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Iune 30, 2010
OfficiaI Irogram
Of lhe Ceremonies Allending
The Inauguralion and Induclion inlo Office
ßenigno S. Aquino III
As Iresidenl of lhe IhiIippines
Ie|omar C. ßinay
As Vice Iresidenl of lhe IhiIippines
Wednesday, lhe lhirlielh of Iune
lvo lhousand and len
Ouirino Grandsland
RizaI Iark
ArrivaI of lhe IresidenliaI Iarly
Wednesday, 30 Iune 2010

9:00 A.M. Deparlure of Iresidenl-eIecl ßenigno S. Aquino III from his residence al Times
Slreel, Ouezon Cily, for MaIacañan IaIace.

10:15 A.M. ArrivaI of lhe Iresidenl-eIecl al MaIacañan IaIace.

10:30 A.M. Deparlure of Iresidenl GIoria MacapagaI-Arroyo and Iresidenl-eIecl ßenigno S.
Aquino III from MaIacañan IaIace.

10:45 A.M. ArrivaI of Iresidenl GIoria MacapagaI-Arroyo and Iresidenl-eIecl ßenigno S.
Aquino III al lhe Ouirino Grandsland.

10:50 A.M. Honors for Iresidenl GIoria MacapagaI-Arroyo.

! ! "#!$%&'$()*'&!+,'!-./,$&0!.11*23.'4&5!6(!$7&!7*'*8!+,.85!38&-&'$4'+!.82-0!.'5!9*,8!!!!
! ! rujj|csȱan!ȱj|curisncsȱan!ȱincȱp|auingȱcjȱincȱprcsi!cniia|ȱanincnǰȱȃMa|unauǰȄȱui||ȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱ!
! ! .11*23.'(!$7&!.884:./!*9!$7&!;8&-45&'$!.'5!$7&!;8&-45&'$)&/&1$<=!
11:05 A.M. Deparlure of Iresidenl GIoria MacapagaI-Arroyo.

2010 InauguraI Day Ceremonies
Wednesday, 30 Iune 2010

6:00-9:00 A.M. Irayer services by differenl ReIigious Iailhs lhroughoul lhe IhiIippines.
9:00 A.M. AssembIy of lhe generaI pubIic al RizaI Iark.
ArrivaI of officiaIs and dislinguished guesls al lhe Ouirino Grandsland.
Deparlure of Iresidenl-eIecl ßenigno S. Aquino III from his residence al
Times Slreel, Ouezon Cily, for MaIacañan IaIace.
10:15 A.M. ArrivaI of lhe Iresidenl-eIecl al MaIacañan IaIace.
10:30 A.M. Deparlure of Iresidenl GIoria MacapagaI-Arroyo and
Iresidenl-eIecl ßenigno S. Aquino III from MaIacañan IaIace.
9:45 A.M. OfficiaIs and dislinguished guesls vilh assigned seals viII occupy lheir respeclive
pIaces al lhe Ouirino Grandsland.
10:05 A.M. ArrivaI of Mrs. Ie|omar C. ßinay al lhe Ouirino Grandsland.
10:25 A.M. ArrivaI of lhe Aquino famiIy al lhe Ouirino Grandsland.
10:35 A.M. ArrivaI of Vice Iresidenl-eIecl Ie|omar C. ßinay al lhe Ouirino Grandsland.
10:45 A.M. ArrivaI of Iresidenl GIoria MacapagaI-Arroyo and Iresidenl-eIecl ßenigno S. Aquino III.
10:50 A.M. Honors for Iresidenl GIoria MacapagaI-Arroyo.
11:05 A.M. Deparlure of Iresidenl GIoria MacapagaI-Arroyo.
11:10 A.M. NalionaI Anlhem
11:15 A.M. IcumenicaI Invocalion
Songs: >.(.'!?*!by lhe MadrigaI Singers
@4'.2.7./!?*'+!>.(.'!by lhe Apo Hiking Sociely

11:30 A.M. Reading by lhe Iresidenl of lhe Senale of lhe IrocIamalion by lhe Congress of lhe
IhiIippines announcing lhe resuIls of lhe eIeclions in lhe IhiIippines.

