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Power Analytics

Power Analytics Solutions for Data Centers and Network Operations Centers

Taking responsibility for managing the data center or
network operations center that serves as the hub of your
organization’s operations leaves little margin for error...
and zero room for downtime.
With the cost of downtime for some companies exceeding $6 million per hour, knowing your true capacity and
the power implications of technology upgrades, configuration changes, and scheduled system maintenance
procedures is crucial to ensuring a failsafe level of
With our Paladin® DesignBase™ products, users can
simulate, understand, and re-engineer how their entire
data center infrastructure will respond in the event of
unexpected faults or routine system maintenance.
Potential design problems are engineered out, and both
emergency and maintenance procedures can be tested
until they are perfected.
Once a design is “Perfect on Paper,” our on-line
Paladin® Live™ software platform can be deployed to
detect variations between “as-designed” specifications
and actual electrical system performance... enabling it to
accurately predict potential points of failure and ensure
that facilities operate as they were designed to, down to
the smallest component.

EDSA Highlights:

Highly accurate, truly predictive diagnostics
Intelligent alarm management
Adaptive, real-time situational awareness
Global consolidation and standardization
“Black Box” data restoration and analysis
Energy management
Reliability-centered maintenance
Asset management
“BlackBoard” simulation environment
Capacity and resources management

EDSA products meet the standards established by the
International Standards Organization (ISO), the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the Institute of
Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) the Nuclear
Regulatory Commission (NRC), Department of Defense
(DoD), NATO, Det Norske Veritas (DNV), and other
standards bodies worldwide.

EDSA Micro Corporation

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It gives electrical engineering professionals the means to create a highly-detailed knowledge base of their entire proven network including all target performance specifications. e. as well as more routine projects such as system modeling and analysis.g. It includes 40 plus modules for fault analysis. it maintains an uninterrupted. solar power. on-site.. protection coordination. having been selected by thousands of the most demanding customers in every industry to protect more than $100 billion in assets. power flow analysis. implementation. Paladin® SmartGrid™ Paladin® SmartGrid™ is the first commercially-available software platform designed specifically for the on-line management and control of next-generation “hybrid” power infrastructure incorporating both traditional utility power and on-premise power generation. wind turbines. arc flash simulation. . Our training programs offer the perfect mix of traditional classroom instruction and practical. Once on-line. Power Analytics education services EDSA offers a complete range of classroom. and on-going predictive maintenance. file conversion. We offer our clients expertise in the toughest electrical engineering challenges. by examining the cross-infrastructure dependencies between the electrical distribution system and related business processes. 360° view of power infrastructures. Paladin® Live™ Paladin® Live™ intelligently predicts potential vulnerabilities in complex electrical distribution systems. resulting in their being more productive on the job..Products and Services Power Analytics Only EDSA offers the complete range of products and services required to ensure the success of your complete electrical system design. and other functions. and power systems analysis. Paladin® DesignBase™ Modeling Platform Paladin® DesignBase™ is the world’s best-selling and most powerful electrical system design and simulation software platform.. hands-on electrical engineering expertise to ensure a productive and beneficial experience for participants. etc. Power Analytics consulting services EDSA‘s engineering staff – coupled with our external solutions partners – is the world’s most experienced team for solving the most daunting Power Analytics challenges..Our products are the most proven and trusted in the world. battery storage... to continually assess the real-time “health” of equipment and systems. and Web-based training to help customers maximize their knowledge of our products.