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Automatic Coverage Array & Prediction Generation Tool
ARRAYWIZARD builds on the AIRCOM Radio Planning Tool 'ASSET3G' to maintain up-to-date arrays
and statistics, which are of vital importance to the planning and engineering departments within a
Network Operator's organisation. It has been designed to streamline the operator's radio planning
environment by automating several key processes such as the creation of predictions of varying
• Ensures Planning engineers across the department have access to up-to date

coverage arrays, predictions and statistics, which will allow them to operate with
increased efficiency
Builds on your established RF planning tools
(ASSET3G) to maintain arrays and predictions
Automates array creation for ASSET3G
Enables large, high resolution nationwide arrays to
be generated easily
Allows central storage of up-to-date data
Able to generate multiple arrays and store multiple
array parameter sets
Multiple export formats
Results can be displayed within AIRCOM RF
planning tools, reporting tools and 3rd party
Distributed servers to handle predictions, 2G
arrays and 3G arrays
Multi-Technology & Multi-Vendor Compatible

Traditionally, the creation of predictions and arrays is a manual process done by radio engineers. It can be
extremely time-consuming, the results are soon out-of date and in practice the results are rarely shared
amongst all engineers. By automating the process and automatically updating the arrays and predictions,
ARRAYWIZARD takes away this time pressure and uncertainty of not having up-to date data.
ARRAYWIZARD is also able to create nationwide coverage arrays, delivering the possibility to provide key
coverage information to all Engineering Departments (including Optimisation Teams), General
Management, Marketing and Customer Care.

Integrated OSS, Planning & Optimisation Solutions

Part of the Enterprise Suite

Users can define 'parameter sets' which define how arrays will be generated and store the necessary parameters. Coverage and interference arrays for GSM / GPRS / EDGE including: • • • • • • • Best Server Nth best server Measured cells C/I Worst connection Total interference Total received power GPRS / EGPRS data rate UMTS and CDMA2000 arrays generated per service and per carrier by static analysis: ARRAYWIZARD sits on top of the RF tool.define how arrays will be generated and store necessary parameters • Progress manager • Manage multiple distributed servers • Coverage manager ARRAYWIZARD When generating arrays. The arrays created can be output in several formats. The speed and memory capacity of the machines on which it is distributed will affect the processing time. Planning & Optimisation Solutions ARRAYWIZARD and the User: ARRAYWIZARD typically runs as a standalone application within the RF planning environment on a separate PC connected to the network. By automatically updating arrays and predictions into your radio planning tool (ASSET3G) it ensures that all your RF planners have 24/7 access to the latest data and therefore can operate more efficiently.Integrated OSS. Multiple parameter sets can be defined which allow for the easy creation of arrays. They can also use the 2D view to see the effect that the size of the tiles chosen will have on the tiling algorithm. Predictions created using ARRAYWIZARD are stored in shared folders and can be automatically accessed by The ENTERPRISE Suite. Arrays created using ARRAYWIZARD can be loaded into ENTERPRISE using the ENTERPRISE Array Manager. Features: • Multiple parameter sets . Once loaded they are available for all users to view. Users can select the array for which they wish to generate arrays and predictions using the integrated 2D view. The use of distributed applications means that arrays and predictions can be run on multiple separate machines with reduced processing time. The user can monitor and launch array and prediction servers using the predictions and coverage managers. but can also consequently decrease the speed of the calculations. users can select the tile size. such as ASSET3G. • • • • • • • • • Best Server by Pilot Lowest Pathloss Pilot Coverage Pilot Strength Static Analysis DL Ioc/Ior Static Analysis DL Ior/Io Static Analysis Handoff Type Static Analysis Handover Type Static Analysis Number of Pilot Polluters • Static Analysis DL FRE • Static Analysis DL l • Static Analysis Ec/Io . By decreasing the tile size. which require less resources and can also be distributed for processing. and uses functionality from this to create predictions and arrays. • • • • Prediction manager Integrated 2D view Usage of tiling Multiple array output formats: • Enterprise • MapInfo • GIF The time to calculate the arrays and predictions is also directly dependant upon the memory and processing capability of the workstations on which the servers run. the user creates more tiles which require less memory and processing. Tiling is a way of breaking down the region of interest into more manageable portions.

ARRAYWIZARD is closely integrated with ENTERPRISE's multi-technology radio planning tool ASSET3G. ensuring that your Array and Prediction system remains state-of-the-art. ARRAYWIZARD ADVANTAGE CDR’s As becomes clear from the . you will be able to take advantage of the latest software updates as they are released. Once ARRAYWIZARD is live you have the comfort of knowing that you will be supported by AIRCOM's dedicated support team. Further. the product is supported by our Training Department who can provide in-depth workshops to ensure that you utilise ARRAYWIZARD to its full ability. PLANNING & ROLLOUT Radio Planning Transmission Core Planning Refine Refine TARGET Accept Accept DIRECT OPERATIONS Live Counters Configuration Management Performance Management Reporting Quality of Service Mangement Enterprise Wide Web GIS Reporting DATASAFE OPTIMA QUALITA WEBWIZARD Network Survey Measurements Quality of Service Reporting Performance Management Reporting (3rd Party Test Equipment) Desired Parameter Changes Further information regarding ENTERPRISE Tools can be obtained by visiting our website or by contacting your nearest AIRCOM Office.aircom.ARRAYWIZARD Support and Training ARRAYWIZARD is delivered as a solution. Operations and Optimisation processes of a mobile network. Parenting & Route Capacity NETWORK The common PC Platform look and feel of each tool within the suite also adds to the ease of use as users can seamlessly switch from tool to tool to create an excellent continuous window on the network. Further. upon which ARRAYWIZARD operates to enhance the planning process through automatic array and prediction generation. Every tool within the suite is multi-vendor and multi-technology capable and can be fully integrated into many other engineering tools such as fault management and billing. Despite ARRAYWIZARD's power. it is both user-friendly and intuitive. CONNECT & DIRECT Design Optimisation Configuration Changes The ENTERPRISE Suite Discrepancy Checking and Synchronisr Live and Planned Network Parameters ASSET3G Post Processing & Analysis Post Processing & Analysis Post Processing & Analysis RANOPT OPTIMA QUALITA OPTIMISATION Analysis/Interrogation Scripts & Tools Performance & Capacity Optimisation Site Capacity Upgrades & Additional Site Planning DECISION Design Physical Site Configuration Changes www. It is absolutely in our interests to make sure that you use ARRAYWIZARD to best AIRCOM will work with you to ensure that the hardware and software elements of the tool are delivered in the most efficient and cost effective way. Coverage Array Management Live Settings The Enterprise Diagram gives an outline of the AIRCOM Enterprise Suite of Network Engineering tools and how they fit in the Planning.

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