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No one gift touches more lives
Strengthening our Community

Columbus Jewish Federation


Annual Report

table of contents

from the executives desk

We Are One

Where the Money Goes

Our Honor Roll 2010 List of


2010 Allocations Listings


Our Leadership 2010 Columbus Jewish

Community Board

This is the Annual Report of the Columbus Jewish Federation, the central address of the organized Jewish Community of Central Ohio. Contents may not be copied, reproduced, republished or
used for any purpose without advance written consent of the Federation. For permissions and other inquiries, please contact Marketing Director Adam Reiss at the Columbus Jewish Federation,
1175 College Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43209; call 614.237.7686; or email For additional information go to or

do something
The Columbus Jewish Community isstrong and vibrant, with 8 synagogues and 9communal agencies that impact every aspect of
Jewish life in Central Ohio. Recently,the Federation developed a brochure thatreviews all the amazing qualities of our community
and the many ways that Jewish Columbus isputting itself on the map. Themost important part of this brochure may be Our

We aspire to become the best community for young Jewish professionals; for Jewish programs to be accessible to young families; and
to ensure our seniors have the facilities and opportunities to live in dignity. We aspire to make Columbus the most vibrant Jewish
community in the world. To achieve these lofty goals we will need the commitment of everyone in our community. A commitment
to care for those in need, to engage actively in communal life, and togive our children and grandchildren the ability to flourish. We
will need everyone to do something EXTRAORDINARY.

According to oursages, the definition of Judaism is seeking to expand righteousness and justice in the world. Herein lies our opportunity to connect more Jews and to create a Community of Purpose.

Columbus is that Community of Purpose an environment that is caring, inspiring and seeks to connect Jews inCentral Ohio
with oneanother and to Jews in Israel and around the world. Please help our Community of Purpose grow, build and become a
model for all communities around the world. Help us do something EXTRAORDINARY.


Jeff Coopersmith
Board Chair

Marsha F. Hurwitz
Jeff Coopersmith Marsha F. Hurwitz
Federation Board Chair Federation President & CEO

President & CEO

2010 Allocations Summary

Overseas Funding

helping to care for the most vulnerable in Israel and more than 60 countries around the world


Vulnerable Populations

Ohio Jewish Communities


Workforce Program


advocates for Ohios Jewish Communities in state and federal government

job training/career services for unemployed Jews

Domestic Violence Services

specialized services for the Jewish Community

Partnership 2000 (P2K)

builds one-on-one connections between the Columbus Jewish

community and our partner city, Kfar Saba


Jewish Community Relations

engagement with the broader community, including government

affairs and interfaith councils

Holocaust Education

engages the public in learning about intolerance, anti-Semitism

and other lessons of the Holocaust

the community-based process that assesses our communitys

needs and establishes funding priorities

Senior Case Management






provides basic needs to Jews living in poverty

in Russia and other former Soviet Republics
maximizes independent living for Jewish elderly
for seniors to receive medical services, warm meals and other
senior programs in the community

Support for Basic Humans Needs

supporting the humanitarian and social service needs of Jews

in Israel and in 62 countries around the Jewish world

Senior Life Enhancement


lunches, educational and social programs for seniors

Case Management

for community programs and synagogue services

for Survivors of Nazi persecution living in the community

Training for Caregivers/Families

on issues unique to Survivors of Nazi Persecution

Community Emergency Fund


Nursing Care for Seniors

Capital R&R, Reserves and Shrinkage


Community Chaplaincy

for unanticipated communal emergencies

repairs made to Federation-owned College Avenue facilities,
contributions to communal reserves and uncollectable pledges

Nishmat Ethiopian Women


prepares marginalized Ethiopian-Israeli women for university

and professional schools


Columbus Community Kollel


pluralistic Jewish education for adults

outreach and engagement to strengthen Jewish identity

Israel Emissary Program

support for Jewish elderly in need at Wexner Heritage Village

Israeli Guide Dog

Hebrew-language training for guide dogs in Israel


support for the Israel advocacy and educational efforts implemented

throughout Central Ohio by our Community Shaliach

provides in-home health care to our communitys seniors,

allowing them to live in the comfort and familiarity of home

Kfar Shalem Program

Pre-School Scholarships

for Jewish children to attend JCC pre-schools

Pre-School Programming

maintains best in class programming for Jewish pre-schools,

providing a solid foundation on which to build a Jewish life




early intervention programs for Ethiopian children living in Kfar Saba

Young Adults & Next Generation


Hearts Program

Day Camp Programming


after-school day care center for at-risk children in Kfar Saba

support for JCC Day Camp

Day School

spiritual support for non-affiliated Jewish in hospitals and nursing homes

In-Home Services

Florence Melton Mini-School


assists at-risk Jewish individuals and families with in-house

and community-based counseling, case management and emergency assistance.


funds raised in the 2010 Annual Campaign were allocated to local programs and services, supporting those in need

Children and Education

Hunger Relief in Former Soviet Union



Deaf Interpreters

Indigent Burial

Columbus Jewish Historical Society

Community Planning

Bonei Mishpachot

Local Funding

support for day school education

Day Camp Scholarships

Jewish Supplementary Education


Jewish Student Outreach on Campus


Ohio Valley Hillel Consortium


Ben-Shemen Youth Village


Shabbat Dinners for College Students


Birthright Israel


a unique Israeli boarding school providing education and support to

Jewish children from diverse backgrounds

10 day trips to Israel for 18 - 26 year olds


social and educational programming for teens

Counseling for College Students

Kosher Caf on Campus


Special Needs Inclusion



Adult Education


Jewish Education and Religious Services for College Students $42,000

educational services for religious school students with special needs

synagogue and agency-based Jewish learning for adults

Help Me Grow

serves Jewish families with children under 3 years of age

with developmental delays




Jewish Overnight Camp Scholarships


Jewish Education & Identity (JEdI)


after school care and Jewish programming

assists local individuals and institutions in enhancing the

quality of Jewish education, including the creation of new
initiatives in complementary education

Early Intervention


Chabad Friendship Circle


Professional Development


identifies and remedies developmental

delays for Jewish children in a school setting
pairs children with disabilities with teen mentors
for local Jewish educators to ensure they remain best in class

support services for at-risk youth entering the Israeli army


Israel Engagement


Leadership Development


Israel Advocacy on Campus


PJ Library




bridging the gap between Columbus and Israel through programs like
Israel Experience (sending teens and college students to Israel) and missions
preparing our community for the future, including Leadership 21,
the Federations program targeting the next generation
equips students with the knowledge and confidence to advocate
strongly for issues critical to Israel
outreach to young families through Jewish books and music
outreach to Jews in Northwest and Northeast Columbus

Young Adult Division (YAD)


programs and activities for Jewish adults between 21 and 40 years of age

roll of honor
Paul and Kim Abelman
Darla and Lee Abraham
Fred and Renee Abramovitz
Beth Abramovitz
Scott and Bonnie Abramowitz
Herbert C. and Ruth Abrams
Rabbi Steve and Barbara Abrams
Russ Abrams
Shirley Abrams
Honey Abramson
Lawrence and Laurie Abramson
Marc Abramson
Samuel and Gilda Abramson
Judge Alan and Lillian Acker
Steven Acker
Leah Weintraub and Greg Adams
Jeffrey Adams
Mitchell and Sarah Adel
Barry and Deborah Adelman
Ed and Kim Adelson
Chase and Andrea Adkins
Fred and Frieda Adler
Martin Adler
Mousa and Shelly Aframian
Jay and Cheryl Agranoff
Reuben and Rachel Ahroni
Shirley Ain
Fanya Aleksandrovskaya
Laurie Alexander
Michael Alexander and Jane Mitchell
Mark and Joy Alfonso
Jamie and Steve Allen
Daniel and Lynne Allen
Jan Leibovitz Alloy
Benjamin and Wendy Almasanu
Arnold and Andrea Alpert
Julie and Seth Alpert
Jerold and Arline Altman
Victor Altman and Anny Tverskaya
James and Ruth Altschuld
Joel and Jody Altschule
Claude and Sylvia Amar
Pamela Andrews
Rabbi Levi and Aviva Andrusier
Anheuser-Busch Foundation
Marc and Judy Ankerman
Esther Antler
Rabbi Howard L. Apothaker and Marcie Golden
Stuart Appelbaum and Susie Stan
Todd and Michelle Appelbaum
David Applebaum
Debby and Neal Applefeld
Arlene Armstrong
Randall Arndt and Jeffrey Baker
Stewert and Sonia Aron
Solomon and Maria Aronov

roll of honor
Manne Aronovsky
Robert and Joan Aronson
Elliott and Heather Asch
Herb Asher
Rustam and Inna Ashrapov
Lynn and Wayne Aspey
Marilyn Atlas
Jessica Atleson
Joanne Aubrey
Bruce and Patricia Auerbach
Michael and Carol Aurnou
Sharon Austin
David and Beth Axelrod
Mira and Gregory Axelrud
Larry and Sara Babich
Ted and Bronwen Babich
Libby Babich
Irwin and Beverly Bain
June Sahara and Susan Bader
Irving and Marcia Baker
Miriam Baker
Sam Baker
Emma Bakman
Avi and Susie Bality
A. J. Ball and Susan May Ball
Craig and Jody Ballas
Benjamin B Balshone PACE Fund
H. Randy and Ruth Bank
Rabbi Benjy Bar Lev
Donald and Linda Barger
Irving and Ruth Barkan
Neal Barkan
Toby Barkan
Timothy and Cynthia Barker
Scott Barkin and Maureen Gallagher
Robert and Dawn Barkley
Gary and Elaine Barnett
Randy Barnett
Richard and Terri Barnett
Richard and Annelyn Baron
Malcolm and Dolores Baroway
George Barrett
Karen Basinger
Isaak Baskin
Barbara Baum
Julie Beatty
Louis and Mabel Becker
Neal and Alisa Becker
Ralph and Evelyn Becker
Alice and Kenneth Beckholt
Charlotte Beckman
Gary and Stacy Beckman
Ken and Michelle Beckman
Bettye and Albert Beim
Garold and Elaine Beim
David and Debra Belinky
Howard and Gayle Bellin

