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Legal Stu
Published by:
Adam Ginsberg International, Inc.,
11693 San Vicente Blvd #518
Los Angeles, CA 90049
Copyright 2004 - 2013 by Adam Ginsberg International (AGI)
and Secrets of an Auction Millionaire (SAM).
Revised October 2013. All rights reserved.
Without limiting the rights under copyright above, no part of this
publication may be reproduced, stored in, or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any
form, or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, email, recording or otherwise), without
the prior written permission of the copyright owner of this manual.
The information in this manual on the use of Template Optimizer are for educational purposes only.
Adam Ginsberg International, Adam Ginsberg, his employees, or speakers are not registered
investment or financial advisors. All examples are for illustrative and educational purposes only. The
information conveyed by Adam Ginsberg and other presenters for Secrets of an Auction
Millionaire is intended to provide you with basic instruction on how to make money online. Adam
Ginsberg International, Adam Ginsberg, and any other presenters of Secrets of an Auction
Millionaire do not guarantee any results or financial returns based on the information you receive.
Drop shipping Amazon products on eBay should NOT be done unless in conjunction with T.O.
Although we have used our best eorts to provide the most accurate and innovating ways to make
money online, we cannot promise your future profitability. There is always some degree of risk in
online selling. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.
Trademarks of AGI are not designated in the text of this manual.
All AGI software and educational materials are copyrighted pursuant to federal copyright law.


Are you a leader or a follower? One of the benefits of
selling on eBay is that YOU control your listings. YOU
control your sales. YOU control your income.
Where do you want to be financially in 3, 6, 9 or 12 months
from now? Only YOU can make the decision to do what is
necessary to change your current financial picture.
We have created the Template Optimizer. LeaderBoard
so you can see where you stand. The results are real time
- and are updated every 30 minutes.

$180,000+ INCREASE in Network

Revenue in 60 Days!
Be sure to check out the latest stats, sales, and feedback
results on the Template Optimizer Leaderboard - and do
whatever you can to insure your place amongst the best of
the best Template Optimizer users!
On the T.O. LeaderBoard you can check the last 7 days
OR the all time stats and see how you compare to other
Template Optimizer eBay sellers. The first step - list some
items on eBay!
One of the most interesting observations you will discover
is that Template Optimizer Supreme users earn SIX
TIMES the income that Template Optimizer Basic users
earn. Thats a massive dierence. As well, the average
sale or Average Selling Price (ASP), is more than 30% for a
T.O. Supreme user when compared to that of a T.O. Basic
Are you willing to settle for the average and get average
results or do you want to take your online eBay business
to an entirely new level? Make sure to upgrade to
Template Optimizer Supreme today! http://


Template Optimizer is the #1 eBay template software
available and is utilized exclusively by Adam Ginsberg
International Clients.
Created by Adam Ginsberg specifically for his own
eBay business initially in 2002, this software has seen
more than 10 updates over the last 12 years with more
than $2,500,000 invested in research, development,
proprietary technology and intellectual property.
There are two versions of Template Optimizer - Basic
and Supreme. While the core functionality is the
same... if you know how to use T.O. Basic you know
how to use T.O. Supreme... the features vary widely
between the two versions. In fact, statistics show that
Template Optimizer Supreme users have an Average
Selling Price (the final value of the item sold on eBay)
of more than 30% higher than that of a T.O. Basic
user. As well, profits are more than SIX times greater
with the T.O. Supreme version of this amazing


a general review or summary of a subject.
"a critical overview of the scientific issues of our time"


give a general review or summary of.

Template Optimizer enables eBay sellers to create professional eBay listings that sell. T.O. users create these listings using
a variety of widgets found in Template Optimizer. It is the core functionality of these widgets that determines what can or
cant be included in a Template Optimizer eBay listing.
With more than 12 years and $2,500,000 invested in the development of Template Optimizer, its designed to do two things:
First, to maximize the final selling price of the item and second, to increase the percentage of listings that sell (or whats
known as the closing percentage. Achieving these two important elements results in increased sales and profits for
Template Optimizer users.
Currently you have either T.O. Basic or Template Optimizer Supreme. This manual is designed to help you get started using
the software, regardless of the version you are using. If you have T.O. Supreme, you have lifetime access to no monthly or
annual fees and lifetime updates. If you have Template Optimizer Basic and would like to upgrade to the Supreme version,
you can do so for a limited time at a special price.
A Template Optimizer Basic account can be upgraded to Template Optimizer Supreme here:



IMPORTANT: When creating eBay

Listing descriptions using Template
Optimizer you must use the Google
Chrome browser!
Getting Started:
Template Optimizer is web-based software. This means that there is nothing to download and can be accessed using
any laptop or desktop with internet access, regardless of whether its a PC, Mac, etc. As well, you can access T.O. on as
many computers as is necessary to eectively use the software to make money on eBay!
To log in to Template Optimizer, go here: (NO WWW.) and enter the username and password you
were provided with. The very first thing you will need to do is accept the Terms of Use for Template Optimizer. This is the
standard technical jargon that no one actually reads. If you didnt receive a username or password OR yours doesnt work,
please open a support ticket at the address shown below.

If You Have NOT Receive Log-In Details, Request Them



When you log into Template Optimizer for the first time, you will see a Listings Dashboard, or Dashboard. Initially it will be
blank - until you create your first template for posting an item on eBay.
You will see two tabs at the top - the first one is for system messages and second is for Account. By selecting (clicking on) the
Account link you will be able to manage and change your T.O. Log-in Password. You will also be able to create your eBay
listings by clicking on the +Design a Listing button in the upper right corner
of the page.



Step 1: Click +Design a Listing button to create
a new listing
Step 2: Give your listing a title and click +Create
This title is simply for reference purposes only. The purpose of the
listing title for you to reference the listing for future use. Although this listing title cant be
changed or edited (once created, it has no impact on the listing once posted to eBay.

Step 3: From the navigation drop down

area, select Edit:
Congratulations, you are ready to create your eBay
listing description with Template Optimizer.

The navigation menu, which can be found by clicking on the down arrow will show the following
Preview: See what your listing will look like on eBay
Edit: Use the real-time editor to create your listing for eBay
Duplicate: Create a duplicate of the same listing
Code: Here you can get the code to post your listing on eBay
Delete: Delete the listing from your Template Optimizer Dashboard. DO NOT delete listings that have been posted to
eBay as this will delete any images posted on eBay.



Themes Link
The first step in creating an eBay template using Template Optimizer is to choose a theme. A theme is
a layout design that best represents the item you are selling on eBay. Template Optimizer Basic includes
20 themes.

Choose Your Design:

Click on the Themes link at the top of the

navigation menu.
Available themes in Template Optimizer Basic will be
labeled Basic in blue.
The default theme for all layouts is a golf theme. You
can edit / change this theme at any time.
On the right side of the themes page you will see a
live preview of the selected theme. To confirm
your selection, click the Apply Theme button.
Your listing design is now updated.




Images Link
With Template Optimizer Basic you can upload up to 12 images per listing. To upload images, click the Images link at
the top of the navigation menu. In the upper left corner, click INSIDE the Drag your files to here or click box. You can select
one or all the photos to upload from your computer.

Once all the photos have been uploaded for this

listing you can keep as is, delete or re-arrange.
To move photos you can drag / drop to re-order.
The order of the photos - as they appear - will
be the order in which the photos will display in
the slideshow widget.
NOTE: Mobile devices such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad and other tablets do not display flash files in their internet
browsers. As such, the SlideShow widget will not display photos on mobile devices and will only appear in flash enabled
browsers such as on laptop and desktop computers. Web browsers that do not have flash, including some versions of
Internet Explorer, will not show a pictures in the flash gallery.




