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without faces
Segyo Oh

Rationale: Self-portraits can be intimidating for anyone, but they dont have to be. To ease
students into self-portraits, a non-portraiture self-portrait will be done. This will challenge what
students think define them and how people define them. Students will study examples from
other artists and apply it to their own lives. It will also create an environment with community
where students are able to give each other and themselves feedback.

Day 1: Introduction to non-traditional Portraiture (lesson 1)

Day 2: Brainstorming day (lesson 2)
Day 3: Sketching ideas (lesson 3)
Day 4: Mini technique day and studio day (lesson 4)
Day 5: Studio day
Day 6: Studio day
Day 7: Studio day
Day 8: Studio day
Day 9: Grading with rubric and artist statement day (lesson 5)