The SKS 'and AK rifle rae'the 7.62xJ9mm round, M 1943. The rounds have varying construction depending upon their purpose .. The weighl of the bullets and I heir muzzle velcciryare selected so lhal, firing wilh the dl lfe re 01 bullet' can be ~onducl«1 with the same sigh I seuings, Ammunition is divided into service and auxil iary types.

1. SeTvlee """,u"ltion and It< use

Ser.lcea"",unUlon is divided into ban cartridge, and spech, purpn< e Co r trl dge s,

s. n ilIIIIlun it lon, ;" u sed to enga.9. enemy person n e 1.

Sped al """,u"itton. depending upon its construction. is dest goed for target indication and correction of HI'<)', 1 gnUlng fuel and ,highly lnfl." objects. and f'or destroying lightly armored targets.

Tracer cortrldge. are de.lgned for t.rgettndlcatton. fire adjust,,""t. s Igoal purposes and • ng.,91 ng pe rs Onn" 1,. T rae" r bull" ts can I. 9- rrlte ~tr.w roofs. dry grass, etc. The ,path of the bullet I. Ind'icated ,by ~ "'Cd flaflle. The flao.e e •. n be seen for a distance of 100 meters.

AP-lnoendhry cartrldges II'<) used' to destroy fuel (kerosene. gasolin") and' for d'estroyl"ng target·. protected by thin .!1I10r plattn.g H rlngesu p to :) 00 meters.

Incendiary cartd dyes are used to destroy fuel in i ron tanks up to 31!1!1'1l1I111!ter~ th.ltk. Incendiary cartrlO.ges .Iso tont.l.n I tr,lIeer .1,,!llent. Tile path of the 'bullet is Indicated by I red fla .... "hi ch can be seen day Or 'night. It Can be seen "or II distance up to 700 meters,

2. Tratnlng Almunlt ton,. p!!rp<ue and constructton

Tratnlng aon.mltlon I ncludes dr1.lled andbla.nk 1.6Z"'" rounds, 1-11 943. Drilled 'rounds an! desIgned for tra Inlog In and firing.

On tile bodY or the cartr'l,dge case then! are longttudt'Olll 'groov.s" and on tile c.rtridge cas. ~uth t'here are~aik~ from the cli!mp1ng device. Tlleprt .... r Is pierced. Tllere 1$ no propellant tn t~e eartrldge c •••.

Blank c.rtrtdge~ are de~lgned. for.hllulotlng flr~ and are used in tactical exerc,hes. There1s no bullet in the blank cartridg.s,. The I!OI!th 15 ,selledby a star (r1lsette) crtmp. It Is dangerous to 'stand closer than 10 ~ters lOIa.y fl"Ol'the lIl!ule flee when blank cartridges Ire being ft.l'<)d.


SIep 1: Pull 1I1e 0011 handle 10 tile rear and 'I'slaly Inspect lhe chamber III make cnn tI1i!1 the rifle Is UJ1loaded. After doing so. dep(1lSS 1he magame bIIower and gently release the bolt, letting ~ go completely ~d,

SIep 2: Leaving lhe hammer cocked, eogage tile safely lew 011 "sale".

Slap 3: ~taIe the receiver CI"Mlf connecting pin upward III tile wrtical posiIiof1 (fig. I). Pull tile pin out as far as possible (fig. 2).

Fill. 1


SlIp 4: Lift the leceMlr CIMlf off 01 the reo:eiver (fig. 3).

SlIp 5: RefOOl'e Ihe reooi sp!ing from IIie rear 0I11ie bolt carrier (fig. 4~

SlIp 6: Pull the bolt carner/bolt ~ tI Ihe rear 01 IIIe receiVer (fig. 5~ ReIlKMl tile entire assembl'j

SlIp 7: Use 3 rulet tip III pry ~p IIIe pistln wbe lockiog lever (fig. 6). I'IIsi1ion IIie lever In a WlI such tt1a11fIe camming SlJrlaoo Iocacj at tile !lont is C(I!I1p1ete!y vertical.

_ 8: Carefully raise the handguard assembly and rock ~ sIoY.1y from side Ul side unli ~ can be pulled -w.rf from the gas block (fig. 7).


_ 9: TilIIhe handguard assembly and the IisUln will Slide out of the pIstoo tube.

