Way, Palo
Alto. Discussion on how to increase
lifespan and live healthier. For more
information email
Laugh it Off: Improv for Wellness.
7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. 150 San Mateo
Road, Half Moon Bay. This new
monthly workshop includes brief
instruction and fun group activities.
Second Wednesday of every month;
$5. For more information visit
Navigate Dementia: An Evening of
Information and Support. 7 p.m. to
9 p.m. 1700 Alameda de las Pulgas,
San Mateo. Meet a panel of experts
who will give you the knowledge
you need about dementia. Free and
open to the public. For more information and to register visit
Club Fox Blues Jam. 7 p.m. to 11
p.m. 2209 Broadway, Redwood City.
Featuring the Daniel Castro Band. $7
cover charge. For more information
The Rotunda Gallery. 8 a.m. to 5
p.m. Across the plaza from the Hall of
Justice, 555 Country Center,
Redwood City. Event is open monday through Friday and runs
through June 29. Featuring
Tensegrity sculptural metal work of
Anthony Bianconi. For more information email
Birding with Barb. 8 a.m. New Years
Creek Road, Pescadero. Meet in the
parking lot on corner of Highway 1
and Pescadero Creek Road. For more
information visit
San Carlos Library Quilting Club.
10 a.m. to noon. San Carlos Library,
610 Elm St., San Carlos. Free and
open to the public. For more information call 591-0341ext. 237.
English Conversation. 10:30 a.m.
South San Francisco Grand Avenue
Library, 306 Walnut Ave., South San
Francisco. Every Thursday. For more
information email
Non-Fiction Book Club.11 a.m. San
Carlos Library, 610 Elm St., San
Carlos. Free and open to the public.
For more information call 5910341ext. 237.
A New Year, A Healthier You. 11
a.m. to noon. 650 Shell Blvd., Foster
City. Foster City Seniors 55 and up
Club. For more information call 5730841.
Fertility, Pre- and Post-Natal Yoga.
11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. 150 San
Mateo Road, Half Moon Bay. This
comprehensive class will address
the daily changing needs of a body
while a baby grows and while healing from birth. Every Thursday; $5.



L.A. beats S.F. for Lucas museum site

The Community Gallery. 8 a.m. to 5
p.m. Hall of Justice, 400 Country
Center, Redwood City. Event is open
monday through friday and runs
through Feb. 27. Featuring Picture
Book Stories a collection of childrens book illustrations by Charlotte
Cheng. For more information

Wednesday Jan. 11, 2017


By Andrew Dalton

Lego Club: Castles. 4 p.m. to 5 p.m.

South San Francisco Main Library,
840 W. Orange Ave., South San
Francisco. For more information
Movie Night: Selma. 5 p.m. South
San Francisco Main Library, 840 W.
Orange Ave., South San Francisco.
Every Thursday in January. For more
information email
Pub Style Trivia. 6:30 p.m. Belmont
Library, 1110 Alameda de las Pulgas,
Belmont. Test your useless knowledge of pop culture, geekdom and
more. Beer, wine and snacks will be
served. For more information email
Latin World Vocalist Kat Para. 7
p.m. 1044 Middlefield Road,
Redwood City. Kat Para was designated Best Latin Jazz Vocalist 2008
and 2010. For more information contact
Good Morning San Mateo
Breakfast Program. 7:45 a.m. to 9
a.m. Poplar Creek Grill, 1700 Coyote
Point Drive, San Mateo. Come for a
State of the City address by 2017
Mayor David Lim. Admission is $35
for a full breakfast and program. For
more information call 401-2441.
Mock Interviews by HR Recruiters.
9 a.m. to noon. Sobrato Center for
Nonprofits (Pacific and Cove rooms),
330 Twin Dolphin Drive, Redwood
Shores. Two mock interviews provided, and specific times will be
arranged after registration. For more
information or to register visit
Midday Meditation. Noon to 1 p.m.
150 San Mateo Road, Half Moon Bay.
A guided meditation with Yoga
Nidra, Transcendental Meditation
and Reiki, followed by a one-on-one
energy healing. Also held on Jan. 27;
$5. For more information visit
Afternoon Tea at the Library. 3
p.m. South San Francisco Main
Library, 840 W. Orange, South San
Francisco. For more information
Peninsula Orchid Society Show
and Sale. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 1400
Roosevelt Ave., Redwood City.
Admissions are $5 for adults, $3 for
seniors (62 and up), $3 for children
12 to 16 and free for children under
12. For more information visit
AARP Chapter 2895 Meeting. 10
a.m. to noon. 1555 Crystal Springs
Road, San Bruno. For more information call 589-4499.
Public Workshop. 11 a.m. South San
Francisco Main Library, 840 W.
Orange Ave., South San Francisco.
For more information email
Used Book Sale. 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
4000 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto.
Runs through Sunday, Jan. 15. For
more information visit
Make and Take: Aeroplane
Models. 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. South
San Francisco Main Library, 840 W.
Orange Ave., South San Francisco.
For more information email
SM Hacks Hackathon. Noon to
noon on Sunday, Jan. 15. Informatica
Corporation, 2100 Seaport Blvd.,
Redwood City. San Mateos first high
school hackathon is here! Free and
open to all, regardless of experience.
For more information or to register
Coding Club. 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. 55
W. Third Ave., San Mateo. All levels
and ages welcome. For more information or to register visit or call 522-7818.
Origami Time. 1 p.m. Reach and
Teach, 144 W. 25th Ave., San Mateo.
All ages and experience levels welcome. Event is free. For more information
Mindfulness and Meditation. 3
p.m. Belmont Library, 1110 Alameda
de las Pulgas, Belmont. An instructor
will guide participants through a
rejuvenating meditation session. For
Martin Luther King Jr.s Birthday. 3
p.m. to 5 p.m. 300 E. Santa Inez Ave.,
San Mateo. Includes a buffet, music
and activities for all ages to celebrate his life and dream. For more
information contact 342-5946.
Nine Lives Shelter Benefit Concert.
6 p.m. 2215 Broadway, Redwood City.
Smash Mouth and the Bell Brothers
will perform. For more information
For more events visit, click Calendar.

LOS ANGELES The force, it

seems, was with Los Angeles. And San
Francisco was left on the dark side.
Star Wars creator George Lucas
and his team were on the side of the
City of Angels over the City by the
Bay on Tuesday, choosing L.A. as the
home of a museum that will showcase
his lifes work along with a huge collection of exhibits on film history
and art.
After what organizers called extensive due diligence and deliberation,
they announced that the Lucas
Museum of Narrative Art will be built
in Exposition Park, where it will sit
alongside the Natural History Museum
of Los Angeles County and the
California Science Center, which
houses the space shuttle Endeavour.
Lucas has been trying to build the
museum for nearly a decade and is
financing the project by himself with
plans to spend over $1 billion.
It had several possible locations,

Continued from page 1
Bruno after working as a teacher for
five years in the San Bruno Park
Elementary School District.
He transitioned from his counseling
role to become the assistant principal
at Aragon High School, before being
named principal of Burlingame High
School, where he stayed for 15 years.
Though he has spent a majority of
his time in education as an administrator, Teshara said he has always considered himself a teacher.
Everyone at a school is a teacher,
because kids are modeling, observing
and watching everything we do all the
time, he said. Even when you wish
they wouldnt.
Seeing Teshara practice his craft as
the head of a school is akin to witnessing a master of his element, weaving
through crowds of students between
classes and teachers greeting each
individually and frequently offering a
gentle ribbing or joke.
A personal touch is integral to making a good educator, said Teshara, who
said the defining characteristic of the
most qualified teachers is the ability to
be earnest and up-front with students.
The commonality is authenticity,
he said. If you present yourself as an
authentic adult, students and young
people will react to it.
A healthy sense of humor helps too,
he said.

but the choice

down to perpetual
rivals in Northern
Island, with its sceGeorge Lucas nic views in the
middle of the bay,
as a home that the museum would have
had virtually to itself.
The museum will house Lucass personal collection, which includes
40,000 paintings, illustrations and
film-related items including storyboards and costumes from The Wizard
of Oz, Casablanca and, of course,
Star Wars.
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti
emphasized that it would not be just a
Star Wars museum.
This is a collection of narrative art
in a city that has the best storytellers
and story makers in the world, he said
at a news conference.
I am disappointed, of course, but

must respect the decision, San

Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee said in
a statement. I am pleased that the
museum will be built in California for
our states residents to someday
L.A. seemed an obvious choice for
Lucas, not merely because of its film
industry legacy. He is an alumnus and
major donor to the film school at the
University of Southern California,
which is right across the street from
the museum site.
However, Lucas has strong San
Francisco ties as well. He has lived in
the Bay Area for most of his life, and
the city was home to Lucasfilm until
Disney Co. bought it in 2012.
Garcetti said the Exposition Park
site will allow museum-hoppers to see
movie-magic spacecraft and then walk
over to see the real thing: the space
You can go from imagining space,
to actually seeing how it got done,
the mayor said. You can see how we
are inspired by the natural world, and
see how we put it on the screen.

