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Site Analysis & Evaluation
A. Location (Regional and Vicinity)
The site of the proposed ____________Technological University of the
Philippines-Diliman is situated 14°39’N 121°03’E, Diliman Quezon City, NCR.
It lies on the east of Barangay San Vicente UP Bliss with C-P Garcia Ave. as
its boundary, south of Commonwealth UP Ayala TechnoHub Center with the
University Ave. as its boundary, north of Brgy. UP Village with the South
University Road as its boundary and in the western side of the University of
the Philippines Institutional zone.

B. Description
1. Size and Survey Locations
The total land area of the site is _______. The site’s movement
conclude its Northeastern, Northwestern, Southeastern, and
Southwestern corners without sharing to other private properties.
2. Existing Conditions
a. Soil
The soil is classified as _______ and has a high resistance of flood
and erosion.
b. Topography
The site has a grade elevation of _______ at its Northwestern
monument with 0.05m elevation every 20m from 151m NW to the
NE monument, approximately parallel and has an insignificant
amount of elevation from the Southwestern to Southeastern
c. Hydrography
Minimal amount of rainwater is recorded. An effective drainage
system from the western part will avoid this amount.
d. Structures
No existing commercial structures, industrial structure has been
built on the site. The site has been a landmark and a historic value
for its apart of the University of the Philippines.
e. Easement

Precipitation and humidity are minimal. It serves as auxiliary/miscellaneous part of the University of the Philippines. All system will be connected indirectly with the common connections. f. Utilities The project will have its sanitary system at the south eastern most part of the site. Noise. i. Natural features & Present land use The site is a plain land and has no structure built. Types & Restrictions The site is declared an institutional zone under Quezon City ordinance no. concrete and reinforcement bar would be at its maximum length of 20 meters. Vegetation With the height of 20 meters(each building). ZONING 1. Aircraft Minimal amount of the interference due to aircraft tracks is experience in the site. The lightshade would be from east to west with the north at its way. C. and the gas and electric system will be coming from the southwestern most part of the site. . Vibration & Interference a. S2013. h.The site has the width of _____________ with a setback of ________ at each side. D Environmental Conditions 1. Any development is subject to review solely under the Quezon City Government. b. g. SP-2200. Wind & Sun It is expected to experience moderate wind breeze from the east from October to May. The water system will be coming from the eastern part. Railroad No railroad is situated 4 kilometers from each side and movement and inside of the site.

Industrial Industrial noises and vibration would not be experienced. d. Minimal automotive cannot produce huge amount of smoke that can affect the site. 2. E. Electrical Electrical interference would not be experience. g. Auto Automobile noises is expected to be at its tolerable amount. e. f. Indusrial zone are at the outside northern most part of the site. Access Road Characteristics 1.c. 2. Radar any radar or any similar interference would be at its tolerable amount. While the accessibility roads inside the site are either concrete paved or bricked/stone paved. Commercial Commercial noises and vibrations are at its minimum amount. Commercial and residential zone are at the outside part of the site. Smoke & Smog There’s no source of smoke and smog that will affect the site.Width . Type National and City roads are asphalt paved.

Planned Improvements Widening of roads are planned in the western road known as the C. Vehicular 1. 3. But double parking is not allowed. The C.Parking Requirements a. II. The road right of way will be followed subjected to the building code.P.Volume The average volume of the automobiles will 1000 per day. It is because the north road an accommodate both the entry and exit points from the site. .P. Garcia Avenue from the west can be used as part of the exit point going South. Employee Employees can park in the designated area or in either side of the road. Garcia Ave. b. single pile of cars in either side can be tolerated. Site Requirements A. 4. 5.The width of the road will be at its maximum. Executive The parking area for the executives and the administration officers should be at every main entrance or near it.Traffic Patterns The entire traffic system will be at its maximum point at the north road (University Ave).

It contains bench and other recreational facilities for the public. 2. Pedestrian 1. Special Requirement . 2.  Service Vehicular service is required. Normal Requirement Electrical system will be connected from the local power distributor but the project will also built it in interruptible generating power system.P. Garcia Ave.c. It will be a must to have service staff to guide the traffic. Water system will be connected from the local utility water facility. C. More public utility vehicles can also be used in Commonwealth Ave. A maintenance team is also required. Visitors Visitor can park in either side of the road in a single pile or in the designated parking area of the executive. Sanitary system will be connected from the interconnected drainage system. every interaction and corners would have the pedestrian lane.  Maintenance Equipment Maintenance facilities must be located in every building of the site. particularly in the ground floor. Brick paved road are entirely accounted for the pedestrian. B. But underground projects can be taken as possibility. Circulation Pedestrian lane will be seen every 50m. Recreation Special corners and commemorative places will be paved all over the site.  Public Transportation Public Utility Vehicles can be located at the university ave and at C. Solid waste management will also be a priority. In addition. 300m from the Site. Utilities 1.

Noted that the western part outside the site is populous Brgy. Diliman Police station. Local telephone and internet connection will be its distributor. Outdoor exhibit can be held at the northern part due its projected space. Bureau of Fire Protection. Police & Fire Protection The Police assistance will be coming from the Quezon City police district. D.Miscellaneous 3. Police community precinct surrounding the UP Diliman Area. 4. San Vicente UP Bliss. . Community Use The public can probably use the northern part of the site due to its space and the western part due to its viability to the public. Exhibit Areas Exhibit are not only held indoor. The western part can also be used due to its viability to the public. UP Bliss and Brgy UP Village will be the first to respond. There are also recorded volunteers surrounding the site. Quezon City will be expected to respond in case of fire. Brgy San Vicente. 5. It must be followed by internet connection.Communication system is also a must. National Capital Region. Telephone connection will be the priority.