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pa ‘A periad marks the end of a sentancé: Roy pushed his bicycle all the way hame. One of the tires had a puncture. QUESTION MARK What is your name 7 (Oo you need a period if you have used a question mark 7 No. A question EXCLAMATION POINT An exclamation point is used to-end a dromatic septerioe or statement, Don’t put your hand in the fire | Halt | QUOTATION MARKS ‘Quotation marks indicate direct speech, ic. the exact wards spoken, “tke football,” sald Jemeny. John, stopping for a moment, considered the junk en his bedroam flocr: 4 baiaagbon Ahem ei magaring, hit model helicopter, a dirty rollerblades and his missing homewark. COLON A colon precedes an explanation or an example of what has gone before, alist, or a quotation. Jobe thought it was his mother's fault] she should hawe tidied up and found his missing homework. — sg The expedition may be on or aff it all depends on the weather, Parentheses are used to separate extra information irom ‘the main sentence or statement. Dashes (see below) can also be used to separate extra information. DASHES Dashes are also used to separate extra information from the main ventence ar statement, Emma adjusted the microscope carefully - the controls wore delicate - betore focusing once more on the tiny leat.