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Weinland Park Community Civic Association

Housing Committee
Summary of Meeting of January 9, 2017
Sean Storey, committee chair, called the meeting to order shortly after 6 p.m. Those present
introduced themselves.
Donna Madlener and Doug Ross presented a proposal for construction of a new house on a
small, 15-foot-wide lot at 1386 North Sixth Street at East Eighth Avenue. Ms. Madlener
proposed a single-family, row-type house with a one-car garage and a parking pad in the back.
The two-story house would include a basement. The proposal had been presented to the
committee some time ago, but she is starting the citys variance process again because
construction did not begin within one year of receiving the necessary variance approval. The
committee had supported the proposal before and continues to support the proposal.
Derrick Haber of Urban Development Ventures presented a proposal for construction of a singlefamily house on a vacant lot at 257 E. 11th Avenue. The lot is zoned C4. He obtained the lot from
the citys land bank. Mr. Haber said the variance will allow the appropriate setbacks for a singlefamily home. He plans to market the house for homeownership. Brian Williams moved, and
Laura Bidwa seconded the motion, that the Housing Committee support the proposal brought by
Mr. Haber. The motion was adopted on a voice vote.
BeLynda Melton introduced herself as the manager of The NRP Groups Weinland Park Homes.
Loretta Kidd introduced herself as the new manager of Community Housing Networks Terrace
Place apartment building. She said the residents have moved into the building. She also
explained that one resident recently was hospitalized after an incident on the street.
At Ms. Bidwas request, Mr. Storey explained what he knows about the tax credit program with
the Weinland Park Homes. Ms. Melton said The NRP Group hopes to present an addendum on
the tax credit program at its quarterly meeting with residents in March.
Mr. Storey also reported that he and some others will meet later this month with staff members of
Homeport to talk about ideas involving the tax credit program and a potential land trust.
The business of the committee being completed, Mr. Storey adjourned the meeting at 7:49 p.m.

Meeting summary prepared by Steve Sterrett.

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