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During the study year 2015-2016, the students of the Th.L. A. Russo
from village Singerei Noi, Singerei, and me, their English teacher,
Mariana GORBULI, we participanted at the iEARN Projects and took part
in the celebration of the GYSD with our project of volunteering My
School, My Community and Me. Although they were only nine students
of the VIII-th grade, they worked hard and with a great pleasure,
begining with the photo introduction and ending with the project video.

So, from the very first day of our

decision to celebrate GYSD, we
planned to do it in great action and
began with planting flowers and trees
in the school yard,

and continued with helping an old, blind

and lonely woman from the village with
household duties and gardenings.

As a result, our participation in GYSD

brought us the second place in the final
video selection, and a very big satisfaction.
We were very happy and pleased not only
for having received the second place in the
contest, but for having helped someone
who needed our help and, especially, for
having improved our English language,
collaborating with other project
participants, as the iEARN motto says:
Learn with the world, not just about it! for
which things we want to thank the iEARN
Community again and again!!!