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Sufi Secret- The Hidden Message- Ismail, MF

Sufi Secret- The Hidden Message- Ismail, MF


This book is written at the request of a friend. The question that he

have is such’

“I no longer worries about my financial woes’ I already manage to

acquire world wealth using my wish and focus’

Yet what’s next? Can I use the same power for my others needs, I
heard that I can use my will power and wish for what ever thing’s
that I wish for.

Like most of you! Some of us have heard about the “Law of

Attraction” Visualization and more. Imagine, Visualize and your
Dream may come true.

Yet what about the rest of us?

Can we assess this super normal power? Or This Aladdin lamp?

Can our Sub conscious Mind or Wish full thinking (Our So Call
Almighty Genie ) grant what ever wish that we may have?
Sufi Secret- The Hidden Message- Ismail, MF

Before that I would like the reader to reflect on one of the most
successful movie of all time. A thought provoking Movie which gave
us a glimpse of Freedom, a hope to free our mind from this bonds
and chain that seem like a curse for humanity.

The following is an excerpt of some of the scene from the movie;

Matrix Reloaded . The image is from Warner Bros and was derived
from Power Point presentation available from the net.

Neo meet up with Oracle for the second time after he has broken
away from the Matrix. Lets look deeply and compare it with our own
life. Then we may began to understand what the master of the Path
have relayed across the ages.

You have the sight now Neo’ you are looking at a world beyond Time
and Space

“We can Never see past the choices we don’t understand!

“Are you saying I have to choose whether Trinity Dies or lives?

Sufi Secret- The Hidden Message- Ismail, MF

Now You have to understand It!

NO NO and NO!

It seem majorities of mankind, refuses to bear their own decision of

what’s happening in their live. We choose to put the blame on
external factors.
Sufi Secret- The Hidden Message- Ismail, MF

Where are you now? Sitting in front of your PC? Note Book, LapTop?
In A Mansion? In a run down apartment? No Girl Friends? Loner?
Geeky? Bored to death?

Where we are now is a result of the decision that we have set and
design a few years back? And we continues to decide where we are
In reality we are always alone,
we are the King, we are the
loner, we are the sole Captain of
our life journey.

We are sitting on a cosmic Super

Highway! We choose where we
stop and which treasury we
would like to unlock.

The abundance of life is

tremendous. As long as our
mind and body are healthy there
is no limits to what we can

The choices must be made , none other can choose, but your self.
There is a question that was asked by my friend. Is there a limits to
this wealth and power of creation!

I told him. Lets not look any further, take a look at a fruits bearing
trees. Throw a seed any where, either in the jungle or in the middle of
a desert. With only a few drop of water, and the ray of the sun,
myriad of fruits bear forth! Such a miracle of life.

Yet most human does not want to produce fruits.

Sufi Secret- The Hidden Message- Ismail, MF

Recess One- A few reflection.

Chapter 1.


Life is ending every second

Every second we are older than before
Memory of what used to be
Hope and wishes for the future
All intermingle within the mind

A miracle of consciousness
The Past, Presence and Future
All collided within our mind and soul

We are lost within the moment

Yet the future are clear
We are returning to the source

Our maker, our God our Homeland

Say what you want
But the truth is we are returning home!
Sufi Secret- The Hidden Message- Ismail, MF


This is what is real,

None can denied it !
We are sitting in a banquet

We are tasting and savoring

We are eating away our time on Earth

Breath, emotion and all part of our body

It churn out taste and feeling

This is what is meant by

God Is all Loving and Merciful

Every second within our life span

We are tasting foods presented by our maker
Yet we denied it at every turn
We choose not to savor the spices,
Sufi Secret- The Hidden Message- Ismail, MF


Most of us is deluded against God Wrath!

We think there is the fire and the water of Heaven

Both exist!
Yet both is just a taste between Heat and Cold ?

This is what is meant by the friend of God

If we are send to hell,
It is heaven,
If we are send to Heaven
It is Heaven

Yet we are no where?

We thanks the creator for what is given to us

For the servant will definitely accept

What ever is presented by the Master

The Master on the Other hand,

Is only concern about the well being of the slave.


In reality none can veiled the truth

Yet why are we blind?

The eye of the truth can never be hidden away

Yet we chooses what we think

This is the shadow that haunts us

This is the delusions that we choose to follow
Sufi Secret- The Hidden Message- Ismail, MF


The Road is right in front of you

The Door was never closed

It is wide open
You only need to walk it

How you might ask?

I see no Door?
Yet with every breath you are walking the path

Its there for those who choose to walk it

Yet myriad being failed to walk the straight path

Why you might ask?

Where do you want to go?

The path of desire will be winding and leads to know where

The path to the source will lead you back to the source

Purify your intention

Understand what you wants
Know your monkey mind

Then and only then you will be

Fast and furious, driving your way back to your nature!
Sufi Secret- The Hidden Message- Ismail, MF


The nature of the real is beyond any comprehension

Some see a Superman at the end of the road

Flying high and ruling the world

Yet as simple as what nature experiences
The returning to the source is as natural as the leaf

The leaf being carried by the river

Once in the ocean none remains
All is in harmony

-------------------------To Be Uploaded The Full Book

------------------------------------------------------- Ismail,

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