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From Summerhill Sales STABLE LOT 67 [forsee hae usa ‘Admire Main (JPN), Wishing Well (USA) MIYOsHI Promotion (JPN) Lasserton (68) BiB eto tah et Haunting Beauty. Wont Wonderment By ADMIRE MAIN (JPN) (2003- Stud 2009), 4 wins, inc. Aoba Sho, Gr2, Mainichi Hal, Gr3, ‘Tokyo TV Hai, (L), 2nd Japan Dorby, Gr1. st second highost rated 3YO of his generation His sire, SUNDAY SILENCE, champion sire 15 times. His dam, PROMOTION, 3 wins, In Japar Family of leading sires EFISIO and PRINCELY GIFT, Sire in Japan & SA of winners inc. ‘Admirals Eye (slp), Kohaku Fairy, Mio Charleston, Ripe Main, Mamasita, Kalamain, Hyaku, Princess Chichibu, Ginger Biscult, Nkomo, Main Sunday, Hana, Gentlo Desire, Hara, Secret ‘Admirer, The Elmo Effect, Savethelastdance, Ladies Club, Admire The Persian etc. fetdem SS MORN, 3 wins in Zimibabwe, $212,872,943, a2 to 5, 1000 -1 700m, placed 18 times ‘sam o!4 previous foals 3 runners 2 winners inc Moonie Mist (11 f-by Aare Main (iPN)) wim. 113,150, at 3, 1200m, placed 8 times, Supar Commuter (121 by AP. Bre (USA) winner, R87 700. 3, "600%, place 2nd dam FRUNTING BEAUTY. unvaced: Half sister to THRILLING, VOODOO CHARM. Fairy Palace, Uncanny. Sam of 10 foals: 9 rurvers; 3 wlamers inc Natural esas (1 by Barmbo Dancor (CAN) unplaced ine stars al dam of 3 winners: “Fustara: 3 wine, 369,750, at 20% 1000 1300m placed vb times, ne. ona Eas Caper lies Nurscry, L’aamr of 4 winner. Famist(@. by Rambo Dancer (CAN) & wm, 192,715, at So 8, 1800m, placed 12:imes, 3rd dam WONDERMENT (oy Masham (RE), unplaced in 9 starts a 2103, Own str fo AMAZE. MAGIC SQUARE, MAGIC MIRROR sisi: (o COSMONAUT, AUTOBAHN, Decree, dar of 16 foals: 15 runners; 9 winners IRILLING. 40 wins, 755 890. nc. E> BroodarsS. ky 2nd Sttalords Cup, Gre, eth flan Roberson Files Chsh Geet, Hennessy Grand Prix Gre. dam of 7 winners nc FLYING PROMISE 6 wins /2419.171. at 204.1200 -2000m, nc. Alen Sruman S ‘Gostorth Park 4-7-0 HL, placed 10 tas, ne. ane Champion Stakes, Gre, Nomads hart Hoo, 3rd Frst National Sank Get & 8 Mel Geet FLAMING THUNDER 9 wins, F15.000 {600 -2000m inc. Michael Roberts 4, k(3tmes) vooDO0 CHARM. 9 wins, 7275,007. ai 210 51000-2200. ine. Game Gold Cup, Gx ‘OceanairOetby, Gr. Alen Snijman S, Gr.2, Lonsdale Stitup Cup, @r-B, 12 places, ne 2rd Jordactie Barby, @raA SA wo nousand Gee Clatwoos Goid Vasu, GHZ Uncanny 5 wins, 3,408, 18 places nc. 2nd Cape of Good Hope Nursery, Gr Fairy Palace: 4 wins, 856,100, ed ¢> Files Futur, L dam of 4 winners ne Gus AMrack: 2 wine, 739,525,213, 1200m, placed 8 tes: dam of € Winners rc. INIK-NAK: 7 wing, Ré1!,320, nc. Fast Cape Guineas by Ladys Sipper Stakes. E. 4th dam MIRACLE (by Jub (G8)),3 wing, RS.685, at 2104, 000-1400, placod +1 tenes. Hal sister jo MAGIC CHARM Magle Cult. dar o! 16 foal, 15 runners. 8 winnrs Ir COSMONAUT. 6 wins, 0055 inc.