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2013 Annual Report


2013 Annual Repor t


Programs Supported by the Federation

2012-13 Allocated Spending

Connecting the Jewish Community

Ensuring Our Jewish Future


Advocating for Jewish Causes


The Year in Pictures

This is the Annual Report of the Jewish Federation of Columbus. Contents may not be copied, reproduced, republished or used
for any purpose without advance written consent of the Federation. For permissions and other inquiries, please contact the
Jewish Federation of Columbus, 1175 College Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43209; call 614.237.7686; or email For
additional information go to

A Message from
Our President
Its hard to believe that a year has passed since I joined
Federation. Ive deepened many friendships and am looking
forward to engaging with countless more of you in the years
to come.
From an insiders vantage point I can only say that Im
more impressed than ever by the generosity, commitment,
compassion and exceptionalism of our Columbus Jewish
community. We are truly blessed to count so many caring,
talented and philanthropic people among our numbers.
But as a community we continue to face challenges, both
internally and externally. Too many young, educated Jews
continue to seek employment elsewhere; some of our elderly
dont have the financial support they need in their golden
years; anti-Israel and anti-Jewish sentiment continues to rear
its head at home and abroad; conflicting agendas sometimes
divide us along organizational lines, causing us to work at
cross purposes.
Thats where the Federation comes in. Yes, we raise money
for Jewish causes, but we are much more than a community
chest. Of course we speak out on behalf of Israel and Jews
everywhere, but we are much more than an advocacy group.
And as always, we organize and sponsor programming for our
Next Generation and families with young children, but we are
not just a social services agency.
Federation is all of those things, and so much more.
So we talk about The Federation Effect.
The Federation Effect accounts for the impact Federation has
on people inside and outside our community that we often
dont realize is a result of our efforts. This is why we say that
a gift to Federation touches more people, in more places in
more ways than any other gift. The Federation Effect is a multiplier, an unseen force that creates community and opportunity for many to celebrate their Judaism, today and into the
The Federation Effect will come into play as we work to achieve
a lofty vision: to ensure Columbus has a thriving Jewish
community at the forefront of the next renaissance in Jewish
life. Federation must focus on three areas to succeed:

Connecting the
Jewish community
Advocating for
Jewish causes
Ensuring our
Jewish future
We Connect by setting the table for the most important
discussions we can and must have as a Jewish community, as
a family. We will continue to do so and you are all invited to a
seat at that table. Our planning and research helps determine
priorities so the nearly $7 million raised each year can do the
most good.
We Advocate through our relationships with local
government officials, school boards and Homeland Security
to ensure Jewish issues and values are respected. We
coordinate relationships with Jews in Israel & Overseas, with
an emphasis on our partner city KFar Saba so that we can
all have the chance to feel a part of the global Jewish family.
We Ensure by distributing nearly 550 Jewish-themed books
each month to local kids in the PJ Library program, sending
over 100 young people on Israel experiences annually,
subsidizing day school and supplementary school for
hundreds of children and running programs several times
a week for young adults in their 20s and 30s so they feel
like part of the family.
These are just some of the amazing programs that we run
and support that will ensure that our community thrives into
the next century. The Federation Effect is made stronger with
each gift that you make of your time, your energy and your
financial resources.
I am honored to lead our Federation and sincerely look
forward to another year of peace, progress and service
to the community.

Gordon Hecker
Federation President & CEO

2014 Campaign Calendar

Sept. 17
Sept. 24
Sept. 30

Real Estate Event

Parlour Meeting*
Lion of Judah Luncheon*
Community Celebration*

Nov. 12
Nov. 14
Dec. 8
Jan. 9

Retail Event
Healthcare Event
Super Sunday
Cardozo Society Event
*Minimum Gift Events