Add Row


Rows help to divide the layout into sections. A row can be either one, two, three or four columns and
the width of each column can be adjusted by dragging the slider (at the top of each row) either left or
right. Place your mouse/pointer in the upper left corner of a row to change the number of columns in
that row.
NOTE: Rows can NOT be moved - only items within a row can be moved. It is suggested that you add
5 or 6 rows to a listing before creating it. You can delete a row at any time.

Save, Save, Save

Your work is NOT saved in real time. In other words, before closing a page or exiting to
another listing to edit, be sure to click the blue Save button. Its important to save your
work frequently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I create/ Use/ Edit a preset?
Answer: Presets are only available in Template Optimizer Supreme
Question: How do I re-list an item on eBay?
Answer: That question is not in the scope of this Template Optimizer reference guide
Question: Do I receive technical support regarding Template Optimizer Basic?
Answer: No. This guide is your reference manual. Technical support, phone support and
coaching are not included with the Template Optimizer Basic package.






an area or section - integrated with technology for
increases sales opportunities, esp. one whose function
enables Template Optimizer eBay listing features

Template Optimizer Basic and Template

Optimizer Supreme integrate widget functionality
to create powerful eBay listings. Template
Optimizer Basic includes three widgets.
Template Optimizer Supreme includes 9
widgets. Template Optimizer Basic will not
receive new widgets. Template Optimizer
Supreme users receive free, lifetime updates to
both widgets and the addition of new widgets.

Drag a widget to an area within the template layout and then

add / edit the elements of the widget.

Text Widget
Drag a text widget into the template editor. You will see an area
that says Edit this content.... Hover your mouse / pointer in the
upper right side of the widget and click the edit link.
In the pop-up window, type your description.
This can be editor the same way you would compose an email or
create a word document.
Font size, color, bold, underline, etc. etc. etc. - click Update
once your text is as you want it to be.





Image Widget
Uploading images does not automatically add them to your T.O. listing
template. To add images to a Template Optimizer listing, first upload
images to the listing. Next, drag an image widget into an area where you
want the image to appear.

Template Optimizer Basic Photo Rules

For example, the row has 4

columns therefore 4 image
widgets have been added one to each column.

1. All photos MUST be smaller

than 2MB in size

Click on the edit button from

the upper right corner of the
grey image place holder. This
edit button will appear when
you hover your mouse over
the upper right section of that

2. Supported file types are: .jpg

OR .png ONLY
3. Template Optimizer Basic: No
more than 12 photos can be
uploaded PER listing

Next, select from your list of uploaded photos and click the Update button.
After selecting your photo and updating it, it will appear in the image widget. You can add up to 12
dierent image photos in each Template Optimizer Basic listing.




Slideshow Widget
A slideshow widget presents a visual graphic of all the images uploaded into a listing.
Although a slideshow will not appear on mobile devices, it should be added to all listings regardless as
66%+ of all eBay buyers continue to use laptop or desktop computers.



When you are happy to your template, photos and item description, the final step is to list the item
on eBay. Start at the Listing Dashboard page and from the drop down menu, select Code.
Next you will see a pop up
window appear that says
Get Code. Select ALL the
code and then copy it.
Once you have completed
this step, click the green
close button.

On eBay, follow the procedure to list your item. Choose your category, write your title, etc. When
you get to the description section you will see two tabs - Standard & HTML. You MUST select the
HTML tab. Once the HTML tab has been selected, paste your code into the editor box.

IMPORTANT: Before you continue with the rest of

the listing elements (starting price, shipping, etc.)
you MUST click the Standard tab (after pasting
the code). You will now see a preview of your

listing, with images, as it should appear on eBay.




Template Optimizer Basic provides you with access to our warehouse drop-ship technology partner. Template
Optimizer Basic includes an integrated 28,000 item virtual warehouse - in which merchandise is shipped to the
customer directly from the warehouse or supplier rather than from the retailer.
When a product is sold, the retailer (you) passes along the customers' order information to the wholesaler or supplier
who then packages and ships the product. This process minimizes the risk to you, as a retailer, because you do not
need to buy the product until it has sold. Suppliers take care of the warehousing, packaging, and shipping of
products, saving you a great deal of money.
You may have heard people say that it is too hard to make money through drop shipping. But what you may not
know is that thousands of retailers sell millions of dollars of merchandise every month though drop shipping
and make a handsome profit doing it.
In fact, many of the largest retailers in the world (like Sam's Club, Costco, and Amazon) utilize drop shipping as
a method to fulfill their customers' orders. For them, a drop ship product source increases their profit margins
by slashing the amount of time and money they have to spend on managing inventory and packing and
shipping products themselves.


First, click the Warehouse tab on the left navigational panel. Second, click
the Connect button to activate your warehouse account. On the Account
tab (click at the top of the T.O. page), you will see that your Warehouse status
is now active.
Included in your monthly Template Optimizer Subscription is access to the functionality of DropShipping
with 28,000 products.



Once you have activated your Warehouse account you can click on the Warehouse tab (on the left
navigational bar) to access available products.
DISCLAIMER: We strongly discourage
selling via drop-shipping on eBay until your
eBay feedback is a minimum of 25.
To begin, choose the product to list on eBay.
There is no cost to choose a product from
the warehouse.
NOTE: Its best to list items with a quantity
(in stock) of 10+

From the pop up you will see the details of the

item for sale including the MSRP (suggested
retail price), PRICE (wholesale cost) and Quantity
(number of units in stock).
Click the +Create Listing to import the item into
a listing template. Once you create the listing,
youll be taken to the main dashboard.

From the drop down

menu, click the Edit
listing link to access
the live editor.



The warehouse product is imported into the default golf theme. The first thing to do is change the
theme to best match the product.

The initial image will be imported and placed into a SlideShow widget. Its suggested that the
SlideShow widget be deleted and replaced with an image widget.

Once the item sells, click on the Doba

Product Details tab from the live editor
to get the item ID. Then from the
account tab click on Log-In to Doba
to log in and place your order for the
item. The buyer will pay you with
PayPal. You will pay Doba to ship the
item to the buyer.


The warehouse product is imported into the default golf theme. The first thing to do is change the
theme to best match the product.

The initial image will be imported and placed into a SlideShow widget. Its suggested that the
SlideShow widget be deleted and replaced with an image widget.

Once the item sells, click on the Doba

Product Details tab from the live editor
to get the item ID. Then from the
account tab click on Log-In to Doba
to log in and place your order for the
item. The buyer will pay you with
PayPal. You will pay Doba to ship the
item to the buyer.
When listing a warehouse item on eBay, International Sellers should use
the following info for Default Item Location: Los Angeles, CA 90025
For all warehouse items, the Default Shipping is: Ground UPS

Dear Friend,
With millions of dollars invested in research, software development and hundreds
of success stories around the world, Template Optimizer Supreme is now
Caution: This software is not for everyone. In fact its only for people who want
to make more money. Template Optimizer Supreme has been shown to
generate more than seven times the sales per user (as opposed to T.O.
If you have already upgraded to Template Optimizer Supreme, congratulations!
If you would like to upgrade to Template Optimizer Supreme today, there is a
limited opportunity to take advantage of a special oer - but dont wait as the
price is expected to increased in the near future. Is it worth it? Absolutely. How
quickly can get your investment back? Fast!
The real question is this - are you serious? Are you serious about changing your
financial future or do you want to simply try it out to see if you fail first before
achieving the success you deserve.
The fact is - you cant aord not to use Template Optimizer Supreme for BIG
money on eBay.
Im sure you would agree that when you are generating thousands of dollars (and
more every month) you will continue to sell on eBay so lets say - to be
conservative - that you have a three year plan to be financially free. Check out
the following example:


36 Months






Average T.O. Supreme Item Sale: $232.15

1 Sale PER DAY: $6964.50/month
Change the Rules - Change the Game - UPGRADE NOW!



Welcome to Template Optimizer Supreme

One of the first things youll
notice when you log into
Template Optimizer Supreme
is that the dashboard is
The T.O. Supreme Dashboard
will show you My Statistics
- a list of all your listings,
bids, completed and sold.
You will also see network
stats, what modules you
have access too, and your
feedback on the right side of
the page.
Note: Feedback does NOT show up until you have completed your first listing on eBay with T.O.
Supreme AND you have received feedback for that item
The Template Optimizer Supreme
listings dashboard will also look
dierent than T.O. Basic. This
T.O.S. dashboard includes
valuable site information,
number of views, bids, price and
time of ending (for the listing).
This data will begin to populate
in the T.O. Listings Dashboard
once the item you post gets a
bid. You will also see additional
data related to Social Share.
This data is extremely valuable to have to determine your ultimate eBay success and is exclusive
to Template Optimizer Supreme. You can use this data to determine why your item is or isnt
selling - and how to get the maximum results for the items you list for sale on eBay.



