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51. Which of the theories of learning, language and literacy views children as having the ability
relate new information to prior knowledge?
a. Constructivist
b. Interactive
c. Reader response
d. Sociolinguistic
52. What kind of word is TELECAST?
a. Blend
b. Acronym
c. Borrowed
d. Clipped

53. Which word should receive a high level /3/ in this sentence?
a. Look
b. Someone
c. Is looking

54. Which of the theories of learning, language and literacy emphasizes comprehension as students
a. Reader Response
b. Constructivist
c. Interactive
d. Sociolinguistic

55. Which of the theories of learning, language and literacy views children as to having the ability to
organize and integrate information is schemata?
a. Constructivist
b. Reader Response
c. Sociolinguistic
d. Interactive
56. Which integrates the other LANGUAGE ARTS?
a. Listening
b. Reading
c. Talking
d. Writing

57. Which reading and writing SKILL is reading and making graphs?

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a. Study
b. Language
c. Reference
d. Decoding

58. What is the taxonomic stage of this behavior?

a. Mechanical Skills Perception
b. Communication Comprehension
c. Knowledge Recognition
d. Transfer Reception
59. What system do students use in capitalization and punctuation rules?
a. Pragmatic
b. Phonological
c. Semantic
d. Syntactic
60. Which gives the television an EDGE over print media?
a. Proximity
b. Visual
c. Color
d. Motion

61. Which question falls under the LITERAL COMPREHENSION LEVEL?

a. In the story, who is short?
b. Why is it good to be short?
c. Do you agree the horse when it said that it is to be what you are?
d. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being tall and short?

62. What method of paragraph development is used in this main idea?

a. Classification
b. Process
c. Analysis
d. Cause-effect
63. Which word contains G pronounced as /g/ the hard sound?
a. Nation
b. Rescue
c. Gate
d. Giant


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64. Which word is accented on the second syllable?

a. Nation
b. Rescue
c. Himself
d. Garment

65. An interior monologue is prepared when one is ____.

a. Reviewing events
b. Making a decision
c. Planning
d. Arguing

66. Which is the appropriate way to read REFRAIN in a poem?

a. Put force on the refrain
b. Use normal ton
c. Sing the refrain portion
d. Read in a softer voice than the verse

67. If someone SHRUGS his/her shoulders, which of the following does he/she manifest?
a. Impatience
b. Despair
c. Puzzlement
d. Indifference
68. Which of the following words does not rhyme with the rest?
a. Lente
b. Temps
c. Rang
d. Cent

69. Which words should receive a mid-pitch level /2/ in this sentence?
a. Is looking
b. Looking for
c. For me
d. Everybody is
70. What correction should be made to this sentence?

Our office was moved about fifty blocks from the 7thstreet to 58th Street in New Manila.
a. Change fifty to 50 and 7th to Seventh
b. Change 7th to Seventh
c. Change 7th to seventh

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d. Change fifty to 50 and 7th to seventh

71. Which sentence is CORECTLY written?

a. The S.E.C. has three new members: Dr. Carla Chang. Professor Marcos Ruso, and Roberto Principe.
b. The SEC has three new members: Dr. Carla Chang, Professor Marcos Ruso, and Roberto Principe,
c. The SEC has three new members: Dr. Carla Chang, Professor Marcos Ruso and Roberto Principe
d. The SEC has three new members: Dr. Carla Chang, Professor Marcos Ruso and Roberto Principe
72. What kind of homonyms are these words?
a. Homophones
b. Homographic homophones
c. Homographs
d. Homophonic Homographs

73. What are these line delivered by a TV host?

a. Bumpers
b. Teasers
c. Commercials
d. Station identification
74. What kind of word is AWOL?
a. Borrowed
b. Clipped
c. Acronym
d. Blend

75. Who comes between the station and the listeners?

a. News reader
b. Scriptwriter
c. Assignment editor
d. Reporter

76. Which phrase should be used to provide explanations?

a. Today, you will have to learn this, or else
b. This is a long assignment, but youll just have to do it.
c. Complete this exercise, otherwise, therell be trouble

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d. This will be difficult, but it fits in with

77. Which phrase should be used to accept diversity?

a. Please used ideas that fit in with what I say in class.
b. Thats not the kind of answer we can accept around here.
c. Thats not how I see it, but I can understand how others might see if differently
d. Ive never heard that expression before, so lets not start something new.
78. What comment should be avoided so as not to discourage learners?
a. Good work
b. Youve got it
c. Youre being lazy again
d. Good try

79. Which behavior is NOT manifested by one who has INTERPERSONNAL INTELLIGENCE?
a. Pursues personal interest
b. Has lots of friends
c. Volunteers help when others need it
d. Enjoys cooperatives game

80. Which approach should be used for teaching reading?

a. Basal textbook
b. Language process
c. Psycholinguistic
d. Skills monitoring

81. Which phrase should be used to give praise and encouragement?

a. That was quick
b. You can never pay attention, can you?
c. Thats a dumb answer
d. I can see you never study.

