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Reproduction and Heredity Vocabulary

Use the following words and match them with the correct definition. Then, draw a school appropriate
picture for each vocabulary word.
1. Sexual reproduction

2. DNA

Reproduction in which the sex cells
from two parents unite to produce
offspring that share traits from both
The material that contains the
information that determines
inherited characteristics.

3. Genetics

The study of heredity and the variation

of inherited characteristics.

4. Asexual Reproduction

Reproduction that does not involve

the union of sex cells and in which
one parent produces offspring that
are genetically identical to the
In a eukaryotic cell, one of the
structures in the nucleus that are
made up of DNA and protein: in
prokaryotic cell, the main ring of
The division of the cytoplasm of a
cell; follows the division of the
cells nucleus by mitosis or
A process in cell division during
which the number of chromosomes
decreases to half the original
number by two divisions of the
nucleus, which results in the
production of sex cells gametes or
A feature option of an organism
such as blue eyes, brown skin, or
butt fur.
Two matching alleles
The parents
The different versions of a gene.
A graphic used to predict the
possible genotypes of offspring in a
given cross.
Two different alleles
Contribute to the phenotype only
when two copies of it are present.

5. Chromosomes

6. Cytokinesis

7. Meiosis

8. Trait
9. Homozygous
10. P Generation
11. Alleles
12. Punnett square
13. Heterozygous
14. Recessive alleles
15. Genes

Segments of DNA found in

chromosomes that give instructions


16. Heredity
17. Probability
18. Genotype
19. Dominant alleles
20. F1generation
21. Phenotype
22. Ratio
23. Pedigree
24. Carrier
25. Codominance
26. Incomplete Dominance
27. Allele

for producing a certain

The passing of genetic material
from parents to offspring.
The mathematical chance of a
specific outcome in relation to the
total number of possible outcomes.
The combination of alleles that you
inherited from your parents
Contribute to the phenotype if one
or two copies are present in the
The first offspring from a P
Observable traits
An expression that compares 2
Traces the occurrence of a trait
through generations of a family
An organism that can pass a certain
trait to their offspring
Both of the alleles in a
heterozygous individual contribute
to the phenotype (Both traits show)
Each allele in a heterozygous
individual influences the phenotype
(The two traits blend)
One of the alternative forms of a
gene that governs a characteristic
such as hair color.