If its funny, then laugh, he said.

Especially if it is about yourself.
Following his move to the adult
school, Teshara said he has learned to
appreciate the unique learning environment apart from the traditional setting offered at the districts comprehensive schools.
Adult school classes are offered to
students seeking English language
skill development, career technical
education, high school or general education diplomas, training for citizenship exams or a variety of other
enrichment programs.
He has formed a deep admiration for
the hard work and commitment shown
by adult school students, as many balance a variety of personal and professional obligations against their pursuit for a better education.
People are learning, growing and
trying to improve, he said. Its a
good thing. Its a positive workplace.
He also expressed his esteem for
teachers at the school who volunteer
their time to offer guidance to fellow
community members.
They are almost like missionaries
in their desire to serve a population
that is underserved, to say the least,
he said.
The confluence of distinctive perspectives is unlike most other
schools, where some young students
may resent their obligation to attend
classes, he said.
This place is a little more magical,
because everyone is a volunteer, he
said. We dont have to tell them it is

important. They know it and that is

why they are here.
Looking ahead to being granted an
abundance of free time, Teshara said he
is uncertain exactly how he will fill his
days, but imagines family will take a
priority as his second grandchild was
born only one month ago.
Superintendent Kevin Skelly said in
a press release Teshara will leave a
lasting impression on the adult
school, as well as the district.
Larry is a community icon, he
said. He is an extraordinary man who
has done extraordinary things for so
many people. He will be dearly missed
from the halls of the adult school and
district leadership meetings.
Former superintendent Tom Mohr
expressed a similar sentiment in a prepared statement.
Larry Teshara has had a phenomenal
career. No one in this county who has
been responsible for thousands of students, has served students in a more
professional and principled manner,
said Mohr, who now serves as president of the San Mateo County
Community College Board of Trustees.
He is the manifestation of all the qualities an educator should strive for.
Though his work is not officially
done for another five months, Teshara
said he does not plan to rest on his laurels once he closes the book on the
final chapter of a long and accomplished career.
Ill miss the action of the school
and the interaction with the students,
he said. I hope I keep some connection, but Ill find something to do.


Wednesday Jan. 11, 2017







1 Antony the Roman
5 I, to Wolfgang
8 Cookbook amts.
12 Kind of tradition
13 Opposite of paleo
14 Moon ring
15 carotene
16 Frozen
18 Say confidently
20 Vulcans forge
21 Ulalume poet
22 Pouch
23 Powerful chess piece
26 Vacillate
29 Wire nail
30 Bend gracefully
31 Even as we speak
33 PFC boss
34 Pate de foie
35 Far-flung
36 de corps
38 Allied
39 Chefs cover
40 Victory sign


41 Fillys footfall
43 Outback cuties
46 Shook
48 Cameron of films
50 Baobab or banyan
51 Moose kin
52 Advantage
53 Mumble
54 Masseuse employer
55 Faculty honcho
1 Horde
2 Field of study
3 Squeals on
4 Held tight
5 Become acclimated
6 Cooper coin
7 Fast-selling
8 Cottage roof
9 Like lumber
10 Tearful request
11 Turf
17 Moor
19 Geological period

22 Incites Rover
23 NFL passers
24 Prevail upon
25 Chows down
26 Confound it!
27 Novelist Bagnold
28 Took the bus
30 Dry
32 Tie the knot
34 Carp or beef
35 Brandished
37 Short-billed shore bird
38 Continent divider
40 Russian spirit
41 Biceps exercise
42 In of
43 Seaweed
44 Office assistant
45 Long story
46 Oil amts.
47 Matter, in law
49 Koan discipline




CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Love, romance
and a new and improved lifestyle should be your
top priorities. Looking back will help you make good
choices moving forward. Rely on your intuition and
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) Establish a financial
goal and map out a plan that will help you save for
something special. Spending time with your children
and making personal physical alterations will bring you
joy and greater confidence.
PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) Personal issues
should be addressed and resolved quickly. Shopping,

KenKen is a registered trademark of Nextoy, LLC. 2017 KenKen Puzzle LLC. All rights reserved.
Dist. by Andrews McMeel Syndication


Each row and each column must contain the

numbers 1 through 6 without repeating.
The numbers within the heavily outlined boxes,
called cages, must combine using the given operation
(in any order) to produce the target numbers in the
top-left corners.
Freebies: Fill in single-box cages with the number in
the top-left corner.

socializing or making plans with children will give you a

different perspective on life and how to live it.
ARIES (March 21-April 19) Keep your thoughts to
yourself until you have a surefire way of making your
point heard and having it received in a beneficial way.
Dont react emotionally or prematurely.
TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Sign up for a course or
retreat that will get you in touch with your inner self.
Someone you encounter will offer you insight into how
you can use your skills masterfully.
GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Look over contracts,
and negotiate fairly and with a concrete strategy in
mind. Dont neglect your health or your personal life.
Make compromises to ensure unity where important
relationships are concerned.

Want More Fun
and Games?
Jumble Page 2 La Times Crossword Puzzle Classifieds
Tundra & Over the Hedge Comics Classifieds
Boggle Puzzle Everyday in DateBook

CANCER (June 21-July 22) Emotions will surface,

leaving you in a precarious position. If you are too
outspoken, you will bring about an unwanted altercation.
Remain neutral and avoid excessive behavior.
LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Get a second opinion. If
you do your due diligence, you will have the foresight
to make the best choice. Networking will help clarify
whats actually going on in your industry.
VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Be a leader when
it comes to networking, defending your beliefs
and making a statement that will help shape
the outcome of a situation that concerns you.
Partnerships look promising.
LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) Go about your business.
Work on projects that allow you to use your intuitive

intelligence and creative abilities. Dont give in to

emotional manipulation or unreasonable demands.
SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) You can move money
around to ease financial stress, take care of any aches
or pains or make physical improvements. A romantic
celebration will end your day on a high note.
SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) A positive change
to your position, reputation or status will result if you
are disciplined and determined to finish what you start.
Being responsible will help you avoid interference.
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Wednesday Jan. 11, 2017

104 Training

110 Employment

110 Employment


The San Mateo Daily Journal Classifieds will not be responsible for more
than one incorrect insertion, and its liability shall be limited to the price of one
insertion. No allowance will be made for
errors not materially affecting the value
of the ad. All error claims must be submitted within 30 days. For full advertising conditions, please ask for a Rate

ENGINEERING Movoto LLC has a Lead Data Engineer

opening in San Mateo, CA. Build & support Data Analytics Platform. Work w/
Product Managers and Data Architect to
identify key analytics and data science
problems. Mail resume to Movoto LLC,
Staffing Dept, 1900 S. Norfolk St, Ste
310, San Mateo, CA 94403. Must reference Ref. LDE-AA

HOUSEKEEPER/JANITOR For a skilled nursing facility. Experience

preferred, but we will provide training!
$12.00 an hour with health, vacation/sick
leave, and additional benefits. References and work eligibility documentation required. Carlmont Gardens is located at
2140 Carlmont Drive. Drop by between
9:00 and 4:00 M-F to complete an application.

110 Employment

- Full or Part Time
- Part Time





2 years experience
Immediate placement
on all assignments.



CAREGIVERS - Full time. Part time
available. Call (650)596-3489 Ask for


CALL (408) 204-8286



benefits. Must have a Class A or B
License. (650)343-5946 M-F, 8-5.

Seeking Delivery driver to manage newspaper route

Up to $15 per hour. Company Car.

Call Molly Maid at (650)837-9788.
90 Glenn Way #2, SAN CARLOS

We will help you recruit qualified, talented
individuals to join your company or organization.
The Daily Journals readership covers a wide
range of qualifications for all types of positions.
For the best value and the best results,
recruit from the Daily Journal...
Contact us for a free consultation

Call Roberto 650-344-5200

Call (650) 344-5200 or


of local news content
is actually right here in the present, as it has been for centuries The local community
newspaper. We ignore the naysayers and shun the "experts" when it comes to the "demise" of
the newspaper industry.

You must be community-minded, actionoriented, customer-focused, and without fail, a

self starter. You will be responsible for sales
and account management activities associated
with either a territory or vertical category.

You will be offering a wide variety of

marketing solutions including print advertising,
inserts, graphic design, niche publications,
online advertising, event marketing, social media
and whatever else we come up with if as the
industry continues its evolution and our paper
continues its upward trajectory.
Experience with print advertising and online
marketing a plus. But we will consider a
candidate with little or no sales experience as
long as you have these traits:

Join us, if you check off on these qualities and also believe in the future of newspapers.
Please email your resume to
A cover letter with your views on the newspaper industry would also be helpful.

Leading local news coverage on the Peninsula

The San Mateo Daily Journal is looking
for ambitious interns who are eager to
jump into the business arena with both
feet and hands. Learn the ins and outs
of the newspaper and media industries.
This position will provide valuable
experience for your bright future.
Email resume
RESTAURANT - Need Cook/Kitchen
help. Fletchs catering business is taking
off. We need help! Call (650)685-8301
SALES - Telemarketing and Inside Sales
Representative needed to sell newspaper print and web advertising and event
marketing solutions. To apply, please call
650-344-5200 and send resume to

The best career seekers

read the Daily Journal.

