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Strengthening Community Resilience


Wellbeing through Spiritual Awareness and Action

Mid-Year Report 2016

Lao Buddhism for Development (LBFD)

Ban Thatluang Neua, Saysetha Dist,
Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR
Tel/fax:(+856 21) 453 944 Cell phone: (856 20) 222 8440
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Lao Buddhism for Development (LBFD)

Sponsered by

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List of Abbreviations
About LBFD
Spiritual Development and Practice for Social Engagement

List of Abbreviations

Buddhist Youth Development

Sustainable Development by Faith-based Organizations


Civil society organizations


Dharma Sanchorn or Dharma Mobile Service

Capacity Development for Lao Faith-Based Organizations


Faith-based organizations


Lao Grassroot Leadership Training and Action

Communication and Networking of FBOs


the Government of Laos



Lao Peoples Democratic Republic

Monitoring and Evaluation


Lao Buddhism for Development



Lao Buddhist FellowshipOrganization or Lao Sangha

Organizational Development and Operational Support


Participatory Development Training Centre (Lao, PDR)



Spirit in Education Movement (Thailand)

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About LBFD

The overall goal of this proposed project is achieve the overall happiness, security, sufficiency and wellbeing of Lao communities and Lao people
by broadening and deepening the collaborative actions of faith-based actors
and civil society actors to enhance resilience in economic and ecological sustainability, and social and culturally vibrancy of families and communities.

The strategic approach for this project are emphasis spiritual awareness, inner growth, and social engagement by FBOS and youth, and enhancement of all capacity development aspects of the project for all stakeholders
(faith-based and civil society organisations actors) to increase impact, and
support learning of individual and collective practice in the field.

The key strategies are broadening and deepening the collaborative actions of faith-based actors and civil society actors to build self-reliant, economically, socially, culturally and ecologically sustainable communities, and
support holistic education to counter the negative impact of relentless economic growth and resource extraction on the vulnerable groups of the Lao
population, especially the poor an rural communities

The practice component of the project will be to support communitybased, school-based and temple-based development projects where the outcomes are to be delivered through improved livelihoods, quality learning, and
enhanced spiritual and personal practice of all participants. These projects are
to be initiated by alumni and trained volunteers, and their networks through
collaboration, shared learning and experience and knowledge amongst all actors across the different projects.

The key actors are the Lao Sangha, GLT-L alumni, and Lao civil society organisations that share the vision and mission of value-based sustainable development of people and community. LBFD is the main project applicant and
partner. Other partners are include PADETC and SEM- Thailand. SEM-Thailand has provided mentorship and advised support as needed. SEM is also
continue to facilitate linkage between LBFD and its project actors to faithbased networks and other development networks in the region and beyond to
enhance dialogues and learning

The project consists of seven components: 1) Spiritual Development
and Practice for Social Engagement; 2) Buddhist Youth Development; 3) Sustainable Development by Faith-based Organizations; 4) Capacity Development for Faith-Based Organizations; 5) Communication and Networking of
FBOs; 6) Monitoring and Evaluation; and 7) Organisational Development and
Operation Support.

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1.1 Meditation Practice Training centers

1.1.1. Meditation Practice and training

Spiritual Development and Practice for Social Engagement

Support and promote spiritual development and practice through training
and expansion of spaces for prayerful reflection and practice

By 2018, at least 10 meditation practices centers are developed at least
40 meditation teachers are trained to support promotion of prayerful reflection
and practice among novices and laity

Meditation course was facilitated for 170 monk students of Ongtue

Sangha College, Vientiane Capital, during January 25 to February 6.
Training of teaching method based on Buddha taught for primary and
secondary teacher of Naxaythong district during 16-20 February, 2016.
Training on administration and good governance for abbot of temple
and the traditional master Buddhist ceremony of Naxaithong district,
Vientiane Capital. There were participant by 236 monks/lay people at
Nakhounnoi Temple.
Three meditation masters have participated in organizing the
meditation course in six temples in Saravan, Borkeo and Vientiane
Five monks have participated in training on Buddhist missionary
course in Thailand, during 10-21 May 2016.