The sequence given above is su1fident tl 1ieId-s~ the fine b" clearing and regUar" mallteoance. No furIhef disassembly Is recommeOOed ex£ejIl b" rep;ir by a quaified ~


I!egil with the rifle fieid-strfpjJed. Al1ach the bore bruSh to the cleanWlg rod (located underneath the barrel). Salurale the bore brush with gun soIYent and push the brush through the length of the barrel. The cap of the aca!SS(](}' tube can be used III protect the ctl1Nl1 01 the muzzle from dam~ during cleaning (fig. 8). Repeat the procedure with cloth cleaning patches soaked [n SCiMnt 'M"ap the patches around the bore cleaner. When the fouling has been rel1'K1o'ed, the bore should be wiped dry 01 solvent " ~ do not intend tJ fire the rifle soon, run a slighlly oiled patch through the bore lor preserva!ion.

Fig. 8

The tJoII. tJOIt carTier,., recoil sprhQ and receiver COYer Shook! be Wiped off with a clean cloth. The action parts shouk! be coaled with a light film of oil The gas pistln ;nj the gas tube shouk! be left deaI1 and dry Pourino 01 inID the receiver iodiscrimi1alEly is oat recommended.

The basic SKS rille cleaning kit CIlflSists 0I11y of a boI1l brush, boI1l cleaner and punch, A gas port reamer is oot normally included witIl the rille [one is avaiabIe at eidra cost~ Ho\Iiever, we do recommend that you clean the gas port and the gas block area reg_ b do so. insert the gas port reamer lor a simHarty-5llaped moll I1Il the gas port 01 the rifle (fig, 91. Turn .~ clockwise until the bJling has been reRIO'Ied.

Fig. 9


Use a Ix6lt tip or a [in. purlCll III strike t!1e trigger mechaJism tetairirtg butttln (~.1 0). Once reeased, the trigget assembly can be .piJed. bacIc !rom the s10ck assembl)!

Wtt!1 !he trigget mecharism (~ITH1v'IId, the m~ can be laken out of t!1e sloCk by simlllarroousti p.!mg dOwn and 1ll1fte r~ (fig. lH

Fig. 10

F.ig. 11


Bfl9i1 by $Idilg tf1e ~ handle iIIICI the Ila.,.ooet spri1g IM!f the lang of the ~e Ila.,.ooel Push doirnWard 011 the hilllClle uotJ the sIo! lor atIat:hIlg the ba'tooet 'lDrN is exposed. ItJId the ilayonet careluly in this positkJII with the muzzle ri1g Iacilg the muzzle of the rifle (fig. 12) iIIICI insert the ~I pi! inb its proper slot i1 the ba)ooet lug. Tl!lh1!ll1he ~et pin with a sarNdriwr 01 plOper size.

Fig. 1.2


Please lei u •• emlnd you Ihal, as" gun owner, you accepl ••• 1 01 ,espon$iblilies ollhe most demanding na1ure. How serious,y you cany out tnese responsibilities can be Ihe dillere"c. Delween Ille and dearn, Mistakes made wllh gun. are IInal.nd cannot biI paid lor wllh money or regret PLEASE REAO ANO UNOERSTANO THE PROPER HANDLING AND INSTRUCTION PROCEDURES OUTLINEO IN THIS BOOI<;LET BEFORE USING YOUR NEW FIREARM,

There is no excuse lor careless or abusive handling 01 any firearm, At au tlmes handte IhisUre.rm with intense respect lor Its terce and power,

Please read and p,acUe. Ihe lollowlng cauucos:

I, ALWAYS I<;EEP THE MUZZLE OF VOUR RIFLE POINTED IN A S.AFE DIRECTION eve" Ihough you are cerlaln Ihe ,Ifle Is unloaded, Never polnl your rille at anylhl"g you do nOllnloOO 10 ShOOt. Be e.homely alert and aware 01 all persons and properly wllhin Ihe range of your ammun1lion.

Z, WHENEVER YOU PICI<; UP YOUR RIFLE, ALWAYS OPEN THE ACTION ANO VISUAL· Iy ch.c~ the chamber,. receiver and magazine to ee certaln Ihey do not contain an.y ammunillon.

