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Haloo Speple! How was your Christmas break?

Did you eat your heart out during the splendid Christmas Eve with all this yummy food on the table? Were you able to get a lot of pamaskos from aunts and uncles, lolo and lola (even though you’re grown up now? I did!)? What I know for sure is that most of us enjoyed celebrating Christmas with our relatives really with a bang and full of love. Still, with all this festivities and events we had, we must not forget that Christmas is the day of our Christ’s birth and to thank Him for all the blessings He has given us. =) The feel of the Christmas season is not yet over for this Speed’s 2nd Splat issue. Be ready as you are about to celebrate Christmas once more with these articles. Reminisce those days where you don’t have to finish homeworks, finalize papers and review for exams. This issue will let you know how a Speple spent their Christmas and how were they able to feel the true meaning of it. The long wait is over! Look through the pages now and who knows, Splat may give you the answer to your Christmas wish to Santa last Christmas! Have fun!

The Ondoy Area Visit.........................by Carlos Lanuza Spflashback....................................by Trishia Gerobiese Thank You, Thank You, Ambabait Ninyo...by Sam Bautisita Out With The Old, In With The New.......by Kristina Tan Of Hope And Love.............................by Marj Gadiano How A Speple Spent Christmas.............by Charisse Dalida Sphoroscopes..................................by Kat Manongsong Crafty Gifts For Any Occasion..............by Rage Arceo Fun Page........................................by Jessica Dee

What’s Inside:

26, 2009 was supposed to be just like any other Saturday area visit for the area babies Chel, Anna, Joyce, Abby, Kyle, Eric, Lauren, Aldrin, Jake, Homie, Sam and Charisse of Servants of Charity and me, their area head. In fact it was supposed to be the most festive area visit since it was going to be our last one for the first semester. Although the rain was really pouring, we pushed through with it since we had experienced rain during our area visits before. But who would have thought that it would turn out to be something as devastating as typhoon “Ondoy”.
At about 9:30 am, we arrived at Servants of Charity (SOC) to begin our celebrations. By 10:30 am we had said our goodbyes to the kids and to the staff of Servants of Charity thinking that it would be the last we would see of them for a while. Little did we know that we would be stranded there for another six to eight hours. The road leading out of the institution was flooded reaching a chest-level height. We attempted to make our way out of the area but as soon as we noticed the water coming into the cars we turned around and headed back for the high ground of the institution. It looked like the rain would not let up until late in the evening; and even then there would still be no guarantee that the roads would be passable because of the remaining flooded areas. I was unsure of how to proceed from there, but Father Cerbito and the rest of the staff of SOC most graciously invited us to sleep there for the night. They provided us with a room, food, lights, clothes, sleeping mats and a telephone ready for us.


Aside from going out of their way to accommodate us, these SOC staff members also courageously waded through the strong flood to help rescue the community living in makeshift dwellings near the SOC institution. And despite all that they were going through to help people affected by the flood, they still maintained a cheerful and truly hospitable attitude towards us. Eventually, we were able to make our way out of SOC later that evening. I’m sure everyone was thoroughly relieved to be reunited with their loved ones. Moreover, I am also sure that every person will never forget the experience of being stranded in SOC. More than the fear of being stranded for hours because of the flood was the humbling experience of the generosity and sacrifice of the staff of SOC that was truly an early Christmas gift.