Unlimited Picture
Additional Widgets
Income Generating Modules
Lifetime Updates
Phone Support




Unlimited Picture Hosting

Template Optimizer Supreme includes unlimited picture hosting per listing. This
means that you can maximize sales on eBay by including 15, 20 or event 25+
pictures in every listing without incurring additional eBay fees. It has been proven
that Pictures = Money on eBay. The more pictures in your listing, the higher the
price that the item will sell for.

Images in Template Optimizer Supreme are uploaded and inserted the same way in Template
Optimizer Basic - the only dierence is that the limitation on the number of pictures per listing has been removed.



Presets are a Template Optimizer Supreme exclusive feature. A preset allows you
to add anything to your listing - from terms & conditions to images to banner
promotions to videos - with the click of a button. Simply create a preset one time save it - and then add it to the listing at any time. T.O. Supreme includes the ability
to have unlimited presets. Within the edit text section of a text widget, youll see two
tabs. Text is where you input text within the editor. The
second is Preset - this is where you will create and use
By default, there are 5 presets already created for you to
Customer Service Policy
International Buyer Policy
Payment Policy
Shipping Policy
Return Policy
You can have as many presets as you would like - additional
presets might include a Frequently Asked Questions
preset or an Auction Optimizer Aliate Banner preset.
Create a Preset:
Step 1: Click the Text Tab and enter the relevant
information. Then click the Save as Preset button.

Step 2: In the pop up window (that appears when

you click the Save as Preset button, provide a
name for the preset and click OK.
This saves the preset so that it will be available later
from one click of your mouse.
Use the text editor as you would any normal text
widget - the Preset functionality allows this text
widget to be saved and then published on demand.
Note: Due to Microsoft formatting issues, we
strongly DISCOURAGE you from copying / pasting
from Microsoft word to the live text editor box.



Presets (Continued)
Step 3: Once you save the new preset, you will see it appear in the preset menu. To add the preset into the
listing, simply click on the Use button.
The area will change green (quickly) and
then the green shading will disappear. You
will then see a check-box next to the word

Step 4: Once the Preset is saved and ready

to be used - and once you have clicked the
Use button, click the update button at
the bottom of the preset pop up area to
insert the information directly into the listing
you are creating.


Text we added in as a preset is now

automatically placed in the text widget of
the listing.


set or adjust (a value that controls the operation of a device) in
of its use.

The most successful

Template Optimizer Users

take full advantage of

"the text is quickly added to a listing via preset widget"

a control on electronic equipment or on software that is set or adjusted
beforehand to facilitate use.

presets as a away of

saving dozens of hours

every week in their eBay





Mobile Gallery Widget

In 2012 eBay sales on Mobile devices was $10,000,000. In 2013, eBay
sales on Mobile devices will exceed $20,000,000. In 2015, eBay
projects sales on Mobile devices to surpass $100,000,000.
The unprecedented growth in mobile sales provides unlimited
opportunity for eBay sales to capitalize on the booming trend of
shopping on an iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Google or any other mobile
platform where internet can be accessed.


Unfortunately mobile browsers do not play flash. This means that

the slideshow widget will NOT show any pictures on mobile devices. In fact, it might not show
images on older browsers including some versions of Internet Explorer and / or Firefox.


The mobile gallery widget was designed to solve this challenge and
maximize sales on a mobile device.

Using T.O. Supreme you can instantly add

Unlimited pictures to your listings. These
pictures will appear as thumbnail
images - however when they are clicked
on, will open in a new window showing a
supersized version of the image.
The Mobile Gallery images will appear on
browser enabled smart phones, mobile
devices and non-flash based computer




QR Code Widget
QR code
noun: QR code;plural noun: QR codes
a machine-readable code consisting of an array of
black and white squares, typically used for storing
URLs or other information for reading by the camera
on a smartphone."they were the first retailer here to
offer QR codes in their advertising"

Add a QR Code to your eBay listing. Drag the

widget to the listing, where you want it go. This
will allow a viewer to see a listing of all eBay
items for sale (when they use a QR Scanner).

To add your eBay Username to the QR Code, click the

Edit button. This will appear when you hover your
mouse over the right corner of the widget icon on the
listings page (within your template).

Enter your eBay Username and click Update watch at the QR Code changes in size. To double
check and insure this worked perfectly (although it is
not necessary to do), you can use your mobile phone
QR Scanner to see the list of items you have on eBay.
If you do not have any other items listed, the page
that appears will be blank.


The Amazon Module is contained within
Template Optimizer Supreme.
Please Note: We strongly discourage any
person from listing Amazon products on
eBay UNLESS T.O. Supreme is used in
conjunction with the listing.
The T.O. Supreme Amazon Module is an
exclusive opportunity to capitalize on the
14,000,000 products
available for Drop Shipping using
proprietary software and training.
If you have the Millionaire Auction
Program - M.A.P. - your purchase includes
Coaching. If you only purchased T.O.
Supreme and want to add Coaching to
your support plan, you can do that here:
On the following pages you will find step-by-step instruction for setting up and using Amazon as your eBay drop shipping provider. We
strongly encourage you to adhere to the steps as they are outlined. Failure to do so could jeopardize your opportunity to utilize this

The rst step is to Create TWO Amazon

Accounts - One Personal account for placing
customer orders and One Partner account
for Amazon commissions.
Step One: Create an
Amazon Account
Using Google Chrome, go to
Hover your mouse over the
Sign In Your Account tab
and click on the New
Customer? Start Here link.
Next, complete the Amazon
registration using an ALLNEW Gmail account, specific
for T.O. Supreme / Amazon
Drop Shipping.


Step Two: Create an Amazon Partner
Using Google Chrome, go to http://
***MAKE SURE TO LOG OUT of the Amazon Account just
created PRIOR to establishing your Partner account.

CLICK on the Join Now for Free Button

to register the new Partner (affiliate)
Enter your email - THIS MUST BE a
different email that what was used to
create the standard Amazon account.
Click the I am a new customer radio
button and then the Sign in using our
secure server button. Next complete the
steps necessary the Amazon Partner
enrollment process.

Payee Name: This is the Name to which the

payments will be made to. If you live in an
in-eligible state, use the following address:
11348 Maxella Ave #564, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292. Complete the Address fields with the appropriate


Complete the address (and Payee) information fields
including City, Zip/Postal Code, Country & Phone
Select the Payee listed above as the main contact for
the account you are creating.
Click the Next: Your Website Profile button.

Give your Website a name. Adam Ginsbergs

Twitter Page as an example. You will need a
website to create an Amazon Partner account. This
could be an existing website OR a Social Media
account, such as a Twitter page URL. In the What
is your website(s) about?, enter the following:
My website will be used for education and product
reviews, consisting of unique contact and relevant
For Primary Topic, select Education. For
Secondary Topic, select Apparel.
For items listed on the website, select Books,
Electronics, Home & Garden & Sports.

For Website type, select Content / Niche Website &

Comparison Shopping Engine.


Select SEO &
Shopping Portal
for Website Traffic
& Monetization

Website Monetization:
Other Affiliate Programs
Build Links:
Manually via Text Editor
Unique Visitors:
From 501 to 5,000
Primary Reason For Joining:
To monetize my site
About us:
Word of Mouth

The final step is to verify your identity. Submit a phone number and Amazon
will call you to confirm. Enter the PIN, select the terms & click Finish


Adding an Amazon product to eBay using Template Optimizer Supreme is simple. First, find the item in Amazon you
want to list on eBay. Then, simply copy the URL on the Amazon listing page.
Once you have copied the amazon product URL, the
next step is to enter that specific URL into the
Amazon module of T.O. Supreme.
In the T.O. Supreme dashboard, click on the Amazon
Tab on the left side of the page.
This will take you
directly to the
Amazon Module.
Here you can see
daily deals that are
expiring. Also, this is
where you will
IMPORT the Amazon
product into T.O. to
make it simple and
easy to effectively
list for sale on eBay.

Enter the Amazon URL in the Amazon Product Details URL

box and click import. Then... wait. Typically an import can
take up to 75 seconds to complete the process.
Once the Amazon product has been imported, you will see it
listed in the T.O. Supreme Dashboard.
To finalize and prepare to list on eBay, complete the formula:
Change Theme
Add Video
Edit / Update Terms
Add QR Code Widget
Add Mobile Gallery Widget
Add Feedback Widget
Add Cross Promotion Widget


Once the item has sold and you have been paid via
PayPal, the order will be fulfilled via Amazon. Amazon
will then remit, to you, a Partner Affiliate commission
for each order placed at Amazon. Amazon pays
commissions are cumulative each month. As the
number of orders increase, so will the commission
payout - retroactively from the beginning of the

To place an order and receive

commissions, follow this process:
Step 1: Log into your Amazon Parter Account. http://
Step 2: Find the Amazon ASIN number from the sold
product page
Step 3: Enter the ASIN number in the Search for a Product
field on the main Associates Central page
Step 4: Highlight & Copy ONLY the product link (completely), containing your affiliate ID. This would be the text that
is inbetween the . In this example, it starts with:
http://www. AND ENDS with agitwitter-20

Step 5: LOG OUT of your Amazon Associates account

Step 6: Enter the product link in your browser, log into

your Customer amazon account and place the order.


Follow This Process to Finalize The
Amazon Order.

Step 1: Click the Add to

basket button

NOTE: When you are asked, make sure you check the This will
be a gift box and click the Proceed to checkout

Complete the sale by entering customers name

address, address and phone number that youll
find on your PayPal order and paste them on the
Amazon order page and click the Ship to this
address button.
Important: Assuming that you are not going to
gift wrap the item, scroll to the bottom of the
page and make sure the dont print prices box
is checked and click the Continue button.

Select the FREE Super Saver Delivery (or your countries equivalent) and select the Continue
Check out in the normal way by entering your credit card information.
Repeat the process for all new orders with all the days orders!
Regional dierences
We are fortunate in the UK to have free shipping on all orders. This may not be the case in your
own region. For instance, in the United States, there is a $25 shopping cart minimum before you
can get free shipping.
Note: Its perfectly OK to advertise shipping costs after all your customers will get their
products much faster. Another option is to ship it slower, charge the customer for shipping and
then use Amazons free shipping options.


Occasionally you might receive a negative feedback from someone complaining that buyer
information had been passed to a 3rd party (Amazon) and other Amazon customer service
IMPORTANT TIP: You might want to consider (suggested but not required) a line inserted into
your product description about the need sometimes to utilize stocking levels of 3rd party
resellers, ie, Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc. This could resolve this issue and handle the
objection in advance.
IMPORTANT TIP: Notify your customers, once the item has shipped, that it will be arriving in
an Amazon box for shipping purposes, so they are expecting this and it doesnt surprise
IMPORTANT TIP: It is extremely important to communicate any out of stock issues quickly
and directly with the buyer and keep them in the information loop.
Occasionally Amazon might change its prices from the time you list the item to the time you
sell the item. While this does happy infrequently, it is possible. Thankfully its rare - but its
important to be aware that its possible.
Selling on eBay using Amazon products should be only ONE of your eBay selling strategies.
Its important to utilize other product sourcing strategies as well.
IMPORTANT TIP: USE AUCTION OPTIMIZER. Whether you are researching an Amazon item
to determine the average selling price on eBay OR you preparing to sell your item on eBay
using the best listing strategies (day, time, duration. listing type, shipping rate) - Auction
Optimizer becomes a secret weapon in your profitable results!




Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo-sharing website that allows users to

create and manage theme-based image collections such as events,
interests, and hobbies. Users can browse other pinboards for images, "repin" images to their own pinboards, or "like" photos.

Pinterest Best Practices

Sign up
You can sign up for pinterest

With 31 million visitors per month, Pinterest is reported to now

drive more referral trac than Google+ and Twitter.
Making time to engage with customers on the
growing list of social networking sites -Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and
Pinterest -- can seem daunting. Where do you
start? According to eBay, using Pinterest to
drive direct targeted trac to your eBay listings
can increase your results up to 42% when
compared to users that do not user Pinterest.
Pinterest, the fast growing social media site in
history, is quickly becoming the most important
social media platform for business owners as
43 percent of Pinterest users interact with
retailers or brands they like on the site,
compared with 24 percent of Facebook users. In fact, 70 percent of Pinterest users surveyed
say they use Pinterest for inspiration on what to buy. Pins that include an item's price get 36
percent more likes than pins that don't.



For example: esearch from consumer electronics giant Sony shows that an embedded "PinIt" button gets 10-times more clicks than Twitter's "Tweet This" button. And Pinterest users
spend a lot of time on the site, averaging 98 minutes a month.
Create multiple boards that represent your eBay selling experience
You can create unlimited boards on Pinterest.
You could have one generic eBay Listings
board OR you could have product specific
boards. You could have multiple boards for a
variety of products for sale. Give each board
you set up a title, a description. When using
Template Optimizer Supreme, the link will
be added automatically. Remember not to be
pushy, rather express the interests of your
listing and perhaps some of the features &
benefits of the item. The pins should include
some of your most interesting eBay items, if
not all of them. You can also set the cover
photo for each of your boards, so make sure
you choose a pin that will make users want to see more.
Be Social
Following other Pinners and products that compliment or are similar to the items you sell on
eBay can improve trust and credibility with current and future customers. Repin, Like, and
comment to show you are part of the community and increase your own reach. This will
ultimately result in more people clicking on your specific pins.
Include the Price in your Pin
When you include a $ and price in the description of a pin, 2 things happen.
The item gets a pricing banner with the price indicated
The pin shows up in the gifts section of Pinterest
Note: If the item is for an auction listing, the price might be dierent when the person clicks
on the image and ends up on eBay.



Post Your eBay Listings to Pinterest In 3 Easy Steps:
NOTE: Log into Pinterest before
completing the following steps using
the Chrome Browser (that are are using
to create your Template Optimizer eBay
listings with.
Step 1: From the Template Optimizer
Supreme listings page, click the red
Pin It Pinterest button under the
Share column. This number will be
0 until you initially pin it. Within a few
minutes after the initial Pin, it will
change to a 1. Should this image be
re-pinned by another Pinterest user, the number will increase as a result.

Step 2: A Pinterest Pop Up will appear. Choose a board to pin your listing to (from the drop
down menu) or create a new one. An image will automatically be created. This image collage
is based on the first 6 to 8 images uploaded to your Template Optimizer Supreme listing for
that item. If the picture is not created within 60 seconds, close the pop-up and open a
second time.



Step 3: Edit the Description Box. Use keywords, tags and any relevant info related to this
specific item. One paragraph should contain all the necessary details. If you want this to auto
post to Facebook (and have given Pinterest permission to do), the item will automatically be
added to Facebook when it gets Pinned to Pinterest.

Step 4: Click PinIt.

Congratulations, your eBay item with image, description and link to the
eBay listing is now successfully pinned to Pinterest.



Template Optimizers Passive income Site Builder has been developed with the most advanced real time tracking and Admin System.
When you first log in you will be taken to the Summary page where youll see an overview. Obviously when your account is created, these
fields will not have any relevant data.
Support related inquiries should be submitted at:
On each Admin page youll see tabs that show:
Summary, Web Sites, Reports, Calculator, a time
reference, Credits and +Web Site.
Regardless of which Admin page you are on, you will
see this header which, along with these tabs, will also
show you the number of Active Web Sites in your
account, how many credits you have, the number of
emails captured, Product Page Views for the given date
range and the number of Product Clicks for that same
date range.
Web Sites: This indicates the number
of Active Web Sites in your account

Credits: This indicates the number of Website

Hosting Credits in your account. You can create 1
website with each credit. 5,000 site credits (enabling
the creation of 5,000 websites, have been added to your account.

Emails Captured: Each T.O. site has

email capture options. This indicates
the number of emails captured across
your T.O. Sites portfolio.

Product Page Views: This indicates the number of

Shopzilla Product Views in total across all sites in
your portfolio. A visitor must actually click on a link

on your site to view a product to register a click. For example, a visitor that
Product Clicks: This indicates the
lands on the home page but doesnt click any Shopzilla product link will not
number of Shopzilla product clicks in
track in this summary overview. Product Page Views are not the same as
total across all sites in your portfolio. visitors tracked by Google Analytics.
These product page views do not
reflect other affiliate product clicks (such as Google Adsense).


The Summary Page tracks real time data. The graph will refresh itself automatically every 60 minutes. The Overview will refresh every 5
minutes. As visitors click view Product Pages and Click on Shopzilla Products, this data will show you exactly what is happening on your
sites - as it is happening. You can select a date range either as All Time, 30 Days, 7 Days or 24 Hours.
Youll see 3 numbers in the overview. Well use Product Page Views as an example. The first number represents the total for the last 30 days
- 5123. The small number (330) represents the number of Product Page Views for the same time frame over the last
period. In this case, weve had 5123 Product Page Views in the last 30 days as compared to 330 Product Page Views
during the previous 30 day period. The middle number shows the percentage increase (green) or decrease (red) during
that selected time frame.





The Manage Web Sites area will give you an overview of your sites. You can sort by Theme, Emails
Captures, Product Page Views or Product Clicks. As well, you can click the Edit button to update / change
any section of the site specific site admin. If you click X you will delete your site from your portfolio.

Web Site Performance: This indicates the number of Active Web Sites in your account

Search Terms: This is a real time report of the natural SEO results of your sites. You will see the exact
keyword that someone used to find your site, the search engine they used and your best performing
sites (for natural and domain keyword match) results.

Subscribers: This report will show you the emails collected, the date they were captured and site they
were captured from.

My Domains: This report will show you a complete domain portfolio and the date each site was

Social: This report will show you the number of social shares, any clicks that results from those
shares and what the Viral Lift impact is.

Calculator: This in a fun tool that allows you to
create revenue projections. Change the Click
Through Rate, The number of Visitors (Hits / Clicks)
and the Average CPC (Earnings Per Click) to
estimate potential revenue. You can use this for any
set of projections and for any affiliate network.


Step 2: Purchase a Domain Name from

Your First Steps


As you get started with T.O. Sites you

can expect the basic set up to take 3 hours
to 5 days, depending upon how tech savvy
you are. Its possible you make it through the
getting started process more quickly - and
its also possible that this time frame could
be longer than expected. Heres the good
news: You only only have to complete the
set up process ONE TIME.
To make money with T.O. Sites, creating
sites is your obvious plan. However, in order
to actually make money with T.O. Sites you
will need to create a Shopzilla Publisher
Account. And, while the process of applying
for an account is a simple one, there are very
specific steps you will need to follow.
To apply for Shopzilla you will need the
1. A Website. You can apply with an
T.O. Sites site.
2. A Domain Name. You can not apply
for a Shopzilla Publisher ID with a subdomain so you will need to get a domain
name for your first site. We encourage you
to get this domain from AGIDomains. If
you do not have an AGIDomains account
you can get one here:
If you are unfamiliar with how to set up a
AGIdomains account, please refer to the
section in this Guide that walks you through

T.O. Sites Access

You should receive your
upgrade to Template
Optimizer Supreme with
active modules within 2-3
business days of your
purchase. If you do not
receive your username and
password within this time
frame OR you have any
issue with the username
and password provided,
please open a support
ticket at

the AGIDomains application process.

The timeline looks like this:
Step 1: Set up a T.O. Site with the keyword
of your choice on a new subdomain:

Step 3*: Change the DNS. This can be done
during the purchase process upon checkout
or after the domain is registered..
Step 4: Add your new Domain Name to the
admin of the T.O. Site you are going to apply
to Shopzilla with.
Step 5: Apply to Shopzilla
Once you have created your this site and
attach the domain name to it, you can use it
to apply for several External Accounts.
These will included, but not be limited to:
Google Adsense
Google Analytics
Commission Junction
T.O. Sites gives you the flexibility of
promoting any aliate program.
Initially your account is pre-populated with a
pre-determined Shopzilla and Adsense
account. This is necessary to create
websites properly. Without this information it
would be impossible to create a site. Once
you have been approved for each of these
respective accounts you can update your
sites accordingly. However, you can still
create as many sites as possible while
waiting for Aliate Network Approval.
Keep accurate records and always keep
track of your respective aliate network
Usernames and Passwords.

It only takes minutes (maybe

not even that long) to create
your first T.O. Site. Here is the
Step 1: Log in to your T.O.
Sites Module from within your
Template Optimizer Supreme
Account. The login URL is:

You can use the Firefox,

Chrome or Safari Browser. We
strongly discourage you from
using Internet Explorer when
creating T.O. Sites, with
Chrome as the first choice.
Step 2: From the main
navigation menu, + Web Site
button. It will open a new pop
up window.

Step 3: Enter a subdomain

keyword. This keyword will be
used (in the short term) to
access your site. Always enter
a number (1, 2 or 3 characters
in length) after the keyword.
ONLY enter the keyword. As
well, make sure there are no
spaces, no .com and no other
characters in the sub domain
field. For example, if you were
creating a T.O. Site for
Dishwashers, your subdomain
might be: dishwasher181. DO
NOT ENTER THE .isb2net only enter the keyword /
number combination.
Initially you create all sites
with Sub Domains. Once the
site has been created you will
be able to edit the site admin to
add the actual url (domain


Step 1

Step 2

ALWAYS enter

Step 3


Step 4

There are two parts to Step 4: First, youll need to enter the Website Title. Second, you enter the Product
Website Title: The Website Title appears across the top of every page of your site. Your Website Title is an
important piece of information for search engines in ranking your website, so it can be a good idea to include
keywords (as part of your Website Title) that people might be looking for. Its best to keep your Website Title
simple. Do not add a word or phrase before the keyword.
Website Title Example: (keyword) Store.
An actual Website Title would be: Used Blender Store
Product Keyword: It is with this keyword that the products and oers on your site are populated. You can
include one keyword or keyword phrase in the product keyword field. Once the keyword is entered you will see
the product availability. You can change your keyword at any time. You might need vary your keyword to
insure you get the best products to match your domain.
Step 5: Design Your Site
This section is optional. You can choose to select
a site color, theme, corner radius and various patterns.
As with any feature of the T.O. Site creation
process, you can make changes and edits to the look
and feel of your site.

