The American Philosophy

Brian M. Kern

It always seems to be a rare time when I am speechless, lost without words in the confounding confusion of time. I sit back in my chair, my mouth agape, my eyes wide as I stare in rapt discomposure at the images that cascade before me. And then with a heart sickening lurch, I find myself swirled into the maelstrom of emotion. For my parents, they can easily recall where they were, and what they were doing when they first heard the news of Kennedy’s Assassination. Even now, I still remember sitting in the basement library of E.G. Hewitt Elementary School, watching the Space shuttle Challenger explode into two smoking trails of debris. And now I will always remember the morning of dismay as the skyline of New York City forever changed. But I believe that while New York City, and even our nation’s policy against terrorism has changed as a result of this unspeakable act, the center core of our being, our American Philosophy, remains unchanged. As a people, Americans believe in something that transcends and incorporates any religion that grants the freedom to live a life full of peace and love. We believe in a spirit that encompasses choice, and unhindered thought. We believe in equality, and the will to succeed. The American Philosophy is not one of war, or of hatred, or of denial. It is evident throughout our history that we are a forgiving people, a giving people, and relatively peaceful people. We have been formed and brought together from all corners of the world. And accordingly, we have turned and sought to give back the freedoms, the pursuits and their rewards of our Philosophy. Years before we fought those who claimed the right of superiority above all others. Yesterday we fought those who claimed the rights of possession. Today we fight against those who claim the righteousness of religion. Tomorrow we will fight a different battle, against a different enemy, but in the end it all is the same thing. Those who oppose freedom, in thought, in word, or in deed, will always be counted as the enemy of the American Philosophy. Those who believe in subjugating others, in destroying the pursuits of prosperity and happiness, will be numbered against us. And those who seek to destroy what we have, merely because we have it, will be fought against with all of our might. And in the end, after countless lives are lost, and millions of dollars have been squandered and wasted, and those who oppose us are imprisoned or dead, the American Philosophy will still survive, unsurpassed. Not because of our might, but because of our right. The American Philosophy will always triumph. Because we believe …that all … are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. This is the American Philosophy. This is what we believe.

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