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2.1 Buddhist Youth for Environment trained and supported to their

green activities

Provide seedlings and saplings for tree planting


Buddhist Youth Development

2.2 Training in school and Rehabilitation Centers

Build capacity of Buddhist Youth through training and practice to
become moral leaders for young people in schools and communities
1) Buddhist Youth are active in leading schools and communities
activities like tree planting and organic farming
2) Buddhist monks are active in leading school and universities on
Dharma teaching and learning

1st June 2016, two tree-planting events were organized at Nahoy village,
Sangthong district, Vientiane Capital together with Rural Development
Agency and Nakounnoi temple (June, 16). Trees were provided to
attendant for planting in their own area. There were more than 800
people attending and 2,500 saplings were planted.

2.2.1 Extension Dhamma Sanchorn Teaching in schools

33 volunteer monks taught moral lesson in 18 schools in Vientiane

Capital, 956 has attended.

From November 2015 to April 2015, the Green school campaign has
been carried out in two schools in Vientiane Capital: Phonsinoun and
Donnokkhoum, there were 93 students participated. Through this
activity the students have learned to canoodle of mushrooms, vegetables
and appreciated the value of food from nature. The parents supported
the activities by buying the product from the school students.

3) Youth in rehabilitations centers received Dharma training, and

psycho-social support

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2.2.2 Dhamma Teaching for Youth at Rehabilition Centers

(1) Dhamma Sanchorn for Rehabilitation

(2) Dhamma Sanchorn for School for the Blind and Visually impaired
In addition to routine activities on every Sunday, various events and
ceremonies are occasionally arranged through the whole year, such as Laos
New Year ceremony and tree panting event.

Dhamma Sanchorn team has been continuing its healing activities

for Somsanga Rehabilitation in Vientiane Capital. A blessing ritual has been
arranged monthly for patients who are recovered and ready to leave the center.
The Lao New Year celebration has been annually organised in April to
heal. In addition to a spiritual ceremony, patients had the opportunity to attend
sport competitions and also make a connection with Thongpongs blind students
in order that they can empower each other. Thongpong students were invited to
play music in the celebration on April 23.
The team has initiated a small library for ease of reading for patients
emotional pleasure.
Last year, LBFD has supported organic farming activities by providing
some skills and seeding for them. They can produce a good yield and strongly
contribute the canteen of the center. The same activities were extended to the
women patients zone.
Ven. Khamviseth kanlay, former team leader, has leaved the monkhood
and Ven. Phone Makphairath was elected to be the new team leader since June
2.2.3 Dhamma Lectures in Schools and Colleges
Dhamma talk were delivery to two secondary schools in Vientiane
Capital during February-May.

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3.1 Expansion and development work in community (10



3.1.1 Small grant projects

Three alumni in Nongbok district, Khamouane province has continued

to work within their community

Ven. Phithak, GLT alumni in

- Host the librarys income each
Ban Buengsarntherng village,
month comes from donation.
has developed the organic farm,
The LBFD has supported it by
forest preservation, there were
providing necessary resources
300 saplings were planted.
and monthly budget for the

Social, cultural environmental and spiritual wellbeing of targeted
The meditation training every
utilities expense.
communities and schools improved through small projects implemented by
Buddhists day (2 times per month).
alumni and faith-based actors.
Built a vipassana meditation hall. 3.2 Empowerment cooperation
and work skills

Small projects which are ecologically friendly and culturally and Ven. Khamphong in Ban Dongyang 3.2.1 Exposure trip for community
village has built a groundwater development
economically appropriate are initiated and managed by communities and
and two water tanks for organic Two alumni had an exposure visit
farm use, repair fences garden.
to the Jungto society, South Korea
Four families have joined organic
on June 2-10

Sustainable Development by Faith-based Organizations

Ven. Oddy in Ban Mouangkhai

village has planted 20 saplings
around temple and primary
school near by and run traditional
ceremony for funds raising.
The Xaidontai library is a private
non-profit learning center. The
library staffs provides
- Cultural and ethical education
for interested people on Saturday
and Sunday
- Instruction on Lao culture and
belief for local schools
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4.1 Curriculum revision and improvement

4.1.1. Conduct curriculum review and revision

Curriculum revision meeting have been held three times in March and
May 2016.

