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A dormitory, often shortened to dorm, in the United States is a residence hall

consisting of sleeping quarters or entire buildings primarily providing sleeping and
residential quarters for large numbers of people, often boarding school, colleges or
university students. In the UK, the world has an earlier, different but related
meaning: It refers specifically to an individual room in which many people sleep,
typically at a boarding school. The UK equivalent of the American world as applied
to university buildings is hall of residence, often shortened to halls. A dormitory is
like a home that the mission is to prioritize the safety satisfaction of the customer
by providing a high quality of service. Thats why we choose to create this kind of
business. There are so many business like this, but we still want to build it for the
new look of the dormitories here in the Philippines. We want to make it different
from other dormitories.
We named our dormitory as DOOR.TO.DORM. Its not just a home for our beloved
tenants but has a unique standards of living, measured in terms of our clean,
economical unit structures, well maintained facilities and landscaped open spaces.
The DOOR.TODORM concept has an elegant rooms and facilities yet affordable for
employees and especially for students. Actually, its a God friendly place for
everyone because on its awareness with a WORSHIP AREA. We clearly think and
search for the best fitting world to the people. As an owner of this dorm, we want to
bring happiness to the people who will occupy our rooms. We dont just give living
rooms to the customers; but give the living lives to the fullest. We want them to
appreciate the beauty of earth by perception of the beauty of life. Search the
happiness in just ONE BIG DORM. Its like a special package for everyone by
satisfying their needs and wants .
Our dorm is open to any kind of person mostly focus on ladies. For religious oneThey can go to the adoration chapel in the rooftop (5 th floor) to find peace of mind
and express their prayers from their heart. For students and reviewers- They can
find the peaceful ambiance in our rooftop library near the adoration chapel. We are
pretty sure that they will enjoy studying and at the same time, relaxing. For their
needs like foods- They can easily buy their foods at the mini mart (Ground floor). For
party people- Who are always find their happiness in parties and special occasions.
They can ask permission for reservation at the visitors area (Ground floor).But there
is a limited time for it. They should consult the receptionist before anything else.
And for other needs and desires of our tenants, our dorm is near to
GATEWAY,FARMERS, computer shop and other establishments so there is no
problem for them to enjoy the place. DOOR.TO.DORM INC. is a place like a paradise,
creating a bonding and closeness by providing a real home for everyone.

In business economy, marketing strategy should be really appropriate to the
customers that can imitate them the research we offer. Customers can appreciate

the strategies. It can be really noticeable to the marketing customers, in and out of
the dorm.

In pricing, we need to outlook the capability of customers how they can budget their
expenses as much better. We handle the price in how customers can really afford
the units of dorm. In our pricing strategy, they can find it the lower price but they
must find out the good quality of our dorm. They appreciate the lower price and
they found the escape in their lives how to live life to capture happiness.