Requires early morning work six days per week Mon-Sat.

Papers are picked up early morning between 3am and 4:30am

The leading local daily news resource for the

SF Peninsula seeks an entreprenuerial
Advertising Account Exec to sell advertising
and marketing solutions to local businesses.
We are looking for a special person to join our
team for an immediate opening.

110 Employment

To apply,
call Todays Haircuts
Multiple shifts to meet your needs. Great
pay & benefits, Sign-on bonus, 1yr exp
required. Starting at $15 per hour.
Matched Caregivers (650)839-2273,
(408)280-7039 or (888)340-2273



Immediate need for Full Time/Part Time
Home Care Providers
$250 Sign on Bonus*
Paid Training & Benets
Must have valid DL and reliable transportation
Call or stop by TODAY!

Dont wait, call or stop by TODAY! Ask for Carol

(650) 458-2200
1660 S. Amphlett Blvd. #115 in San Mateo

Exciting Opportunities at

Candy Maker Training Program

Applicants who are committed to Quality and Excellence
welcome to apply.

If interested, please call Eugenia or Ava at

(650) 827-3210 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. EOE



Wednesday Jan. 11, 2017

110 Employment


The Daily Journal is looking for interns to do entry level reporting, research, updates of our ongoing features and interviews. Photo interns also welcome.
We expect a commitment of four to
eight hours a week for at least four
months. The internship is unpaid, but
intelligent, aggressive and talented interns have progressed in time into
paid correspondents and full-time reporters.
College students or recent graduates
are encouraged to apply. Newspaper
experience is preferred but not necessarily required.
Please send a cover letter describing
your interest in newspapers, a resume
and three recent clips. Before you apply, you should familiarize yourself
with our publication. Our Web site:
Send your information via e-mail to or by regular mail to 1900 Alameda de las Pulgas #112, San Mateo CA 94403

203 Public Notices

203 Public Notices

CASE# 16CIV02491
Heidi Cunningham
Petitioner: Heidi Cunningham filed a petition with this court for a decree changing
name as follows:
Present names: Heidi Marie Cunningham
Proposed Names: Finn C. Oakes
THE COURT ORDERS that all persons
interested in this matter shall appear before this court at the hearing indicated
below to show cause, if any, why the petition for change of name should not be
granted. Any person objecting to the
name changes described above must file
a written objection that includes the reasons for the objection at least two court
days before the matter is scheduled to
be heard and must appear at the hearing
to show cause why the petition should
not be granted. If no written objection is
timely filed, the court may grant the petition without a hearing. A hearing on the
petition shall be held on 1/18/17 at 9
a.m., Dept. PJ, Room 2D, at 400 County
Center, Redwood City, CA 94063. A
copy of this Order to Show Cause shall
be published at least once each week for
four successive weeks prior to the date
set for hearing on the petition in the following newspaper of general circulation:
San Mateo Daily Journal
Filed: 12/5/16
/s/ Robert D. Foiles/
Judge of the Superior Court
Dated: 12/1/2016
(Published 12/21/16, 12/28/16, 1/04/17,


The following person is doing business
Pacifica Beach Restaurant, 525
Crespi Drive, PACIFICA, CA 94044.
Registered Owner: San Francisco Lodging LLC, CA. The business is conducted
by a Limited Liability Company. The registrant commenced to transact business
under the FBN on 11/2010.
/s/Anish Khimani/
This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 12/15/2016. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
12/21/16, 12/28/16, 1/4/17, 1/11/17.


Fictitious Business Name Statements,

Trustee Sale Notice, Name Change, Probate,
Notice of Adoption, Divorce Summons,
Notice of Public Sales and More.


The following person is doing business
as: SC-Holistics, 441 Hazel Avenue,
SAN BRUNO, CA 94066. Registered
Owner: John Scott Cuevas, same address. The business is conducted by an
Individual. The registrant commenced to
transact business under the FBN on
/s/John Scott Cuevas/
This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 12/19/2016. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
12/21/16, 12/28/16, 1/4/17, 1/11/17.


The following person is doing business
as: Bougainvilleas Care Home, 201 Alta
CA 94080. Registered Owner: Bougainvilleas Care, LLC, CA. The business is
conducted by a Limited Liability Company. The registrant commenced to transact business under the FBN on
/s/Liwayway Pena/
This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 12/27/2016. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
12/28/16, 1/4/17, 1/11/17, 1/18/17.


The following person is doing business
as: Technical Instruments, 1826 Rollins
Road Ste. 100, BURLINGAME, CA
94010. Registered Owner: Technical Instrument San Fransisco, CA. The business is conducted by a Corporation. The
registrant commenced to transact business under the FBN on April 1996.
/s/Brian Lundy/
This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 12/22/2016. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
12/28/16, 1/4/17, 1/11/17, 1/18/17.

Published in the Daily Journal for San Mateo County.

Fax your request to: 650-344-5290

Email them to:




Over the Hedge

Over the Hedge

Over the Hedge

203 Public Notices

203 Public Notices

203 Public Notices


The following person is doing business
as: The Six Week, 1055 Rudder Lane,
FOSTER CITY, CA 94404. Registered
Owners: 1) Brian Mendelsohn, same address 2) Susie Fuller, 3330 Pierce Street
#101, San Francisco, CA 94123. The
business is conducted by a General Partnership. The registrants commenced to
transact business under the FBN on N/A.
/s/Brian Mendelsohn/
This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 12/21/2016. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
1/04/17, 1/11/17, 1/18/17, 1/25/17).


The following person is doing business
as: A1 Budget Plumbing, 1830 Sequoia
Ave. Suite U, BURLINGAME, CA 94010.
Registered Owner: Ali Hassan, same address. The business is conducted by an
Individual. The registrants commenced
to transact business under the FBN on
/s/Ali Hassan/
This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 1/03/2017. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
1/04/17, 1/11/17, 1/18/17, 1/25/17).


The following person is doing business
as: Redwood Smiles Childrens Dentistry, 160 Birch St, Suite A, REDWOOD
CITY, CA 94062. Registered Owner: Yan
Kalika Dental Corporation, CA. The
business is conducted by a Corporation.
The registrants commenced to transact
business under the FBN on 07/01/2016.
/s/Yan Kalika/
This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 12/24/2016. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
1/11/17, 1/18/17, 1/25/17, 2/1/17).


The following person is doing business
as: C.C. Fence and Decks, 301 San Pablo Ave, MILLBRAE, CA 94030. Registered Owners: 1) Wilfredo E. Castellon,
same address; 2) Joel W. Castellon,
same address. The business is conducted by a General Partnership. The registrants commenced to transact business
under the FBN on Oct. 20th 1997.
/s/Wilfredo E. Castellon/
This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 01/03/2017. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
1/11/17, 1/18/17, 1/25/17, 2/1/17).


The following person is doing business
as: K&K Beauty Salon, 108 W 25th Ave,
SAN MATEO, CA 94403. Registered
Owner: BKD Ventures, LLC, CA. The
business is conducted by a Limited Liability Company. The registrants commenced to transact business under the
FBN on 03/11/2013.
/s/Bruce R. Dinger/
This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 01/04/2017. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
1/11/17, 1/18/17, 1/25/17, 2/1/17).


The following person is doing business
as: MBody Power, 1518 Carlisle Drive,
SAN MATEO, CA 94402. Registered
Owner: Michelle Cruz Harger, same address. The business is conducted by an
Individual. The registrants commenced
to transact business under the FBN on
/s/Michelle C. Harger/
This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 12/14/2016. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
1/04/17, 1/11/17, 1/18/17, 1/25/17).

