Minor Project

Submission 12/01/2017
Daniel Reason

What is the Animation?
For this year long project, I have picked out several sound clips from
films, and have then thought of scenarios for each one, that are completely
unexpected – the aim is to create comedy from this idea, by being as
extreme/alternative as possible, but still having them be relevant to
the chosen clip.
The animation consists of 3 different characters, of 3 different body types.
They are all men and so whenever a female character is needed, then it
will be one of the characters being disguised as a Women, but in a cheaplooking style – obvious that they’re a man dressed up.

Creating the Characters - Orthographs

Modelling Tim

Modelling Tim – UV Layouts

Modelling Alex

What to do now?
To Finish:
• Model – George
• Set up/Fix UV Layouts – Alex, George and Tim (Fix)
• Rigging/Skinning of the three characters
• Character turnarounds
• Final 2 Scenes of the Animatic

To complete for the Major Project submission:
• Put together Storyboard
• Find Voice actors for the Characters
• Pre-Viz in Maya
• Create the Animation
• Create an “Art Of”
• Create a “Making Of” Document

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