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George Frideric Handel: Messiah

Choir of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, Simon preston,
director; academy of ancient music, christopher
hogwood conducting.
Handel composed it in 24 days during summer of 1741.
Larger part of the work deals with redemption and
crucifixion, rather than christmas. The power of the work
comes from the simple and direct pictorialism. Action of
the libretto is shown through the music.

17. Domenico Scarlatti: Sonatas. EMI classics 649342 or Pearl GEMS 0106 by
Harpsichordist Wanda Landowska (1940). (1685-1757) Blasts from WWII are
recorded in K.490. Not historic recreations.

18. Antonio Vivaldi: Il cimento dfell'Armonia e dell'Inventione Op.8 EMI/ Virgin

Veritas 5 45465 2. Concerto became a canvas for bold experiments in
expressive tone painting. The

works were published with a set of explanatory sonnets that describe the
pictures, sounds, feelings, and experiences that Vivaldi meant to evoke in
every bar of the work.

Spring is bright, brisk ensemble figure. solo violin's evocation of birdsong and
of gently rippling streams. There are imminent thunderstorms barking. In
slow movement, the sweetly etched violin line represents the dreams of a
napping goatherd, and the two note viola figure that accompanies it is his
dog's barking.

Summer is languor of a day under blazing sun. Bird calls and zephyrs fierce
wind. Autumn is a dance to celebrate harvest. Winter is frosty atmosphere,
dynamics from harpsichord grow from a whisper to a shout.

19. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Piano concertos 20 in d (k.466), no.27 in Bflat

(k.595), no.26 in D (537), no. 23 A (488), 24 in c (491) with Sir Clifford Curzon
as pianist, and english chamber orchestra, benjamin britten conducting.
Decca 468 491-2

Glenn Gould famously disliked Mozart's piano sonatas (recorded them super

Mozart's operatic spirit in slow movements are prevalent, which push the
pianist to make the instrument sing. Curzon recorded five, the earliest one is
no. 20 in d. this is Mozart's first one in minor, and theo ther one is 24 in c.
keys had distinct attributes and d minor is tempestuousness and foreboding.
Storminess like sturm ind drang of Beethoven. piece ends optimistically, key
of D major. (composed feb 10 1785)

Concerto no.23 and c minor composed 3 weeks apart. A major: cheerful,

bittersweet later, sober hue. and c minor: dark and tragic, innocent tranquil

no.26 in D major is coronation concerto; most successful when performed in

Leopold II's coronation as Holy Roman Emperor.

no.27 in B flat six months after discouraging financial prospects: supremely

graceful ironically.

20. Mozart symphony no.41 in C jupiter 551, concerto for clarinet and
orchestra in A 622,concerto for bassoon and orchestra in B flat 191

EMI classics Royal Philharmonic, sir thomas beecham.

- magnified dynamics, leisurely tempos, broad orchestral texture, heavy on

bass, principal melodies cast as sharply articulated, shapely lines. Details of
score's inner workings--the violins bowing away at a sixteenth note figure
when the theme is in the wind, or a gentle wind counterpoint to a prominent
string line.

21. Wolfgang amadeus mozart: divertimento in e flat 563- gidon kremer

violinst, kim kashkashian violist, yoyoma cellist sony classical mk 39561

divertimento is light entertainment: