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Draw the functional block diagram for each control system below.

1. Many luxury automobiles have thermostatically controlled air-conditioning systems for the
comfort of the passengers. Sketch a block diagram of an air-conditioning system where the
driver sets the desired interior temperature on a dashboard panel.

2. A precise optical signal source can control the output power level to within 1%. A laser is
controlled by an input current to yield the output power. A microprocessor controls the input
current to the laser. The microprocessor compares the desired power level with a measured
signal proportional to the laser power output obtained from a sensor. Draw the block diagram
representing the closed-loop control system.

3. Many modern devices use a turntable to rotate a disk at a constant speed. For Example, a
computer disk drive and a CD Player all require a constant speed of rotation in spite of motor
wear and variation and other component change.

4. For the turntable speed control, the goal is to design a controller that will ensure that the actual
speed of rotation is within a specified percentage of the desired speed despite all possible

5. Automobile steering control system. The driver uses the difference between the actual and the
desired direction of travel to generate a controlled adjustment of the steering wheel.