3. WARNING·NEVER TRUST VOUR RIFLE'S MECHANICAL "SAFETY" DEVICE, The word, "salely" describils a gun's trigger bloc1< mechanism, sear bloc1< mechanism, hammer block mechanism or !Iring pin block mechanism, These mechanical devices are designed to place your gun in a SAFER slatus, No guaranlee can be mad.lhal Ihe gun will nolll(" even .llth. "salely"l. In Ihe "on •• te" position,

Like any mechanical de.'ce a 58'ely con somellmes lall; It can biI Jarred or Inadvert· enlly ma"lpulated lnto on unsale COM Ilion, Mechanical "saletles" merely aid sal. gun handling and are no excuse tor pointing a riUeos muzzle In an unsafe direction.

While It I. a good Idea '0 "Ie.'" you, '1110" mechanlc a 1 ".alely" pe.rlodlcally IOf preper luncllon, NEVER talt II while your rill. Is loado<! or pel n to<! In an unoale direction,

S.I. gun handling does not stop with your gun's mechanical "solelY" device, It starts ther e. Always "oallhlo rifle with the respect due • loaded, ready"lo,lireU,e.rm,

4. ALWAVS UNLOAD YOUR RIFLE WHEN NOT IN USE, Vour responsibilities do nol end when your rifle Is unaltended. Store )I'our dUe and ammuunlllon sepa(a1e~V - beyond Ihe reach 01 children, Take all safe guards to Insure your gun does not become ayailable 10 untrained, Ine):perlcnced or unwelcomed hands.

5. BEWARE OF BARREL OBSTRUCTIONS fo, Ihe sa[ely 01 tx>th your rifle and yourself.

Belor. YOU load your rifle. open Ihe action. BE SURE NO LIVE ROUND IS IN THE CHAMBER OR MAGAZINE 'Ihon glance through 1M .,arr.llo b. sure Ills clear 01 allY obstruction. Be C3telul how you carry your rifle. Do not permit the muzzle IQ dip into mud. snow or water. Do nOllhr'Ust your barrel through a ""!ekel with lhe PO-SSt· bilily 01 ramming a ,wig into tne bore. An in,Unlte variety or objects may Inadverl· enlly lodge In a borrel. II 'ake. only a small obsuucllon 10 dangerously Incre a se pressures.

Belor. lhe lirsl firing 01 your rifle. clean I~e bore wllh • e: •• nlnll rod and patch, Wipe away an)' anti"rust compounds In Ihe acHon·chamber areas ..

6. 00 NOT SNAP THE HAMMER ON AN EMPTY CHAMBER· THE CHAMBER MAY NOT BE EMPTY! Treal eve ry gun wllh the respect due a loaded gun· even IhouOh you are certeto .... egun Is unloaded~

7. WHENEVER YOU HAND VOUR RIFLE TO ANOTHER PERSON ALWAYS OPEN THE ACnON. Whene •• r you accopl a gun Irom another person, open Ihe action If il Isn'! al'eMy open. and Inspec! I~" cham!>., and mag(l.line 10 be sur. all live rounds are cleared"

B. BE SURE OF VOUR TARGET. Be sure no person s, IlveSloek, buildings. or eincr oblects are behind or ne., your I"get. Be absolulely sur. el l.r~.1 parllculatly durIng low IIghl p.,ieds.

g. BE SURE OF VOUR BACKSTOP. Know me range 01 your arnmunlllM and be cenaln Ihe'e I. no Chane" of damage 0' a.,cldenl. Ne •• r shoOI at wal., 0' ha'd oblecrs,

10. ALWAYS UNLOAD ANY GUN'S CHAMBER AND MAGAZINE BEFORE CROSSING FENCE. CLIMBING A TREE. JUMPING A DITCH or negotla,lng olher obatacr es. Neve, le.n a loaded gun again 51 a fence.l·ree. car, or slmlla' obiecl.

11. FOR EVE AND EAR PROTECTION we ",commend Ihol you alway. wea' shOOlinO and h.arlng p'Olectlon when shoolinll.

12. AMMUNITION· Your rille must be used only with camldges 0' Ihe correct caliber as Inscribed on 1M olde ollhe barret or 'ecelver.

13. IF VOUR RIFLE FAILS TO FIRE DUE TO A MALFUNCTION OF EITHER RIFLE OR' AMMUNITION keep Ihe muzzle pointed I. a •• t. direction and hold Ihls posilioo lor. minimum of 30 seconds. Carefully open Ih8 Bellon and remove Ihe Carl,ldge.1I the ~rlmer 15Indenled,ll.hould. be disposed olin 8 way Ihal can cause no harm. II Ihe primer I. nOllndenled. your rln. should be examined by. quail lied gunomllh a.nd Ihe eeus .. 01 Ihe malluncllon should be eerrected before fulur. USO.