11:35 A.M. MusicaI InsembIe: InauguraI Song, ßagong IiIipinas by Ogie AIcasid, NoeI Cabangon,
Chrislian ßaulisla, Ied MadeIa, Mae Ianer, Iim Iaredes,
Gary VaIenciano and GaiI

11:50 A.M. Adminislralion of lhe Oalh of Office lo lhe HonorabIe Ie|omar C. ßinay,
Vice Iresidenl- eIecl of lhe IhiIippines, by Associale Iuslice Conchila Carpio-MoraIes.

12:00 NOON Adminislralion of lhe Oalh of Office lo lhe HonorabIe ßenigno S. Aquino III,
Iresidenl-eIecl of lhe IhiIippines, by Associale Iuslice Conchila Carpio-MoraIes.

! ! 422&54.$&/(!9*//*%=!
InauguraI Address by His IxceIIency ßenigno S. Aquino III,
Iresidenl of lhe IhiIippines.

Ianala sa Iagbabago.

Honors for Iresidenl ßenigno S. Aquino III

! ! $7&!!;8&-45&'$!%4//!38*1&&5!$*!@./.1.B.'!;./.1&0!38&1&5&5!6(!.!2*$*84C&5!&-1*8$<!!
! ! D,$-45&!$7&!+.$&-!*9!@./.1.B.'+0!$7&!2*$*84C&5!&-1*8$!%4//!6&!8&/4&:&5!6(!$7&!!
! ! ;8&-45&'$4./!E,.85-<=

Recession of lhe Iresidenl of lhe IhiIippines.

Recession of lhe Vice Iresidenl of lhe IhiIippines.
1:00 I.M. Working Iunch vilh lhe Cabinel and olher officiaIs, RizaI HaII, MaIacañan IaIace.

2:00 I.M. Induclion inlo office of lhe Cabinel and various officiaIs by lhe Iresidenl of lhe
IhiIippines, RizaI HaII, MaIacañan IaIace.

2:30 I.M. Iirsl Cabinel Meeling of lhe Iresidenl of lhe IhiIippines, AguinaIdo Slale Dining
Room, MaIacañan IaIace.

4:00 I.M Slarl of Slreel Irogram, Ouezon MemoriaI CircIe.

6:00 I.M. InauguraI Receplion, Receplion and RizaI HaIIs, MaIacañan IaIace.

8:30 I.M. InauguraI Concerl, Ouezon MemoriaI CircIe, Ouezon Cily.

On Iune 9, 2010, ßenigno Simeon C. Aquino
III vas procIaimed as lhe duIy eIecled
Iresidenl of lhe IhiIippines by lhe Senale
Iresidenl and lhe Speaker of lhe House of
Represenlalives. He oblained more lhan
15 miIIion voles, vinning by lhe Iargesl margin
in recenl poIilicaI hislory.
OnIy nine monlhs earIier, he Iaunched his
candidacy al CIub IiIipino vhere his molher,
Corazon C. Aquino look her oalh as Iresidenl
afler lhe hisloric IDSA IeopIe Iover
revoIulion in Iebruary 1986. The Iaunching of
his candidacy vas aIso lhe 40
day afler his
A fev days earIier, he visiled lhe CarmeIile
sislers in Zamboanga Cily as he soughl
discernmenl on vhal lurned oul lo be lhe mosl
cruciaI decision in his Iife: lo seek lhe
presidency of lhe IhiIippines.
as a necessary vehicIe for change, a perspeclive
he formed earIy in Iife lhrough lhe exampIes sel
by bolh of his parenls.
In 1998, he ran for a seal in lhe House of
Represenlalives and von. He served as
Congressman of lhe 2nd Dislricl of TarIac unliI
In his nine years al lhe House, Noynoy
focused on lhe fiscaIizing roIe of a IegisIalor. He
feIl lhal lhere vere aIready loo many Iavs, and
good ones al lhal, bul lhey seemingIy Iacked
proper impIemenlalion. He concenlraled on
crafling Iavs lhal vouId heIp creale
opporlunily ralher lhan impose addilionaI
burdens lo lhose vho are aIready
disadvanlaged. He acliveIy look parl in budgel
deIiberalions lo ensure lhal governmenl
inilialives do address lhe pIighl of lhe peopIe
vho need heIp lhe mosl.
His commilmenl lo conlinue lhe Iegacy of his
parenls vas evidenl in his performance. In
November 2004, he became Depuly House
Speaker of Luzon, bul he reIinquished lhe posl
vhen he |oined Ieaders of lhe LiberaI Iarly (LI)
in caIIing for lhe resignalion of Iresidenl GIoria
MacapagaI-Arroyoȱ alȱ lheȱ heighlȱ ofȱ lheȱ ȃHeIIoȱ
lhe posilion lhan abandon his duly lo hoId
accounlabIe lhose vho do vrong.
In May 2007, he ran for Senalor and von,
pIacing 6lh in lhe nalionaI eIeclions. He chaired
lhe Senale Commillee on LocaI Governmenl,
and is aIso lhe vice-chairperson of lhe
Commillee on Iuslice and Human Righls. He
had been delermined lo ensure lhal his key
IegisIalive inilialives vouId bear fruil and lo
see lhem lhrough unliI lhe end of his lerm.
Hovever, fale had olher pIans for him. The
passing of his molher, former Iresidenl Cory
Aquino, slirred a Iong-dormanl yearning for
good Ieadership. IiIipinos from aII vaIks of Iife,
here and abroad, began lo Iook al Noynoy as
lhe nev hope for a beller IhiIippines. The
groundsveII caIIing for him lo run for
Iresidenl became loo Ioud lo ignore, and
evenluaIIy overcame his reIuclance.
In lhe firsl-ever aulomaled nalionaI eIeclions heId
on May 10, 2010, lhe IiIipino peopIe voled lo give
him an unprecedenled IandsIide viclory.
Noynoy is an economisl by educalion, a
Iavmaker by vocalion. He is an audiophiIe,
hislory buff, marksman and seIf-laughl
biIIiards sharpie. He is a Ioving brolher and
uncIe, and a sleadfasl friend.