Vyacheslav and Sofia Belousov

Alan Berliner
Chaim and Malka Ben-Dor
Avi and Joy Benatar
Shirley and Gil Benatar
John and Roberta Bender
Todd and Cheryl Bendis
Jerry and Jackie Benis
Stuart and Yass Benis
Roger and Madalyn Benjamin
Meyer and Beverly Benzakein
Lauren Berdy
Michael Berenstein
V. and V. Bergelson
Jeanette Berger
Allan and Gladys Berger
Rabbi Benjamin and Rachel Berger
Greg and Vicki Berger
Jennifer Berger
Leon and Meira Berger
Robert and Lori Bergman
Burton and Margie Berk
Karen Berk
Aaron Berkovich and Elena Kuchak
Jackie and Wendy Berkowitz
Lawrence and Donna Berlin
Marilyn Berliner
Rabbi Harold and Beth Berman
Ted and Lauren Bernard
Benton and Harriet Bernstecker
David Bernstein and Inna Simakovsky
Helen Bernstein
Jack and Amira Bernstein
Robin Bernstein
David and Esther Bernzweig
Alan and Lori Berzow
Bentsion and Mira Bilenko
David J. Binkovitz
Beatrice Binsky
Lawrence and Kimberly Binsky
Shana Birely
Micha and Natalie Bitton
Sol and Esther Black
Allan and Judy Blair
Barbara Krakoff Blair
Bradley and Susan Blair
Scott and Lori Blair
Ronald and Ruth Ann Blank
Barry and Denise Blank
Marvin and Susan Blank
Betsy Blazar
Lawrence and Carol Blazar
Sylvia Blazar
Dan and Nicolette Bloch
Diana Bloch
Janis and Michael Bloch
Jonathan Bloch

Joyce E. Bloch
Alan J. and Theresa Block
Charles and Constance Block
Eleanor Block
Ellery and Marsha Block
Jean Block and Nancy Patton
Allen and Cathy Bloomberg
Caryn Bloomberg
Michael and Ina Bloomfield
Joseph and Nancy Blum
Michael and Sarah Blumenfeld
Ted and Mildred Blumenfeld
Sergei Lobanov-Rostovsky and Amy Blumenthal
Jeffrey Bobier
Galen Bock
David and Jill Bolon
Alexander and Sofia Bogin
Rabbi Jesse and Chani Boiangiu
Andrew and Karen Bokor
Lauren Bonfield and Stephen Keyes
Marvin and Anne Bonowitz
Natalya and Scott Borack
Myer Bornstein
Robert and Sandra Bornstein
Willard and Terry Bornstein
Jeff and Pam Borovetz
Shirley Boster
James and Tracey Bowman
Roy and Sara Boyd
Viktor and Oksana Boyko
Philip and Carol Bradley
Jolie Brams
Eva Tibor and Jay Brand
Ron and Lois Brandler
Julie and David Brand
Adam and Eleanor Brandt
Charles D. Brandt
David and Barbara K. Brandt
Michael Brandt
Burl Braver
Irene Braverman
Eric and Cheryl Bravo
Felix and Lyudmila Brener
Ken and Robin Brenneman
James and Barbara Brenner
Michael Brickey and Deborah Stutman-Brickey
Jean Brief
Toby Brief
Leonard and Janice Brillson
Stephen Britcher
Andrew Brodey and Eugenia Erlij
Helen Brody
David and Nancy Brody
Norman and Gloria Brody
Michael and Deborah Broidy
Rose Broidy
Jason Bromberg

Rakhil Bromberg
Steven and Beverly Bromet
Crystal Bronchik
Herbert and Joyce Bronstein
David and Cathy Brookfield
Shari and Stephen Brooks
Corinne Brown
Eileen Brown
Eric and Marilyn Brown
Marvin and Connie Brown
Monica Vera Brown
Robert and Nancy Brown
Jeanna Brownlee
Barry and Lindalee Brownstein
Irving and Audrey Brownstein
Stewart and Cindy Brownstein
John and Marilyn Brumenschenkel
Lee and Amy Budin
Ettya Bulkovshteyn
Shira Burg
Dan and Marianne Burkhart
Nancy and Harry Burman
Allan and Katherine Burkman
Howard and Ellen Burnett
Jeff and Melanie Butter
Herbert and Celia Byer PACE Gift
Howard and Phyllis Byer
Frans Byvank and Bette Feist
Florence Cabakoff
Sandra Cabakoff
Steve Cabakoff
Ellery Cadel
Joseph and Monica Calabrese
Neal Callif
Sheila Camden
Seth and Jennifer Cammeyer
Judy and David Canowitz
Michael and Vicki Canter
Charles and Victoria Wroe Cantor
Vicki Cantor
Kara Cantu
Bernie Caplin
Ronald and Jackie Carmen
Russell and Randi Carnahan
Marc and Lisa Carroll
Neil and Marcia Carron
Jonathon and Michele Cassell
Sanford and Melissa Caust-Ellenbogen
Paul and Diane Centolella
Sidney and Adrienne Chafetz
Bruce Chapman and Lois Winnick-Chapman
David Charlowe
Deborah J. Charney
Dan and Leslie Chase
Gary Chasin
Sharon Chelnick and Chris Wojno
Steven and Gretchen Chenenko

Mimi Chenfeld
Felix and Lyubov
Gary and Margey Cheses
Emmie Cheses and Dan Jones
Andrea Chessin
Dayna Chessin
Sheldon and Jacqueline Chizever
Samara Chodosh
Cantor Jack Chomsky and Susan Gellman
Helen and William Chronister
Marjorie Ciranni
Lewis and Nancy Claman
Robert and Gail Clark
Ronald Clowson
Arthur and Miriam Clubok
Lonnie and Rose Coburn
Susan Coe
Mark and Mindy Coffey
Bennett and Lauren Cohen
Bernard and Lajune Cohen
Bill and Randi Cohen
Bruce Cohen
Daniel and Natalie Cohen
David Cohen
David and Elizabeth Cohen
Douglas and Julie Cohen
Eugene and Celia Cohen
I. David and Rita Cohen
Irvin Cohen
Isaac Cohen
Joseph and Frances Cohen
Joseph and Phyllis Cohen
Judy Cohen
Kenneth and Paula Cohen
Marilyn and Irvin A. Cohen
Phylis and Bob Cohen
Rick and Sherri Cohen
Rob and Sheila Cohen
Robert and Naomi Cohen
Howard and Jodi Cohen
Robert and Wendy Cohen
Sandra Cohen
Sarita Cohen
Steve and Bunny Cohen
Steve and Wendy Cohen
Violet and Jack Cohen
Herman Cohn
Norman and Margaret Cohn
Paul and Marcy Cohn
William and Sandi Cohn
Andrew and Fanny Cohodes
Sharon Kahn Cohodes
Paul Colbert and Kathryn Both
Stuart and Marilyn Cole
Columbus Jewish Foundation PACE Fund
Andrew and Cheryl Colvin

Leonard and Marcia Comeras

Congregation Beth Messiah
Congregation Beth Tikvah
Stuart and Marilyn Cooper
Marjie and Jeff Coopersmith
Sue Corcoran
Alan and Shelly Corn
John and Catherine Cory
Stephanie Cotell
Gary and Lana Covel
Corinne and Jeff Covel
Susan Covensky
Cheryl Cox
Barbara Crabill
Jeffrey and Joanne Crair
Seth Cramer
Harriet Crawford
Rabbi Melissa Crespy and Lawrence Kaufman
Evelyn Cruikshank
Randall Cuenot and Marian Elman Cuenot
Daniel and Jami Cullen
Diane (zl) and Millard Cummins
Helene Cweren and Paul Goldstein
Sheila Dachner-Thrush and Michael Thrush
Diana Jo DAngelo-Wolff
Robert and Beverly Darwin
Nelya Dashevskaya
Galina Dashevsky
Victor and Elaine Dashevsky
Mara Dashkovsky
Ed and Adele Dauerman
Marshall and Miriam David
Adam and Heather Davidoff
Elliot and Marjorie Davidoff
Frederick and Holly Davidorf
Zeev and Galia Davidovitch
Arthur and Betty Davidson
James and Janis Davidson
Marc and Laura Davidson
Raisa Davidson
Adam Davis and Alexandra Schimmer
Doug and Barbara Davis
Murray and Jill Davis
Yigal and Jodi Dayan
Rabbi Zalman and Sarah Deitsch
Todd and Eliza Delman
Marci and Larry Delson
Allard and Shelly Dembe
Martha Deniro
David and Julie Dennison
Chuck Derrow and Susan Couden
David and Muriel Derrow
Sol and Catherine Derrow
Dan Dershowitz and Debra Gross
John and Marah Derzon
Ari and Ann Deshe
Elie Deshe