16. PLACE People can easily spot our dormitory because it is located along Edsa, Cubao
Q.C. Our customers will never feel bored because its just stones throw away from malls, cafes
and computer shop. Moving about is not a problem because is close to MRT and bus station.
Eventually our dorm is beside at Samson College Science and Technology. And other colleges
17. PROMOTION In promoting, customers develop to their minds the BIG
ACCEPTABILITY of our promotion. In advertising and publicity, we promote our dormitory by
having a logo, slogan and especially a tarpaulin scattered through Edsa, Makati and Cubao. We
will hire people who will distribute our flyers in every corner of the roads. And also giving
discount for the students who will occupy our rooms.
18. PRODUCT To establish a product that is equivalent to service. We will satisfy our
customers by giving a high quality service and protection. We develop a positive outlook towards
our dorm. We will assure that we can give them the satisfaction in staying here. They will feel
contentment on its affordable price just like living on a condominium.
20. THE STUDIO 87 RESIDENCES A Modern Student Accommodation (Near Ateneo,
Miriam College & UP) #87 Xavierville Avenue, Loyola Heights Quezon City Safety & Security.
Convenience. State of the Art. What We Are About. The Studio 87 Residences is dedicated to
serve its students with the best concept of dormitory living.
21. The Rooms Standard (Double) Room - two occupants in a room Premiere (Double)
Room - two occupants in a room Deluxe (Triple) Room - three occupants in a room Standard
(Triple) Room - three occupants in a room **Standard & Premiere Double Rooms can also be
converted to Single Occupancy Room. The Rooms are inclusive of the following: Fully
Furnished Rooms (Single beds w/ mattress, Study table w/ Table Light & Shelf, 2 door wardrobe
Cabinet, TV with cable, Electric fan) Mini Kitchennette (Microwave Oven, Refrigerator, Kitchen
sink & cabinets) DSL Internet, Cable TV and Landline included Fully Air-conditioned Rooms
Toilet & Bath (Shower Heater, Pedestal sink with hot/cold water, W/C) Individual water and
electric meters (Utility expenses shall be shared by co-occupants) The Building Amenities
Building Amenities Safety & Security 24-hour Front Desk Receptionist 24-hour Security Wellmonitored facilities (CCTV cameras) Heat detector and Smoke Alarms on all rooms Strategically
located fire exits, fire extinguishers and alarms on each floor Standby generator to guarantee
uninterrupted power supply Emergency lights located on hallways on each floor

22. Convenience Fitness gym Function Room/Library Study Area (Free WI-FI Zone) Student
Business Center (Internet, Copy, Fax, Scan) Shuttle Service (Service Van to/fro School) Facilities
for Transient Relatives Cleanliness: 24-hour Resident Assistant Room cleaning service Cleaning
materials: Available upon request Daily garbage collection Laundry Service: pick up/drop off
Food & Stuff: Bookworm Caf (Free WI-FI Zone) Quick Bites Convenience Store State of the
Art Planning and Design State of the Art Biometric Fingerprint Access on each floor An Elevator
easily accessible across the front receptionist Our lobby, boasted by a wall hung - flat screen
plasma TV Strategically located public address system speakers for centralized music (can also
be used for public announcements)
23. MY PLACE 22 Fabian de la Rosa St., Loyola Height, Q.C
[email_address] 433.0667/426.7335 *HOTEL GUEST ROOMS- P2,500 - Single/Double
occupancy - P800.00 additional charge for extra person and long-staying guest TYPES OF
ROOM DE LUXE STANDARD Pod P5,500 P5,000 6-in-a-room 7,000 4-in-a-room 9,000 8,000
2-in-a-room 12,500
24. **L.I.K.A.S** Lifestyle Integration of well-Kept Affordable Shelter El Pueblo
Condormitel Our Brand of City Living PNOC Land, Anonas St. Old Sta.Mesa, Manila (besides
PUP University) Near U-Belt (CEU, San Sebastian, JRU, San Beda, Adamson, Holy Spirit, CCP)
Price range: P637,000 - P1,568,000
27. FLOW CHART (Narrative Description)
28. CHECKING FACILITIES & EQUIPMENT We will check the conditions of the dorm
for the benefits of tenants. And also to encourage the people to occupy at our dormitory because
of its good and beautiful facilities and equipments. HIRING OF PERSONNEL It is important
to hire personnel such as guard, for the securities of every person in this dorm; maintenance for
the cleanliness of the facilities; receptionist for inquiries and others as needed. ACCEPT
TENANTS We accepting students, professionals, reviewers and others that needs a dormitory
for them to be lessen the transportation if their house is far in their universities, companies that
their working. ACCEPT RENTALS FOR COMMERCIAL SPACE At the first floor of our
dormitory, we have two (2) commercial spaces to be rented by the person who wants to operate
their own business like laundry shop, mini mart or even computer shop. PAYMENTS
PROCEDURES If the customers are satisfied at our dormitory, and they are interested to
accommodate some rooms, we will explain them the procedures for payment and the price is
based upon the style of the rooms that they want and it will be one (1) month advance and 1
month deposit. ESTABLISHING SECURITIES GADGETS We want to protect our tenants to
those people who has bad intentions to our dorm, so we will put a CCTV to monitor the people
entering the dorm. ACCEPTING THE VISITORS OF TENANT The tenant must inform the
receptionist that they have a friends, relatives, classmates that will visit them. And the visitors
will wait at the visitors area only. IMPLEMENTING THE RULES & REGULATIONS The
rules and regulations of the dormitory will be posted at the information desk and it will be
explain to every tenant so that they know what the right things to do and what is prohibited.
SERVING PEOPLE We will serve our beloved customers to satisfy their needs and to help
them find a home that they never fell emptiness and to have peaceful outlook in life.