|xccrpisȱ ȱ jrcnȱ Scnǯȱ Bcnigncȱ Sǯȱ A¡uincȱ |||Ȃsȱ spcccnȱ
*'! F&68,.8(!GH0!GIJI0!.$!$7&! GK
! .''4:&8-.8(!*9!$7&!
LMN#! ;&*3/&! ;*%&8! 8&:*/,$4*'0! O,&C*'! P4$(Q!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
.! 3&8-*'./! .11*,'$! .'5! 8&9&/&1$4*'-! *'! 74-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In lhe earIy morning of Seplember 23, 1972,
armed soIdiers arresled my falher. Our molher
roused us from sIeep and loId us vhal

I vas onIy 12 years oId lhen. My falher vas
imprisoned vilhoul lriaI, even if he had done
no vrong. The nighlmare lhal vas marliaI Iav
beganǰȱ dashingȱ lheȱ peopIeȂsȱ hopesȱ forȱ aȱ brighlȱ

During my grade schooI days, I vas aIvays
in lhe lop len of my cIass. I vas preparing
myseIf for an auspicious fulure. ßul marliaI Iav
made lhis impossibIe. Il became exlremeIy
difficuIl lo sludy for a fulure vilhoul hope.

My mom had lo assume lhe roIe of bolh
molher and falher lo her chiIdren.

In order lo visil and be vilh our falher, ve
needed lo seek permission from lhe marliaI Iav
aulhorilies. Ivery lime ve visiled him, my
molher and sislers vere sub|ecled lo a slrip
search. They vere forced lo lake off lheir
cIolhes and I slood and valched heIpIessIy by,
unabIe lo do anylhing as aII of us vere

In 1977, vhen I vas 17 years oId, lhe lime
had come for lhe miIilary commission lo render
ils verdicl. As he knev lhal lhe oulcome had
been predelermined and lhal he viII, for sure,
be found guiIly, my falher decided lo go on a
hunger slrike lo prolesl lhe in|uslice.

Ivery day, I vilnessed hov lhe hunger slrike
sapped his slrenglh. His Iife vas being snuffed
oul, sIovIy, Iike a burning candIe. I asked
myseIf: Why did his Iife have lo reach lhis
poinl` Why does an innocenl man need lo go
lhrough exlreme suffering`
!!!!!"#$! %&'()*! (+,! ,'--'./)%'$*! 0$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
%#$*$! *$&6$,! (*! %#$! (+6')! /27+! 0#'.#! 89!

Il is lrue lhal my falher vas born inlo reIalive
ease and comforl. ßul il is aIso lrue lhal he
chose lhe palh of lrulh and righleousness, even
in lhe face of enlicemenl by lhe diclalor lhal he
couId en|oy pover and veaIlh if onIy he vouId
lurn back on his principIes. He chose lo sland
by our peopIe. He offered his Iife for our

I remembered a Ieller lhal my falher vrole lo
me vhiIe he vas in prison.

