Dear colleagues in Koper, perhaps it is symbolic that the word of teachers being fired on the basis of critical thinking

should reach us here in Zagreb on the Anti-Fascist Struggle Day, a national holiday in Croatia, celebrated on June 22. To us, looking from the outside in, it is disappointing to hear that even in the great, democratic and liberal union like the EU there are such obvious machinations at work to remove politically unsuitable teachers from the education sector. Slovenia, as a member country is probably better informed about the recent policy-making conclusion of the Council of the European Union brought on April 26th this year, that plans to basically create black lists of radical thinkers; not only terrorists but all those who hold radical views including those in the fields of extreme right and left, Islamism, nationalism or anti-globalism. The pretext of financial crisis to eliminate professors who are critical towards the system that created the same crisis, which equals the pretext of war on “terrorism” to keep track of all those talking about any idea other than the hegemonius neoliberal one. If we look at the bastions of neoliberal ideology, like the USA or Great Britain, and their with scandalous plans to closures the of philosophy renowned departments philosophy culminating close world

department at Middlesex University we see that there is a serious connection between the excuse of financial crisis and specific ideas and nature of study programs terminated “because” of this crisis. The ideas are, of course, critical about the prevailing ideology, often leftist based in humanities and social sciences or their more non-profitable departments. In Middlesex, the Dean’s words that the Philosophy department made no "measurable contribution to the University" are an excellent example of this. When put in this broader context, the system mechanisms to eliminate its critical factor become apparent. Of special concern in the case of Koper is the firing of professors who are part of educational sector that is

proclaimed to be free of outside influence. This freedom, promised in the liberal democracy of the EU, is yet again nothing but a thinly knit, blue and yellow veil under which repression is hidden. We hope that you will be able to fight this first stage of neoliberal reconstitution of humanities, in which those opposing the process are eliminated. Standing your ground in this issue is of great importance. We support your demand for resignation of the whole faculty headship, we offer our understanding and hope to hear that together we have sent a strong message: this kind of fascism will not be tolerated! In solidarity, Plenum of Zagreb Faculty of humanities and social sciences