1.) We have numberous sources who says that this one time Donald Trump
goes into a Rushen gay place in Moscow and has a lot of sexes with all
the Gay Men inside of the place. A very trustable source who was there
says Donald Trump kept saying “Oh my god I am so into dudes, let’s
bone super-hard all night long, I am compleetly homasexual.”
2.) A lot of very credibel intelliggence sources say how Donald Trump went
into this one country that was run by the Rushens, it was called East
Germany, and he secretley told all the Comunists that “I love
communism, you guys are doing a great thing by being Comunists, I
want to make America have to turn Comunist and everyone American
has to go to prison camp in Sibeeria.” This was in 2014.
3.) In Paris, this one time, Doanld Trump went into a Starbucks, there was
a tip jar on the counter, he stole it, and he said “I’m going to use all of
this money to buy drugs and gay sex and piss partys with Rushen
hookers, I love to take Gold Showers.”
4.) Donald Trump’s children are not his, they are actualy Vladimir Puten’s
from having sex with all of Donald Trumps’ wifes. A lot of people in
Rusha tell the CIA and a lot of other agencys that Puten kept saying
“Whoa, I love to nail Marla Mapels, she is so hot!” So Donald Trump
does not even have any real children, it is all a lie! This is from most
trustable sources.
5.) Super-secert intel people snuck up on the paperwork for all of Donald
Trump’s buildings, on the line that says “OWNER OF THE BUILDING,”
For all of the builings that line has the word “RUSHA / PUTEN” typed
6.) The spies followed Donald Trump to his real house, it is not in New York
City, it is in MOSCOW!