Porres, Cubao Q.C San Martin de Porres, Cu bao Q.C San Martin de Porres, Cubao Q.C San
Martin de Porres, Cubao Q.C San Martin de Porres, Cubao Q.C PRODUCT condominium
condominium condominium Apartelle / apartment rooms PROMOTION -high standard at
facilities -24 -elegant units -they accepting commercial rentals -24 -One
slot covered parking -No monthly dues -3 bedrooms -they accepting office rentals -up and down
unit -discount for students -no maximum numbers of person -lowest price -not strictly at the
policies -near at sari-sari stores(basic needs) PRICE 12,000 / month 24,000 / month 13,00015,000 / month 2,000 / head 1,000-2,000 / month

Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (BEQ) and Bachelor Officer Quarters (BOQ) are Unaccompanied
Personnel Housing (UPH) facilities for single or married unaccompanied military personnel.
Therefore, the facilities described here serve a very specific audience. UPH differs significantly
from temporary lodging facilities which may also serve military personnel. Temporary lodging
facilities resemble a hotel, with more staff support and guest services, and are geared towards
shorter stays. UPH resemble dormitories or commercial apartment buildings and are typically
designed for longer stays.
The primary element of these facilities are the living/sleeping quarters, which may be referred to
as apartments, rooms, modules, or units, and in recruit groups, as open bay. The name used
depends on the branch of Service and the type of room. Occupant rank, training type, and
military group cohesion drive the size and design of these spaces. Supporting facility spaces are
relatively minimal and may include laundry rooms, mail and vending areas, public toilets, and
multipurpose spaces for meetings, training, or recreation.

Building Attributes
A. Space Types and Building Organization
UPH include three categories of functional areas: 1) the apartments, rooms, modules, or units; 2)
interior common areas; and 3) exterior recreation/community areas within the site.
Apartments / Rooms / Modules
These spaces are the living quarters for residents. Common configurations include the following:

One- to four-bedroom apartment with single occupancy per bedroom. This includes
separate sleeping rooms with private closets and bathrooms, shared open living/kitchen
areas, and in-apartment laundry facilities. These may be designed to emulate offerings
found in the local market and, as such, may be referred to as "Marketstyle" UPH.

Two-bedroom apartment with single occupancy per bedroom. This includes two separate
sleeping rooms with private closets. Two occupants share a single bathroom (which
should have two lavatories), and a small service kitchenette. This is known as a "1+1
expanded" room.

One-bedroom plan with a double occupancy bedroom. This includes a single

sleeping/living space, a shared bathroom, and two large closets. A small service area
provides minimal food preparation. This is also known as a "2+0" room. Navy and
Marine Corps plans vary in some ways.

Two-bedroom apartment with double occupancy per bedroom (four service personnel
total). This includes two separate sleeping/living spaces, one shared bathroom, four small
closets, and two service areas. The bathroom may be configured to provide two showers.
The service areas contain microwaves and small refrigerators. This is also known as a
"2+2" room.

One large open area accommodating multiple beds for the sleeping/living room and an
adjacent shared toilet/bathroom with gang showers. This is typically only used for
recruits or in short term deployment situations. This is also known as an open bay plan.

Common Areas
The common areas are the building public spaces. In addition to basic circulation space, utility
spaces, and janitor spaces, common areas may include the following:

Primary entrance. Some facilities may have a staffed reception area.