Stanley and Karen Deutsch

Susan and Jon Diamond, Jillian, Joshua and Jacob
Jose and Karen Diaz
Arlen and Beth Dickstein
Fichel and Rozalia Dlikman
Lynn and Jerry Dobb
Eric Dolen and Marty Ross-Dolen
Jason and Lisa Dolin
Jeffrey and CeCe Dollin
Mortimer and Fern Dolman
Daniel and Rachel Dolsky
Daniel and Irene Donhowe
Mark and Monica Dornfeld
Ted and Shirlee Doron
James and Barbara Dowell
Rabbi Avrohom and Hope Drandoff
Joshua and Dottie Dressler
Stanley and Cheryl Dritz
Joshua Dritz and Jennifer Schneider
Madelon Dritz
David and Lynne Driver
Albert Drobiz
Philip Drotleff
Alex and Sandi Dubin
Dmitriy and Natalya Dubinskiy
Evan and Kari Dubro
Boris Dubrovsky
Jules and Cyril Duga
Emils Dulkin and Sofiya Sheynina
Alexander and Ilana Dvorkin
Grigoriy and Alya Dvorkin
Kalman and Wanda Dworkin
Leo M Dworkin
Michael and Carole Dworkin
Cindy Ebner
Sylvia Ebner
Michael and Jeanne Eckel
Kenny and Suzanne Ecker
Robert and Deborah Ecker
Rhoda and Aaron Edelman
Rik and Linda Edwards
Fannie K. Effron
Yulia Patlashenko and Igor Efremenkov
Randi Eisen
David and Laura Einstein
Adam and Jill Eisenberg
Anita Eisenstein
Richard and Christine Eisenstein
Rabbi Tzion and Robin Elbaz
Ilya Elbert
Mikhail and Shifra Elkind
Florence Ellenbogen
Geri Ellman
David and Emy Ellsley
Victor and Lori Elman
Rabbi Jeffrey and Karen Elson
Lynn and Eric Emerman

roll of honor
Marsha Emerman
Todd and Maureen Emoff
Rob Emrich
Alvin and Alleen Engelman
Shirley Engelman
Philip and Shelley Engler
Guido Epelbaum
Rita Eppler and David Goss
Anita S Epstein
Janet and Michael Epstein
Joan Epstein
Rabbi Joel and Janice Keil Epstein
Mark and Jean Epstein
Michael and Rebecca Epstein
Nancy Epstein
Ronald and Bobbi Erd
Ron and Joyce Erkis
Michael Erlich
Mike and Sheryl Erlichman
Renato and Edith Ermann
Mark and Lisa Ermine
Sheldon and Marilyn Estreicher
Jason Crabill and Melanie Everett
Marc and Erin Fagin
Sanders and Sally Farber
Patrick and Julienne Fardal
Robert and Merrel Farrington
Ronald Feerer
Stanton and Bette Feerer
James and Babette Feibel
Jonathan and Lori Ann Feibel
Troy and Pearl Feibel PACE Fund
Edward and Susann Feierman
Gloria and Henry Feinberg
Jeff and Tracy Feinberg
Martin and Gail Feinberg
Sherry Feinstein
Bryan Feldman and Melissa Zox-Feldman
Elliott Feldman
Gary and Lauren Feldman
Judy and Burt Feldman
Samuil and Klara Feldman
Sam Feldman
Toba Jeanne Feldman
Greg and Pamela Feldman-Hill
Jonathan and Katie Feldstein
Laurence and Harriet Felsenthal
James and Gail Ferber
Steven and Patty Feuer
Barbie Feuer-Stern and Geoffrey Stern
Robert Fierman
Efim and Valeria Filer
Rabbi Josh and Aliza Finegold
Eric and Amy Fingerhut
Howard and Sondra Fink
Steven Fink and Nancy Kaufmann
Daniel and Patricia Finkelman

roll of honor
Jack and Melanne Finn
Steve and Janet Fireman
Sylvia Fireman
Mark and Samone Fischer
Jeffrey and Dianne Fish
Lora Fish
Nina Fish
Marc and Joan Fishel
Henry and Goldie Fisher
Robert Fisher and Roberta Garber
Ted and Judy Fisher
Thomas and Shaaron Fisher
Anatoliy and Marina Fishilevich
David and Julie Fishman
Marilyn Fishman
Steven and Barbara Fishman
Yefim and Lelya Fishman
Tamra Fitzpatrick
Debbie Fladen
Michael Flamm and Jennifer McNally
Bruce and Tammy Fleishman
Marvin Fletcher
Yuval and Nerit Flicker
Michael and Carole Fliegel
Brian Flox and Janet Schalinske
Irvin and Barbara Flox
Harold Flox
Chari and Michael Fogel
Ryan Fogelman
Carol and Jeffrey Folkerth
Michael and Barbara Folmar
Debra Folpe
Norman and Joan Folpe
Richard and Marcy Forman
Larry and Barb Frackman
Emilia Fradina
Daniel Frank and Adena Tanenbaum
Michael and Colleen Frank
Moshe and Sarah Frank
Sharon Frank
Sylvan and Bonita Frank
Edwin and Anna Frankel
Elaine Frankel
Gerald and June Frankel
Bill and Andrea Franklin
Tina Frazier
Bob and Susie Fredman
Frank Friedman and Colette Chandler
Kelly Friedman
Peggy Freed
Roberta Freed
Ruth Freed
Cheri Freedman
Dorothy and Robert Freedman
Florlyn Freedman
David and Karen Freel
Harvey and Evelyn Freeman

Charles and Linda Freidenberg

Bruce and Anita Freimark
Connie Freundlich
Samuel and Gigi Fried
Philip and Shirley Friedland
Jeffrey Friedlander
Julie and Randal Friedlander
Alfred and Marcia Friedman
Barry and Susanne Friedman
Cindy and Bill Friedman
Edward and Lily Friedman
Florence Friedman
Jerome Friedman
Robbie and Tali Friedman
Roger and Marilyn Friedman
Scott and Rachel Friedman
Steven and Kimberly Friedman
Tod and Cheri Friedman
Tom and Linda Friedman
Tom and Mary Fries
Linda and Jeffrey Fromson
Alex and Zina Furman
Franklin Furman
Leonard and Florence Furman
Sandra Mendel Furman
Avi and Julie Gabbay
Steven and Patricia Gabbe
Marjorie Gaffin
Ron and Lynne Gaines
Stacey Gaines
Yevgeny Gakh
Irwin (zl) and Wendy Galan
Irwin and Marilyn Galinkin
Kriss Galloway
Yakov Galbmillion
Mark and Jenny Gams
Gail Gandal
Glen and Christine Gardner
Marjorie Garek
Jules and Judy Garel
Constance Garringer
Dorothy Garson
Bruce Gartner
Zelda Garver
Julian and Evelyn Gawiser
Steven and Kim Geiger
Sherri Geldin
Martin and Dorothy Gelender
Stanley and Rhoda Gelles
Fred Needham and Sima Gellman
Jacob and Fanya Gelman
Roza Gendina
Jason and Shari George
Beth and Tim Gerber
Bernard Gerson
Thelma Gerson
Yakov and Faina Geyfman

Yousef and Rita Ghodisizadeh

Aaron and Tracey Gilbert
Bruce and Lori Gilbert
Irwin and Bebe Gilbert
William and Rhoda Gilbert
Lawrence and Marilyn Gill
Gary and Esther Gillett
Allene Gilman, zl
Rabbi David and Shulamit Ginsburg
Esther Ginsburg
Arkadiy Gips and Marina Platitsyn
Nina Girina
Robert and Elizabeth Gitter
David and Betya Gizuterman
Steven and Julie Glaser
Stephanie Glass
Andrew Glassman and Julie Block-Glassman
Ruth Glassman
Bruce Glatter and Bob Germain
Mark Glazman and Janyce Katz
Perry and Patricia Gletzer
Albert Glick
Bradley and Jennifer Glick
Harvey and Audrey Glick
Dr. Evan Blumer and Lynn Glickman
Ellen Glimcher
Herb and DeeDee Glimcher
Michael and Denise Glimcher
Clara Golba
David and Patricia Gold
Yitzchak Gold
Danny Goldach
David Goldach
Marjorie and Eli Goldach
Donald and Abby Goldbaum
Donald and Judith Goldberg
Gene Goldberg and Cheri Papier
Hollie Goldberg
Jason Goldberg
Lois Goldberg
Michael and Anita Goldberg
Nathan and Elaine Goldberg
Robert and Sylvia Goldberg
Sam Goldberg
Rabbi William Goldberg
Steve and Jackie Goldblatt
Andrea Goldblum
Farrel and Kim Golden
Fran and Ronald Golden
Keith Golden
Richard and Tammie Golden
Rick and Cheryl Golden
Roberta Golden
Robert and Sherry Goldenberg
Joy Mosser Goldfarb and David Goldfarb
Shirley Goldhaber
Earl Goldhammer

Dorothy Goldin
Larry and Ruthellen Goldin
Matt and Betty Goldish
Bradley and Katherine Goldman
Florence Goldman
Seena Goldman
Helene Goldmeier
Maynard and Miriam Goldmeier
Terry and David Goldmeier
Ara Goldshtein
Ozis and Khana Goldenshtern
Alex and Yulia Goldshteyn
Clara, Joseph and Dana Goldslager PACE Fund
Lawrence and Audrey Goldsmith
Linda Goldsmith
Marty and Kathy Goldsmith
Jamie and Jenni Goldson
David and Amy Goldstein
Judge Harry S. Goldstein
Marcia Goldstein
Robert Goldstein
Sylvia E. Goldstein
Wendie Goldstein Starr
Miron and Zina (zl) Golod
Stacy Golub
Michael and Joy Gonsiorowski
Arnold Good and Lisa Newmark
State Senator David and Heather Goodman
Jane F. Goodman
Michael and Robin Goodman
Miriam Goodman
N. Victor and Elaine Goodman
Michael and Robin Goodstein
William and Rena Gordon
Izya and Innesa Gorenshtein
Aryeh and Marci Gorenstein
Joel and Dana Gorfinkel
Harry and Mary Gottesman
Martin and Jenny Gottesman
Ken and Marie Gould
Harriet Grail
Marc and Wendy Granche
Jeffrey and Isabelle Grayfer
Elliott and Pat Grayson
Nikolay and Polina Grebelsky
Harriet Green
Leslie and Harold Green & Family
Mark and Karen Green
Barnett and Suzanne Greenbaum
Robert Greenbaum
Arthur and Molly Greenberg
Dan and Fran Greenberg
Josh and Amy Greenberg
Larry and Patti Greenberg
Marvin and Maxine Greenberg
Robert Greenberg
Roslyn Greenberg

