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Sheet music - New Mozart Edition 2006 - Complete Works in PDF

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I really hope that someone will enjoy this :)
In cooperation with the Mozart cities of Augsburg, Salzburg and Vienna, edited b
y the International Mozarteum Foundation, Salzburg Abschlussbericht der Neuen Mo
zart-Ausgabe Abschlussbericht herunterladen The New Mozart Edition offers resear
chers a musicologically unimpeachable text based on all the available sources (g
enerally Mozart's autograph manuscripts). At the same time, it also serves as an
aid to authentic performances.
The principal Series I to IX, containing Mozart's actual ouvre, appeared between
1956 and 1991. They are regarded as a supreme achievement of Mozart scholarship
in our time; modern performances of Mozart's music are unthinkable without them
. The important supplementary volumes shed fresh and illuminating light on negle
cted aspects of Mozart's creative work, such als his activities as a teacher or
as an arranger of other composer's works.
The edition is divided into thirty-five groups of works combined into ten series
. Each group includes Mozart's finished works in chronological oder; sketches, d
rafts and fragments of the works are located in an appendix to the relevant volu
me. In addition to the printed text, each volume of music contains a detailed pr
eface and facsimile reproductions from the source material. It is also accompani
ed by a separately published critical report.
The New Mozart Edition includes the following series:
I. Sacred Vocal Works (15 volumes)
II. Stage Works (26 volumes)
III. Lieder, Part Songs, Canons (3 volumes)
IV. Orchestral Works (19 volumes)
V. Concertos (14 volumes)
VI. Church Sonatas (1 volume)
VII. Music for Large Ensembles of Solo Instruments (3 volumes)
VIII. Chamber Music (11 volumes)
IX. Piano Music (7 volumes)
X. Supplement (ca. 25 volumes)
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