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Flute Embrochure Flexibility

by Matt Spencer

Playing octaves is difficult and requires much practice to master.

Here is an excercise that can help with that:

*Have special fingerings

œ #œ œ #œ œ #œ œ œ #œ
& 42 œ #œ œ #œ
œ #œ œ #œ œ #œ œ œ #œ
œ #œ œ #œ œ
* * * *

bœ œ œ bœ œ bœ œ bœ œ œ bœ
& bœ œ bœ
œ œ bœ œ bœ œ bœ œ œ
œ bœ œ bœ œ
* * * *

In many songs there are large "leaps" (Example: Telemann Fantasys).

This tecchnique practice helps a lot with those types of passages.
Progress on this and go faster and faster.

© 2010 Matt Spencer