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Class News No. 35/2016

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16 November 2016

Classification Alert: New version of Argonaut

software for thickness measurement reporting
Applicability: Thickness measurement service suppliers and owners/operators
of Lloyds Register classed ships

Lloyds Registers software for thickness measurement reporting, known as

Argonaut, has been further developed to include reporting capabilities for the
Condition Assessment Programme (known as CAP).
This new version (V. 2.1) has now been released to all surveyors and approved
thickness measurement service suppliers. All new thickness measurement reports
for CAP surveys of ships are to be completed on the latest Argonaut system.
Argonaut now provides a complete platform on which to produce TM reports for
classification purposes and also for LRs Ship Inspection and Assessment Services
The new capabilities of the system enable in-depth analysis of thickness
measurements according to the requirements of all leading CAP end users and
clients. These capabilities are intended to allow smooth, error-free and fast
production of the analysis required in CAP and Hull Renovation Scheme (HRS)
The following new features of Argonaut will help to significantly improve the process
of thickness measurement report data entry, review and submission:
compliance with oil majors and other CAP end users requirements for
thickness measurement,
new Argonaut mode designed for CAP reporting,
CAP requirements for relevant ship types now integrated into one system,


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no longer any need to report CAP TMs separately from Class TMs,
Class TM reports can be extended for CAP reporting (additional
measurements may apply),
the same authorisation and approval process is applied as for Class,
SIAS teams can produce CAP and HRS TM reports instantly in their final
format, including provisional ratings, and
with the accumulation of historical data, SIAS will be able to offer added value
to clients (e.g. trend reports).
All approved thickness measurement service suppliers are to visit,
where the latest comprehensive LR guidance book, Thickness Measurement and
Close-up Survey Guidance, as well as the latest LR thickness measurement
reporting software, Argonaut, are available to download. In case of difficulties
downloading, please contact your local LR office or send an email to
Older LR thickness measurement software, TM Access 3.1 and TMCalc, are not to
be used.
For any support calls, please contact your local LR office, which will attempt to
resolve the issue locally. If that is not possible, the query will be passed to our
software support team for resolution.
For all new thickness measurement surveys, thickness measurement reports are to
be completed using the latest Argonaut software unless exceptional circumstances
can be demonstrated to the surveyor. Reports that are completed without using the
Argonaut software cannot be uploaded onto Class Direct and will need to be
submitted electronically to LR in PDF format. Owners will not be able to access
these reports in Class Direct. CAP ratings cannot be produced without use of
Argonaut 2.1 or later versions.




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