Step 6: Add Your Aliate IDs

When you create your first sites you can leave
each of these fields blank. Later in this Guide you will
learn how to create each of these accounts - and
subsequently the right way of adding them in each
CLICK SAVE and your first site has been built

Step 5

Step 6


Create an Account

First, visit this link:
Next, click on the Create Account link in the upper right corner of
the page.

Go Here to Register Your First Domain:

To create your AGI Domains account,

complete the fields as requested.
***If you already have an Enom account you
must use a dierent Login ID for
Make sure to enter the Security Code
exactly as it appears. All characters are
case sensitive.
Click the Create Account button to
complete the registration. Once you have
created your account you can begin to
register new domains. To start, go to

Begin by entering the keyword / domain

phrase into the search box. Then, click
the Search button. Its not necessary
to add .com or .net (or any other
extension) to the phrase you are
searching for. The best choice is to look
for an exact match domain (more on
this later in the manual). Make sure the
domain includes the product keyword.

On the next page youll see the results

box. This will indicate what TLDs
(domain extensions) are available. In this
example, the .co is available however
the .com, .net and .org have already been
taken. If the domain option has a circle
with an x in it, the domain is not
available to be registered.


Click on the domain(s) you want to

register and click Proceed to Cart.
.com domain - $12.99
.net domain - $12.99
.org domain - $12.99
These are the 3 best options to choose
from when registering a domain.


Always register .com domains when available

Never register a domain with a hyphen in it (as a new domain)
Look for exact match domains. For example, is an exact match domain for the keyword
used blender.
Its not necessary to purchase any of AGIDomains add-ons. You
dont need email accounts, hosting, or any other AGIDomains

Nameservers - What They Are and What They Mean

Domain Name Servers (or DNS) tell a domain name where it lives. In other words, the DNS must be set correctly
so that the website will appear when you type in a url (domain name) to look for it.
By default, when you register a new domain via, your DNS will AUTOMATICALLY be set to the
correct T.O. Sites DNS (Name Servers). This is one of the many benefits of registering your domains via
If you already have eNom domains (for example, from Name Jet), you need to push those domains to your
AGIDomains account and then change the DNS from within
If you have registered your domain from another registrar such as GoDaddy,,, etc. you
must change the DNS to the T.O. Sites Namerservers. If you are not sure how to do this, we suggest you
contact your domain registrar and ask them how to change the Nameservers.
The DNS (nameservers) should be:

***You must change BOTH namerservers

Once you have completed the checkout process, add the

domain name into the admin of your T.O. Site. DO NOT
delete the Sub Domain.

NOTE: It can take 24-48 hours for the DNS to

populate and for you to see your site live with
your new domain name.




Now that your first

site has been
created, its time to
apply to Shopzilla


Youll start at the following URL:

There are 4 parts to the Registration Form. In Step 1

enter your Contact Information, Website Information, Email,
Password and Security Code. Although it says to please list
all websites, you will only add the website that you are
applying with. Here is an example of a Website Description:
I will be working with Adam Ginsberg and Template
Optimizer Supreme Instant Site Builder to create T.O.
Shopping Comparison Sites based on the Shopzilla API. I
plan on creating a fully functional Shopping Comparison site
based on the following product: (Enter Your Keyword Here).
We are excited to be part of the Shopzilla Publisher
NOTE: Shopzilla requests that you enter a valid email that
verifies site ownership however you will not be able to use
an email that matches your domain. For example, you cant
create an email We encourage you to
apply with a gmail email. If you dont have one, you should
create one.

In Step 2 you will verify your information. In Step 3 you will receive a confirmation that you have
correctly submitted your Shopzilla Publisher Program application and that you should received a response
within 1 business day. In reality, it can take 2-3 days to receive an approval. The 4th Step is the Approval.



Now that your first

site has been
created, its time to
apply to Shopzilla


Log In at the following URL:

Once you have been approved for the Shopzilla Publisher

Program you will need to apply for a Shopzilla API Key.
First, log into your Shopzilla account. Next, click on the
API & Data Feeds Tab.

Enter your Domain and Description of

Use and then click Submit. Use the
following Description.
My plan is to get natural type in trac to
my site. It is a keyword based domain
with a niche topic. I will be extensively
using the Shopzilla API with Adam
Ginsbergs T.O. Sites software, creating
high quality Shopping Comparison
NOTE: When you apply for a shopzilla publisher ID or API Key they may ask you a series of questions. The
answers to these questions can be found in the FAQ section of this T.O. Sites Guide.


to click
Save when

Once you enter

information into a
Settings Area it will
automatically save. You
can then select from the
Drop Down menu to apply
that a previous setting.

Enter your Google Adsense Publisher ID to earn money from Google Adsense.
You can find your Publisher ID from logging into your Google Account. The number
typically begins with PUB- and will typically look like this:

Enter your Shopzilla Publisher ID and your Shopzilla API Key. If you do
not have an either Publisher ID or API Key, leave these fields BLANK. These
details must be entered correctly. First the Published ID, then a colon : and
then the API Key with NO Spaces.


Warning: file_get_contents(

+making&showProductAttributes=true&results=15&resultsOffers=3&startOffers=0&format=json&apiKey=&publisherId=66525c1390143704ba218c74c21f072c66b1c): failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request in /home/vhosts/stores/Application/Library/Site/
Product/Service/Shopzilla.php on line 39

Enter your Google Analytics Code to track the specifics of each site including
visitor details and statistics.

On the front page of all T.O. Sites there is a 300 x
250 Ad Block. You can use this custom HTML field
to enter any aliate promotion including Amazon,
Commission Junction, GroupOn, etc. If this field
contains HTML data it will replace Google Adsense
(which is the default Ad Code).

To add eBay
listings to your T.O.
Site, enter an eBay
User ID in the eBay
Username field.






By becoming a publisher on Google AdSense, you make your website available to the largest pool of
advertisers on the planet. Google will gather data on your website and contextually display
advertisements from a pool of thousands of possible advertisers. To sign up for Google AdSense, follow
these steps:
Step 1: Preparing to Register
In order to sign up for Google AdSense, you first need to have a website. You only need to sign up once
for Adsense. Once you have an AdSense account you can use it for any and all websites that you own.
However, in order to actually get an AdSense account, you need to have one website for Google to look at
and approve.
Use your best website for the signup process. And yes, you can apply with a T.O. site as long as a its on a full-domain with a registered
domain from AGIDomains (or any other domain registrar. This will show Google you have a good domain attached to a high quality website
and that their publisher network will be better off with your website there. Start the application process a
Step 1: Specify Website URL
Specify the website that you want Google to review.
Specify also the primary language of the website.
Check the two boxes that say you wont incentivize
clicks and wont place ads on pornographic websites.

Step 2: Add Contact Information

Add your contact information. Make sure your name and
billing address are 100% correct, as thats the name and
address the checks will be written (and sent) to.
The account type will tell Google whether to write the
checks out to a company or to a personal name.

Step 3: Agree to Terms and Submit

Agree to the terms and conditions and click submit
to send your site to Google for review. Then, you
wait for Google to approve you.

NOTE: You will receive your first payout from Google once your AdSense account reaches $100. When you reach your first $100, your
site is then reviewed again by a real human.
If Google doesnt find your traffic acceptable at the $100 mark, your account will be disabled and the $100 wont be paid out. If your do
get paid your first $100, you have passed all of Googles hurdles and now have a fully fledged AdSense account.




The Google Keyword Tool is often used to gain valuable
insights into consumer mindsets and your competitors.
The Google Keyword Tool works well when combined with
the eBay Pulse.
Begin be entering a keyword term or phrase that you think might be relevant. Google will return the following
Keywords: These are keywords that Google
considers relevant to your queries.
Competition: This shows an idea of how
competitive the keyword is for your targeted
market. In other words, how many other
advertisers are bidding on that keyword.
Global Monthly Searches: The approximate
12-month average or user queries for the
keyword on Google search. This data is
specific to the Keyword Match Type
Local Monthly Searches: This is the
approximate 12-month average number of
user queries for the keyword for your local
area. It is specific to your Keyword Match
Type selection.

You can click on the local monthly searches column to rank keywords in
order of search volume.
By default, search results will be broad
match. For best results, check the Exact
Match box and deselect the Broach Match
Broad Match: The sum of the search volumes
for the keyword idea, related grammatical
forms, synonyms and related words
Phrase Match: The sum of the search volumes
for all terms that include the entire phrase
Exact Match: The search volume for that
keyword idea

NOTE: Short, generic terms might appear to have higher search volume, but in actual
fact people exact match results are best for determine T.O. Sites.
If you create (and log into) your Google adwords account you will see an additional
column called Estimated Average Cost Per Click - Adwords estimates your
performance using a maximum CPC that is predicted to place your ad in positions 1-3
with an unlimited budget to capture all available impressions.

Keyword Exercise
Using the eBay Pulse and the Google Keyword Tool, create a list of 15 Keywords you will build T.O. Sites with.
Goal: Global Search > 5,000


Local Search > 400

CPC > $.80

Global Search

Local Search




Whether you use the original or the new Google Analytics user interface, you are limited to 25 tracking accounts. The first option is to create
multiple Gmail accounts and then multiple Google Analytics accounts, however that becomes difficult to manage. However, there is a better
solution and that is to create a Secondary Account. Even though you cannot create more than 25 additional accounts on your Master
Account you can still add website accounts by adding the Master Account email address as a user. So, to implement this strategy you will
need a Master Account and a Secondary Account. Begin by creating a Secondary Account at

Step 1: Login to your Secondary Account.

Step 2: If you dont already have an account setup within your

Secondary Account youll see this screen once you login. Click
Sign up.

Step 3: Fill out the information as usual



Step 4: Copy and Paste your Tracking ID
into the admin of T.O. Sites to track your site

Step 5: Once youre in your

account click User
Manager at the bottom of
the page.
Step 6: Click +Add User in the top right corner of the Existing Access table

Step 7: Add your Master

Account email address
as an Account
Step 8: Login to your Master Account and go to the new account that you were added to as an
Administrator and click User Manager.



Step 9: Delete your Secondary Account user from the website account and youre DONE! Youll have the newly
created account in your Master Account and your Secondary Account will be empty so you can create your next
account and transfer it over next time using the same process.
This may seem like a lengthy process but after you go through it a few times it really goes by very quickly and only
adds about a minute or two to the process. Its unfortunate that Google puts a limitation on the number of Analytics
accounts you can have - however this work-around will enable you to keep track of your stats all in one Google
Analytics Login.
Google Analytics will give you insights into your website traffic. Google analytics is easy to use and gives you the
ability to track which sites are performing and which ones are not.


When a new domain is registered (as opposed to an aged-domain) Google places it in
something knows as The Sandbox. Google instituted the sandbox, or waiting period that all
new domains must incur before they can rank properly, to keep spammers out of search
results. This is what you can expect when you register a new domain:

Step 1: Submit your site to BING using their

submission tool:
Step 2: Add domain to Google Webmaster Tools

0-2 Months: Until a domain is at least two months old, its going to be difficult to get natural
results in Google. This doesnt mean you should be inactive - this is the time to begin the
process of getting natural traffic. In fact, Google is watching your domain to see what
happens with it.
2-4 Months: During this time frame its possible that your domain could get into the top 100
search results. Basically your domain is on probation.
4-6 Months: If you have been working on your site slowly and consistently you may begin
to rank for a competitive keyword however if your domain is similar to another website that
is two years older, it will rank below that website.

6-12 Months: Your site will not be able to rank for any keyword except the top 2% most
competitive keywords in the marketplace with the highest CPC.

Step 3: Ping the Search Engines with your site:

1-2 Years: 90% of all domains are not renewed for a second year. Your domain is officially
becoming aged. Google will now begin to give you priority placement over newer
domains being registered.
Step 4: Check to see if your site has been
indexed in Google. Go to and in the
search box type:
site://(insert your domain - or
whatever the extension is) - no www. or http://
You will see results once your domain has been

2-4 Years: Not only does your domain ranked for the highest competitive keywords in your
niche, but you are also becoming an influencer in your domain space.
4+ Years: Google considers your site unbeatable and will rank you on the first page for
the most competitive keywords.
While this is a general rule - we have seen T.O. sites with 50+ pages indexed in Google in
less than 3 days when done properly. This will not always be the case, but by implement
basic Challenge strategies you can get ranked and begin to generate results quickly and
This should immediately support the need for Aged Domains. An aged domain of 4+ years
will immediately bypass any holding pattern Google might impose on your domain. Also, an
aged domain is helpful for analyzing pages already indexed in Google (or other search
engines such as Yahoo, Bing, etc.)

Google Webmaster Tools will require that you upload a Filename via FTP to your server to verify the site.
HOWEVER, with T.O. Sites this is not necessary. Google will provide you with a Webmaster File Name which you
can input into the Google Webmaster Filename box in the T.O. Site admin. The file will automatically be uploaded
to be verified. EXAMPLE:

Step 1: Add Site, Click Continue

Step 2: Add Code (without

Brackets) to T.O. Site Admin

Step 3: In Google Webmaster

Tools, Click the Verify button

SandBox Exercise
Choose 15 Domains
Submit to Bing
Add Google Webmaster Tools
Domain Name


Google Webmaster



# of Pages Indexed


Every day tens of thousands of domains expire. Since GoDaddy is the worlds largest
registrar, many of those domains happen to be managed by GoDaddy. And as they
expire, they are put up for bid at GoDaddy Auctions.
Domains are scarce commodities. In many cases, when you try to register a domain name you will find that your top 10
choices have already been registered. So, you end up settling for something less ideal than your first choice.
Domains can expire when the owner loses interest in the domain name, or perhaps because their credit card (or other payment
option) has expired. And, while many of the domains expiring are not good (to put it nicely), there are always gems if you know
what to look for.

1. Start with the Most Active Auctions.

Any domain thats received at least 2 bids is considered Most
Active. If at least two people think a domain is valuable, they
might be right!
Youll generally find the most obvious good deals here. Three
letter dot coms will be here as well as most four letter dot
coms too. Also generic word dot coms will commonly end up
here. Also, it will be common to find domains with lots of
inbound links, page rank, and traffic here.
Typically you will find approximately 500 or so domains on the
Most Active list. The good thing about the most active list
is that its been prefiltered by the wisdom of professional
Domain Traders on GoDaddy. The bad thing about domains
on the most active list, is that they will be more expensive.
The cheapest domain will cost $12 for the auction - and there
is no limit on the high end.
***Make sure to set the display to 500 per page, and review
them all.

2. Search for expiring domains, sort by traffic

Select Expiring on the Advanced Search menu, then
click the Traffic header twice, to sort by descending order)
When a domain name expires, GoDaddy resets the DNS
settings for the domain name, and visitors to the domain
will see a GoDaddy parking page, that looks like this:



GoDaddy tracks every visit to their parking page, and list this
as the traffic value for the domain. An expired domain can
receive traffic for a number of reasons:
There are a number of inbound links to the domain, which
The domain could be bookmarked by previous visitors
The domain could be receiving type in traffic. This is most common for dot com domains.
Generally, the close the exact match for the domain, the more natural traffic it will have.

3. Use the Domain Age to find the oldest domains that are expiring
(Make sure to use the Advanced Search and select Expiring Domains)
Since so many of the best domains were registered years ago, it stands to reason that the oldest
domains have a higher chance of being valuable than the ones that were registered more
recently. When searching for an aged domain, set the Min age to 8 years and the Max age
to 25 years. Youll immediately see a much higher quality of domains on the sorted list.

4. Use the Characters to filter, to find shorter domain names, and to

remove dashes and digits.
Shorter domain names are easier for users to type in, and easier to remember. Its still possible
to find pronounceable 4 to 6 character dot coms on GoDaddy for less than $100. If you register
a non-dot-com domain the price should be significantly less.

5. Select only the extensions you are interested in with the Extensions
The basic listings of the auctions are difficult to manage although GoDaddy does give you the
ability to filter and show only the extensions (and other data) that you are looking for. As well,
you can sort by extension so if you only want dot com domains you can filter the Advanced
Search fields.

Bonus Tip: Watch

You can build a T.O. site while waiting to win a domain auction. Remember ISB credits are
re-usable. Make sure that site looks good (before
placing a bid) and then click the Watchlist icon.
When you bid, wait until the very end. You can
watch domains by clicking the eye icon to the
left of the domain name listing. Once you have
clicked on it, the eye icon will turn blue.
Next, bid on the domain!


CPA stands for cost per action. This is an internet marketing based model where you,
as the affiliate, get paid when potential buyers perform a certain action. Some
advertisers will pay you if you can get their prospects to visit their website, fill out a
survey, or make a purchase. Each action has a corresponding payment.
Every day thousands of people from all around the world apply to various CPA networks. Most are not approved as CPA
networks are very strict. They dont want to work with people that are clueless about CPA marketing. One of the many
benefits of being accepted into a CPA network is that, once accepted you will automatically be approved for every offer in the
entire network.
The CPA network we recommend is AsSeenOnPC - the #1 Products CPA Network.
AsSeenOnPC establishes committed relationships with high quality, leading publishers. And,
while AsSeenOnPC is very strict, your chances of being approved are dramatically increased
when you apply via this link:
To apply, please follow these steps:
Step 1: Apply with a quality domain
You MUST apply with a .com domain with no hyphens. The quality of the domain that you
apply with is extremely important.
Step 2: Choose a Keyword
Pick a product based keyword domain to apply with - and then apply using your newly created T.O. Sites product based
Step 3: Complete the application
In the Direct Affiliate Information box include your personal details
In the Payment Information fields, complete the relevant details
Complete your Site Information

- Enter 1 T.O. Sites Domain/Site (You only need to apply once)

- Your Site Type is: Website

- Site Description is: A shopping comparison affiliate website focused on X (fill in the blank with your product

keyword) product

- Site Views/Month: 500+

- Category: Choose the category that best fits your keyword
NOTE: In the comments box, be sure to state the following: I was referred to apply from Adam Ginsberg (Member Code
CD8471) and work with him as part of the Template Optimizer Site Builder Software System. Including this comment will
expedite the approval process.
Step 4: Add an offer to a site once you have been approved.



Question: Ive applied for Google Adsense and they tell me I need to copy and
paste code to my site for it to work. Where do I put this information?
Answer: Google Adsense isnt familiar with T.O. Sites or how it works. With
T.O. Sites, the ONLY thing you need to do is enter the PUB # in the site admin
per the instructions on page 14.
Question: My Google Adsense PUB ID is entered but no ads appear on my site.
Answer: Once you correctly add the PUB ID to the site admin, it can take up to
24 hours for Google Ads to appear. Make sure there is no blank space at the
end of the PUB ID. This common mistake results in ads not showing up.
Question: Where do I get support for my account?
Answer: is a reseller for EnomCentral. The main benefit of
registering your domains is the low cost domain price AND the automatic DNS
set up to the correct Nameservers. If you need AGIDomains specific support
(i.e. you get locked out, have an billing question, need to
cancel an AGIDomains service, etc) you must call EnomCentral. Their direct
phone number is: +1 (425) 974 4689
Please Note: Adam GInsberg International ( does NOT provide
the support for AGIDomains.
Question: Do I own my domain name once I pay for it?
Answer: No. All domains, regardless of where you register them from, are
leased to you for one year. At the end of the year you will be given the option to
renew the domain name for an additional year. If you choose not to renew the
domain name, it will expire and your website will disappear.
Question: What does RGP (Redemption) mean?
Answer: This means that a domain has expired and is past the point of general
renewal. The only way to renew this domain is to pay an additional fee.



Question: When you apply for a Shopzilla account you may be asked the following questions:
Thank you for applying for access to the Shopzilla Publisher Program Catalog API. We review
each application requesting access to the Catalog API. In order to ensure that the Catalog API
is the right solution for you, we need a little more information about your website and
potential integration.
Integration: We know you would like to display shopping or review content, but what is your
planned integration model? (ie. WP Robot, mobile app, contextual ads, etc.)
Traffic Source: We are mindful of our traffic quality. What sources will you be using to
generate traffic to our content?
Traffic Volume: We want our Catalog API to remain fast for everyone. How many queries do
you expect to send per minute at peak traffic volume?
Please provide us any additional detail so that we are able to properly review your
1) You will be using the api on an html website to display shopping comparison products.
2) Traffic is organic and natural seo
3) 500 to 5000 visits per month.
Question: Shopzilla asks for "Proof of Ownership". What do I do?
If you dont have an email address associated with the domain you are using to apply for a
Shopzilla Publisher ID, please do the following:
1) Create a Gmail email account.
2) Send an email to Shopzilla explaining that you dont have access to the hosting of the
current domain so that you cant create an email for that domain
3) Ask Shopzilla for any other information they can use to identify and confirm your account.

If you have additional questions or need further support, please open a support ticket here:


Use this page to keep track of your Online Log-ins and Passwords

Website URL





Special Thanks to Sonia Campbell

For Her Original Domain Check List

Domain Name:_______________________________

Date Purchased:_____________________________

Domain Age:________________________________

Domain Cost:________________________________

Purchase Source:____________________________


Store Title_:_________________________________

Site Keyword:_______________________________



Change DNS

Submit to Bing

Add Google Analytics Code

Add to Google Webmaster

Add Groupon ID


Add Google+ Data




30 Day Review
T.O. Site Page Views

30 Day Review
T.O. Site Page Views

30 Day Review
T.O. Site Page Views

Keyword:____________________ Date:_______________ Pages Indexed ___________

T.O. Sites Clicks

Shopzilla $

Adsense $


Keyword:____________________ Date:_______________ Pages Indexed ___________

T.O. Sites Clicks

Shopzilla $

Adsense $


Keyword:____________________ Date:_______________ Pages Indexed ___________

T.O. Sites Clicks

Shopzilla $

Adsense $


RESOURCES - This is where you open a support ticket for tech
related issues, billing questions, password updates, webcast replay
information, etc. - Use this Domain Registrar to register all your domain
names. By default, DNS is set to correct Nameservers. Only $12.99
for .com, .net and .org domains.
1 (425) 974 4689 - This is the phone number you call for AGIDomains
registered domains support. AGISupport should NOT be used for
AGIDomains support related questions. - Go here to upgrade your
Template Optimizer Basic Account to Template Optimizer Supreme (with
or without add-on modules). - Go here to log in directly to the Template
Optimizer software platform. Do NOT include a www. in the web
address and be sure to use Google Chrome as your browser!

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