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Courhilt~n2 Township

[I954 : T.N, Art ICVI

(2) (a) The l[Tarnil Nadu] Village F~nnchyateAct,
1950 ('[Tamil tiaduj Act X of i950), j h d , ~iiljl
and from the appointed date, cease to 3ppIy to the Court-

allam township.

(6)Whoro tho limits of the area specified in the Schedule are altored by notification under sub-section (l), the

notification may a1so contain such provisions regarding the
application or cesser of application of any enactment and the
local authon'ty which is to exercise, or cease to ~xercise,
jurisdiction, in relaxion to the area included in or excluded
from the Courtallam township, the apportionment and
adjustment of assets and liabilities as between the local
authorities concerned and other incidental or consequential
matters, as the State Government may deem necessary
ox proper.


For the purpose of administering the municipal

,,d compos~-affairs of the Cou:tallarn township, the State Government
tion of shall, by notification, constitute a committee to be called
coymittee the Courtallam Township C Q A U L (bwrciaafter
~ ~ ; ~ , ~ ~ referfog

admlnistra- red to as the Township Committee) consisting of the followtion cf ing members, I arnely :-Courtallllm
(a) Me~nbsrsof the Housz of the People and
Members of the Legislative Assembly, chosen to represent
a constit~iencywhich consists of, or comj3rises, cr which
relates t o the t ~ w n s h i por ally p o r ~ i o ~t-hercot,
Members of the Legislative Council who clrdinciriiy reside



i n the towi ship ; and
(b) such non-officials, not less than three in number,
and such officers o f the State Government, as they may
(1-A) Where a person ceases to be a Member of
or a Mernbcr of the State Legisthe House of the
lature, he shall wzse to be a member of the Township
Committee from tie: date on which he ceases to be such
(2) The State Government shall appoint(a) one of the members o f the Township Committm
to be its Chairman ; and
- -----



1 There words w e x substituted for the wdrd ccMadras" by
the Tamil ...J u Adaptation of Laws Order, 1969, as amentied
bg *ne Tamil Natiu Adaptation of Laws (Second Amendment)
Order, 1969.
9 These sub-sections were substituted for sub-sectiol~(1) by
section 4 (i) c f tho Met'ur Township, Courtalfa~nTownship and
Bhavanisagar Township (Arendrnent) Act, 1972 (Tamil Nadu
Act 6 of 19731,


~ o u r t a ~ a~m ~ ~ n ~ h [I954
i p : TeNe Act XVI

(b) t h i Ex5cutive Officer of the Township Cornmittee to ewrcise and pzrform in reg?,rd t ct thc township,
the powers and duties assigned to the exec~rti~e
of a municipality under the provisions 51 ppli ;d as aforesrid
subject to such r cstrictionc, limitations and iondit ions and
to such control, if any, as may be specified in the notificat ioa,







5. (1) All proj,clty, all rights of whatever kind used,
Transfer of
property, enjoyed or possessed by, a d all interests of whatever kind
rights and owned by or v-sted in, or held in trust by or for :he Courliabillttcsof tallam panchapt ,:s well as all liabilitizs l g ~ l l ysubsisting
panehayat against it shall, on and from the sppointed dete, stand
to the tr:..nsferred to thl; Township Committee.
(2) All FrrearS of tdxcs or other paymcilt~by WRY of

composition for a tgx or due for expenses 3r compensation
or otherwise due to (he Courtallwr psnchay~timmediately
befcre the appointed date mny b3 recovered by theTownship Committee.
(3) All prcceedings taken by cr gain st the Cowtallam pench8yat m7,y b: continaed by or against the
Township Committec.







B e e sectioil

2 (i).]

The ;'.rep,czmpris :d in the revenue village of Courtatlam
in the Tenk1.sit.t'ink of t h;: Tirunelvcli district, bouxded on
North, by t h(:r tbv2nue villages of Elallji a nd\gara m;
East, by the revenue villnge of Melagaram ;
South, by rest:rvsd forest ; and
Wzst. by rssxved Forest and Elmji village.
-----1This sub-sect~onAwas omitted by sexti0115 of the Metta
Township- Courtnllsn; TuwasKp arc! Bfrayaisagar T-)wm&p
(~menGn?snt). k t , 1973 !Tddl Nadu Air 6 of 19'13).

2I his 55::.3;'_


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