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England World Cup Squad Get in Shape to Face Germany on Sunday Following the improved performance against Slovenia

on Wednesday, which saw Engl and progress to the knock‐out stages of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the England squad is employing cutting edge technology to recover for the Germany ma tch on Sunday. London, UK, June 28, 2010 -- First created at University College London and subs equently marketed by Evexar Compression Advisory Ltd (ECAL), the entire squad ha s been individually measured and fitted with Medical Grade, GC Technology socks to help reduce leg swelling and improve elite sports performance. The GC Tech socks were designed by vascular surgeons at UCL and use GC technolog y: GC stands for Graduated Compression which is seen by more and more elite athl etes and their medical advisors to be a critical aid to reducing exercise‐induce d stiffness and swelling after matches, as well as during travel and even for do wn‐time and relaxation. Using the compression socks ensures that players are fre sher for the next match. It was important after the disappointing matches agains t USA and Algeria but as the tournament progresses it will only become more so, to ensure players stay in peak condition for the tougher games ahead. Other sports have also recognised the important part that GC technology can play in improving performance including the England Rugby and British Olympic teams. Speaking about the partnership with the England football squad, the Medical Dire ctor of ECAL, Dr. Akbar de Medici said ‘At this event our profile is high becaus e ECAL has supplied socks which are now present in every dressing room of the co untries left in the competition. Elite sportsmen and women recognise the importa nce of improved blood flow which graduated compression can help create – not onl y during matches or performance but also in the recovery periods between.’ Compression‐wear is seen more and more as a pivotal tool in recovery for athlete s. With correctly fitted medical grade compression, post‐match stiffness and swe lling is reduced, blood flow is improved to lower limbs and calves are better ox ygenated. The socks are also used for travelling between matches, due to the eff ect that flying can have on the lower limbs. ECAL is in the process of expanding into other markets as well as elite sports. The firm has a range of compression products which are breaking into maternity, travel, and other sectors. Partnership Director Barrington Bent said ‘We have been working closely with the England squad and everybody at our organisation is fully absorbed with the tour nament. The FIFA World Cup is precisely the type of tournament which tests even the fittest athletes on the planet and supplying socks which can improve perform ance levels as well as speed‐up recovery afterwards is a great honour which we a re very proud of. Our products evolved from the world of medicine and the benefi ts are proven. Our aim is to help educate retailers and public alike to the bene fits of proper compression which can aid health and performance across all sport s – even at the amateur levels. Contact: Barrington Bent Evexar Compression Advisory Ltd 30 Dulwich Road London, UK SE24 0PA 207-326-0900