David and Susan Greenberger

Lois Greenblott
Phyllis Greene
Karon and Gerald Greenfield
Cheryl Greenhut
Paul and Laura Greenland
Jack and Rachel Greenspan
Edith Greentree
Herb and Francine Greff
Joel and Stacey Greff
Michael and Nancy Greff
Scott and Elina Greiff
Shelley Grieve-Zerkel and Danny Zerkel
Michael Griffaton and Deborah Costa
David and Leslie Grimm
Nathan and Anna Grinshpun
Jon Grischkan and Jennifer Slate Grischkan
Jonathan Groner and Cathy Levine
Jerome and Marjorie Gross
Abby and Matthew Grossman
Andrew and Shylee Grossman
Barry and Denise Grossman
Beatrice Grossman
Jeffrey and Anita Grossman
Lillian Grossman and Steve Elliott
Marvin S. Grossman zl
Neal and Estelle Grossman
Stuart Grossman
Elliott Gruber
Rachel Gruber
Marianne Guinioux
Jean-Michel Guldmann
Bonnie Guller-Montera
Allen and Muriel Gundersheimer Jr.
Shaula Gurari
David and Barbara Gurevitz
Michael and Luann Gurevitz
Rebecca Gurk
Bruce and Nancy Gurwin
Phillip and Florence Gurwin
Preston and Stephanie Gurwin
Scott and Pam Gurwin
Paul Guth and Sherry Magnuson
Peter Guthoff and Joanne Davis
Rose Ruth Gutentag
Leslie and Gloria Gutter
June K. Gutterman
Daniel and Patty Guttman
Darryl and Polly Haas
Hattie Haas
Larry and Leslie Haas
Reva Haberman
Audrey Hackman
Jerome Hackman and Linda Katz
Marcia Hagler
Rebecca Haidt and Kaye Norton
Eva Haig

Marc and Ellen Half

Lydia and Albert Hall
Michael and Joyce Hallet
Robert and Sunnie Hallet
Sonia Hallet
Joshua Halper
Seymour and Sharon Halpern
Jon and Julie Handler
Stephen and Carol Handler
Trina Handler
Jeffrey and Melissa Hanin
Randy and Harriette Hansell
Abe and Donna Hara
Robert and Phyllis Hardy
Deborah Harner
Steve and Michelle Harr
Betty and Larry Harris
Marian Harris
Marshall and Annette Harris
Stephen and Marsha Harris
Ranald and Kate Hay
Carla Harris-Springer and Clint Springer
James Hatch
Lee Hatch
Ira F. Hattenbach
Nadine Hauptman
Rabbi Yosef and Tova Hauser
Rich and Arlene Headlee
Gordon and Donna Hecker
Ronald and Suzan Heiber
Michael and Ilana Heintz
Lawrence and Suzanne Heiny
Jeffrey and Martha Heiser
Steve and Karen Heiser
Philip and Sheryl Heit
Fred and Sharon Henkin
Nicolette Henry
Lawrence and Linda Herer
Adam Herman
Steve and Diane Herman
Jack and Gerri Herring
Robert and Diane Hersch
Michael S. Herschler
Robert and Marcia Hershfield
Alven and Barbara Herstig
Lee Hess and Irene Levine
Len Hess
Leonard and Laura Heumann
Dawn Heyman
Ian Heyman
Karen Hill
Rachel and Mark Hillman
Jill Himelfarb
Barry and Mary Lou Himmel
Barry and Emily Hindin
Bernard and Zelda Hirsch
Burton and Carol Hirsch

Debra and Michael Hirsch

Steve and Sheila Hirsch
Dave Hirschfeld Arlyne Hirsh
Jennifer L. Hirsh
Suzie and David Hirsh and Family
Michael Hoechstetter
Eric and Anny Hoffman
Evelyn Hoffman
Martin Hoffman and Geraldine Schottenstein Hoffman
Gary and Nichole Hoch
Neal Hoffman and Joyce Edelman
Shelly and Bob Hoffman
Steve and Letitia Hoffman
Jonathan and Judy Hollander
Marc and Margie Hollander
Celeste and John Holschuh
Florence Holzer
Donna Honick
Rev. Ron Hooker
Marvin and Trudy Horkin
Benjamin and Lisa Horn
Marc and Anastasia Horowitz
Sylvia and Stanley Horowitz
Jane Horowitz-Wright
Norman Hosansky
Barbara House
Chris and Allison Howard
Elaine Howard
Lynda Howard
Robyn Howard
Suzanne and Scott Hoxworth
Rabbi Gary and Marsha Huber
Karen Hughes
John and Charlene Hull
Huntington National Bank
Marsha Hurwitz
Shira Hurwitz
Gilbert and Sondra Hurwood
Barry and Shelly Igdaloff
Adam and Ginny Inlander
Artie and Alisa Isaac
Jacquelin Isaac
Frederick and Judith Isaac
Jason M. Isaacs
Andrew and Michelle Ives
Ira and Phyllis Ives
Bobbie and Saul Izeman
Ethel Izeman
Andrew and Catherine Jacobs
Cheryl and Jackie Jacobs
Gerald and Francine Jacobs
Martin and Suzanne Jacobs
Ronald and Marsha Jacobs
Rabbi Idit Jacques and Steven Davidoff
Dan and Ky Jaffe
Carl and Ann Janiak
Leonard and Terry Janis

roll of honor
Richard Janusz
Geoffrey Javer
Janice P. Jennings
Stewart and Beverlee Jobrack
Barbara and Robert Johnson
Neil and Esther Johnson
Rita Johnston
Sheila Jones
Twyla Jones
Jack and Bonnie Joseph
Rob and Elaine Joseph
Jason and Amy Judd
Julie Kaber
Seth Kaber
Avi and Amira Kagan
Betya Kaganovskaya
Jason and Jessica Kahan
Miriam Kahn
Kathy and Joel Kahn
Charlott and Ben Kahn Pace Fund
Dorothy Kahn
Herbert and Bonnie Kahn
Miriam Kahn
Raymond and Pauline Kahn Pace
Patty Kahn
Rabbi Zvi and Sara Beth Kahn
Jeremy and Elizabeth Kalef
Les and Harriet Kallenberg
Richard Kallenberg and Lois Kamnitzer
Lisa Kalson and Jonathan Beck
Rabbi Areyah and Esther Kaltmann
Arthur and Elizabeth Kamlet
Ira and Debora Kane
Morton and Linde Kanter
Susan and Bernard Kanter
Bernard Kaplan
Charlotte Kaplan
Jeffrey and Mindy Kaplan
Marvin Kaplan
Marvin and Helga Kaplan
Peggy and Harry Kaplan
Rick and Peggy Kaplan
Robert and Beverly Kaplan
David Kaplansky and Monique Kademian
Ronald and Judy Kaplansky
Raymond and Karen Karlsberger
Stanley and Madeline Karn
Edgar and Sofiya Karpovich
Helen Karr
Richard and Janet Kass
Jonathan and Melissa Kass
Linda and Frank Kass
Gregoriy and Galena Katon
Justin and Patricia Kattan
Alan and Sandy Katz
Allen and Jill Katz
Angela Katz

roll of honor
Bonnie Katz and Carl Tishler
Brian and Tammy Katz
Charles and Marjorie Katz
David and Esther Katz
Dora Katz
Hope Katz
Howard Katz and Elizabeth VanSuch Katz
Lillian Katz
Marvin and Susan Katz
Myrtle Katz PACE Fund
Norman and Carolyn Katz
Nikolay Katz
Patricia Katz
Rudolf and Alzhbeta Katz
Sam Katz
Steven Katz and Constance Barsky
Katzingers Delicatessen
Rabbi Yosef and Shanny Katzman
Alvin Kauffman
Jamie Kaufman
Ron and Renee Kauffman
Tim and Kari Kauffman
Brett and Katie Kaufman
Brian Kaufman
Fredric and Christie Kaufman
Robert Kaufman and Laurie Krivo
Rolf and Elinor Kaufman
Bruce and Nancy Kay
Dina Kay
Marvin and Lois Kay
Daniel and Naomi Kayne
Robert and Sue Kaynes
Justin Keaton
Robert and Clemy Keidan
Hal Keller and Laurie Kaps-Keller
Steven Keller and Joyce Garver Keller
Robert and Cathy Kellerman
Stephanie Kelman
Joel and Gerry Kent
Isaac and Masha Keren
Kenn and Erica Kerper
Irvin and Friema Kerstein
Kenneth Kerstein
Lisa Kerstein
Leon and Susan Kessel
Galina Khazanov
Edward and Svetlana Khodorkovsky
Felix Khodorkovsky and Volfina Berman
Alla Kier
Lyudmila Kimkhe
Meri King
Joel and Phyllis Kingsley
John and Inna Kinney
Lawrence and Evelyn Kirschner
Stephen and Susan Kirschner
Ilene Kitzen-Burkart
Amy Klaben and Jordan Finegold

Michael and Betty Klapper

Michael and Denise Klapper
Jaime Klausner
Walter Klarin
Gale and Steve Klayman
Andrew Klein
Harry and Hazel Klein
Howard and Sheryl Klein
Jim and Wendy Klein
Scott and Allison Kleinman
Steve and Heidi Kleinman
Jack Kleyn
Kenneth Kline
Alan H. and Alexandria Loew Klodell
Chris Kloth and Julie Harmon
Josh and Hillari Klynn
Robert and Mara-Kaye Knapp
Raymond and Martine Knisley
Stephen and Bernice Koff
Ken and Sue Kofsky
Mikhail and Klara Kogan
Joseph Kohane and Amy Shevrin
Richard and Denise Kohn
Richard and Roberta Kohn
Jim and Sylvia Kolbe
Mitchell and Jacqueline Kon
Brian and Cory Kooperman
Leigh Kopans
Martin Kopp
Harriet Korn
David and Katherine Kornberg
Sofiya Korzhenevich
Gabriel Koshinsky
Andrew and Delinda Kossoff
Chris and Marcy Kotting
Alice and Otto Kramer
Audrey and Batvin Kramer
Lee Kramer
Betsey and John Krause
Edward M. Krauss
Michael Kravitz and Susan Schubert
Margot Kravitz
Julius and Ruth Kreier
Leslie Kreinberg
Sara Kreinberg
Brian and Emily Kreindler
Douglas and Kathy Kreiselman
George and Carol Krempley
Robert Krivoshey and Goldie Shabad
Mikhail and Marianna Krongauz
Jerry and Karel Kroos
Buddy and Tudy Krupnick
Lev and Lidia Kucherski
Gayle Kuhr
Samuel Kuhr
Alexandr Kuperberg
Judy Kurimai

