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How to apply for NCLEX at Vermont

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Update July 1, 2009: Vermont now requires nursing credential evaluation thru CES or
IERF. Check my post on this new requirement. Disregard this.

Here’s a quick step by step process on how to apply for licensure by examination (NCLEX) at Vermont
Board of Nursing for graduates of international nursing schools, including the Philippines.

1. Visit and download the 13-page International Nurse Application for Registered
Nurses. The first 4 pages are the instructions on how to fill up the form.

2. Fill up pages 5-10 (page numbered 1-6) to the best of your knowledge. Paste your 2×2 picture on the
space provided in page 5. Page 10 is the Secondary Education page, where you will attach your original
or certified true copy of high school diploma/certificate. You will also include in this packet your
photocopy of license (front and back in one page) certified by PRC, photocopy of your passport (face
page), $150 Application fee in bank draft, money order, etc.

3. Fill up the upper part of page 11 and 12 (Verification of Education) and sign on the space provided.
Bring these pages to your school of nursing and have them fill it up, stamp and enclose these in school
envelope, with the transcript of records, RLE summary and detailed course descriptions. Then they usually
give it back to you for mailing; you can mail it together with your other forms as long as it’s enclosed and
sealed in an envelope provided by your school.

4. The last page is your Verification of Licensure. Fill up the upper part and sign. Bring it to PRC for
completion. The PRC will mail it directly to Vermont.

Processing and evaluation of your application ranges from 2 weeks to 4 months depending on a lot of
factors. If you’re approved and eligible, they will send you an email about the next step, which is NCLEX
registration at Check my post about it.

If you have problems on how to fulfill the application, don’t hesitate to post your comment here.

Here’s the checklist of requirements for Saipan NCLEX

• Application for examination must be notarized and accompanied by two (2) 2″x2″ size signed
• An official of true copy of birth certificate.
• RLE or Related Learning Experience form must accompany the Nursing School Program or
College transcript. It must have the school’s seal or the stamp for authentication. Both forms must
be notarized.
• An official High school transcript must be submitted and notarized. Must bear the school’s seal or
the authentication stamp.
• Fee. The fee to take the NCLEX-RN is $110.00 and should be made payable to “CNMI
TREASURER”. Only Cashier’s check drawn from a US bank, US postal Money Order or Cash
are the only acceptable form of payment. They don’t accept personal checks or drafts from
Philippine banks.