Notice is hereby given that the Board of Education of the Belmont-Redwood Shores
School District (BRSSD), will receive sealed bids for SITE AND 2-STORY BUILDING projects at Cipriani Elementary and Sandpiper Elementary, at the Belmont-Redwood Shores District
Office, 2960 Hallmark Drive, Belmont, CA, 94002, until 2:00 PM on January 26, 2016, at which
time such proposals will be opened and publicly read aloud.
Prequalification of Contractors
To bid on these project, the bidder must be prequalified with the District. The District will accept
completed Pre-Qualification Questionnaires with bids, but should all requirements not be met,
the District reserves the right to disqualify the bidder. Note that the prequalification process does
not constitute an agreement, nor is it an obligation to enter any agreements. Pre-Qualification
Questionnaires will be received by Blach Construction, the Construction Manager, on behalf of
the Belmont-Redwood Shores School District. To receive questionnaire forms, please contact
Rey Flores, Blach Construction, email:, telephone: (408) 869-8391.
Bid Description
These projects are Measure I projects, that consists of the addition of a new 12,000 sf 2-story
modular building and associated site demolition, sitework, and building infrastructure. Fabrication and installation of the modular components were previously bid and awarded. Additional
scopes to be awarded will require the following licenses:
Licenses Required for the Current Project:
Asbestos & Selective Demolition
B or C21, with ASB license required and/or C22
C8 license required
C10 license required
C13 license required
General Trades
B license required (must self-perform carpentry)
C27 license required
Low Voltage Systems
C7 license required
C33 license required
Paving & Grading
A or C12 license required
C36 license required
Site Utilities
A or C34 and C42 license required
C45 & D42 license required
Misc. Metals
C23 or C51 license required
Bid Documents
Each bid shall conform to the requirements of the Bidding Documents, which are available for
downloading online at Blach Constructions Building Connected Site. A link to Building Connected will be provided upon request. Inquiries for bidding information are to be directed at Rey
Flores, Blach Construction, email:, telephone: (408) 869-8391.
Anticipated Project Requirements
Contracts would require a 100% payment and performance bond, a 100% labor and materials
bond, and bidder may be required to furnish a bid bond in the amount of 10% of the submitted
bid. Project is subject to the State Labor Code and the Districts Labor Compliance Program requirements, which include being registered as a public works contractor with the Department of
Industrial Relations (PWC Registration Number will be a requirement). For questions regarding
the State Labor Code refer to Sections 1735, Discrimination of Employment and 1770, 1773,
1773.11 Prevailing Rates of Wages. Contractors who have been pre-qualified may be required to
submit certifications of compliance with the procedures for implementation of the Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise Contracting Goals. Contractors are allowed according to PCC sec.
22300 to submit securities of lieu of retention.

Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, January 4, 2017.

Caregivers Needed
What we offer:
Excellent work environment
Flexible work schedule
Training, PTO, Health Insurance
Opportunities for professional advancement

Our minimum requirements:

Must be compassionate & kind
Must possess verbal & written skills to
communicate with clients & team members
Must pass criminal background check,
TB test, drug screening
Must be able to work in a team environment
and work with minimum supervision
Submit resume to or
mail to 1616 Gordon Street, Redwood City, CA 94061
or call us at 650.562.0555


Ronald Uyeshima
Case Number: 16PRO00605
To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, contingent creditors, and persons who may
otherwise be interested in the will or estate, or both, of Ronald Uyeshima. A Petition for Probate has been filed by Sarah
Sams Uyeshima aka Sarah Elizabeth
Sams in the Superior Court of California,
County of San Mateo. The Petition for
Probate requests that Sarah Sams Uyeshima aka Sarah Elizabeth Sams be appointed as personal representative to administer the estate of the decedent. The
petition requests the decedents will and
codicils, if any, be admitted to probate.
The will and any codicils are available for
examination in the file kept by the court.
The petition requests authority to administer the estate under the Independent
Administration of Estates Act. (This authority will allow the personal representative to take many actions without obtaining court approval. Before taking certain
very important actions, however, the personal representative will be required to
give notice to interested persons unless
they have waived notice or consented to
the proposed action.) The independent
administration authority will be granted
unless an interested person files an objection to the petition and shows good
cause why the court should not grant the
A hearing on the petition will be held in
this court as follows: FEB 03, 2017 at
9:00 a.m., Department 28, Superior
Court of California, County of San Mateo,
400 County Center, Redwood City, CA
If you object to the granting of the petition, you should appear at the hearing
and state your objections or file written
objections with the court before the hearing. Your appearance may be in person
or by your attorney.
If you are a creditor or a contingent creditor of the decedent, you must file your
claim with the court and mail a copy to
the personal representative appointed by
the court within the later of either (1) four
months from the date of first issuance of
letters to a general personal representative, as defined in section 58(b) of the
Calilfornia Probate Code, or (2) 60 days
from the date of mailing or personal delivery to you of a notice under sectioin
9052 of the Callifornia Probate
Code.Other California statutes and legal
authority may affect your rights as a
creditor. You may want to consult with an
attorney knowledgable in California law.
You may examine the file kept by the
court. If you are a person interested in
the estate, you may file with the court a
Request for Special Notice (form DE154) of the filing of an inventory and appraisal of estate assets or of any petition
or account as provided in Probate Code
section 1250. A Request for Special Notice form is available from the court clerk.
Attorney for Petitioner:
Alexander M. Biddle
1900 S. Norfolk St., Ste 350
San Mateo, CA 94403
FILED: 12/29/2016
(Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal on 1/11, 1/17, 1/24)


Wednesday Jan. 11, 2017

Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle

Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
1 Bowling alley
6 European
cheese town
10 Puddle jumper
13 Wedding figure
14 ChapStick
15 Fix up
16 Newspaper
18 Big star
19 Im with ya
20 Threatening
21 Farming prefix
22 Wheel of
Fortune buy
23 Smooth, as
25 Wise
29 DOJ bureau
30 Dry as dust
31 Speakers spot
34 Get out of bed
37 __ who?
38 Chiropractors
40 N.L. player
whose home
games include a
Presidents Race
41 Brownish-green
43 Greenish-blue
44 Some
45 Selma director
46 Drops in
48 Medical
emergency alert
53 Baby fox
54 Soon, to a bard
55 Kibbutz setting
57 Actress Thurman
60 Cooling meas.
61 Comedians
63 Bass red
triangle, e.g.
64 Moran of Happy
65 Flared dress
66 New Testament
67 German
Graf __
68 Connection point

1 Former NYC
mayor Giuliani
2 Seesaw sitter of
tongue twisters
3 Send in a box
4 Sushi selection
5 Taste this
6 French I verb
7 Stereotypical
dawn challenges
8 Take down a peg
9 Scorned lover of
10 Landscapers
11 Aromas
12 Shirts named for
a sport
15 Theater district
17 Lee who was the
female soloist of
the 60s
22 Helping hand
24 Painter Cassatt
25 Over-theshoulder band
26 Square statistic
27 Dominos
delivery drivers
28 Diplomatic skill
32 50s prez

33 Health resorts
35 Swedish
36 Internet crafts
38 Spill the beans
39 PC feature only
used in
42 All the same ...
44 Fitting
47 TVs J.R. Ewing,

48 Part of CNN
49 Winning
50 __ Been Good:
Joe Walsh hit
51 Take over
52 Bath-loving
56 Novelist Rice
57 Windows
58 Drop-down list
59 Yes votes
62 Chihuahua cheer



203 Public Notices

210 Lost & Found


Tamara Silvestri
aka Tamara Ann Silvestri
aka Tamara Ann Velho
Case Number: 16PRO00604
To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, contingent creditors, and persons who may
otherwise be interested in the will or estate, or both, of Tamara Silvestri, aka
Tamara Ann Silvestri, aka Tamara Ann
Velho. A Petition for Probate has been
filed by Clay Jonathan Roman in the Superior Court of California, County of San
Mateo. The Petition for Probate requests
that Clay Jonathan Roman be appointed
as personal representative to administer
the estate of the decedent. The petition
requests authority to administer the estate under the Independent Administration of Estates Act. (This authority will allow the personal representative to take
many actions without obtaining court approval. Before taking certain very important actions, however, the personal representative will be required to give notice
to interested persons unless they have
waived notice or consented to the proposed action.) The independent administration authority will be granted unless an
interested person files an objection to the
petition and shows good cause why the
court should not grant the authority.
A hearing on the petition will be held in
this court as follows: JAN. 27, 2017 at
9:00 a.m., Department 28, Superior
Court of California, County of San Mateo,
400 County Center, Redwood City, CA
If you object to the granting of the petition, you should appear at the hearing
and state your objections or file written
objections with the court before the hearing. Your appearance may be in person
or by your attorney.
If you are a creditor or a contingent creditor of the decedent, you must file your
claim with the court and mail a copy to
the personal representative appointed by
the court within the later of either (1) four
months from the date of first issuance of
letters to a general personal representative, as defined in section 58(b) of the
Calilfornia Probate Code, or (2) 60 days
from the date of mailing or personal delivery to you of a notice under sectioin
9052 of the Callifornia Probate
Code.Other California statutes and legal
authority may affect your rights as a
creditor. You may want to consult with an
attorney knowledgable in California law.
You may examine the file kept by the
court. If you are a person interested in
the estate, you may file with the court a
Request for Special Notice (form DE154) of the filing of an inventory and appraisal of estate assets or of any petition
or account as provided in Probate Code
section 1250. A Request for Special Notice form is available from the court clerk.
Attorney for Petitioner:
Lorena Roel, Esq.
The Jellins Group, APLC
841 Menlo Avenue,
(650) 329-1300
FILED: 01/10/2017
(Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal on 1/11, 1/17, 1/21)

LOST SMALL gray and green Parrot.

Redwood Shores. (650)207-2303.


QUALITY BOOKS used and rare. World
& US History and classic American novels. $5 each obo (650)345-5502

294 Baby Stuff

seat - $5 (650)592-5864.