Ruvane and Naomi Kurland

Yuriy and Helen Kushnir
David and Michele Kusma
Stacy and Pamela Kusma
Russell and Violet Kutell
Cheryl Lando
Mark and Jane Landon
Bob and Betsey Lane
Dr. and Mrs. Fred Lang
Richard M. Lange
Howard and Liza Larky
David and Marjorie Lasky
Otto Laster
Saul and Muriel Laub
Paul and Luann Lavin
Daniel and Michele Lavon
Vadim Lavrov and Maysa Shneyder
Alan and Risa Lazaroff
Charles And Dorothy Lazarus Fund
Robert and Mary Lazarus
Bruce and Sherri Lazear
Jerrold and Susan Lazerwitz
Brian and Stephanie Leader
Timothy and Debbie Leasure
Marc and Ranee Leder
Alan and Carol Lee
Brian and Jennifer Lee
Doug and Marcy Leeds
Alyson Leeman
Bary and Roni Leeman
Milton and Marcy Leeman
Stacy Leeman and Gary Liebesman
Myron and Joyce Leff
Sanford Lefkowitz
David and Rabbi Deborah Lefton
Harry and Patty Lehman
Michael and Helene Lehv
Ellen Leidner and Richard Goldberg
Stan and Elaine Lemeshow
Richard and Robin Lemmons
Michael Lepp
Irene Lerner
Stan Lerner
Harold and Janina Lerner
Mark and Tatyana Lesman
Brian and Lois Lesser
Kori Lessing
Henry Leuchter
Alan and Marilyn Levenson
Arthur and Adele Levenstein
Jack and Shelley Levey
Mike and Heidi Levey
Frank Levi
Michael Levi
Yhezkel and Yale Levi
Sam and Shayna Levi
Ann and Richard Levin

Douglas and Susan Levin

Howard and Stacy Levin
Dan and A. Irit Levin
Karen Levin
Nancy Levin
Robin Levin
Alan Levine
Debbie Levine
Faith Levine
Judith Levine
Kevin and Erika Levine
Larry and Holly Levine
Mark and Karen Levine
Rabbi Mitch Levine
Nancy Levine
Renee Levine
Richard and Dana Levine
Suzy Levine
Kevin Levison
Susan Levitin
Victor and Dora Levenstein
Alan and Tamara Levy
Dale and Karen Levy
David and Cathy Levy
Jeff and Aliza Levy
Mathew and Linda Levy
Sharon and Elliot Levy
Yale and Lauren Levy
Adam and Stephanie Lewin
Elaine Lewin
Stan and Jody Lewis
David and Vera Leybman
Alexander and Maina Leybovich
Steven and Barbara Lichtblau
Alan and Marcy Lichtcsien
Jason and Rachel Lichten
Gary Lichtenstein
Irvin and Mitzi Lichtenstein
Sanford and Faye Lichtenstein
Helen Liebman
Leonid Liderman
Richard Lieberman PACE Fund
Jerry and Judy Liepack
Meri Likhachova
David and Merry Lynne Lincove
Stephen Lind
Dr. Paul Linden, Ph D. and Peggy Berger
Rhoda Linder
Romalda Linderman
Norman and Robin Link
Janie Linnick
Martin and Miriam Linsey
Yelena Lipskerova
Stuart Lishan
Barry Liss
Maryama Litmanovskaya
Alan and Susan Litsky

Michael and Melissa Littman

Mitchell Litwak and Chris Yovanovich
Skip and Mary Ann Loeb
Julian and Joan Loewenstein
Phil and Joan London
Alan and Ruth Longert
David Louis
Harlan and Kelley Louis
Leonid and Tamar Lovchinovskiy
Charles and Jill Love
Cheryl Loventhal
John Lowenstein
Louis Lowy
Rabbi Yehudah Lowy
Sam Lubin Pace Fund
Cheryl Lubow
Barry and Susan Lubow
James Luck
Joel and Rebecca Luck
Elliott Luckoff
Frances Luckoff
Ben Luftman
Walter and Gail Lundstrom
Alla Lunina
Frederick and Carol Luper
Thomas and Nancy Lurie
Bryan Ross and Betsy Lurie-Ross
Todd and Joan Lustig
Manfred and Rose Luttinger
Latachia Lyles
David Lynn and Wendy Singer
Andy and Carrie Madison
Fred and Adel Magaziner
Alla Magaziner-Tempesta and Roberto Tempesta
Pamela Maggied
Manfred and Carole Maier
Moshe and Malca Makias
James and Ellen Maley
Kurt and Leslie Malkoff
David Mandelbaum
Rose and Ben Mandelkorn PACE Fund
Cheryl and Ernie Mandell
Kenneth and Sylvia Marantz
Susan Marantz and Roger Carroll
Freda and Joel Margolies
Max and Tiffany Margolis
Nathan and Barbara Margolis
Greg and Mary Margulies
Joan Marin
Leon and Bernice Mark
Joan Marks
Stewart and Janice Marks
Richard Marger
Pamela Margulies
Mary Ann Marlin
Jackie and Dan Marowitz
Or and Rabbi Sharon Mars

Jennifer Marshall
Richard and Susan Martin
Gregg and Carol Marx
Margot Marx
Matthew and Leslie Marx
Nathan and Sylvia Marx
David Maslekoff
Mark Massa
Mark and Sunny Masser
Kellee Massey
Bernard Master PACE Fund
Steve and Gail Master
Gene and Bettie Mathless
Janis Mathless
Steven and Danette Mathless
Mattlin Foundation
Martin and Karen Matusoff
Michael and Lesli Mautz
Dan and Dina Maxwell
Gerald and Judith Maybruck
Lindsey Mayer
Monica Mayer
Sue and Ron Mayer
Joel and Connie Mayerson
Cindy and Mark McCarty
James and Ann McElligott
Michael McGarity
Mark and Debra McGinnis
Elena McGuckin
Tim McNish
Ben and Barbara McVay
Gary and Janet Meckler
Michael Meckler
Yuri and Olga Medvedkov
Myrtle Mehl
Alan and Cheryl Meisterman
Arthur and Marcia Meizlish
Jack Meizlish
Richard and Sarah Meizlish
Sanford and Constance Meizlish
Sylvia Mellman
Sanford and Leslie Melmed
Gayle Melnick-Perrill and Mark Perrill
Genya Melomed
Samuel Mendel Melton Foundation
Barbara Meluch
Andy and Ellen Mendel
Lawrence and Linda Mendel
Jerry and Joyce Mendell
William and Ruth Mendell
Marilyn Mendelman
Richard and Susan Mentzer
Fred Merchant and Sherrie Cohen Merchant
Alex and Svetiana Mereminskiy
Jeff and Alison Merzel
Benjamin and Rachel Metz
Bertha Meyer

David and Melora Meyer

Nancy and Bruce Meyer
Tearle and Nancy Meyer
Liz Meyers
Scott and Shelley Meyers
Abraham and Karen Mikalov
David and Bonnie Milenthal
Jon and Amy Milenthal
Rick and Karen Milenthal
Jeffrey and Valerie Milgrom
Barry Miller
David and Marlene Miller
Laura J. Miller
Leslie and Alan Miller
Michael and Helen Miller
Myrna Miller
Sidney and Barbara Miller
Suzanne Miller
Toni Miller Dunleavy
Barbara Mindel
Harold and Beatrice Mindlin
Herbert and Marilyn Minkin
Kathy Minkin
Harvey and Pat Mintz
Herbert and Ann Mirels
William and Jeanetta Miser
Heather Mitchell
Sergey Mitelman
Rico and Blanche Mittelman
Irving and Julia Modes
Stuart and Tari Modes
Minna Mogil
Leonid and Marina Mogilevsky
Tariq Mohamed
Bill and Carol Mohr
Annette Molar
Heather Monroe
Susan Montgomery
Shlima Mordskiy
John and Naomi Mormol
Greg Mormol
Amy Stern and Kevin Morrin
Fannie and Morris
Rabbi Henoch and Chaya Morris
William and Nanci Morris
Sandra and Thomas Morrow
Marc and Sandi Morton
Asher (zl) and Jeanne Moser
Elizabeth Moser
Larry Moses and Susan Steinman
Julie Moskowitz
Rhonda Moskowitz and Christopher Farrar
Neil and Karen Moss
Myra Moss
Perry and Merilee Mostov
Frank and Susan Mott
Michael and Karen Mozenter

roll of honor
Gordon and Beth Muhlberger
Greg and Alicia Munster
Rita and Sigmund Munster
Scott and Trudy Myers
Beth and Brad Nacht
Sam and Lori Nahem
Eric Naiman and
Mindy Agin Naiman
Harold Narotsky
Jerry and Linda Nathan
Harold Nathans
Rick Nathans
Gary and Amy Nathans
Brad and Kelly Needleman
Larry and Edith Needleman
Lucille Needleman
Marc and Anne Neiwirth
Gilbert and Judith Nestel
David Neubauer and Jean Krum
Adlai Neubauer
Richard Neustadt
Mike Nevel
Daniel Newman and Ilana Klamka
Howard and Pauline Newman
Jeff and Lisa Newman
Michael Newman and Janet Mendel
Robert Newman and Linda Leviton
Stacey Newpoff
Evsey and Margarita Neymotin
Allen Nichol and Barbara Lebovitz-Nichol
Betty Nichol
Dennis Niekro
Frank and Ruth Nino
Ethel H. Novak
Frank (zl) and Thelma Nutis
Helen Nutis
Gertrude Odenheimer
Allen and Elaine ODonnell
Elsie Oppenheimer Krause
Jon Orsborn
Erik and Harriet Osbeck
Sharon Osbeck
Michael Oser
Samuel and Sondra Osipow
Brad Ostroff
Inessa Ostrova and Alex Nudelman
Zena and Edgard Padva
Gregory Paine
Marvin and Sharon Paine
Scott and Toby Paine
Steven and Annette Paine
Davyd and Elza Paleyev
Alan and Robin Parks
Irwin and Esther Pass
Bernie and Judy Pasternack
Raisa and Eugene Patlashenko
Rick and Helene Paul