14. SUPERVISE AND EOUCATE. SIIe,$ t1,earms s.'ety to all members 01 your I.mliy. e.pecl,lly 10 Chlld",n and non·shooters. Don'l be timId wilen 11 comes to gun ""ely. II you obo."'. Olhe' .hOOle, •• lol.lIng nlety precaullon s, politely .ugge .. sa'.r hind ling pfllcUces.


In oon,.nllon,1 gun lermlnology Ihe posltlcn and mc"emonl 01 gun part. are de scrl bed ... I hey eceur with gun ho Ilzonlaland In normal Wing position; 1 .e., the m uule I. lorward or Iron1; the I>"U"IOO." I. f •• rwaJd or fo.r; the Irigoo, I. downw.rd or underneatn: tho sIghts 8."'8 upward or on lOP.



gelor. IIrlng your rille. make sure there ale NO 09STRUCTIONS In the barrel. WIpe awa,',aJi gr'ease fI'ol1'l the cha_mb9r and bore of Ihe barrel:.


Your new ModBI AKS is a gas operated, semi-automatic fepealing flUe. With cartridges in the magazine and in Ihe cbamber and the safety In the "OFF SAFE" Or "FIRE" posnton, the rifle· will fire a sing1e round wllh each successive pun of Il"Ie L6gg81 until the magazlnc and chambel are empty.


The:s.afaty rever ts loca.led. on the right side '01 the receiver. [SeQ ligure 2,} To pla.ce tl1c rtue "on sate'' move 1M tever upward urrtll the fever aligns behind the bolt operallog handle (see figure 2) and the tetter "5" is vrsebte below Ihe safely lever. To place the rifle "off sale" move Ihe tever downward un'" the lever is in COffee' alignment In either "C" or ,oF" position.

CAUTION: The "SAFETV" Should be kept ln Us. "ON SAFE" ~o:$llion al all times except when actuaHy firing the r'We.

figure 2



The AI(S se rnl-automatle high poW.f ,11101. "uppllod with a 30 rouM boll: magaz.lne ada,Pled to limit Ihe magallnes capacily to 5 founds. Additional magazines wit'" 30 round ca,paclty are availBb'e 8$ aces$sories,

To road the magazine hord lhe maQ8.:lIne tn one hand whilu using Ihe Other hand 10 cara ILllly j n Ser1 eac h ca Hr"1 d g,g into I hem Bgaz I n e agal".s t the p rsssu re' c I tile :!IIprj ng loodoo Ioucwer, unllll! Is 'elalned by Ihe melal rim. ollhe magazine body. C.,. ohouid be Oxerclsed In poslHonlng each c,3tlrldge so 1hat Its base Is to the rear or the maga,2.fnc. II tne nose 01 a cartridge prouudes beyond Ihe end of tne mag-azlne. It could inlerfe(e wllh Ins.,lIon Ollhe magazine.

To ,r.ady lhe rtne tor loading. "'sf In"ure Ihal Iho safely '.v., I, in Ihe "ON SAFe" poSition.

N.'I. hOld 1M rill. In a nalural pOsllion wilh 1M "u".1 saloly pointing 01 lI>e g,ouM.

Use either hand to hold llie rifle 81 the forearm" Then. tnsen Ihe magazine Into Ihe 'ecelve, opening In Ironi 01 In. 1,lgge, IIU",d 01 Ihl) 'lite. A '~"'P, merantc click will Indica Ie Ihal Ina magazine I. lully Insened and engaged with Ih. magazln. I.IC~. A round moy be chambered by placing Ihe 'ately In Ihe "011 sate" position, dr.wlnglhc boU .operating handle tuU,. re.arward and allowing il '0 'ree~y relurn to its- closed posilion.

Once ill round has. been chambered. tho magazine untr mliY be remO'lfBd at anv t me desned I Q r ,e!.llil ng 10 capo oily.


