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GSM System information messages

This page covers GSM System information messages which include
SI1,SI2,SI3,SI4,SI5,SI6,SI7,SI8,SI9 and SI13 transmitted on BCCH/SACCH.
System information messages are transmitted on either BCCH normal or
BCCH extended or on SACCH.
SI messages are transmitted in TC=0 to 7 in a cyclic order repeating every eight
TCs of the 51 frame multi frame. TC is the sequence number of the 51 frame MF.
SI1 to SI4 - Transmitted on BCCH
SI5 / SI6 - associated with SACCH
SI7 / SI8 -BCCH Extended
SI-2quater and SI13 - BCCH Normal or BCCH extended

Table-System Information messages
GSM System
Information message

SI Description

System information1(SI1)

Cell ARFCN, RACH parameters required to access the system by MS
related information are sent in this SI message.

System information2(SI2)

Neighbour BCCH frequencies and PLMN information are sent in this
these frequencies for signal strength measurements required for hand

System information2bis(SI-2bis)

RACH control and BCCH extension on neighbor cells

System information2ter(SI-2ter)

Information of BCCH extended allocated on which neighbor cells are
this SI. Broadcasted optionally on BCCH by the network to all the MS

System information-2
Quarter (SI-2Quater)

3G neighbor cell related information

System information-3

Carry following : 1. LAI of the current location area, 2. Cell identity, 3.
channel information required to calculate paging group, 4. Cell option
good performance in the cell, 5. cell selection parameters required by

Also gets BCCH carrier related information of the neigh System information-6 (SI6) Information on LAI. cell options.System information-4 (SI4) CBCH and CBCH related frequency information. System information-5 (SI5) It carries neighbor cell informations. This table on system information messages in gsm is useful to analyze gsm UE related issues. . MS sends measu reports in the uplink and output power/timing advance information in t (on SACCH). following need to be observed. In case of any issues related to SIs mentioned above.e. System information13 (SI13) Carry GPRS related information needed for PS call. it has to be checked whether the SIs are decoded correctly without any RF or physical layer (i. Cell identity and PLMN permitted or n transmitted on this SI. System information-8 (SI8) Cell re-selection parameters needed by MS are sent on this SI. System information-7 (SI7) Cell re-selection parameters needed by MS are sent on this SI. LAI. In active mode. • First it need to be checked which SIs are transmitted by BS and the same have been received by UE or not. lower layer) issues. Cell selection p and RACH control information are carried by this SI4 message. • After this. System information-9 (SI9) Scheduling related some of the informations are sent on this SI.