roll of honor
Richard and Nancy Pawliger
Steve and Melissa Peale
Ken and Eleanor Pearlman
Jim and Sherry Peck
Jonathan and Elaine Pelz
Mel and Pearl Perel
Dane and Ann Perelstein
Helene Peselnick
Leonid and Soveta Pesin
Dale and Nancy Peters
Howard and Sue Petricoff
Ronald Petroff
Frank and Sara Pfaff
Thomas and Laura Philip
Kimberly Phillips
Sarah and Brian Phillips
Hannah and Howard Pirwitz
Boris and Irene Pittel
Sarah Pobereskin
Fred Points
Joel and Julie Politi
Wayne and Karen Poll
Arthur and Ellen Pollack
Leonid and Nina Polonsky
Jeff and Lori Polster
L. Robert and Marsha Polster
Louis and Susan Pomerantz
Howard and Karen Poriss
David and Miriam Portman
Frederic and Toby Portman
Morris Prayzer
Pearson and Thea Press
Alan and Linda Pressman
Michael and Janet Price
Anna Pushkina
Albert and Iris Pyzik
Scott and Patricia Rabinowitz
William and Erin Rabinowitz
Gregory and Marina Rabkin
Alan and Carol Radnor
Jan and Paula Radzynski
Carrie and Ty Ramsey
Ruth Rapenport
Tillie Rapenport
Ellen Rapkin and Duane Buck
Cindy Ravitsky
Michael and Diane Rayden
Azaliya Razuvaeva
Shirley Rechtman
Steve and Sherri Regester
Paul and Lenora Rehmar
Kurt and Eleanor Reibel
I. Robert and Bonnie Reichgott
Elliot and Eileen Reiff
Allen Reis
Eleanor and Morton Reiser
Evan and Sharon Reisman

Shara and Adam Reiss

R. Gabe Reitter
Todd and Julie Remer
Marvin and Renee Resnik
Michael and Irene Reyzer
Gregory and Ida Reznik
Emilia Riazanskaia
Sam and Helen Ribbler
Tina Sisisky Rice
Jacob Rich Arlene Richman
David and Nina Richman
Richard and Judy Ridgway
Hinda Riker
Mark and Claudia Rinkov
Dena Rives
Darryl and Harriette Robbins
Malcolm and Jo Robbins
Richard and Jean Robbins
Steven and Sandy Robeano
Anna and Daniel Robins
Gerald and Suzanne Robins
Harlan Robins and Shawn Shear
Martin S. Robins
Rocky and Mary Robins
Stanton and Linda Robins
Karen Rofsky
Gary and Ellen Rogers
Deborah and Lawrence Romanoff
Ivan Romanoff
Matthew and Karen Romanoff
Reid and Ellen Romer
Jeffrey Rosa
Marvin and Janice Rosansky
Arthur and Gail Rose
Beverly Roseman-Shapiro and Stewart Shapiro
Edward and Eileen Okel
Susan Kroll and Edward ONeill
Iosif and Lidiya Ostatnigrosh
David and Debbie Pariser
Michael Pearson
George and Susie Petrak
Khaim and Galina Perelman
Gerard and Marjory Pizzuti
Stuart and Raechel Pollak
Leonid and Natalia Polyak
Ron and Sandy Polster
Stuart and Elaine Raby
Seymour Raiz
Justo and Arlene Raya
Carol Rice
Stan Robbins
Michael and Judy Romanello
Lisa and Daniel Rogers
David and Sandy Roseman
Alex and Susan Rosen
Barry and Carrie Rosen
Chris and Bridget Rosen

Daniel and Nancy Rosen

David and Gayle Rosen
Herman Rosen
Leslie K. Rosen
Mark and Leslie Rosen
Mark and Rosanne Rosen
Mindla Rosen
Nona Rosen
Phyllis Rosen
Randy and Joni Rosen
Rona Rosen
Sid and Alma Rosen
Eran Rosenberg
Gerald and Christina Rosenberg
Howard and Laura Rosenberg
Neil Rosenberg
Tom and Karen Rosenberg
Steve and Loretta Rosenberger
Ralph and Joan Rosenblum
Aaron Rosenfeld and Adele OConner
Dorothy Rosenfeld
Mayer Rosenfeld Pace Fund
Alan and Margaret Rosenfield
Barry and Janice Rosenthal
Mark and Martha Rosenson
Andrew and Tricia Rosenstein & Family
Sally Rosensweig
Marty and Debby Rosenthal
Steven and Maria Rosenthal
Wesley and Ina Sue Rosenthal
Rabbi Emily Rosenzweig
Linda and Jake Rosenzweig
Susan Rosh
Beth Rosner
Brad Rossman
Marc Ross and Rikki Santer
Lori and Marc Rossio
Carol Roston
Allan Roth
Ann Roth
Beatrice Roth
Jane Roth
Janice Roth
Sherrie Kass-Roth and Paul Roth
Dan Smith and Claire Rothchild
Ralph and Ruth Rothschild
Michael and Susan Rothstein
Norman Rovick
Brad Rovin
Bradley and Tara Rozen
Decio and Nancy Rozenbojm
Annette Ruben
Billy and Lainie Ruben
Donald Ruben
Fay L. Ruben
Florine Ruben
Florine C. Ruben

Harlan Ruben and Family

Josh and Danielle Ruben
Laurence Ruben and Family
Marcy Ruben Margolis and Family
Richard Rubenstein
Jeffrey and Andrea Rubinstein
Robert and Cynthia Ruberg
Alan and Ann Rubin
Gerald and Sue Rubin
Scott Rubin and Karina Magaziner-Rubin
Jason and Jill Russ
Jennifer and James Russell
Gregory and Anne Russell
Paul and Alyssa Russell
Howard and Joanne Rutsky
Boris and Ludmila Ryabinky
Mara Gales Ryan
Terry and Rhoda Ryan
Jeremy and Deborah Rycus
Leah Rysbinsky
John and Laura Ryzenman
Yoaz and Julie Saar
Richard and Joyce Sabgir
Edward and Lori Sachs
Marilyn Saeman
Marty and Barbara Saeman
Susannah Sagan and Andrew Katz
Ron and Diane Saks
Leah Salis
Albert Salomon and April Mancuso Salomon
Nelli Saltsman
Tom Saltsman
Fred and Shelly Salutsky
Allan and Paula Samansky
Henry and Helen Samuels
Larry S. Samuels
Philip and Betsy Samuels
Shelley S. Samuels
Barbara Sanderow
Lewis and Jennifer Sanderow
Josh and Aimee Sanders
Robert and Tobie Sanders
Sanford and Marcia Sanford
Richard Sanford
Ben Sapir
Lou Saslaw
Eloise Saslaw
Bruce and Ellen Sass
Asya Savzyan
Susan and Charles Saxbe
Sheri and Nick Scaglione
Barbara Schaefer
Michael and Liz Schaeffer
Scott, Heidi and Daly Schaeffer
Steven Schaeffer and Barbara Cooper-Schaeffer
Dr. and Mrs. Karl Schaeffer
Elliott and Judy Schaffer

Lawrence D. Schaffer
Rod and Deborah Schaffer
Jonathan and Marcy Schaffir
Joseph R. Schaeffer
Karl and Rebecca Schedler
William Schiffman and Lynn Aronson
Michael Schecter and Michael Spaulding
Ira and Pam Scheer
Barbara Schehr
Allan and Sandy Scheiner
Michael and Carole Scherker
David and Nancy Schick
Nell Schieber
Betty Schiff
Michael and Patty Schiff
Scott and Stephanie Schiff
Gordon Schiffman
Burt and Ruth Schildhouse
Stuart and Susie Schilling
Helena Schlam
Howard and Robin Schlein
I. Howard Schlezinger
Judith Schlesinger
Joseph Schlonsky
Michael and Ginny Schlonsky
Bucky and Agnes Schmelzer
Victor and Susan Schmelzer
Harold and Judy Schneider
Jennifer and Karl Schneider
Lance and Sue Schneier
David and Cindy Schnitzer
Mickey Schoenbaum
Scott and Joan Schoenfeld
Carline Schohan
Bernard and Naomi Schottenstein
Charles Schottenstein
David and Eda Schottenstein
David and Joni Schottenstein
Ed and Melva Schottenstein
Ellen Schottenstein
Frances Schottenstein
Howard and Linda Schottenstein
Jay, Jeanie, Jeffrey, Joey, Lindsay
and Jonathan Schottenstein
James and Yana Schottenstein
Lori Schottenstein
Melanie and Eric J Schottenstein
Michael and Judy Schottenstein
Morris Schottenstein
Robert H. Schottenstein and Jeri Block
Rosalie Schottenstein
Steven and Rhonda Schottenstein
Sonia Schottenstein
Thomas and Leah Schottenstein
Lawrence Schreiber
Mark Schreiber
Martin and Susan Schreibman