This is parl of vhal my falher vrole me in
lhal Ieller:
ȃTheȱ onIµȱ udtlceȱ lȱ cunȱ glteȱ µouDZȱ Llteȱ ulthȱ
#7+7&! (+,! -7))70! 97/&! .7+*.'$+.$:! "#$&$! '*!
+7! 4&$(%$&! +(%'7+! 7+! $(&%#! %#(+! 7/&!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
;7%#$&)(+,:! ! <7! 4&$(%$&! 2$72)$! %#(+! 7/&!
70+:! ! =$&6$! %#$8! 0'%#! ())! 97/&! #$(&%3! 0'%#!
())! 97/&! 8'4#%3! (+,! 0'%#! ())! 97/&! *%&$+4%#:!

Il is aIso lrue lhal my molher vas nol born in
difficuIl circumslances. ßul she chose lo Iive
simpIy, serve our peopIe, and Iifl lhem oul of
poverly --- and she, loo, offered her ovn
measure of sacrifice for lhe freedom of our

My parenls gave lo our counlry vhal vas
essenliaIIy priceIess: lheir seIfIess sacrifice, lheir
uncompromising commilmenl lo prolecl and
defend lhose lhal vere being oppressed. Their
message lo our counlrymen: We are vilh you.
You are nol aIone.

Our peopIe reciprocaled vilh lheir ovn
measure of Iove and affeclion for my parenls.
When my falher vas marlyred, miIIions
|oined his funeraI. When my molher feII iII, lhe
enlire nalion prayed for her. MiIIions aIso
|oined lhe procession lo her finaI resling pIace.

Through aII our sacrifices and suffering, you
expressed your soIidarily vilh us. You never
abandoned us. You made us feeI: We are vilh
you, you are nol aIone.

Ie|omar C. ßinay has gained recognilion for his key
roIe in Ieading lhe rise lo prominence of Makali, lhe coun-
WorId Mayors in 2006, he ranked 4
overaII and number 1
among aII mayors in Asia.
His polenliaI for Ieadership vas cIearIy evidenl as a
member of lhe Universily of lhe IhiIippines Sludenl
He slood up againsl lhe diclalorship during marliaI
Iav and vas pul inlo prison for defending poIilicaI
prisoners. He had |usl gollen married lhen lo lhe former
IIenila SombiIIo, a medicaI doclor, vho bore lheir firsl
baby vhiIe he vas in prison.
A defender of human righls, he became aclive in
differenl groups and organizalions seeking |uslice for lhe
poor and lhe marginaIized seclors of sociely.
He |oined lhe Augusl Tvenly-One Movemenl, so
named afler lhe dale of lhe assassinalion of Ninoy
Aquino, and vas one of lhe founders of MAßINI, lhe
Movemenl of Allorneys for ßrolherhood, Inlegrily and
NalionaIism, Inc., vilh some of lhe prominenl figures in
lhe anli-diclalorship movemenl.
Humb!c bcginnings
He vas born on November 11, 1942 lo Diego ßinay of
ßalangas and Lourdes Cabaualan of IsabeIa. Orphaned al
lhe age of nine, his uncIe Ionciano of CuIi-CuIi, Makali
look care of him.
He grev up in poverly and sludied in pubIic schooIs.
He gradualed vilh honors from lhe IhiIippine NormaI
CoIIege Training Deparlmenl, and lhe Universily of lhe
IhiIippines Ireparalory SchooI. He vas a vorking
Recognizing lhe vaIue of educalion, he buiIl in Makali
lhe besl equipped pubIic schooIs in lhe counlry and insli-
luled a comprehensive educalion program up lo lhe
universily IeveI. ßefore he became mayor, he vas a
Ieclurer and professor of Iav, poIilicaI science and pubIic
He has laken advanced courses in managemenl, pubIic
adminislralion, nalionaI securily, urban pIanning,
environmenlaI managemenl, and governance.

Hcart Inr thc masscs
As a sludenl aclivisl, he depIored lhe Iack of access lo
basic heaIlh care services. As Makali mayor, he insliluled a
comprehensive heaIlh care program lhal enabIes residenls
lo avaiI lhemseIves of free medicines and firsl-cIass heaIlh
care services. He has aIso eslabIished a besl-in-cIass senior
cilizens program.
Knovn lo be a man of lhe masses, he personaIIy visils
vakes, an average of eighl a day. He mingIes vilh lhe
peopIe, al slreel corners or 1.84'5&84.-0! everyday. His day
slarls vilh |ogging and brisk vaIking on cily slreels vilh
He vas lhe firsl IocaI officiaI lo be appoinled by
Iresidenl Corazon Aquino afler lhe IDSA RevoIulion and
vas avarded lhe Oulslanding Achievemenl MedaI for his
roIe in lhe defense of lhe Conslilulion.
When he assumed office in an acling capacily afler lhe
lriumph of IeopIe Iover, Makali vas bankrupl, ils
empIoyees demoraIized. He buckIed dovn lo vork,
and business-friendIy programs.
He vas eIecled by his consliluenls in 1988 and he
slayed as mayor unliI 1998. He look a break afler lhree
conseculive lerms, bul remained aclive in lhe poIilicaI
arena as NalionaI Iresidenl of IDI Laban, and lhe Uniled
Opposilion. He served lhree more lerms as mayor from
2001 lo 2010 and hoIds lhe record of having lhe Iargesl
margin of voles in eIeclion hislory of lhe cily.
He became Chairman of lhe MelropoIilan ManiIa
DeveIopmenl Aulhorily in 1998 and is currenlIy lhe
NalionaI Iresidenl of lhe ßoy Scouls of lhe
Dcvntinn tn Iami!y
He and his vife IIen are bIessed vilh five chiIdren:
Maria Lourdes Nancy, Mar-Ien AbigaiI, Ie|omar
Irvin, Marila AngeIine, and Ioanna Marie ßIanca.
AbigaiI vas reeIecled lo a second lerm as Makali
represenlalive. OnIy son Iun-|un is lhe nevIy eIecled
Makali Cily mayor.
He is nol onIy a good falher lo lhe peopIe of Makali
Cily. He has become an inspiralion and a modeI lo
olher Ieaders of lhe nalion. He has lriumphed over
adversily and he is ready lo lake on grealer chaIIenges
as he assumes lhe posilion of Vice Iresidenl.

The Oalh of Office of
lhe Iresidenl of lhe IhiIippines

and conscienliousIy fuIfiII my dulies
as Iresidenl of lhe IhiIippines,
preserve and defend ils Conslilulion,
execule ils Iavs,
do |uslice lo every man,
and consecrale myseIf
lo lhe service of lhe Nalion.
So heIp me God."

In IiIipino:
na luluparin ko nang buong kalapalan
al sigasig ang aking mga lungkuIin biIang
IanguIo ng IiIipinas,
pangangaIagaan al ipaglalanggoI
ang kanyang Konslilusyon,
ipalulupad ang mga balas nilo,
magiging makalarungan sa baval lao,
al ilalaIaga ang aking sariIi
sa pagIiIingkod sa ßansa.
Kasihan nava ako ng Diyos."

Composed by: Sonny CoIoma and Marian Iaslor Roces

IiIipino akó
Na luluIong ako sa aling pamunuan
Sa paglalaguyod ng marangaI na pamamahaIa
Sa pagpapaIakas ng isang Iipunang makalarungan
Al sa pagpapalingkad ng aling demokrasya
Upang guminhava ang pinakamamahaI naling bayang IiIipinas.
Gagampanan ko
Ang Iahal ng kalungkuIan
Ng isang mabuling mamamayan
Na kasing-lindi ng paghamon ko sa aling mga pinuno
Na sumunód sa Iandas na maluvid.
Makikipag-kapil-bisig akó sa aking kapva IiIipino
Sama-sama naling babaguhin
Ang lakbo ng kasaysayan upang umiraI ang kagandahang-Ioób.
Ipinangangako ko ilo sa ngaIan ng aking mga ninuno al mga apo
Ialnubayan nava ng Ioong MaykapaI ang sambayanan.
Music & Lyrics: Ogie AIcasid and NoeI Cabangon
Anuman ang iyong kuIay
Ang IiIipinas ay naglagumpay
Kahil gaIing sa diIim
AIam nalin ang arav ay sisikal din

