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Picture Series

A Monkey pattern of Xingyiquan

To compensate for its simple patterns, manifested in the 5 elemental fists, Xingyiquan masters in the past
introduced 12 animal-forms. Some of the patterns from these 12 animal-forms are quite sophisticated.
These 12 animal-forms are linked together to form a set called Xingyi Twelve Animal-Form Continuous
Fist, or Xing Yi Shi Er Xing Lian Quan in Chinese. Because of its long history, there are at present different
versions of the set. The set presented here is composed by Grandmaster Wong based on classical resources,
and include all the 12 animal forms and 5 elemental fists.
The 12 animal forms are dragon, tiger, monkey, horse, alligator, cockerel, hawk, sparrow, snake, ostrich,
eagle and bear. The five elemental fists are thrust palm, spiral fist, crushing fist, cannon fist and horizontal

Sequence 1

1. Ready Position

2. Bringing in Chi from Cosmos

3. Chi to the Dan Tian

4. Father and Son Together

5. Three-Body Stance

6. Golden Axe Strike Mountain

7. Golden Axe Strike Mountain

8. Spiritual Dragon Rushes to Sky

9. Heavenly Dragon Descends on Earth

10. Spiritual Dragon Rushes to Sky

11. Heavenly Dragon Descends on Earth

12. Golden Axe Strikes Mountain

13. Golden Axe Strikes Mountain

14. Serpent Spirals through Water

15. Serpent Spirals through Water

16. Fierce Tiger Claws Sand

17. Fierce Tiger Pushes Mountain

18. Fierce Tiger Claws Sand

19. Fierce Tiger Pushes Mountain

20. Crushing Fist through Wood

21. Crushing Fist through Wood

22. Monkey Looks at Mirrow

Sequence 2

23. Monkey Steals Peach

24. Spiritual Monkey Separates Leaves

25. Spiritual Monkey Plucks Fruit

26. Spiritual Monkey Plucks Fruit

27. Spiritual Monkey Separates Leaves

28. Spiritual Monkey Plucks Fruit

29. Naughty Monkey Climbs Tree

30. Spiritual Monkey Plucks Fruit

31. Monkey Steals Peach

32. Crushing Fist through Wood

33. Crushing Fist through Wood

34. General Leads Horse

35. General Leads Horse

36. Alligator Glides through Water

37. Alligator Glides through Water

38. Alligator Glides through Water

39. Alligator Glides through Water

40. Golden Cockerel Looks at Sun

Sequence 3

41. Majestic Cockerel Kicks Leg

42. Crushing Fist through Wood

43. Majestic Cockerel Exhibits Wings

44. Trim Bamboo with Leaves

45. Majestic Cockerel Faces Sun

46. Majestic Cockerel Faces Sun

47. Crushing Fist through Wood

48. Crushing Fist through Wood

49. Hawk Flies through Woods

50. Hawk Flies through Woods

51. Heavenly Priest Chops Insignia

52. Hawk Spirals through Sky

53. Hawk Spirals through Sky

54. Swallow Flies through Clouds

55. Colorful Swallow Doubly Flies

56. Colorful Swallow Doubly flies

57. Swallow Skips over Water

58. Swallow Enters Water

59. Swallows Emerges from Water

60. Fire Cannon Blasts Wall

61. Green Snake Glides through Grass

62. Green Snake Glides through Grass

63. Green Snake Glides through Grass

64. Green Snake Glides through Grass

65. Ostrich Opens Wings

66. Ostrich Rams Wall

67. Ostrich Opens Wings

68. Ostrich Rams Wall

Sequence 4

69. Old Eagle Charges at Prey

70. Old Eagle Charges at Prey

71. Black Bear Stands Upright

72. Black Bear Stands Upright

73. Golden Axe Strikes Mountain

74. Golden Axe Strikes Mountain

75. Spiritual Dragon Rushes at Sky

76. Heavenly Dragon Descends on Earth

77. Spiritual Dragon Rushes at Sky

78. Heavenly Dragon Descends on Earth

79. Slant Body Crushing Fist

80. Slant Body Crushing Fist

81. Crushing Fist through Wood

82. Crushing Fist through Wood

83. Crushing Fist through Wood

84. Crushing Fist through Wood

85. Crushing Fist through Wood

86. Fierce Tiger Claws Sand

87. Fierce Tiger Pushes Mountain

88. Fire Cannon Blasts Wall

89. Fire Cannon Blasts Wal

90. Crushing Fist through Wood

91. Crushing Fists through Wood

92. Crushing Fists through Wood

93. Precious Duck Swims through Lotus

94. Three-Body Stance

95. Bring Chi from Cosmos

96. Flowing Breeze Swaying Willoss

Twelve Animal-Form Continuous Fist in Videos

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