82. If a student thinks in words and uses language and words in many different forms to express
complex meanings, surely he likes to
a. Ask questions
b. Use body language
c. Dance, act, or mine
d. Tell jokes or riddles

83. Which word is an EXCEPTION to the rule when two vowels go walking; the first one does the
a. Head
b. Each

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c. Teach
d. Meat

84. Which error is made when the student reads FEATHER for FATHER?
a. Graphophonic
b. Pragmatic
c. Semantic
d. Syntactic
85. Which word is an EXCEPTION to the CVC rule?
a. Cup
b. Land
c. Bat
d. Fork

86. Which should be the cause for poor comprehension?

a. Limited knowledge
b. Lack automaticity
c. Limited vocabulary
d. Insufficient experiences

87. Which stage of the READING PROCESS is inferred when students construct projects?
a. Reading
b. Responding
c. Exploring
d. Extending
88. Which errors is made when the student reads STREAKED for STRETCHED?
a. Syntactic
b. Pragmatic
c. Semantic
d. Graphophonic

89. Which instructional procedure makes use of CHILDREN S LANGUAGE and EXPERIENCES?
a. Directed-Reading-Thinking Activity
b. Language Experience Approach
c. Mastery Learning
d. Individualized method

90. Which is an informal tool for determining student READING LEVELS?

a. Informal Reading Inventory (IRI)
b. Double-Reading-Thinking Activity
c. Double-Entry Journal


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d. Mastery Learning

91. Which reading takes place when TWO STUDENTS READ A TEXT TOGETHER?
a. Shared
b. Independent
c. Guided
d. Buddy

92. Which is an ALTERNATIVE to traditional reading instruction that allows children to choose
books themselves?
a. Reading Workshop
b. In-service Training
c. Writing Workshop
d. Seminar Workshop

93. Which instructional procedure is a BOOK DISCUSSION in which students explore, make
interpretation and reflect on their feelings?
a. Directed Reading-Thinking Activity
b. Double Entry journal
c. Cloze Procedure
d. Grand Conversation

94. What is the instructional procedure used when the gather information about readers abilities
to deal with the content and structure of texts read?
a. Cubing
b. Grand Conversation
c. Cloze Procedure
d. K-W-L Chart

95. Which activity makes use of the ELKONIN boxes?

a. Sound watching
b. Segmentation
c. Sound Blending
d. Sound Isolation

96. Which is an INTERDISCIPLINARY UNIT that integrates reading and writing with other
curricular areas like social studies, science, mathematics and values education?
a. Cluster
b. Collaborative report
c. Theme study
d. Learning log
97. Which assessment tool is used to measure students reading comprehension?


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a. Reading Logs
b. Running Record
c. Grand conversation
d. Anecdotal Notes

98. Which activity do a QUICK WRITE or QUICK DRAW, then crumple, throw, and read these pieces
of paper?
a. Quaker Reading
b. Snowball Toss
c. Carquset
d. Hot Seat
99. Which are cards to which illustrations and text from a picture book are attached.
a. Story Boards
b. Story Quilts
c. Word Wall
d. Story Maps

100. Which reading takes place when the lead leader reads each line then the group repeats it?
a. Cumulative reading
b. Small-group reading
c. Echo reading
d. Chorus reading


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51. A
52. A
53. C
54. B
55. D
56. D
57. A
58. ?
59. D
60. D
61. A
62. C
63. C
64. C
65. B
66. A
67. D
68. C
69. D
70. D
71. B
72. (no answer)
73. B
74. C
75. A

Answer Key
English Major Set 2

76. D
77. C
78. C
79. A
80. A
81. A
82. A
83. A
84. A
85. B
86. C
87. D
88. D
89. B
90. A
91. D
92. A
93. D
94. C
95. B
96. C
97. B
98. B
99. A
100. C


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