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Agnes Monika was born on july 1, 1986 in

Indonesia. Her full name is Agnes Monika
Muljono bath her stage name is Agnes Mo.
Agnes Monika was a pop singer who was equally
well known and popular as an actress, starring in
a number of popular television series.
The first to really bring her fame and
success, 2002 is pernikahan dini, earned her four
awards at that year`s Panasonic Awards, and let
to a deal to release an album. He recorded debut and the story goes, was
released in 2003 and was just half of the story for the young pop star that year,
as her appearance on the series indah earned her a best actress Award. In 2005,
Agnes Monika released album number two, whaddup,A`, capping off a year of
further television success. The album also featured a calloboration with
American singer keith martin. Two singlesfrom the album hit the top stop on her
nation`s charts, and in 2008 after more acting work and awards she released
album number three, sacredly Agnezious.