296 Appliances
1960'S AVOCADO Osterizer blender
excellent condition $20.00 (650)5960513
AIR CONDITIONER 10000 BTU w/remote. Slider model fits all windows. LG
brand $199 runs like new. (650)2350898
AIR CONDITIONER, Portable, 14,000
CPN14XC9, almost like new! All accessories plus remote included.
20 x 16-5/8 x 33-1/2 $345.
CHARCOAL GRILL with cover, 24, almost new $25. (650)368-0748
new, bakes, broils, toasts, adjustable
temperature. $25 OBO. (650)580-4763
CIRRUS STEAM mop model SM212B 4
new extra cleaning pads,user manual.
$45. (650)588-5487
COLEMAN LXE Roadtrip Grill Red Brand New! (still in box) $100
JACK LALANE'S power juicer. $40.
Call (650)364-1243. Leave message.
NSA AIR PurifierGood Condition Paid
$190Yours for $20. (510)363 4865
UPRIGHT VACUUM Cleaner, $10. Call
Ed, (415)298-0645 South San Francisco
Refrigerator all working and in good condition all for $99.00 (650)315-3240.
WHIRLPOOL. HIGH Efficiency Washer.
White. Like new. Top load. $250.00.

297 Bicycles
ADULT BIKES 1 regular and 2 with balloon tires $30 Each (650) 347-2356
CHILDS BICYCLE in good condition.
$30. (650)355-5189

298 Collectibles
1920'S AQUA Glass Beaded Flapper
Purse (drawstring bag) & Faux Pearl
Flapper Collar. $50. (650)762-6048
1940 VINTAGE telephone bench maple
antiques collectibles $75 (650)755-9833


The following repossessed vehicle is
being sold by San Mateo Credit Union- 2013 Chevy Malibu Vin#104880,
2006 Infiniti M45 Vin#205350. The following repossessed vehicles are being sold by 1st United Services Credit
Union-2013 Honda Civic Vin#525882,
2014 Toyota Tundra Vin#074398. The
following repossessed vehicle is being
sold by United Health Credit Union2013 Kia Optima Vin#044766.
Sealed bids will be taken from 8am8pm on 01/16/2017. Sale held at THE
Auto Auction Inc. 214 East Harris
Ave, South San Francisco CA 94080.
650-737-9010. Auction held indoorsA variety of cars, vans, SUV's and
charity donations also available. Annual $40.00 bidder fee. For more information please visit our website at

BILLY DEE Williams autographed Star

Wars action figure: Lando Calrissian,
space smuggler. $35 Steve (650)5186614
DOLLIES, 30 various sizes, hand crochet dollies.$30.(650)596-0513
LENNOX RED Rose, Unused, hand
painted, porcelain, authenticity papers,
$12.00. (650) 578 9208.
MILLER LITE Neon sign , work good
$59 call (650)218-6528
rare memorabilia items, casino key, two
coins, small charm. $95. (650)676-0974
SCHILLER HIPPIE poster, linen, Sparta
graphics 1968. Mint condition. $600.00.

299 Computers
KOGI 15 inch computer monitor. Model
L5QX. $25. PH(650)592-5864.

210 Lost & Found

FOUND: KEYS at Westwood Park in
Redwood City, off of Fernside. Call to
claim (650)714-8893
FOUND: LADIES watch outside Safeway Millbrae 11/10/14 call Matt,
LOST - MY COLLAPSIBLE music stand,
clip lights, and music in black bags were
taken from my car in Foster City and may
have been thrown out by disappointed
thieves. Please call (650)704-3595
LOST - Womans diamond ring. Lost
12/18. Broadway, Redwood City.
REWARD! (650)339-2410

By Robert E. Lee Morris

2017 Tribune Content Agency, LLC


RECORDABLE CD-R 74, Sealed, Unopened, original packaging, Samsung, 12X,

(650) 578 9208

300 Toys
2 STORY dollhouse w/ furniture 24 x 24
good condition $50. joe (650)573-5269
3-STORY BARBIE Dollhouse with spiral
staircase and elevator. $60. (650)5588142
casting miniature/board-game figurines.
10#, $15.00. (650) 591-4553
Great for Kids (650) 952-3500

LOST CAT Our Felicity, weighs 7 lbs,

she has a white nose, mouth, chin, all
four legs, chest stomach, around her
neck. Black mask/ears, back, tail. Nice
REWARD. Please email us at or call 650-5768745. She drinks water out of her paws.

SEVEN TONKA and John Deere Construction vehicles. $7 - $20. (650)3681732.

LOST CAT. Black and White. Black

patch on right eye. REWARD.
Call (323) 439-7713.

STAR WARS SDCC Stormtrooper

Commander $29 OBO Dan,
(650)303-3568 lv msg

STAR WARS one 4 orange card action figure, Momaw Nadon (Hammerhead). $8 Steve (650)518-6614



Wednesday Jan. 11, 2017

302 Antiques

304 Furniture

309 Office Equipment

316 Clothes

ANTIQUE BUFFET Cabinet, with 2 large

drawers w/skeleton key, needs refinishing. $700/obo.. ANTIQUE CHINA cabinet, with doors and legs, dark wood..
$500/obo. (650)952-5049


door / shell / drawers / roller ex $25/BO

NEAT RECEIPTS Mobile Scanner new

in box $79, call (650)324-8416

NEW WITH tags Wool or cotton Men's


ANTIQUE ITALIAN lamp 18 high, $70

Side Sewing Table, All original. Rosewood. Carved. EXCELLENT CONDITION! $350. (650)815-8999.
MAHOGANY ANTIQUE Secretary desk,
72 x 40 , 3 drawers, Display case, bevelled glass, $500. (650)766-3024
OLD VINTAGE Wooden Sea Captains
Tool Chest 35 x 16 x 16, $65
STORE FRONT display cabinet, From
1930, marble base. 72 long x 40 tallx
21 deep. Asking $500. (650)341-1306

303 Electronics
46 MITSUBISHI Projector TV, great
condition. $400. (650)261-1541.
60 GIG Ipod, Does not work.
Battery/hard drive not working. $25.


Good shape, blonde, about 5' high.
INFINITY FLOOR speakers H 38" x W
11 1/2" x D 10" good $50. (650)756-9516
LAWN CHAIRS (4) White, plastic, $8.
each, (415)346-6038
LEATHER SOFA, black, excellent condition. $100 obo. (650)878-5533

NEW MS Wireless



310 Misc. For Sale

3 in 5-gal cans. $10.00 each. (650)5937408
500-600 BIG Band-era 78's--most mint,
no sleeves--$50 for all-(650)574-5459

LOVE SEAT, Upholstered pale yellow

floral $99. (650)574-4021

8 TRACKS, billy Joel, Zeppelin, Eagles

,Commodores, more.40 @ $4 each , call


x 41"H. Double doors with lock & key.
$35 (650)832-1448

CHRISTMAS TREE, 7.5 Oregon pine,

1225 tips, hooked construction with
stand. Used once. $49. (415)650-6407

NEW DELUXE Twin Folding Bed, Linens, cover, Cost $618. Sale $250. Must
Sell! (650) 875-8159.

condition $50 (650)878-9542

NEW TWIN Mattress set plus frame

$30.00 (650) 347-2356
NICE WOOD table 36"L x19"W x20"H
$30.(415)231-4825.Daly City
OAK BOOKCASE, 30"x30" x12". $25.


Garage Sales

PARIS HILTON purse white & silver unused, about 12" long x 9" high
$23. (650)592-2648
SIZE 38 tan gabardine navy officers uniform great condition Perfect for that costume party. Free. (650)322-9598
SNUG BOOTS, lambskin,
$10, (650)595-3933



VELVET DRAPE, 100% cotton, new

beautiful burgundy 82"X52" W/6"hems:
$45 (415)585-3622
VINTAGE 1970S Grecian made dress,
size 6-8, $35 (650)873-8167
WILSON'S LG Green Suede Jacket
$50.00 (650)367-1508

317 Building Materials

Make money, make room!

List your upcoming

garage sale,
moving sale,
estate sale,
yard sale,
rummage sale,
clearance sale, or
whatever sale you

INCUBATOR, $99, (650)678-5133

CULTURED MARBLE 2 tone BR vanity

counter top. New toe skin/ scribe. 29 x
19 $300 (408)744-1041

Reach over 83,450 readers

from South San Francisco
to Palo Alto.
in your local newspaper.

LARGE BLACK Ciao Luggage 26"

w/wheels, Good Condition $35 (650)9523500

SHUTTERS 2 wooden shutters 32x72

like new $50.00 (650)368-7891

Call (650)344-5200


used $8., (408)249-3858

SHUTTERS Wood Interior 2-1/2 in. louvers, 22-1/2 wide. 76-3/4 in. hgt,
8 Panels, $100. (650)348-2306

BAZOOKA SPEAKER 20, +10W, never

used $95. (650)992-4544


$55 (650)458-8280


2006, 2007 New OB $90 lot (650)3687537

BLAUPUNKT AM/FM/CD Radio and Receiver with Detachable Face asking

$100. (650)593-4490

OFFICE TABLE, 24"x48" HD. folding

legs each end. 500# capacity. Cost
$130. Sell $60, (650)591-4141

LIONEL CHRISTMAS Holiday expansion Set. New OB $99 (650)368-7537

WHITE DOUBLE pane window for $29

or Best offer. Call Halim @ (650) 6785133.