Capacity Development for Lao Faith-Based Organizations
Faith-Based Organizations are able to improve their capacities and promote
social, cultural, spiritual and moral wellbeing of Lao communities through
learning and practice.
1) Training Curriculum reviewed and revised and printed for use.
2) Various Training courses conducted and feedback from trainers and trainees
3) Site-Visits conducted

4.2 GLT Training

4.2.1 Select and provide training for 30 participants

The 8th GLT training programme was opened for application in 16 June
2016 and potential candidates were interview on July 16-17. This year, there was
29 selected participants form 5 provinces: Vientiane Capital, Bokeo, Saiyabouly,
Luangprabang, Saravan. Most of them already have some experience from
working with GLT alumni in communities.

The orientation was held at Nakhounnoi temple on July 20. Participants
had opportunity to visit many community development actor, project and
organisation, i.e. Sihachak organic farm, Lao positive Health Association, Rural
Development Agency. Then they learn the basic of Sanngha constitution and
basic of Laos Law before starting the full training programme.

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5.2 Communications and Public Education

Books launch events
On January 1st, celebrate on 2 of Buddhist poem canonic jataka (previous
life of the Buddha) were printed, and panel discussion about the book with
the author. 300 monks/laypeople has attended. Ven. Vet Masenai the voice
president of Lao Buddhist Fellowship organization hand over the fund for
next book printing.

Communication and Networking of FBOs

A collaborative network of sustainable community development at national and
provincial level is formed and strengthened to ensure the harmonized social
change action.
- FBO Networks are strong and maintain communication, sharing and learning.
- Strong Community acceptance of FBOs
- Community resilience and wellbeing improved

5.1 Network of FBOs strengthened

5.1.1 Meeting exchange experiences of LBFD networks
February 16-18, meeting exchange
expeinences with SIDSE Lao in
Nyommarath dist, Khammouane

April 30 May 1, Buddhist traditional ceremony for Book celebration event

of the most popular Buddhist Lao pome ( Pra Vet San Don) led by Ven. Vet
Masenai. There was dhamma talk, 400 monks/laypeople has attended to the

10 ..... LBFD Mid-Year Report 2016

Monitoring and Evaluation
Monitoring and Evaluation are conducted to measure the progress, outcomes,
and impact of the actions taken towards achieving goals and objectives
- Regular field monitoring visits undertaken
- Quarterly and Annual Meetings to review project progress held
- Annual Review meetings with stakesholders held
- Final Project Evaluation Conducted in 2018, and Evaluation Report results
shared with all stakesholders
6.1 Regular Monitoring to Field by LBFD
Advisory Visits by SEM

In the first half of year, the director of SEM from thailand, Somboon
Jungprempree, visited Vientiane capital to attended the 2015 annual meeting
(February 29) and the committee meeting on June 7-8.

This year, Mr Somboon has played his mentoring role to networking
between LBFD with Donors.
5.2.4 Radio programs
Satima Panyakerd is a radio program to bring dhamma to listener every
morning. The program co-host by 12 monks and 2 nuns broadcast live
Monday-Sunday at Lao youth radio FM 90.0 Mhz from 6:00-7:00 am.
Broadcast live Friday at FM 99.70 MHz from 4:30-5:00am run by Ven.
Sisouk Saleumkhoun.

6.2 Supports for Review Meetings

6.2.1 Quarterly and Annual Meetings
The quarterly meeting was held on April 8 in order to follow up all
projects and activities.
6.2.2 Staff and Executive Staff Meeting
Staff meeting has been monthly held in order to follow up all activities.
11 ..... LBFD Mid-Year Report 2016

7.3.1 Workshops for Organizational Development

Monitoring & Evaluation training for staffs and Dhamma sanchorn
volunteers were held during June 21-23,2016 and supported by NCA.

Organizational Development and Operational Support
LBFD organizational management and implementation capacity to oversee
project enhanced. LBFDs influence on civil society engagement through
faith-based actors, community leaders and youth leaders in supporting the
7.3.2 Personnel Development
development of self-reliant communities fully recognized and acknowledged
A staff of LBFO has attended a three months course of English for Engaged
Social Service conducted by International Network of Engaged Buddhist
Institute (Feb 20-May 20, 2016)
LBFD staffs are institutionally capable to carry out all project management,
logistical and finance operations tasks
- Staffing to manage all projects recruited and trained
- LBFD office fully equipped and organizational capacity strong

12 ..... LBFD Mid-Year Report 2016