With the rUle "ON SAFE" and polnled In a sale downward direcllon reteasa and 'emov8 Ih. magazine. Ne" ple.e the weapon "OFF SAFE", G'asp tn. boll oM,allng handle .and move it smartly 10 ,he rear. Ihereby eiIClracling and eje<:t1f19 an)' live found In 1M chamber. 'Asis always oood .alely p'eCUce,IMn visually InlpectlM "hambe' 10 be abSolutely sure a round Is not stili present, Once this is determined the bOlt may be allowe<lIO cIOS e. Th. magazine may tnon be ellhe, ~ePlleade" 0. tho cartridges may be ""Ipped frem II with Ih. thumb of .IIM! hand. To unload Ihe magazine m.'ely puan forward on Iho base 01 eaCh rQund until I. ctsars the r'Ohllnrng rims.


The A'KS is p-ro'YJded wllh a rear sighl with graduated, adjustments 01 100,200,300, '00.:;00.600,700 and 800 rnetars. 1holelte' 0 d es lgn81 •• battle selling when lime does no. permit selling Ihe slide.

To •• tIM •• ar sight lor the 'equlre<! gradual Ion. '01 •• the sight feal oncl mo.e tM slide un:1U the Rear Sighl AdJusling Block cofneldes wllh the desired Ot3dualion on .he sigh1 1 •• I,IMn release the olghlle.l.


Hor~;umtal adjustmenl Should be cOffeel al the time you purchase your AK,$ rUle.

However, ~'tor yOlJr sighting precedure a Sllghl cha,n:ge appears necessary, a norf,:zontal adluslmenl may be oc<:ompllshe<! by moving Ihe Fronl Sighl SludlO Ihe .Ighl Of loll. rne Sighl Siud Is secured 10 lhe Fronl Sighl Bas. by 1,lclion III. By ta,pplng Ihe Fronl Signl Stud within the front sigtl't base. it can be moved In tne direction desired, A non-metatne malerlal sho"lt! War aoa.lnst the Fronl S gMt SIu6 during lapping 10 "\'Old marring lhe linish. 10 making- the !ateral adjuslmenl. keep Ihls slmple rule In mind: Ihe Irant siQht stud .~euld move Ihe oppoSllo dl'ectlon Irom Ihal you wish Ihe polnl 01' bulle I Impact to mo ... e. Horizontal adlustment Is a process of Iriaf and error uslng Ihe mettlod deiS'ctibed above. (S.,e flgu," <"

VBrUcal adjustmenl may be made the combination tool prepared as shown In Ilg"rQ 5 .. ne ... embl'y oilM comblnallon 10011. ,hown on page 10. To ral.elM Polni 01 ,mpac! turn Ihe Iront slghl post clockwise. To rower the pofnt or Impact lurn the fron:! 'Ighl post counler·clockwise.




The trigger mechanism hs_s been sejusted at the factory to prottllde a pull consistent wl1h safely. II Is recommended lhal no attempt be made 10 change Ihe weighl 01 pull of the trigger.


r"e AKS accessory kit Is slored within the bultstoek o. the Standard AKS, and'S 3 loose accessory wilh 'tic Folding AKS_ To romO'te 'he accessory kU from the Standard AKS. depr •• s Ine Suliplal. Cap wlln 1M IMO. linger 1M arnoum n"" ••• oty lor 1M "ccessory case 10 be elected Irom the Dull'lock Dy the Butlpt.te Sprinij. The cleaning rod Is storoc hoMaln 1M barrol 01 belh models end can ber.movOC by pulling 1M claar'lfng rod head out and upwar'd horn lts retainer. The gas 'Pori reamer Is an L sh~,ped 1001 provldOd 8$ • loo.e accessoty wll h •• en A KS.

To plepale Ihe cleaning rod 10 clean 'he bore, the accessory case musr be atlached 10 1M cloanlng rod as Icnewe:

1. Insefl '''e small end 01 the cleaning tod u'lfoug" the laroettole in tbe ~C:CC'$Sory caS-III so 11181 llie fl03d 01 the c:le~ning rod passes Insf~e Ihe accessory cas,1i and tHJII~ aQainM Ihe case wall, tsee Figure B.)