379 Open Houses

BULOVA WINDUP Travel clocks.Vintage. Set of eight. $99. gene (650)4215469


obo Retail $130 (650)873-8167

LIONEL WESTERN Union Pass car and

dining car. New OB $99 (650)368-7537

318 Sports Equipment

RMT CHRISTMAS Diesel train and Caboose. Rare. New OB $99 (650)3687537

15 SF Giants Posters -- Barry Bonds,

Jeff Kent, JT Snow. 6' x 2.5' Unused. $4
each. $35 all. (650)588-1946 San Bruno


COMPLETE COLOR photo developer

Besler Enlarger, Color Head, trays, photo
tools $50/ (650)921-1996
IPHONE 5 Morphie Juice Pack with
charger, Originally $100, now $85.
with 'A-shape' key layout Num pad, $20
MOTOROLA BRAVO MB 520 (android
4.1 upgrade) smart phone 35$ 8GB SD
card Belmont (650)595-8855
NEW HP Desk Jet 1112 Printer plus extra cartridges- $50. Call (650)345-1234
ONKYO AV Receiver HT-R570 .Digital
Surround, HDMI, Dolby, Sirius Ready,
Cinema Filter.$95/ Offer (650)591-2393
OPTIMUS H36 ST5800 Tower Speaker
36x10x11 $30. (650)580-6324
ORIGINAL AM/FM 1967/68 Honda Radio for $50. (650)593-4490
PIONEER HOUSE Speakers, pair. 15
inch 3-way, black with screens. Work
great. $99.(650)243-8198
VCR ,set up $70. (650)992-4544
SONY DHG-HDD250 DVR and programable remote.
Record OTA. Clock set issues $99
SONY PROJECTION TV 48" with remote good condition $99 (650)345-1111
$25 (650)595-3933


VINTAGE G.E. radio, model c-430-a

$60. (650)421-5469
VINTAGE G.E. radio, model c-442c $60.
VINTAGE G.E. radio, model c1470 $60.
VINTAGE ZENITH radio, model L516b
$75. (650)421-5469
Yamaha model CDC 91 - 5 disc CD player. free.

304 Furniture
5 FOOT resin folding table, still in the
box $20.00 (650)368-0748
ANTIQUE DINING table for six people
with chairs $99. (650)580-6324
feet tall. $75. (415) 282-0966.

PAPASAN CHAIRS (2) -with cushions

$45. each set, (650)347-8061
RECLINER CHAIR blue tweed clean
good $75 Call (650)583-3515

SAMSONITE 26" tan hard-sided suit

case, lt. wt., wheels, used once/like new.
$60. (650)328-6709

RECLINING SWIVEL & high-back chair

(Hampton) exc condition $30 (650) 7569516 Daly City.

SILK SAREE 6 yards new nice color.for

$35 only. Call(650)515-2605 for more information.

RECLINING SWIVEL chair almost new

$99 (650)766-4858

ULTRASONIC JEWELRY Cleaning Machine Cleans jewelry, eyeglasses, dentures, keys. Concentrate included. $30
OBO. (650)580-4763

ROCKING CHAIR fine light, oak condition with pads, $85/OBO. (650)369-9762
ROCKING CHAIRS solid wood, great
shape asking 30 dollars each. Call
(650)574-4582 Lily

new $20.00


single drawer and stacked shelves. $30
obo. (650)465-2344

WAGON WHEEL Wooden, original from

Colorado farm. 34x34
Very good
aged condition $200 San Bruno

Golf Clubs, used set with Cart for $50.



275 gallons. 48" x 46" x 39" $250.

KAYAK 12' sit on top 2 storage compartments baby blue must see $99.00 john


contact joe (650)573-5269


12" $50. Call (650)834-4833
WALNUT CHEST, small (4 drawer with
upper bookcase $50. (650)726-6429
WOOD - wall Unit - 30" long x 6' tall x
17.5" deep. $90. (650)631-9311
WOOD FURNITURE- one end table and
coffee table. In good condition. $30
OBO. (760)996-0767.

306 Housewares



CHRISTMAS TREE China, Fairfield

Peace on Earth. Complete Set of 12 (48
pieces) $75. (650)493-5026
Garden, Noritake. Four place-settings,
20-pieces in original box, never used.
$250 per box
(3 boxes available).
$19 (650)595-3933


PORCELAIN JAPANESE Tea set, Unopened, in wood box, great gift $30.
PRE-LIT 7 ft Christmas tree. Three sections, easy to assemble. $50. (650)3492963
SOLID TEAK floor model 16 wine rack
with turntable $60. (650)592-7483

308 Tools

BEIGE SOFA $99. Excellent Condition

(650) 315-2319

BOSTITCH 16 gage Finish nailer Model

SB 664FN $99 (650)359-9269

CHAIRS 2 Blue Good Condition $50

OBO (650)345-5644

CRAFTSMAN 9" Radial Arm Saw with 6"

dado set. No stand. $55 (650)341-6402

COAT/HAT STAND, solid wood, for your

mountain cabin/house. $50. (650)5207045

CRAFTSMAN JIGSAW 3.9 amp. with

variable speeds $65 (650)359-9269

DINETTE TABLE with Chrome Legs: 36"

x58" (with one leaf 11 1/2") - $50.


In box. $30. (650)245-7517
CRAFTSMAN RADIAL SAW, with cabinet stand, $200 Cash Only, (650)8511045
CRAFTSMEN 3 saw blades $20. new.
DELTA CABINET SAW with overrun table. $650/obo. (650)342-6993
Phone: (650)591-8062


LEAF BLOWER electric 7.5 amps brand

new 30.00 joe, (650)573-5269

DINETTE TABLE, 3 adjustable leaf.$30.

(650) 756-9516.Daly City.

PAINTING TOOLS - hooks, stirrups 110

ropes, poles, 20 plank, 440 Graco Spary
Machine, $500, Asking (650)-483-8048

DINING ROOM table Good Condition

$90.00 or best offer ( 650)-780-0193

ROUTER TABLE ryobi $ 99. like new


DRESSER 4-DRAWER in Belmont for

$75. Good condition; good for children.
Call (650)678-8585

SHOPSMITH MARK V 50th Anniversary


DRUM TABLE - brown, perfect condition, nice design, with storage, $45.,
ESPRESSO TABLE 30 square, 40 tall,
$95 (650)375-8021


GOLF CLUBS, new, Warrior woods

3/15 degree 5/21 degree 7/24 degree
$15 ea (650)349-0430

BENCH SAW - 8 INCH includes attached table and accessories $35 (650)3680748

CUSTOM MADE wood sewing storage

cabinet perfect condition $75. (650)4831222


(12"x16") Hardly used! $50. Call

VINTAGE WHITE Punch Bowl/Serving

Bowl Set with 10 cups plus one extra
$30. (650)873-8167

RUMMY ROYAL poker table top $30.00


BAR STOOLS 2 (matching) Wood Cushioned Fair Condition $20 each. (510)363

COUCH, CREAM IKEA, great condition,

$89, light-weight, compact, sturdy loveseat (415)775-0141

CHILDS KICK scooter by razor with helmet $25 obo (650)591-6842

GOLF CLUBS {13}, Bag, & Pull Cart all-$90.00 (650)341-8342

ALUMINUM LADDERS 40ft, $99 for two,

Call (650)481-5296

COMPUTER TABLE, adjustable height,

chrome legs, 29x48 like new $30 (650)

BUSHNELL NEO XS Golf Watch with

charger. Mint condition. 30,000+ golf
courses. $50. Jeff (650)208-5758

VASE WITH flowers 2 piece good for the

Holidays, $25., (650) 867-2720

ANTIQUE MAHOGANY double bed with

adjustable steelframe $225.00. OBO.


Leather. $80. (650) 455-3409

UNIDEN HARLEY Davidson Gas Tank

phone. $100 or best offer (650)863-8485


#1 Driver Fair Condition Paid $295 Yours
for $20. (510)363 4865

311 Musical Instruments

BALDWIN GRAND PIANO, 6 foot, excellent condition, $8,500/obo. Call
EXCELLENT VIOLIN, previously owned,
first violinist SF Symphony, Mellow
sound. Dated 1894. $5,500/best offer.
GULBRANSEN BABY GRAND PIANO Appraised @ $5450., want $1800 obo,
HAMMOND B-3 Organ and 122 Leslie
Speaker. Excellent condition. $8,500. private owner, (650)349-1172
HOHNER Pocket Pal.
Key of C. Original box. Never used.
$10. (650)588-0842
MONARCH UPRIGHT player piano $99
(650) 583-4549
PIANO, UPRIGHT, in excellent condition. Asking $345. (650)366-4769
UPRIGHT PIANO. In tune. Fair condition. $300 OBO (650) 533-4886.
YAMAHA PIANO, Upright, Model M-305,
$750. Call (650)572-2337

IGLOO BLUE 38-Quart Wheelie Cool

Cooler/Ice Chest $14 (650)952-3500


Right handed with covers and pull cart
$150 o.b.o. (650)344-3104
good condition, (650)341-0282.


NEW WEIGH bench With 200lbs, plus

free weights. $50. (510)943-9221.San
POWER PLUS Exercise Machine


PRINCE TENNIS 2 section nylon black

Bag with Prince Pro Graphite Racket$55.(650)341-8342
PURSUIT SCOOTER. $99. (650)3482235
SOCCER BALLS - $8.00 each (like new)
4 available. (650)341-5347
TOTAL GYM XLS, excellent condition.
Paid $2,500. Yours for $900. Call
Used). 10% incline, 2.5 HP motor, 300lb
weight capacity. $329 (650)598-9804
VINTAGE ENGLISH ladies ice skates up to size 7-8, $40., (650)873-8167

312 Pets & Animals

VINTAGE NASH Cruisers Mens/ Womens Roller Skates Blue indoor/outdoor sz

6-8. $60 B/O. (650)574-4439

AIRLINE CARRIER for cats, pur. from

Southwest Airlines, $25, 2 available. Call
(505)228-1480 local.

WET SUIT - medium size, $95., call for

info (650)851-0878

CANARY BIRD cage 24 x 16 for sale.

$40.00 firm. Used, good condition. Call
ONE KENNEL Cab ll one Pet Taxi animal carriers 26x16. Excellent cond. $60..
PARROT CAGE, Steel, Large - approx
4 ft by 4 ft, Excellent condition $300 best
offer. (650)245-4084
PET CARRIER, brown ,Very good condition, $15.00 medium zize leave txt or call

316 Clothes

WOMEN'S LADY Cougar gold iron set

set - $25. (650)348-6955
WOMEN'S NORDICA ski boots, size 8
1/2. $50 (650)592-2047
YAMAHA ROOF RACK, 58 inches $75.

345 Medical Equipment

BATH CHAIR LIFT. Peterman battery
operated bath chair lift. Stainless steel
frame. Accepts up to 350lbs. Easily inserted I/O tub.$250 OBO.
(650) 739-6489.

List your Open House

in the Daily Journal.
Reach over 83,450
potential home buyers &
renters a day,
from South San Francisco
to Palo Alto.
in your local newspaper.
Call (650)344-5200

86 CHEVY CORVETTE. Automatic.

93,000 miles. Sports Package.$6,800
obo. (650) 952-4036.
CORVETTE 69 STINGRAY 327, Horsespeed SPS, 50.000 miles. $18,500.

630 Trucks & SUVs

LINCOLN 02 Navigator, excellent condition. Runs great! Must sell! $4,500/obo.

635 Vans
CHEVROLET 06 Mini VAN, new radiator, tires and brakes. Needs head gasket.
$1,200. (650)481-5296

640 Motorcycles/Scooters
89 GOLD WING. 1500 CC. 39K miles.
Call Joe (650)578-8357
ALPINE STAR motocross boots Tech 8s
size 14 good cond. $75. (650)345-5642
BMW 03 F650 GS, $3899 OBO. Call
(650) 995-0003
mounting hardware and other parts $35.
Call (650)670-2888

645 Boats
16 FT SEA RAY. I/B. $1,200. Needs Upholstery. Call (650)898-5732.
2003 P-15 West Wight Potter sailboat,

650 RVs
RV - 2013 WINNEBAGO ITASCA Navion, 25 with sideout. 4000 miles. Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis,. diesel,
loaded, like new! $85,500.
Call (650)726-8623 or (650)619-9672.

670 Auto Service


Complete Repair & Service

$24.75 plus certificate fee
(most cars)

470 Rooms
Non-Profit Home Sharing Program
San Mateo County

620 Automobiles
Dont lose money
on a trade-in or
Sell your vehicle in the
Daily Journals
Auto Classifieds.
Just $45
Well run it
til you sell it!
Reach 83,450 drivers
from South SF to
Palo Alto
Call (650)344-5200

BMW 07 X-5, One Owner, Excel. Condition Sports package 3rd row seats reduced $19,995 obo Call (650)520-4650
CADILLAC 02 Deville, 8 cylinder, perfect condition, like new, cashmere outside white inside 4787 miles $13,000.
CADILLAC 99 DeVille Concours,
98,500 miles, $3,500 or best offer.
CONDITION. $8888. (650)274-8284.
CHEVY HHR 08 - Grey, spunky car
loaded, even seat warmers, $9,500.
99 Van, Good Condition,
$5,500, childs play three, call

Do the humane thing.
Donate it to the
Humane Society.
Call 1- 800-943-8412

BLACK DOUBLE breasted suit size 38

excellent condition $25 (650)322-9598

JAGUAR 94 XJ6, very clean, 110K

miles, $3,800. (650)302-5523

BLOCH Black Boost Dance Sneakers

S0539L Good Condition $20 (650)9523500

Comanchee w/ camper.
200K+ miles. As is. $1,000.

BOY SCOUT canvas belt with Boy Scout

Buckle. Vintage. Fair condition. $5.

LEXUS 01 IS300, 132K, clean. $6,500


FAUX FUR Coat Woman's brown multi

color in excellent condition 3/4
length $50 (650)692-8012

625 Classic Cars

MAZDA 12 CX-7 SUV Excellent condition One owner Fully loaded Low
miles reduced $18,995 obo (650)5204650

LADIES BOOTS size 8 , 3 pairs different

styles , $20/ pair. call (650)592-2648

SAAB 06 5 speed, 113K, clean. $4,200


LADIES SEQUIN dress, blue, size XL,

pure silk lining, $40.00, (650) 578-9208

TOYOTA 06 Prius, 149K, clean. $6,400


LEATHER JACKET, New Black Italian

style, size M Ladies $45 (650) 875-1708

625 Classic Cars


1947. $60. (650)245-7517

MAN'S BLACK leather jacket, size 40,

like new. $85.00 (650)593-1780


SAW, good shape. $500/obo. Call

MEN'S STETSON hat, size large, new,

rim, solid black, large, great gift. $40
(650) 578-9208

1955 CHEVY BEL AIR 2 door, Standard

Transmission V8 Motor, non-op $22,000
obo. (650)952-4036.
FORD 64 Falcon. 4DR Sedan. 6 cyl.
auto/trans $3,500.00. (650) 570-5780.

869 California Drive .


(650) 340-0492
Smog Check
Repair Services
Collision and Body Work

Burlingame & San Mateo Locations

(650) 340-0026


670 Auto Parts

Flat) 205/55/16 EL42 used 70% left $80.
Flat) 205/55/16 EL 42 All Season Like
New $100. (650)483-1222
COBRA CABLE chains for radial and
regular tires - never used - $45.00 call
FIRESTONE TIRES 215/70/R16 good
condition $50. (650) 504-6057
GOODYEAR TIRE P245/70R-15 Like
New, really $55. (650) 637-9791
NEW CONTINENTAL Temporary tire
mounted on 5 lug rim Size T125/70/R1798M $100. (650)483-1222
Year 2002 all for $40 (650)948-0912

680 Autos Wanted

Wanted 62-75 Chevrolets
Novas, running or not
Parts collection etc.
So clean out that garage
Give me a call
Joe 650 342-2483



Wednesday Jan. 11, 2017


Buy New
Keane Kitchens

Decks & Fences



Tree Service




Hillside Tree

Fences, decks, arbors,

Post Repairs
Retaining walls, Concrete
Works, French Drains, Siding


415 Old County Road / Belmont

License No: B639589



State License #377047

Licensed Insured Bonded
Fences - Gates - Decks
Stairs - Retaining Walls
10-year guarantee
Quality work w/reasonable prices
Call for free estimate

Junk & Debris Clean Up

Furniture / Appliance / Disposal

Tree / Bush / Dirt / Concrete Demo

Starting at $40 & Up
Free Estimates

Light moving!
Haul Debris!


Toilets, Sinks, Vanities,

Faucets, Water heaters,
Whirlpools and more!
Wholesale Pricing &
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2030 S Delaware St
San Mateo






Serving the entire Bay Area

Residential & Commercial

for all your electrical needs


Family Owned Since 2000






The Daily Journal

to get 10% off
for new customers
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Window Washing

License #931457


Call for Free Estimate


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Drought Tolerant Planting
Drip Systems, Rock Gardens
Pressure Washing,
and lots more!

Call Robert
Lic #751832


Landscape Design!
We can design your
outdoor living
*BBQs *Pizza Ovens
*Patios *Flagstone

Free Estimates, 15% off First Visit




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California law requires that contractors
taking jobs that total $500 or more (labor
or materials) be licensed by the Contractors State License Board. State law also
requires that contractors include their license number in their advertising. You
can check the status of your licensed
contractor at or 800321-CSLB. Unlicensed contractors taking
jobs that total less than $500 must state
in their advertisements that they are not
licensed by the Contractors State License Board.