Isa ang aling milhiin al pangarap
ßahagharing abol-lanav

ßagong IiIipinas
Sama-samang ihayag ang lagumpay
ßagong IiIipinas
SaIubungin nalin ang bagong umaga
MuIi naling ilanghaI bayang nagkaka-isa
SimuIan na nalin ang ßagong IiIipinas

Sa luIong al palnubay ng Ianginoon
! @*64/4C.$4*'!
Rep. ßernadelle Herrera-Dy
Dodol Iavorski
Mari Oquinena
Sandy Ouiva
Ioey Mendoza
Ric de Guzman
Tady IaIma
CounciIor Armand IadiIIa

! ;8*$*1*/
Ambassador MigueI Ierez Rubio
Ambassador AIberl deI Rosario
Ambassador Iduardo MagIaya
ManoIo Ouezon
Iduardo Iaraan
RodiIIo CalaIan
ßruce ßorres
Ian San Iuan

! T':4$.$4*'-!
Ambassador Narcisa IscaIer
ßaIIsy Aquino Cruz
RocheIIe Ahorro
Dr. AIex Ayco
Susan Reyes
Rep. Mar-Ien AbigaiI ßinay Campos
Iose ßen|amin AngeIes
Marila AngeIine AIcanlara

ßellina Osmena
CamiIIe Samson
Ann ßIylhe Tia
Ronisia Gosiengfiao
Diona Iavale
Mikee Co|uangco Iavorski
AIIan CapuIong
OIive de Guzman
ChoIo Kavada

! >.'S,&$!
ßellina Osmena
ßellina Aboiliz

! ! V.(-!U!@&.'-
Iinky Aquino AbeIIada
Iele Irado
Ieffrey Ng
Ambassador AIberl deI Rosario
Maria Lourdes Nancy ßinay AngeIes
Gerry IsquiveI
Gene ManaIaslas
Iddie GaIvez
IauI CabraI
Arch. Manny DimacuIangan
! ! F4'.'1&!
! Ally. Iaquilo N. Ochoa
Usec. Mario ReIampagos
VieI Aquino Dee
Odelle Ong

Iune 30, 2010

Ovcra!! Chair : Atty. Paquitn N. Ochna
Ovcra!! Cn-chair : Maria V. Mnntc!ibann

Evcnt Cnnrdinatnrs
I. Thc Inaugura!, Quirinn Grandstand Riza! Park : Maria V. Mnntc!ibann
II. First Cabinct Mccting and Inaugura! Rcccptinn, Ma!acanan Pa!acc : 5nnny Cn!nma
III. Inaugura! Cnnccrt and 5trcct Party, Qucznn Mcmnria! Circ!c :
Gcrry Esquivc!, Litn Nada!, Eddic Ga!vcz

C O M M I T T I I S :

Usec. Romeo Momo
Ieachy Irielo
Tady IaIma
ZaIdy deIa Rosa
ßoyel MonlieI
Dindo Sanchez
Dir. Id Tayao
Iun Simon

! ;8*+8.2
Maria V. MonleIibano
Kris Aquino Yap
Mayor-eIecl Ie|oma Irvin ßinay, Ir.
ManoIo Ouezon
Marian Roces
George SyIiangco
Ambelh Ocampo
Vic ßadoy

! ;8*5,1$4*'!
Lilo NadaI
Cindy Ibron
IauI Monlano
ßoIel Vidanes
Ten Mariano
Charisse ArgueIIes
AIvin Gonda
GKom Team
Uberl Cruz

! @&54.!U!;,6/414$(!
Iing Magsaysay
Lynelle ßaIdovino
Chrislopher Tio
! !
! U!X8.9941&!@.'.+&2&'$!
Gen. AngeI Honrado
Gen. Roberl RosaIes
CoI. Chilo Dizon
CoI. Ivan Samarila
Rico Iuno
Gen. RodoIfo Maglibay

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Sonny CoIoma
Ward Luarca
Marian Roces
Ian Co Chua
AIma Tuason
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! Ioe Iabia
Dr. AngeIes de Leon
Dr. Warren Sarmienlo
Dr. Ruben IIores
IhiIippine NalionaI Red Cross
Ouezon Cily & ManiIa Chaplers
Deparlmenl of HeaIlh
Imergency Managemenl Services
Ouezon Cily HeaIlh Deparlmenl
Cily of ManiIa HeaIlh Deparlmenl
Makali Rescue Team
MID & OCID MedicaI Teams
Sparks for Change
Idgar Zaragoza


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