Sheldon and Fanny Schulte

Keith and Emily Schuss
Irving Schuster
Martin and Barbara Schuster
Rodney Schuster
Richard and Darla Schwager
Annette Schwartz
Andrew and Heidi Schwartz
Barrie and Linda Schwartz
David and Judy Schwartz
Harvey and Laura Schwartz
Karen and Joel Schwartz
Larry Schwartz and Evelyn Becker
Miriam Schwartz and Family
Nancy Schwartz
Renia Schwartz
Sheldon Schwartz
Candis and Henry Schwarz
Janet Schwarz
John and Rose Schwarz
Laurie Scoblionko
Abe, Sadie and Kenneth Sebulsky Fund
Steven and Joy Seeskin
David and Kathryn Segal
Mark and Marie Segal
Suzanne and Michael Segal
Jeanette Seiferas
Joshua and Valerie Selekman
Carl and Susie Seletz
Joyce Selfman
Micki and Marty Seltzer
Patricia Semmelman and Winnifred Weeks
Bernard and Sandra Senser
Dr. Milton and Arlene Setnar
Andrew and Elizabeth Shafran
Robert and Bev Shafran
Robert Shalwitz and Paula Krasnoff
Harry and Ronda Shamansky
Robert N. Shamansky
Joseph and Dorothy Shanfeld
Alyce Shapiro
Arnold and Frances Shapiro
Bernard and Jolene Shapiro
Beth Shapiro
Elise Shapiro
Ethel Shapiro
Robert and Barbara Shapiro
Robert and Sheila Shapiro
Eileen Sharff
William Sharff
Ira and Pamela Sharfin
Inna Sharkova
Alan and Sara Shatz
Lyudmila and Yuri Shaulov
Harriet and Edward Shea
Lawrence and Susan Shell
Stephen and Joan Shell

Marian Shemberg
Charles and Joyce Shenk
Betty Sher
Raisa Shershevsky
Anna Sheynina
Cantor Baruch and Minna Shifman
Eugene Shifrin
Mitchell and Barbara Shifrin
Harold and Elaine Shindel
Lynn Shipman
Idel Shirin
Jon and Lisa Shiroma
Andrew Meyers and Carol Shkolnik
Ronald and Laurie Shkolnik
Steven and Bobbie Shkolnik
Todd Shkolnik
David and Mira Shmookler
Toni Shoap
Aaron and Rebecca Shocket
Candi and Jay Shoor
Aaron Shore
William and Marcia Shore
David and Kim Shorr
Patricia Shorr
Semyon and Rozalia Shostak
Mariam Shtir
James and Jackie Shulman
Steve and Anne Shulman
Polina Shusterman
Yefim and Emma Shusterman
Freida Shvarts
Yakov Shvartsman
Phyllis Shwartz
Frima Sidorenko
Daniel M. and Marcia Siegel
Sanford and Pauline Siegel
Steve and Jennifer Siegel
Neal and Peri Siegel
Miriam and Ken Siegfried
Ronald and Ruth Siegle
Joel Siegman
Bernard and Reta Sigal
Bruce and Pam Silberman
Barbara Silberstein
Bruce and Marcie Silberstein
Michael Silberstein
Howard Silver
Christine Silverman
Donna L. Silverman
Raymond and Beth Silverstein
Ingrid Silvian
Mayya Simakovskaya
Lev and Liliya Simakovsky
Igor and Natalya Simakovskiy
Igor and Elizabeth Simakovsky
Hugh Clark and Joan Simon
Donald and Helene Simon

roll of honor
Sharon Simon and Karl Rubin
Stanford Simon
Gloria and David Sinai
Sheldon and Corinne Sinai
James Aaron Tecumseh Sinclair
Carol and Michael Singer
Ezra Singer
Gertrude Singer
Larry and Carolyn Singer
Sherwin and Madeline Singer
Zack and Lisa Singer
Pam Sites
Skilken Family Foundation
William Slabodnick
Joseph and Judith Lee Slade and Family
Reva Slaven
Stuart and Karen Sloan
Charles and Peggy Sloin
Alice Slonim
Elliot Slotnick and Marcia Katz
Marc and Edye Slutsky
Mark and Suzanne Smilack
Ted and Donna Smiley
Doug Smith
Irving and Helen Smith
Julie Smith
Lee Smith
Peggy Smith
Sarah Smith
Stephen and Nevada Smith
Wendy Smith
Lilya Smolyarko
Mitchell Snay and Liz Plotnick-Snay
Elie and Marie Sneward
Joe and Ruth Sniderman
Adam and Kim Snyder
Maya Snyder
Warren and Marlene Sobol
Harriet Sobolewski
Jay and Kathy Sokol
Randy Sokol
Saul Sokol
Sheila Sokol
Howard Sokolov
Adam Soll
Bruce and Joy Soll
Evan Soll
Jason Soll
Adam and Holly Solomon
A.J. and Heidi Solomon
Harvey and Dena Solomon
Herbert L. Solomon
Herbert and Charlene Solomon
Myriam Solomon and Philip Franta
Philip Solomon and Anna Archuleta
Sanford and Nanette Solomon
Adam and Sandy Solove

roll of honor/community partners

Judge Ronald and Donna Solove
Albert and Barbara Soloway
Dorothy Son
Marion Soomsky
Harold and Agnes Soppel
Beatrice K. Sowald
Heather Sowald and Robert Kaplan
Shelley Spatt
Seymour and Mary Ann Spatt
Debbie Spenthoff
Helen and Bernie Speyer
David and Ellen Spialter
Scott Spira and Cynthia Weiss-Spira
Joseph Spitzner and Marion Cohn-Spitzner
Ronni Spratt
Laurence and Jean Spunt
Mark Stahl
Steve and Julie Stahl
Edward and Maitzie Stan
Barry and Linda Starr
Ruth Stavsky
Seth and Lisa Stavsky
Gregg and Sharon Steele
Gerry and Sandi Steiman
David Stein and Hilda R. Glazer
Dee-Dee and David Stein
Dennis and Maria Stein
Jerry Stein
Lisa Stein
Michael and Susan Stein
Stanley and Eva Stein
Rochelle and Jules Steinberg
Mark and Sandra Steiner
Rob and Carol Steiner
Stuart and Lola Steinhart
Kenneth Steinman and Robin Judd
Laurence E. and Bette Jo Stempel
Dora Sterling
Ed Sterling
Amy Stern and Kevin Morrin
Brian and Jennifer Stern
Ernest and Aurelia Stern
Jerry and Rozanne Stern
Norman and Jo Stern
Randy and Wendi Stern
Rudolph Stern Jr
Ruth Stern
Seyman and Sadie Stern
Amy Sternstein and Randall Wolf
Helen Stewart
Ida and Martin Stewart
Lawrence and Rosa Stolz
Dina Starik
Alvin and Ruth Stone
Robert and Susan Stone
Theodore Stone
Carole Stover

Steve Strasser
Michael and Paula Strauss
Susan Strauss
Lillian Strouss
Sara Strunskaya
Mark and Janet Sturgeon
Cathy Sucan
Noah Sudow
Colleen and Roger Sugarman
Harvey and Lisa Sukienik
Judith Summer
Fred and Sandy Summer
Kenneth and Nancy Supowit
Isadore and Fayne Sussman
Judi Ross Swanson
Judith and Gerald Swedlow
Sheldon and Linda Switkin
Rita A. Syrkin
Marvin and Debbie Szatmary
Charles and Betty Talis PACE Fund
Mark Talis
Michael and Hilary Talis
Mitchell and Lynn Tallan
Michael and Michele Tamarkin
Volf and Khaiy Tandetnitskiy
Thomas and Kimberly Taneff
Deena Tanenbaum
Harold Tanenbaum
Paul and Karan Tanenbaum
Harriet Tannenbaum
Ron and Nancy Tannenbaum
Susan Tanur Ellman
Steve and Rhona Tanzer
Peter and Cathy Taub
Harry and Cynthia Taubman
Michael and Barbara Taxier
Steven Teich and Esther Chipps
Temple Israel
Douglas Tenenbaum
Lee and Elaine Tenenbaum
Max Tennebaum
Kurt and Gloria Thomas
Jamie and Jodi Thomas
Marvin and Marilyn Thomas
John and Sharon Thornton
Rosalie Tieman
Jeffrey and Bethanne Tilson
Jerome and Sharon Tinianow
Dennis and Fahn Tishkoff
Greg Tishkoff
Stuart and Nancy Tishkoff
Evan and Christa Tobin
Susan Tobin
Ruthetta Topolosky
Matthew and Jamie Topolosky
Randy and Rochelle Topolosky
Sheldon and Barbara Topolosky

Steven and Cheryl Topolosky

Beth T Tranen
Elizabeth Tredler
Jay Treuhaft
Michael and Merry Troper
David and Ida Trostyanetsky
Cheryl Tucker
Brian and Audrey Tuckerman
Craig and Connie Tuckerman
Esther Tuckerman zl
Steven and Judy Tuckerman
David and Patty Tumen
Rick Turkel
Diane and Albert Tyroler
Sanfred and Anne Tyser
Arthur and Judith Uhrman
Matthew and Susan Ungar
Rabbi Michael Ungar
Karie and Ralph Urban
Irina Urina
Cheryl Vaia and Herb Bresler
Svetlana Vaisberg
Yakov Valdman
Izya Valinkevich
Lorrie and David Valinsky
Julius J. and Mary Vargo
Elizabeth Veldey and Tom Temple
Vitaly and Galina Verbitsky
Perry and Lila Vernikoff
Robert and Debbie Verona
Val and Marianna Vershinin
Gita Vilenskaya
Debra Vinocur
Richard and Debbie Vogel
Nick and Leslie Vollman
Ileen Wachtel
Daniel and Corrine Wagner
Rita Waitzman
Dorothy Waitzman
Jack Wallick PACE Fund
Joan Wallick
Denny and Jenny Walsh
April Walters
Jeffrey and Kristen Warren
Mary Warren
Deborah Wasserman
Harvey and Susan Wasserman
Evelyn Wasserstrom
Harold and Bernice Wasserstrom
James and Nancy Wasserstrom
Jeff and Cheryl Wasserstrom
Jennifer and Eric Wasserstrom
Leslie Wasserstrom
Richard Wasserstrom
Rodney and Donna Wasserstrom
Wasserstrom Foundation
Gerry and Stephanie Waterman

Enid Weaver
Brad, Halli and Emma Webb
Michael and Barbara Weckstein
Chuck and Ellen Weiden
Alan and Bobbie Weiler
Robert and Missy Weiler
Steven and Mary Weiler
Wendy Weiler and Michael Dwyer
David and Marsha Weinbaum
Alan and Ireen Weinberg
Bruce Weinberg
Judith Weinberg Kanfer
Murray and Harriet Weinberg
Cheryl Weiner and Lee Pearlman
Jerry and Evelyn Weiner
Richard Weiner
Samuel and Frances Weiner
Philip and Julie Weinerman
Abram Weinrib
Mark and Paula Weinstein
Linda Weinstock
Michael Weisbach
Steven and Judy Weisbrode
Josh and Kim Weisel
Laura Weisel
Michael Weisel
William K. Weisenberg
Amy Weisberger
Benjamin Weisbuch and Miranda Abrams
Adam and Laura Weiser
Alan Weisenberg
David and Rochell Weisfogel
Bob and Sally Weisman
Meyer and Ann Weisman
Scott and Tammy Weisman

Allan and Beanie Weiss

Carole Weiss
Eugene and Kim Weiss
Michael and Arlene Weiss
Robert Weiss
Gerald and Joan Weissman
Marian Weissman
Peter and Ruth Weissman
Michael and Chanitz Weisz
Rabbi Naphtali and Abby Weisz
Rhonda and Joseph Weithman
Gloria Wells
Stuart and Eileen Weltz
Rephael Wenger and Shifra Tyberg
Rachel Wengrow
Howard and Gwen Werman
Edythe Westerman
Joyce Wexler
Lew Wexler
Leslie and Abigail Wexner
Herbert and Roselee Weyl
Amy Wharton
Herbert and Jackie White
Marvin and Babette Whitman
Timothy and Regina Wicks-Frank
Martha Widlus
Michele Wilbert
Morris and Esther Wilhelm
Larry and Faye Willen
Phyllis Williams
Richard and Joanne Williams
Fredric and Jill Winer
Gerald and Sue Winer
Jim Winnegrad and Janice Manheim
Jeanne Winnick

Stephen Winston
Adam and Jessica Winter
Stephen and Jennifer Withee
Bob and Patti Wolf
Linda and Warren Wolf
Jim and Judith Wolfingbarger
Jaime and Silvia Wolfson
Paul and Kathy Wolfson
Betty Wolin
Barry and Kathi Wolinetz
Janice and Herbert Wolman
Jeri Wolman
Beatrice Wolper
Sidney and Marcia Wolpert
Donald and Mindy Worly
Yetta Worly
Brad Worthman
Craig and Cheryl Wright
Joan Wurmbrand and Carol Fey
Aaron and Shirley Yablok
Barry Yaillen
Janet Yaillen
Gregory and Alla Yakover
Igor and Svetlana Yanovsky
Tatyana Yassenov
Bernard and Myra Yavitch
David and Amy Yenkin
Stanley and Jacki Yenkin
Yenkin-Brachman Families
Abraham and Varda Yishai
Spencer and Diane Youell
Bette Young
Charles and Blanche Young
William Young
James and Jackie Young

Jon and Pamela Young

Louise Young
Steven and Inbar Young
Matt Youngner
Mark and Jenny Yudis
Rabbi Howard and Linda Zack
Gordon and Carol Sue Zacks
Jacques and Laura Zakin
Sonia Zamed
Steven and Claudia Zane
Traci and Matthew Zavarella
Gordon and Jennie Zeidman
Chris and Sara Zeigler
Lisa and Marc Ziegler
Howard and Marcie Zeldin
Helen Zelkowitz PACE Fund
Allan Zelman and Susan Tave Zelman
Leopold Zelmanovich
Mikhail and Lidiya Zhuravley
Daniel and Greta Zidel
Eric and Katrina Zidel
Phyllis Zierler
Rabbi Misha Zinkow and Rabbi Elka Abrahamson
Margot Zitron
Ben and Julie Zox
Florence Zox
William and Jeannie Zox
John and Laurel Zulliger
Leonore and Larry (zl) Zusman
Roman and Diana Zusman
Stuart and Rochelle Zweben
Gloria Zwelling
Howard Zwelling
Jerold and Ruth Zwelling
Rick and Sheila Zwelling

Jewish Family Services

Jewish Labor Committee
Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Jewish War Veterans of the USA
Joint Distribution Committee (JDC)
Magen David Adom (Israeli Red Cross)
Meir Hospital
National Conference on Soviet Jewry
National Foundation for Jewish Culture
National Jewish Center for Learning
and Leadership
Ohio Arts Council: Ohio-Israel
Cultural Exchange
Ohio Jewish Communities
Ohio Valley Hillel Consortium

Partnership 2000 with Kfar Saba, Israel

Schottenstein Chabad House
Synagogue Adult Education Program Grants
Synagogue Deaf Interpretation Services
Synagogue Supplemental Hebrew
Education Program
Temple Beth Shalom
Temple Israel
The Ohio State University Hillel
The Ohio State University Melton Center
for Jewish Studies
The Ohio State University Melton Honors
High School Program
United Jewish Communities (UJC)
Wexner Heritage Village (WHV)

Community Partners
Agudas Achim Synagogue
American Jewish Committee
American Jewish Congress
American-Israel Cultural Foundation
Anti-Defamation League of Bnai Brith
Association of Jewish Family and
Childrens Agencies
Bnai Brith Youth Organization
Beth Jacob Congregation
Columbus Community Kollel
Columbus Jewish Day School (CJDS)
Columbus Jewish Historical Society
Columbus Torah Academy (CTA)
Congregation Ahavas Sholom
Congregation Beth Abraham (Zanesville)

Congregation Beth Tikvah

Congregation Tifereth Israel
Congregation Torah Emet
Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society
Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life
Israel Experience Department at
the Columbus Jewish Federation
Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI)
Jewish Community Centers Association
of North America
Jewish Community Center (JCC)
of Greater Columbus
Jewish Council for Public Affairs
Jewish Education Service of North America
Jewish Experience for Teens

federation boards

federation staff and websites

Federation Executive Board

Federation Staff

Steven Tuckerman, Chair

Marsha F. Hurwitz, President
Steven Schottenstein, Immediate Past Chair
Jeff Coopersmith, Vice Chair, Campaign
Michael Schaeffer, Vice Chair, Finance
Karen Bokor, Vice Chair, Planning & Allocations
Audrey Tuckerman, Vice Chair, Leadership Development & Engagement
Jon Diamond, Vice Chair, Israel & Overseas
Daniel Robins, Vice Chair, Community Relations
Heidi Levey, Vice Chair, Jewish Education & Identity
Kevin Kroos, Treasurer
Aaron Shocket, Assistant Treasurer
Gordon Hecker, Secretary

Jim Bowman, Member at Large

Jennifer Cammeyer, Member at Large
Al Friedman, Member at Large
Johathan Kass, Member at Large
Michael Schiff, Member at Large
Bob Schottenstein, Member at Large
Joy Soll, Member at Large
Julie Weinerman, Member at Large
Abigail Wexner, Member at Large
Rabbi Misha Zinkow, President, Board of Rabbis
Michael Weiss, President, Columbus Jewish Foundation
Lawrence D. Schaffer, Honorary Treasurer
Judy Brachman, Ex officio - UJC Board Member

Federation Community Board

Ex-Officio Members
Dan Dolsky, Ex officio Young Jewish Professionals Chair
Karen Moss, JDC National Board Representative
Neil Moss, JAFI National Board Representative
Leslie H. Wexner, Honorary Board Member
At-Large Members
Ruth Ann Blank
Andrew Brodey
Deborah Ecker
Michael Epstein
Jonathan Feibel
Jennifer Glick
Rachel Greenspan
Robin Judd
Brett Kaufman
Ernie Mandell
Connie Mayerson
Karen Shore Meyer
Rocky Robins
Greg Russell
Ezra Singer
Judith Swedlow
Sally Weisman

Rabbi Naphtali Weisz

Jonathan Young
Agency Presidents & Chairman
Edward Friedman, Columbus Community Kollel
Gordon Hecker, Columbus Jewish Day School
Michael Meckler, Columbus Jewish Historical Society
Monica Calabrese, Columbus Torah Academy
Jeff Meyer, Jewish Community Center of Greater Columbus
Audrey Tuckerman, Jewish Family Services
Mark Ebner, OSU Hillel
Michael Schiff, Schottenstein Chabad House
James Bowman, Wexner Heritage Village
Synagogue Presidents
Greg Adams, Agudas Achim
Warren Sobol, Ahavas Sholom
Harvey Sukienik, Beth Jacob Congregation
Joan Wurmbrand, Temple Beth Shalom
Barbara Mindel, Beth Tikvah
Michael Schiff, Schottenstein Chabad House
Brian Tuckerman, Temple Israel
Howard Schottenstein, Tifereth Israel
Richard Barnett, Torat Emet/Main Street

Marsha F. Hurwitz

President & Chief Executive Officer

Janet Gladstone

Database Manager 614.237.7686

Susan I. Scheer, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Dina Kay

Development Associate 614.559.3227

Bill Franklin, Ed.D.

Vice President, Community Service

Adam Reiss

Director of Marketing

Rabbi Idit Jacques, M.A.J.E.

Vice President, Jewish Education & Identity

Lynn Tallan

Coordinator, Jewish Teacher Resource Center 614.559.3241

Marla Davis

Coordinator, Israel Experience & Informal Education 614.559.3250

Linda Valinsky

Accouting Supervisor 614.559.3217

Cheryl Dritz

Coordinator, Adult Education and Professional Development 614.559.3226

Matt Youngner

Campaign Manager 614.559.3209

Rachel Elam

Development Associate 614.559.3214

Nancy Rosen

Assistant to the President

Noam Even

Community Shaliach 614.559.3212

Shelley Uhler

Campaign Assistant 614.559.3218

Federation Community Websites

Central Ohio Virtual Portal

Website for Jewish Newcomers
Holocaust Education
Young Adult Division
Jewish Community Relations
Jewish Education & Identity
Partnership 2000
Mitzvah Month
Community Wellness:
Berwick Loans Program

Columbus Jewish Federation
1175 College Avenue
Columbus Ohio 4309

ph: 614.237.7686
fx: 614.237.2221