2'_ InSID_11 the accesso'y case c-ap on Ihe cteanlnq red wllh the open EI,l1d up,

3. Inslall Ihe I"g or brush on Iho IhrOMOd end 01 1M CI~MI"O '0.1. ISop F1o"rp 6 10 10SI""log wllh combln.llon 1001.1

4. Insert tl\e con'ft)inallon (0011010 Il'ill acessorv ease ;:!'bove thO c~e,a.n1ng ,od he"d,






FlO"'. e e

A. Large Holo .} Use wll" cl.anlng rod

B. Small Hole

C. Large Slot } Use wiln combination tool O. Small SIOI

E. Notch

F. Holelor cleaning rod

G. lock leve, slC1

Figure 1


Figure 10

To use ttie 1001 as. a key Ior removmn. il1slaUing 01' adjusting the front slghl. Ihe screw. drl\'er blade is lnsanert Into (he notches in Ihe accessory casa (lh~-ough Ihe long notch (el and lh 0 .M (I notch (dl. ISo. Fi 9 ure 9 .j

To use Ihe tool as a screWdrl'ol'er. 1he Ice,y Is InS!illrted onto the accessorv case notcnes (Ihrough Ihelong notch leland the .M" notch (d). (Se" Flgu(.10.1


Tne correct procedure tor disassembly or you~ rUle 'ollOws:


2. Remo'Ve the magazine by pushing forward on the magazine latch while gulling me magazine down a.nd out of Ihe receiver. (See Fig. 11.)

l. FlUSh lorward on Ihe action return spring retaining block and Iff! Ihe ectlon cover trorn the r.celver.ISeeFlg.12)

4. Remove the action return spring retaining bloc'k by pus,hlng lorward to cleat 'he receiver slot and lifting up. Once the action spring retaining block has been released. draw the action return spring assembly 10 the rear and remove, (See Fig. 13.)

5. Place the satety in Ihe "011 Sale" posilion and draw Ihe bolt carrier assembly complelely to the rear and out 01 the receiver. (See Fig. 14.)


6. R omov. tn 0 oeu frcm 'ho bol' 001".' by P IvoII nO I neccu 01 oo~ wise 10 I h. ' •• r a nd lur-nlng .911"1 additional v.. turn. Ne,;'IJemOVe the boll hom Ih~ bolt canter bV extractlnq I',oward 1M po. plston, (see Fj~. '5.)

Flgu,. 15

7. Disassemble Itle bOl1 bV using the: knock out rod on the comnlnaUon 1001 or a pi" punch 01 COflccl sue. First remove the 'iring plrt relalning pin. (See figure 16., This win Bilow Ihe firing 'PIn IQ btl removed from Ihe fear of 'he bolt. Nexl, remova Ihe extractor rela;ner pin. ISee fig .. ..,e 17.) This will allow Ihe eetractcr and extraclOr spring 10 be remo,ed. When dls a s.embllng thO ""II note ,M .lIgnmanl 01 me extractor pin. Wf"Ien ,e·a,ssembUng. Ihl] notch In the e:.cUac1ot pin must be rElpla.ced e.actlv es removed '0 aliow the firing pin ,.,alnlng pin to be replaced,

Figure 16

Figure 17

8, To remove the upper hanC!guar(j with gas cyllnde,r un up on the lock lever located on Ihe r'lghl side of the rear sighl until it win allow Ihe upper hand-guard with ga_s oyllnder to be removed. (S ee figure 160.1

Figure 160

NOTE: If the lock lever is extremely light the acceSsory ca •• may be used to aid In ,el e "sing lock fever. (See Flgur. lab.l

9. To romOiole Ihe cornpansstcr, use Ihe sClewdri~er el"ld of Ihe combination root 1-0, depress the ccmcensetor lock while lurning the compensator crocxwtse orl 'he b.attel.




The conect procedure tor Cleaning your d·[sas.sembled rifle touows:

1. InslI3-rl tne gas pori reamer Into [he gas pari of .he AKS_ {See Hgure 20.) TlJf~ clockwise until rOuling is removed.


2. Using tne cleanino roc with lag and patch enoug~ snlJO lit In bole, In:sett rod and paleh In barrel from the muzzle end. Allow thB aecess.ory case ea.p to cover' tne muzzle and align the c:loanln!::l rod on Ine bore. Tne ati.oess.ory cap will help prevent tho cleaning rod from slrlklng tne crown of Ihe munle. Oamage to this area can adversely allcet the accuracy of me rille.

3. Inspecl the chamber anCl 'bore fOr POwder fouling. A normal amount o( powder residue can be expectecj: and is nO' se-tcus. It can usually be remo¥ed by repeating Sleo Number 1, using a patch saturated with nltro·sotYent.1f Of when iouling shOuld beecme heavy. II can be removed with ,1'18 bore brush. Oip Ihe brUSh in nlUO-SOlvent and scrub the chamber and bore unlillhe foul1no is removed, To preve ... 1 bdsttes Irom breaking on, the brush shotJld De pushed comll1elely through1h!' bore before being wllhdrawn .

