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Ross Carnahan (, Lab Coordinator

Pramod Bhuvankar (, Lab Assistant


Natalie Geraci (, Jarrell Raines

(, Jason Lee (, Sean Conaway


1 March 2016


D8: Drawings

The purpose of this memo is to present to management an updated Bill of Materials for the
mixer bottle in addition to the most recent assembly drawing of the current bottle prototype.
During recent design phases, there have been slight adjustments in prototype design that have
resulted in the addition of materials to the assembly. There are 3 additional screws needed to
secure a plate within the assembly, as well as a pin needed to hold a washer in place on the
plunger rod. Because the plunger rod will be exposed in the top of the bottle, the decision to add
a plunger rod cover was made and reflected in the attached Bill of Materials.
In addition, the initial design of the bottle cap was changed from a dome shape to a cylindrical
design. This is because the dome design limits the space needed for the mouthpiece cover.
With a cylindrical design, the bottle cap will have larger surface area for the mouthpiece,
mouthpiece cover and plunger rod.
If you have any further inquiries, please contact the Gold Team.
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Bill of Materials
Assembly Drawing