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In prison, all is different. For example, when you are on the platform receiving a
punishment for only hurting someone when you felt alone, instead of being in the phone
box calling your mother or in the lesson attending your loved English class, you feel as if
you were waiting at the traffic lights on Friday afternoon, when all the people leave their
houses, because you know, when your car is on the street and you in the car are seeing
someone else walking on the pavement, here, and another person waiting at the bus stop,
there, you feel that all the world is evolving, lees you.
Being in the prison is not like being at the cinema watching a film, of course, here you can
find stories that, for sure, you can project on a screen at Mikes, at a party and specially in
November (my birthday), and you will encourage people to laugh, but here the same story
does not cause you laugh.
If normally, you feel the cold of your loneliness in prison, in winter, you feel that your
loneliness is frozen; especially at midnight when you are not, the one who sleeps is your
loneliness who does it because you have to protect it and maintain it warm.
On 15 April, just a week after the punishment, I read in the newspaper at the top of page
this title In spite of the second opportunity society gave to Fernand Crouse, he did it again,
he killed another prisoner. His unique answer was I was alone, I wanted someone to
accompany me then I asked myself why society does not help people like me, a prisoner.