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Philips 47PFL7422 LCD TV uses the power plate PFC circuit as shown below, the drive
control circuit consists ofthe IC 902 (SG6961), power MOSFET switch Q902, energy
storage inductor L914, a charging circuit D901, C907 composition active PFC circuit,
the current and voltage correction for the same phase , thereby improving the power
factor , and prevent multiple harmonic interference generated by the circuit on the grid.

(1) SG6961

SG6961 PFC power supply is applied to a drive control circuit includes a sawtooth
generator, the reference voltage generator, RSflip-flop , an error amplifier circuit, zerocurrent detection circuit and a drive circuit, overvoltage , Over-current protection.

(2) to start the work process

line followed by listing of voltage, 220V AC voltage through FB926, F901, C908,
RV902, L913, FB924, C909, C901,0902, L912, R959, R960, R961, FB922, FB923 and
other components of the filter is filtering , limiting; filtered AC voltage clutter and
interference, and then by BD901, C935, C938 rectified and filtered to form
100 Hz pulsating DC voltage, the inductor L914 to the PFC circuit.

Since the filter circuit capacitor C935, C938 smaller storage in the load when light,
filtered through the rectified voltage is about 300V; when the load is heavy, the rectified
smoothed voltage is about 230V. Circuit, RV902 as varistors , namely, when the power
supply voltage is higher than 250V, pressure-sensitive resistors RV902 breakdown short
circuit, the fuse tube fuse F901, it can avoid the voltage fluctuations caused
by switching power supply damage, thereby protecting the post-stage circuit.

After the second boot, the switch control circuit for the SG6961 provides 8-pin V the
CC supply voltage after, PFC circuit to work, SG6961 driving pulse output from 7 feet by
R964, D915, R952 FET Q902 is added to the G pole, drive Q902 work in the switch
state. When the Q902 is turned on, the 100Hz ripple voltage rectified by the BD901
passes through the primary winding of the inductor L914, the DS pole of the Q902 and
R924 / R926 to the ground. When the Q902 is off, the 100Hz ripple voltage Inductor
L914 of a winding, BD901, C907 to the ground, the C907 charge at the same time, flow
through the L914 current showed a reduced trend, both ends of the inductance is bound
to produce positive and negative left-right induction voltage, the induced voltage and
BD901 rectified DC component superimposed in the filtering capacitor C907 positive
terminal of the DC voltage of about 400V is formed, not only improve the power
utilization efficiency of the grid, but also makes the current flowing through the
waveform and the input voltage waveform of L914 of convergence, so as to improve the
power factor.

(3) regulator control circuit

PFC circuit C907 positive terminal of the voltage output by the R969, R970, R971
and R972, R973 after the partial pressure of 1 foot to the SG6961, when for some
reason causing the output voltage (C907 positive terminal voltage) when changes to 1
foot voltage changed, after internal processing SG6961, SG6961 7 feet control pulse
duty cycle is changed, thereby controlling the field effect transistor Q902 of G driver
pulse duty cycle changes, thereby maintaining the output voltage Of the stability. When
the input voltage is reduced, the duty cycle of the 7-pin output of the SG6961 is
increased and the input voltage is increased. The duty cycle of the 7-pin output of the
SG6961 is reduced by a certain output power.

(4) the zero crossing control circuit

inductor L914 secondary induced voltage by R918 to SG6961 5 feet on the zerophase pulse voltage is detected, adjust the excitation pulse from the control points to
adjust the clock phase and decreases MOSFET switching loss purposes.

(5) over-current protection circuit

overcurrent protection circuit consists SG6961 4 feet inside and outside circuit,
R924, R926 as the S pole resistance Q902, the voltage drop across the Q902 reflect
current size. R924, R926 voltage is divided into two ends: one by R932 to the SG6961 4
feet; all the way D930, C918, R985 to the transistor Q916 the B pole, when R924, R926
voltage change is small, Q916 SG6961 2-pin error amplifier control, adjust the output
voltage and current; when R924, R926 both ends of the voltage drop is too large, so
SG6961 4-pin voltage rises to protect the set value, SG6961 will immediately turn off
the PFC pulse output, Protection purposes.