• , Aller louUng has been removed, the bOre s.nould be wiped d'P)I and then .a SlIghlly 011e-d patch 'un through It lor preservauon.

5, The gas, cvlim:ler, bolt. bOil cattier with gal ~1s.lcn. action spring. and action coyer :should bB w'lped orr wlln a c-'Iean cloth, An~ drle-d 011 or fQullng In these S_ho-uld be r-emoyed. Follow Ihls cleaning by appl~lng a ... ery light film of 011 on bOlt, eou (-,euier a.nd allctlon s~r-InQ. The gu ~1!Ston and ~a5 Stlould be free of alltrltCe5 01011. 00 no, ccur laf-ge Quantilie:s. of oilll'lto ttle receiver.

6, Wipe all exposed metal surfaces ~lIn an oiled c::loth. making Slire to wipe gun clean of all Unger manes ",;'nere moisture wlll accumulale. Ordinary goOd jucrgemenl 'Wi'l. 01 course, Indicate .nat Ine melal of 1negun Sl\ould receive a 'Ighlilim 01 oUany time 'h,e guo has been exposed to adverse weather or h,andUng.


Figure 2\

To dl:5la.ssemble the magazine lor cleaning. use 1ne knock out roo of the Comblnatiol'l TOOL Depres.s Ihe magazine spt;ng bollom retainer and slid's lIut magazine bottom ptete hom Ihe magazine houslng_

(Cal.,l t 10.,.: Wea.r sa rely g tasees when disassembling ttlie m',Qul ne_)

Figure 22


To asaambje, install tne two round head screws II; reu gh I h e holes I n the fl rst b racket, into the tWQ holes wllhou1 bushings and lighten. Then place two magazines io ooeltlon and snap the top retainer bracket into place and secure with two thumb screws.

2·30 rd. magazines asa embled "lin MAG-PAC On tne .ilKS Foldln~ Slack Model.

Figure 23


Figur.24 Sling attached 10 AKS.


Figure 25 Attaching the Knlle bayonet

Fig u re 26 Knlle boyan. I locked In poslUon

To (emove bayonet. depress the lo-ck release but,on and slide the bayonet forward and




Rea:l.embl'y ,IS Ju.llhe '''''., .. ' 01 "18p,let dl"" •• embl~" The campen.alor I. teplAc"" by lumlng n en lne mu,,!. ceunlet..::lockw!se and Is ,elalned by In. cQmp"n'a!er lo~k. Th. UP per han dgu. ,,d w!lh gas eyl!nderls ,eplat"" 3" d !oc~e<l. Ne'I., •• se m b!e Ih. eeu by replael ng: I he &:w: tr';8.ctc r ~ ext rat lor 'spr,I"1iiI ,and ext fl,clo' ,re 181 ner :p I n. Now. plaoe the flrlno pin lnto Ih. boll and 'eloln II wlln In. fl'!ng pin, 'ol,O;"ioO the pin. Ne>!. '"place 1M bon into 1he' bo'lt carrier as;s.embly. 1,tH! boU carder wtth gas piston !Is ri8xI lnserled In10 Iho rear of IhO ga. cylinder. AHe' ,Insenlo~. the boll C3"le, wlthl)Q!l, Is dep,essed InlO Ihe recei'YEI' 'ail'S, anr:1smar1ly ;PLJ:'lhed lorwaJd by the bolt Q:Pera1ing handllEl. The a,ctionl Irelurn :s,pr:lnQl 'is, now Inserted ~Into the rear of Ihlt bott carder and 'secu(el~ tocxed lntc Ihe rear ot the re.ce_IV8l. T:l'!e aeuen cover ls replaced next. The actton cover must f~1 pf'Operly In 1M oreove bolow the ,'oa' slg~1 and be Mid In, po.lllon by Ihe ,acUon return spring,

t,e1ai(l j r"I g. blOCk. -


!lOlA. . . . . . . . . • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . . . . . .......•. Buttstock. Standard

!lOlB But! Plate (SId. Model)

!lOIC Butt Plate Screws (SId. Modell

5010 .,. . BUll Plale Cap (SId. Modell

501 E Bun Plate Cap Spring I Std. I

501F , .• , ..•... , ..•....• Bull Pla,le Spring (Oiler Removall

501G , , , Bul1slock Sling Swivel (SId. Modell

!lOlH , Buttstock Sling Swivel Screw (Std.)