at home one December evening when, all of a sudden, you hear the voices of kids at your gate. “Sa may bahay, ang aming batiiiiiiii!” Yes, it’s just not Christmas without caroling. And SPEED is no exception. I’ve been involved in SpCaroling for the last two years – last year as its head and this year as the cajon-ist – and I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.
This year’s SpCaroling was headed by none other than Jen Magno. Why SpCaroling? According to her, she wanted to head a project that she enjoyed the most in her three years as a Speple. And for the vocally gifted Jen, that just happened to be SpCaroling. Jen was able to put a new spin on the annual SPEED tradition and there are quite a few things unique for SpCaroling 2009 as compared to the previous years. “The songs that we chose to be part of the list were not the traditional caroling songs we usually hear,” Jen says. Aside from Christmas carols, such as “Angels we Have Heard on High”, “Pasko na Sinta Ko”, and “Sleigh Ride”, the SpCarolers also treated their audiences to classic love songs such as “The Way You Look Tonight”, and “When You Say Nothing At All”. “And this year, we have a ‘band’ comprised of a guitarist, a keyboard player, and a cajon player,” Jen adds. Definitely, Jen did not disappoint as the project head. Nor was she disappointed; she can honestly claim that SpCaroling, for her, was a blast. What did she enjoy most in her run as head? “Singing to the Jesuits! They were the most attentive and appreciative audience. It was very touching when we found out that one of them actually recorded our singing”. Undoubtedly, SpCaroling is a staple of every Speple’s Christmas. After all the hardships and difficulties of 2009, raising funds is a tall order. Fortunately, SpCaroling was still a resounding success. But not only is it a great way to raise funds for SPEED, but it’s a great bonding opportunity for everyone. And that’s what’s really important. From the nights of rehearsals to the car trips from Novaliches to Paranaque, SpCaroling is a great way to get to know your fellow Speple. It’s also a chance to share your talents, to enjoy great food and, most importantly, to spread the Christmas cheer. And I think that for all those involved in SpCaroling, Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year.

You know the year is about to end if you’re sitting

Out with the Old, In with the New!
by Kristina Tan

“Read more!” “Save money!” “Eat healthier and exercise!” “Speak more Tagalog!” “Do better in school!” “Be a better driver!” “Think positive!”
It came as no surprise to me when people I interviewed were enthusiastic about their New Year’s resolutions and eager to share them. There’s just something about that end-beginning period around the last days of December and the first days of January that makes people want to turn over a new leaf, to promise to better themselves. That time of year just has a way of bringing a heightened awareness of time into the spotlight and ushering in the motivation to change and improve. It’s the time to think about the year that was and the year that waits just around the corner—to think of who we’ve been, what we’ve done, and what we need to do to bring our present selves closer to becoming our ideal. I guess what makes New Year’s resolutions a universally well-known and time-honored practice would be our tendency, as humans, to reach for what is good, better, and best—whatever this might mean for us. It can be something as simple as learning how to ride a bike or something as challenging as deciding to face something painful that we’ve run from in the past—anything in the world, really, that we might consider a way to make our new year better and change ourselves for the better. As a member of SPEED, for instance, it can involve something as simple as accomplishing the required number of area visits, or perhaps, something that requires a bit more effort, like volunteering to head a project or working to become a SPEED officer. The possibilities are endless and are really just up to us. Beyond the fact that it is a way to grow as a person and continually push ourselves to be better and work towards fuller lives, it is also, in my opinion, a way of keeping hope alive and inspiring people to go beyond what already is present. It has a way of somehow encouraging people to avoid settling, avoid giving up, avoid falling into depression about the state of their lives, and, instead, keep moving forwards—moving towards the best they can be and the best life they can live. This custom of making resolutions for every new year allows people to feel like they can continually renew themselves, redeem themselves, and live in the hope of a better year, a better self, a better life.

How about you? What are your resolutions? What will your new year bring?

photos by Alden Baleva

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Christmas with SPEED is something ever y Speple (or I, at least) look forward to every year sinc e it is with this organization, with the Speple and most especiall y with the kids, that we get to live up to what the season is real ly all about—sacrificing for others and sharing them the ‘bes test’ gifts one could ever have which for me, is hope and love.

ed us out The projects that we worked hard for and even stress loved and meant a lot for them because they make them feel we sacriimportant despite their conditions. The amount of time projects inficed to spend preparing for and participating in the ned readstead of spending it together with our books and assig was able to ings and papers (or even in front of our computers) life. give them hope that allows them to go on and enjoy

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