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How many of you guys have heard of Abu Hurairah (RA)?

Anyone whos
heard any hadith has heard of Abu Hurairah RA.
So before we get to Abu Hurairah, theres a huge background to his story.
The story to Abu Hurairah RA starts with his tribe, and the tribe that he is
from is a famous tribe called Ad-Daus. And Ad-Daus is a famous tribe from
Yemmen. And it was a tribe that was notorious during the jahilli times for all
of the wrong things. It was notorious for having the most idols, it was
notorious for drinking, adultery, a center for adultery, and every other major
sin you can think of.
And they used to have a festival in Ad-Daus where the people of Ad-Daus
used to dance around their idols. And there is a famous hadith in sahih
Bukhari, where the Prophet SAW said, The hour would not come (La
tukummus saa) until the women of the tribe of Ad-Daus would be dancing
around (dhil khalasa) which was one of the idols, the way they would during
jahilliya. So one of the signs of the day of judgment is that society would
revert back to its ways before Islam and this tribe in particular would rebuild
one of their idols and dance around it again. So Ad-Daus is a tribe famous for
all of the wrong reasons.
So the story of how Ad-Daus comes to Islam, starts with a man by the name
of Tufair Ibnu Amr Ad-Dausi (Tufair Ibnu Amr). Now Tufair Ibnu Amr held two
distinctions among his tribe:
1. He was their chief. He is actual Sayyid of that tribe.
2. And he was the chief because he was a doctor, intellectual, poet and
someone loved by everyone in Ad-Daus.
Quick thing actually, during this time, the Arabs used to hold huge poetry
slam sessions where different tribes would compete, kinda like showdown.
And each tribe was supposed to put out their best poet. And Ad-Daus
actually would send their chief. And it was very rare that the person that
would also be the chief of the tribe also be a doctor, the best poet and be the
smartest among them.
And one of these poetry slams would actually happen once year in Mecca.
And this is a well known guy right, hes the chief of his tribe. Like basically
the Omar Salim of Yemen. So particular during this time when he was
traveling to Mecca, word was starting to spread the Tufair Ibnu Amr was
coming. During this time the Prophet SAW had already received revelation,
and at this time the people of the Mecca were trying to keep what they saw
as a problem, the Prophet SAW, hidden from the cities and tribes outside.
They were trying to contain the problem.
So when the people of Mecca heard that Tufair Ibnu Amr was arriving. Abu
Lahab actually met him at the outskirts of Mecca and when he goes there he

tries to scare Tufair. Heres what he tells him, he says Listen, youre going to
the Kabaa. There is a man there that is a saHir. He is a sorcerer. And if you
see him and if you listen to anything that he has to say, then all types of
terrible things are going to happen to you. Your parents going to get a
divorce, your wife will leave, people are going to take all of your money. He is
going to caste some sort of spell on you. So when you go there, dont even
look at him and definitely dont listen to the words that come out of his
Tufair Ibnu Amr asked Well what should do? Abu Jahal had told him to stuff
his ears with cloth when you go to the kabaa. And Tufair says that They
really made me scared of this man.
And when Tufair Ibnu Amr finally went to the Kabaa he saw the Prophet SAW.
And the Prophet is minding his own business. Reading Quran, doing dhikr,
not really bothering anyone. And when Tufair Ibnu Amr sees this he actually
says They made me curious. Theres a hadith of the Prophet SAW where he
once said that sometimes the Muslims are granted victory by the most
wicked of people. And you see this subhanallah even now, with the face that
Islam is still the fastest growing religion even when we have people like
Donald Trump.
So Tufair Ibnu Amr was curious because he said I know how a sorcerer looks.
Im from Ad-Daus we have those guys left and right. And this man (talking
about the Prophet SAW) looked nothing like that.
So finally that curiosity got to Tufair Ibn Amr and he went to the Prophet SAW.
And this was exactly the people of Mecca didnt want to happen. Because if a
man like Tufair became Muslim, as a head of a tribe, its going to spread. So
he went to the Prophet SAW and said Are you that guy that people call a
SaHir, a sorcerer?
So the Prophet SAW smiles and says Yeah, thats me. Naam Yes. Tufair
replied, Famma Andak Well what do you have? Like What are you
reciting? or What are you doing there?
So the Prophet SAW replied by saying There was a book that was revealed
to me by Lord of the heavens and the earth.
Tufair asked Can you recite some to me?
So the Prophet SAW then recited some Quran to him. Some narrations say
that the Prophet had just recited the Khutbah til Hajja, the intro the Khutbah
and that was enough. Some others say it was the three Quls. But anyway.