Bi-Weekly/Once a Month,
Moving In & Out
28 yrs. in Business

Call For Free Estimate:




Handy Help





Remodeling, Plumbing,
Electrical, Carpentry,
General Home Repair,
Maintenance, New Construction.
No Job Too Small
Lic.# 891766



Specializing in any size project

Painting Electrical
Carpentry Dry Rot
40 Yrs. Experience

Retired Licensed Contractor




Only $49 New Patient Exam, Teeth

Cleaning, X-rays, and Teeth Whitening

Drought Tolerant Planting

Drip Systems, Rock Gardens
Pressure Washing,
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Mena Plastering
Interior and Exterior
Window & Patchwork Repair

Free Estimates

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Lic: #1017155
*Foundation*Stamp Concrete
*Exposed Aggragate *Retaining Walls
*Bricks *Pavers *Driveways
Free Estimates

David: (650) 642-1614


Licensed General and

Painting Contractor
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Sheetrock, Dryrot & Stucco Repairs




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Since 1988/Licensed & Insured

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Do you or a loved one snore?

Are you tired all day? We can help!

Interior & Exterior

Quality Work, Reasonable
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150 N. San Mateo Drive, San Mateo CA 94401



Wednesday Jan. 11, 2017




Health & Medical


Real Estate Services



Donate it!
Free Pick-Ups




Sales: 1.49% commission
Property Management: 4% fee
Personalized service

seeks individuals to support

adults with special needs.
Receive up to $3,000/month
for your spare bedroom.
Rachel (650) 389-5787

Furniture, Appliances,
Cabinets etc.
Tax Receipts provided.

Habitat for Humanity


Because Flavor Still Matters

365 B Street
San Mateo
(650) 343-4123


Dental Services

890 Santa Cruz Ave

Menlo Park

Dentistry Under One Roof

(650) 328-1001

Evening & Saturday appts available


Peninsula Dental Implant Center

1201 St Francisco Way, San Carlos



1308 Burlingame Ave

650 344-1006
Find us on Facebook

Cypress Lawn
1370 El Camino Real


Same day treatment

Implant & Orthodontict Center

1702 Miramonte Ave. Suite B
Mountain View

Reliable. Innovative

150 N. San Mateo Drive

Farmer's Market

Downtown Laurel Street

Sundays 10 am to 2 pm
Rain or Shine

A touch of Europe

Health & Medical


Save $500 on
Implant Abutment &
Crown Package.
Call Millbrae Dental
for details

Viruses, lost data, hardware or

software issues? Contact Geeks
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Repair Experts. Macs and PCs
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The Growth Coach
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Massage Therapy

(in most cases)

Only $1,395 per set

Roos Dental Care
Redwood City

1159 Broadway
Dr. Andrew Soss

Legal Services


Non-Attorney document
preparation: Divorce,
Pre-Nup, Adoption, Living Trust,
Conservatorship, Probate,
Notary Public. Response to
Lawsuits: Credit Card
Issues, Breach of Contract
Jeri Blatt, LDA #11
Registered & Bonded

"I am not an attorney. I can only
provide self help services at your
specific direction."

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Free Parking Behind Building
Mon-Fri, 10am-9pm
Wknds-Holidays. Call Ahead.

1838 El Camino #103,


Peninsula Prime Realty


(650) 595-7750
Cruises Land & Family vacations
Personalized & Experienced
Family Owned & Operated
Since 1939
1495 Laurel St. SAN CARLOS

Real Estate Loans

Since 1979



Real Estate Broker
CA BRE#746683
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Neck Pain?
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A Half Inch Incision could equal
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Explore minimally invasive spine
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Benets of San Jose Neurospines

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Senior Resources and Services

from all of San Mateo County
over 30 exhibitors!

Senior Health
&Wellness Fair

Goody Bags for rst

200 attendees

Saturday, January 21, 2017

9am to 1pm
The Magnolia of Millbrae
201 Chadbourne Avenue, Millbrae
Free Admission, Everyone Welcome

U *i>`i>>
U `*ii
UHealth Screening

Free Services include

Leading local news coverage on the Peninsula

Call us Today for a No Cost MRI review (408) 377-3331


For more information call 650-344-5200 t

* While supplies last. Events subject to change.



Wednesday Jan. 11, 2017


Scandal cant keep VW

from big sales increase
By David McHugh


Men carry an injured policeman to a hospital after a suicide attack in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Bombs near Afghan capital

government offices kill 38
By Rahim Faiez

KABUL, Afghanistan Two

large bombs one triggered by a
suicide attacker exploded near
government offices Tuesday,
killing at least 38 people and
wounding dozens of others in the
deadliest Taliban violence in
Kabul in months.
southern Afghanistan,
another attack at a guesthouse
belonging to the governor of
Kandahar province killed five
people and wounded 12. An
ambassador from the United Arab
Emirates and other UAE diplomats were among the wounded,
authorities said.
The Kabul suicide bomber struck
about 4 p.m. as workers were leaving a compound of government
and legislative offices, said
Interior Ministry spokesman
Sediq Sediqqi. The second bomb,
which was planted in a car,

exploded minutes later after security forces had rushed in to help

the victims, he said.
The Taliban, who have been
waging a 15-year war against the
U.S.-backed government, claimed
the attack in the capital.
The 38 dead included civilians
and military personnel, and
another 72 people were wounded,
said Public Health Ministry official Mohibullah Zeer.
Among the wounded was
Rahima Jami, a member of parliament from Herat province in western Afghanistan, said another lawmaker from the province, Ghulam
Faroq Naziri.
It appeared to be the deadliest
attack in Kabul since July, when
two suicide bombers struck during
a demonstration held by Hazaras,
a Shiite Muslim ethnic group,
killing 80 people. That attack was
claimed by a local affiliate of the
Islamic State group.
Fighting in Afghanistan tends

to taper off during the winter,

when mountain supply routes used
by the insurgents are impassable.
President Asharf Ghani strongly
condemned the Kabul bombings
in a statement from the presidential palace.
Amnesty International said the
bombings indicate that the
Taliban are pressing ahead with a
gruesome campaign of violence
that makes no effort to spare
civilian lives.
Targeting first responders in a
car bomb that killed many people
that were on the street shows a
chilling contempt for human
life, said Champa Patel, Amnesty
Internationals South Asia director.
In the Kandahar attack, two
explosions inside the governors
compound killed five people and
wounded 12, including several
officials and the United Arab
Emirates diplomats, authorities

Booming business in China
helped push Volkswagen to a 3.8
percent sales increase in 2016
despite lawsuits and criminal
investigations over its cars that
cheated on emissions tests.
Volkswagen sold 10.31 million
cars across all of the companys
brands, which include Audi,
Porsche and Skoda. Sales in China
grew 12.2 percent for the full year,
to 3.98 million.
Volkswagens bid for the title of
worlds largest carmaker against
the sales leader from 2015,
The Japanese automaker led with
10. 15 million, followed by
Volkswagen with 9.93 million and
U.S.-based General Motors with
9.8 million.
Volkswagen was helped by a
strong December. Global sales
jumped 11.8 percent during the
month, with stellar growth of
18.6 percent in China, the companys biggest single market.
Volkswagen has agreed to a $15
billion settlement with U. S.
authorities and car buyers, but is
still solving its legal issues. It has
a criminal penalty pending and an
executive formerly responsible for

U.S. environmental compliance

was arrested in Florida over the
Sales fell by 2.6 percent for the
year in the U.S., where the scandal
first broke in September 2015.
U. S.
Volkswagen had illegally installed
software that turned on pollution
controls when cars with diesel
engines were on test stands.
During normal driving, the emission controls were turned down,
improving performance but violating limits on health-damaging
nitrous oxides. Some 11 million
cars worldwide were sold with the
illegal software.
Yet even the U.S. market showed
signs of a rebound, with a robust
increase of 16 percent in the last
month of the year. The U.S. is a
much smaller market for the company than China, a factor which
helped limit the global sales damage.
Volkswagen still faces serious
trouble from the scandal. It has yet
to agree on a criminal penalty with
the U.S. Justice Department that
could run to several billions of
dollars. In addition to the executive arrested in Florida, Oliver
Schmidt, engineer James Liang
has pleaded guilty to conspiring
to defraud regulators and customers.

JustinTrudeau shuffles cabinet, Chrystia

Freeland named top Canada diplomat
By Rob Gillies

TORONTO Canadian Prime

Minister Justin Trudeau has shaken
up his cabinet less than two weeks
before Donald Trumps inauguration as U.S. president.
Trudeau on Tuesday named
Chrystia Freeland as Canadas new
foreign minister amid worries
Trump will renegotiate the North
American Free Trade Agreement.
Freeland was trade minister when
she oversaw last years ratification of the Canada-European
Union free trade agreement after

initial concerns Europe wouldnt

approve it.
The former journalist of
Ukrainian descent is barred from
Russia, something shes called an
John McCallum, who oversaw
the arrival of more than 39,000
Syrian refugees as immigration
is retiring from
Parliament to become ambassador
to China as Trudeau embarks on a
free trade agreement with the Asian
Ahmed Hussen, a Somali
refugee, was named Canadas new
immigration minister.


Wednesday Jan. 11, 2017