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A Mystical Technique to Connect with Mahavatar


A Rare Technique to Get the Blessing of Ageless and

Timeless Saint of Himalaya - The Mahavatar Babaji
Mahavatar Babaji is an immortal ascended master of the
great Himalaya whose mission is to lift the human
consciousness. He is a divinely appointed, self -realized

immortal sage of Himalaya, whose chief mission is to

spread the message of peace, harmony and cosmic love
throughout the visible and the invisible world.

The eternal saint always radiates a perceptible glow and

the super fine vibration of spirituality and cosmicconsciousness.
This is a very rare and unique technique, which not only
helps you in attuning to the living presence of the great
saint, but also helps you in taping the eternal blessing and
divine guidance of the Mahavatar Babaji.

"Whenever anyone utters with reverence the name of

Lahiri Mahasaya said, "that devotee attracts an instant
spiritual blessing." {Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa
Yogananda }

Outline of the Divine Technique

Sit in a cross-legged comfortable position, with closed
Take 10 very slow and deep breaths [counting from
ten to one]; with every breath command your body's cells,
organs and systems to become calm and smooth.
Take another 10 breaths, visualize with every passing
breath that your breathe has become more calm and more
Take another 10 breaths and visualizing with every
passing breath, your mind has become more calm, more
still and thoughtless.
Now you are ready for the divine technique
Visualize about six feet in front of you, sitting the
immortal all power full Mahavatar Babaji. The immortal
saint is an eternal youth of 25 years, fair complexion,
having middle height with excellent body stature; brown
colour lustrous long hair. He is radiating a tremendous
vibration of bright silver white light charged with thousands
of volt s of shattering spiritual electricity. Visualize the floor
is being covered with the beautiful petals of red roses and
white jasmines.

Now inhale very slowly and smoothly [chant mentally

''Mahavatar Babaji'']
Exhale very slowly and smoothly [chanting mentally
''have mercy on me'']
Synchronize your each inhalation--exhalation cycle
with the chant :
Inhale---Mahavatar Babaji
Exhale ---have mercy on me
Feel the divine blessing of the holy Babaji in the form
of bright silver white vapours particles radiating from him
and being absorbed by yours every cell, tissue, organ and
system. The charming fragrances of the roses and jasmine
have started elevating your conscious to higher level.
Repeat the Inhalation-exhalation cycle with chanting,
for 15 minutes
Now speak firmly and confidently ''I am now totally
safe and secure within the holy light of Mahavatar
Babaji, I seek his divine presence, blessing and
guidance in my life''
Sit silently for few moments.
Slowly open your eyes, now thanks Babaji with a real
feeling of gratitude and joy for his wonderful and divine
Repeat this rare and divine technique daily to remain
attuned Mentally, Physically and Spiritually to the divine
grace of Mahavatar Babaji