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Logan Morrison, Jalen Hollins, Ricky Pradieu, Cyle Herrington

1150 Forestville Rd.

Wake Forest, North Carolina 27587
November 15, 2016
Donald J. Trump
Presidential- elect
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW,
Washington, DC 20500
Dear Donald J. Trump:
We are students from Heritage High School and one very important problem in the United States
is terrorism. Terrorism the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. There
are two different types of terrorism and they are international and domestic. International
terrorism involves violent acts toward people, federal and state law.These types of terrorists
attacks usually are pointed to intimidate the civilian population, and affect the government by
mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping and they generally occur outside the territorial
jurisdiction of the United States. Domestic terrorism is the same thing it just influences the
policy of a government by intimidation or coercion. We have included some cause and effects of
terrorism and we also included what solutions we found.
Terrorism domestic and international is a big problem in today's society .These attacks have been
originating all over the world, The Paris attacks were an example, along with 9/11,The Boston
Bombing, and the terrorist threat against Rio (during the olympics). According to the FBI, 94%
of terrorist attacks carried out in the United States from 1980 to 2005 have been by nonMuslims. This statistic shows that every 47 out of 50 terrorist attacks in the U.S are either nonmuslims or outside powers or even inside powers. An example of an inside attack of non-muslim
terrorism is the Sandy Hook shooting. This was caused by an United States citizen by the name
of Adam Lanza. The point of my statement is terrorism can't be stopped when people have free
will, but I'm not saying take their rights away, in the united states this would be highly
unconstitutional.terrorism is not a joke we hear and see it every day, over the news, radio, and
even in our wildest dreams. Some people actually have to live through the suffering of not
knowing and losing loved ones each and every day. terror can only be stopped when there is no
more fear.

There are a lot of causes of Terrorism; some of the causes are social and political justice,
religion,illiteracy and injustice. Religion plays a huge role in terrorism because terrorist don't
understand what and how to life it. Ever since the 1980s there has been an increase in terrorist

attacks around the world. One of the causes of Terrorism is social and political justice. This
causes terrorism because attackers chose to attack when they think they are losing some of their
land. Terrorist use violence because they think that violence is the only way to respond. Another
cause of Terrorism is illiteracy. Illiteracy is when someone is unable to read or write. Illiteracy
has to deal with Terrorism because the lack of education can be a cause of Terrorism. Possibly
young adults or kids that are uneducated would be able to be persuaded to commit a crime and
they dont have a common sense or high thinking ability. Another cause is injustice because
terrorist could get offended or angry because they think that the justice system is unfair. Since
they are not able to change it the way that they react to it is violence.
Some long-term and short-term effects of terrorism are death, fatal or non-fatal injuries,
psychological trauma, of the immediate victims. Also long -term impact on the economy of the
attacked country, and enhanced security, military and intelligence activities to deter further
attacks because if a place gets attack by terrorist we will most definitely be more cautious and
enhanced military service. Also as a huge impact on consumer confidence. Another effect is
social and political injustice the belief that violence or its threat will affect religious and
injustice. Another immediate effect is infrastructure damage on buildings and other places. A rise
in the military is another example of a long term effect , fewer restrictions on the detention and
interrogation of suspects and possible direct military or police action to eliminate perceived
threats. Also may include a creation of new agencies or enhancement of existing agencies to
screen mail and other forms of communication and to guard essential nation and local
In conclusion, we can see that Terrorism is a very big problem in the United States today and
also how Terrorism had immediate effects and long term effect to the United States. But also
how we need to control terrorism internationally and domestically. We also see why some
terrorist attack unharmed places and the main reason is religious reasons. In all we are asking
you President elect Donald Trump to rise our military and reduce the amount of terrorist attacks

Logan Morrison, Jalen Hollins, Ricky Pradieu, Cyle Herrington

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