501J , ..• , Bult.slock Tang Screw (SId. Modell

502A , ........••........... Receiver & Trigger Guard Compl. I Foldlngl

5028 .......•... . .• .... .. .... RlICei>;er & Trigger Guard Compl. (SId.! 502C . . . .•. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Lock lever. Gas Cylinder

5020 ....•..•..................•....•................. Gas Connector

502E .••. , ........•...............•. , •.•. , •...•...•........... Barrel

502F •....... , .... , .•...•................. , , .. , .•... From Sight Ramp 502G ......•..•....•......•........• , ..•...•..•...• BultSlock. Folding

503 ........•..••.•................•.•..•.............•. Aclion Cover 504 ......•........••.. , .••..................................... Grip

505 ........................•..•....•...•.......... Grip Screw Washer

506 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . Grip Screw

507 ..• , .•...................•....•...............•... Grip Screw Nul 508 .........•.......................•.............. Lower Handguard

509 Upper Hand Guard Compl.

509A .............••..........•.......•..•......... Upper Hand Guard

509B ..•.........•......•...... , ••...•...•........ , ..... Gas Cvlinder 510 .....•.....•...........••..•.......•................ Compensator

511 .........................•..•....•..••........• Compensator lock

512 ....•••••..............•.......•......... Compensator Lock Spring 513 . . . . . . . . • . . . . . . • . . . . . . • • . . . • . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . Compensator Lock Pin

514 , •. , , , Front Sight Adjusting Block

515 ...........•..••...•. ' •......•.......•. ,.', Front Sight Post

516 ..........•...............•.•...........•...•....... Cleaning Rod 517. . .. ............•.......•........ . ....•.............. Rear Sight

518 .....•..•..•.......•.........•................. Rear Sight Spring 519 ....•.....•...••..............•..... Rear Sight Adjusting Slide Assy.

519A Rear Sight Adjusting Block

519B ,. Rear Sight Adjusting Slide Spring

519C Rear Sight Adjusting Slide Insen

520 •.............•.......... , .• , , .•...................... Gas Piston

521.. ., , " ,., ..•.. Gas Piston Retaining Pin

522 Bolt Carrier

523 .............•.....................•.......•................ Bolt

524. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . . . . . . . .. • Firing Pin

525. . . . . • .. . .......•........•..•..•........... Firing Pin Retaining Pin

526 E)(tractor

527 ElCt.ractor Silting

528 EJ(tractor Retainer Pin

529 Front Guide Retainer

530 Action Return Spring

531 Front Action Return Spring Guide

532 Act.ion Return Spring Guide

533 ....•........•..•..•..•..•..•..•......................... Trigger 534 .........•.....•..................•....•.••.•...•....• Trigger Pin 535 ..................................•.....•.....•..•......... Sear

536 .. . . • . . . . . • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . Sear Spring

537 Hammer

538 ......•.....•..•.....•.....•...•..•..•...........• Hammer Spring 539 .........................•.....•.....•..•..•.••••••.•• Hammar Pin 540 .........................•..•..•..•........•..•..• Magazine latch

541 .....•............................•......... Magaz.ine latch Spring

542 Mag.azine latch Pin

543 Safety lever

544 Hammer & Trigger Pin Retainer

545 ....................•.....•. _ . __ •....... Maguine (30 Shot Comp!.) 546 .................•....................... Magazine (5 Shot Compl.)

547 .................•............................... Maga~ine Silting 548 ...••..•.....•...........•..•..•.. Magazine Spring Bottom Retainer

549 Magazine Bottom Plate

550 Can ridge Follower (30 shot)

561 ...........•.............................. Canridga Follower (5 shot!

.& 1,5.1" RB 0,0, USSR
Ji§::, .. ,' ~ tl! PRe
_£i:, L 0 PRC
mn L 0 PRC
~@ 580; El c: .. N. KOREA
r------:-~ A8 EA BULG.
i 196'< C P POL.
Li> J:!Ii, S FA FF RUM.
t, 6~ 0 E;: E. GERM.
..J~' 195'" RB OA USSR
~;5"'t A' PRC
0&~ PRC
@@& PRe
<> E GERM.
Ii? np OroHb USSR •
. ~ np OroHb USSR
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30 1 CZECH
'x' 6"3 0 E E. GERM.
e ejl DL N.KOREA
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