Moore’s Law

Minor Project
By Tumo Mere

To create a compelling video game assets
for a science fiction title focused on trying
to answer the question on where we fit
into the universe and our purpose.
About the project


Seemingly coming out of
nowhere the intrepid
Alexander Moore and his
Fully Automated Artificial
Intelligence better known
as Fey stormed onto the
scene wowing the science
community as a whole
with a bot that could not
only think and feel for
itself but also had a body
that could help bridge the
gap between human and

Early design work

During the early stages of
my project I was grasping
at straws as to how I’d
design the characters of
this game that I wanted to
make. I knew i wanted
something sci-fi but
beyond that I had nothing
so I started doodling
taking inspiration from
well established sci-fi
stories, films and games.

Working at it i wanted my
character to feel very
much alive and very
sympathetic after
drawing the images on
the right I discovered two
things about my game.
There would be most
violence on the player's
part but also the poster
character would be based
on a female body

Concept Art

Concept Art cont.

Models and 3D work

To be continued...