Tufair is a poet and he recognized poetry. And as the Prophet SAW was
reciting, Tufair recognizes that this wasnt human that not anyone could
have recited or written such words.
And subhanallah here is the best part the Prophet SAW didnt even finish
recited. Tufair stopped him midway and immediately asked, How does
someone enter in your religion?
And the Prophet SAW simply replied Just saw Laillaha Illah Muhammadur
Rassullullah The Shadah. And ideally this is the minimum anyone needs to
become Muslim, right? All they have to believe that there is no god by Allah
and Muhammad SAW is his Messenger.
So Tufair put his hand out and joined his hand with the Prophets and said the
Tufair then asked, You have to come to my city, my tribe in Yemen. Will you
come with me to Ad-Daus and give them Islam?
The Prophet SAW then asked, Is there anyone there behind you? Is there
anyone there that you are sure that will accept Islam?
And eventhough he was the chief that could have commanded his people the
religion. Tufair was honestly, and said La I really dont know if people will
come to the religion.
So the Prophet SAW then said. Okay how about this. You go back to your
people and spread Islam to them first.
Tufair then said. Ya Rassullah, can you ask Allah for a sign an ayah for me so
that I have something to bring back to my people. They are stubborn and I
need something to convince them.
So the Prophet SAW then made dua, and it was then narrated that Allah SWT
put a light in between Tufair Ibnu Amrs eye brows and the narrations said
that it would show at night.
So when Tufair Ibnu Amr saw this he went back to the Prophet SAW and told
him Ya Rasullah. My people are really stubborn. If they see this on my
forehead. They will think someone has cast a spell on me. Can you ask Allah
SWT to put this Noor elsewhere
So the Prophet SAW made dua again and then the light had transferred to
Tufair Ibnu Amrs staff. And like this was a torch or anything. There was
unexplainable light shining out a piece of wood.
And so after this happened Tufair Ibnu Amr became so excited that he
instantly almost went back to Ad-Daus. And he had this idea that everything

was going to work out. That hell tell everyone about the Prophet and God
and Islam and the light that he has and everyone from the tribe will accept to
Tufair Ibnu Abr goes back to Ad-Daus and his first stop is his family. He goes
to his father and he tells him, I have converted to Islam. And his father
replies Im on the religion youre on. His parents were easy.
Tufair then goes to his wife and tell his wife and his wife accepts.
Then Tufair goes out to the people and he has this stick and a clear miracle
and Nooooooo one responds to him. He goes to every single person to his
tribe telling them about Islam showing them the miracle, and he was
rejected by every single person he met except for one person. And that was
a young man.
Can anyone guess who? Abu Hurrairah (RA). He was the only person to
accept Islam from Ad-Daus.
Tufair comes back to Mecca with only Abu Hurairah to show for himself to
show the Prophet SAW.
And he goes up to the Prophet SAW and says Ya Rassullah, my people of AdDaus rejected you and rejected Islam. Tufair is saying this with great shame.
Hes ashamed. And he tell the Prophet SAW, Made dua to Allah against AdDaus. Ask Allah to destroy my tribe.
This was how sick of his people he were.
Abu Hurairah hasnt spoken at all this time and when he heard Tufair say
this, he said softly, Ad-Daus is done. Ad-Daus is screwed.
So the Prophet SAW put his hands up, and instead said Allahu Mahdi
Dausa. Oh Allah guide Ad-Daus. SubhanAllah, such was our messenger.
He then turned to their Tufair ibn Amr and Abu Hurairah and told them Now
go back to your people, and be easy on them and be patient.
Story-------------------------------------------------------So finally onto Abu Hurairah.
Abu Hurairah from Ad-Daus, the only young man to accept Islam was two
1. He was a shepard.

2. He was an orphan.
Back in Ad-Daus when Tufair has first called Islam to Abu Hurairah. Abu
Hurairah had said, When Tufair has talked to me, Iman had instantly come
into my heart. He didnt need any more convincing. Abu Hurairah as a child
was a simple young man and this is how his first meeting with the prophet
SAW went.
When Tufair was saying all these things about Ad-Daus to the Prophet SAW.
The Prophet SAW turned to Abu Hurairah and has him, Well where are you
Abu Hurairah responded by saying, Well, Im from Ad-Daus.
And then the Prophet SAW says, Well I thought nothing good had come from
Ad-Daus. Alhummdulillah at least we got one?
So after this both Tufair and Abu Hurairah went back and continuously did
Dawah and brought a good amount of people from Ad-Daus.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------So onto Abu Hurairahs name. So Abu Hurairah wasnt his actual name. He
real name was AbdAshams Ibn Sahr (The slave of the Son.) during jahiliya.
After he had accepted Islam it was changed to AbdurRahman and the
Prophet SAW game him the nickname Abu Hurrairah, which means father of
the kittens.
And the prophet has given this name to Abu Hurrairah because the first time
he had met the Prophet, he had met him with a cat that he was attached to
when he was a young man. There was a story that when Abu Hurairah was a
shepard, there was a stray cat that he used to feed. And when at night, he
would put the cat in the tree next to his house, and in the morning it would
still be there. And after that, the cat would always be with the cat. (Seerah:
Always feeding cats.)
And subhanallah there are some that would say that cats are attracted to
good people. Their fitra is to go to good people, and thats why cats would be
attracted to Abu Hurrairah. And if you have allergies dont feel bad. T/f
named Abu Hurrairah.
And in the Arab world it was normal to have a kunya, to have a nickname.
And if the Prophet SAW had given you a nickname, this was a means of
honoring. Like if you had a nickname from the Prophet, you were on the Alist, you were special. And oftentimes when the Prophet SAW called you
something, EVERYONE called you it. There was no going back.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------So times go on, and at the age of 30, Abu Hurairah came back to the Prophet
SAW, during the time of Khaybar, about 4 years before the death of the
Prophet SAW.
And now right here we can talk about a lot about Abu Hurairah and his time
in Mecca