Laundry. Self-service laundry facilities are usually shared by building occupants. Some
apartment-style units may have laundry facilities located in the room plan.

Bulk storage. Space for residents to store large, bulky items that will not fit in their

Mail. Space with individual mail boxes for residents. This may not be included in all

Multi-purpose spaces. Multi-purpose areas are for individual recreation, group activities,
training, and meetings.

Vending area. Space for vending machines providing drinks and snacks.

Public toilets. Single unisex or separate male and female multi-occupancy accessible
toilets may be provided adjacent to the lobby or multi-purpose spaces.

Administrative area/office space. There may be a need for administrative space for
facility staff.

Gear Wash. Some facilities may have an exterior or interior area designed for gear wash.

Recreation / Community Areas

These are outdoor spaces that may include the following:

Sand volleyball court

Basketball court

Picnic area with grill, tables, and benches

Shaded structures for public gatherings

B. Design Considerations
Key design goals and considerations for UPH include the following:
Quality of Life
Providing unaccompanied military personnel with adequate, comfortable housing is a major goal
and a critical element of attracting and retaining high caliber personnel. Increasing personal
space, resident privacy, and additional recreational amenities are the primary goals.
Residential Character
UPH provide the war fighter a residential environment through both exterior and interior design
features. This residential character can be reinforced through the following design strategies:

Provide gable or similar steep-sloped roof shapes.

Limit building height to three stories whenever feasible. When larger groupings require
higher construction, consider varying the building or buildings height to introduce some
residential qualities to the complex.

Consider design features such as room projections to create a more residential exterior
appearance as opposed to flat-walled institutional elevations.

Security and Antiterrorism

As a highly-occupied facility housing military personnel, antiterrorism and security are critical
design goals. In addition to complying with standard DoD criteria, UPH may require additional
risk assessments to determine if additional measures are warranted. These measures may include
the following:

Minimize the occupied parts of the building that are exposed to a blast. Locate bedrooms
on an interior protected side of the building further away from a likely blast location.
Locate kitchen and bath areas on the threat side of the building to act as a structural
buffer for occupied bedrooms.

Harden the building surfaces, windows, and structure that are most vulnerable to

Minimize access to vulnerable areas.

Design and construct protective features such as balconies to absorb, withstand, and
reflect the energy of a substantial blast load as defined for the established threat level.

Limit the use of doors and windows in high-risk areas. Consider the use of protective and
resistant fenestration and glazing.

As with any multi-occupant residential facility, privacy is a key issue. The acoustical design is
critical to ensure adequate noise isolation. Consider noise sources from exhaust fans, mechanical
equipment, and adjacent spaces.
Provide a Durable and Maintainable Facility
These facilities will undergo heavy use and will have regular occupant turnover. Finishes should
be easily cleaned and repaired and designed to endure hard use. Provide impact protection such
as corner guards, as appropriate, and select quality, durable hardware. Use neutral colors for the
more permanent surfaces within the facility to facilitate future changes or easy replacement.

Emerging Issues
Recognizing both the need to enhance military personnel quality of life and competition with
local housing markets, some UPH are now being designed and constructed as "market style"
apartments. These apartments have room patterns and floor areas similar to private sector
housing in the local community. The additional cost associated with providing, in some cases,
additional floor space and amenities is being offset by allowing innovative design and acquisition
procedures for these projects, including using private sector construction standards. Not all
Services are using this approach.

Relevant Codes and Standards

Unaccompanied Personnel Housing are DoD facilities and subject to the appropriate codes and
standards defined in the Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) program. DoD uses the International
Building Code with modifications as described in UFC 1-200-01, >General Building
Requirements. Other documents specific to UPH include the following:

Department of the Army Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management

memorandum, dated May 1, 2003

Department of the Army Office of the Vice Chief of Staff memorandum, dated July 11,

TI 800-01, Design Criteria

UFC 4-721-10, Navy and Marine Corps Bachelor Housing

Air Force Unaccompanied Housing Design Guide