2013 Annual Repor t 2

Programs Supported by the Jewish Federation of Columbus

2013 Funds Raised: $6,850,000

approximately 13% of total used to cover administration and campaign expenses

Total Allocable Funds: $5,175,000
 onnecting our Jewish Community

Advocating for Jewish Causes


Ensuring our Jewish Future


Nursing Care for Seniors

Aid for At-Risk Individuals and Families
Senior Life Enhancement Programs
Case Management for Seniors
Transportation for Seniors
Social Services for Seniors
Career and Workforce Development Services
Cultural Competency for Holocaust Survivors
Case Management for Holocaust Survivors
Jewish Indigent Burial
Domestic Violence Prevention
Community Chaplaincy
Deaf Interpreters for Synagogue Services
Chabad Friendship Circle
Leahs List
Community Planning
Repairs to Community-Owned Buildings

Humanitarian Needs in Israel

and Overseas Jewish Communities
Holocaust Education
Birthright Israel and Masa Programs
Shaliach Program
Columbus-Israel Partnership Program
OSU-Hillel Israel Fellow
Israel Advocacy on Campus
Jewish Community Relations Committee
Hunger Relief in Former Soviet Union
After School Care for At-Risk Children

in Kfar Saba, Israel
Support Services for At-Risk Israeli Youth
Ben Shemen Youth Village

for Orphaned Children
Ohio Jewish Communities
Education Support and Professional
Development for Israeli Ethiopian Women
Leket, Israels Largest Food Bank

Jewish Preschool Programming

Jewish Preschool Scholarships
Jewish Day Schools
Jewish Day Camp Programming
Jewish Day Camp Scholarships
Jewish Overnight Camp Grants
Jewish Afterschool Programs
Outreach to NE/NW Columbus
Leadership Development Programs
Atid (formerly the Young Adult Division)
Growing Jewish Columbus
Programming and Religious Services

for Jewish Students at OSU
Moishe House
PJ Library
Supplemental Jewish Education
Special Needs Inclusion
Melton Mini School
Professional Development for Educators

Columbus Jewish Community Vision:

To be a thriving Jewish community at the forefront of the next renaissance in Jewish life

The Jewish Federation is committed to leading the Jewish

community to achieve this vision by focusing on three areas:

Connecting the
Jewish Community

Advocating for
Jewish Causes

Ensuring our
Jewish Future

Guarantee community
safety net

Build local relationships

and educate on key issues

Identify, educate and

inspire leaders

Drive cross organizational


Strengthen ties to Israel and

overseas Jewish communities

Increase focus on NextGen

and young families

Build alignment on
community priorities

Mobilize community
when action is required

Reinforce outreach to
underserved constituencies


2012-13 Executive Board
Michael Canter - Chair
Gordon Hecker - President & CEO
Jeff Coopersmith - Immediate Past Chair
Robin Bernstein - Vice Chair, Jewish Community Relations
Judy Brachman
Jennifer Cammeyer
Jon Diamond
Dr. Jonathan Feibel - Vice Chair, Finance & Administration
Eric Fingerhut - Vice Chair, Jewish Education & Identity
Al Friedman - Honorary Finance Chair
Joy Gonsiorowski - Secretary
Dr. Arnie Good - Vice Chair, Israel & Overseas

Scott Kleinman - Treasurer

Steven Schottenstein
Ray Silverstein
Ezra Singer
Joy Soll - Vice Chair, Campaign
Audrey Tuckerman - Vice Chair, Leadership Development
Eric Wasserstrom
Dr. Julie Weinerman - Vice Chair, Community Planning & AllocatIons
Brad Kastan - President, Columbus Jewish Foundation
Rabbi Sharon Mars - President Board of Rabbis

2012-13 Community Board

Greg Adams
Rabbi Benji Bar-Lev
Terri Barnett
Ruth Ann Blank
Rita Eppler
Shari George
Jenny Glick
Sheila Hirsch
Irina Katon
Brett Kaufman
Emily Kreindler
Michael Levin
Connie Mayerson
Jon Milenthal
Amy Neiwirth
Lisa Newmark
Barbara Sanderow
Howard Schottenstein
Olga Serdyuk

Toby Brief - Columbus Jewish Historical Society Board Chair

Andrew Brodey - Jewish Family Services Board Chairman
Dan Chase - CTA Board President
Natalie Cohen - Agudas Achim President
Barbara Crabill - Temple Israel Board President
Al Dembe - Columbus Community Kollel President
Hilda Glazer - Temple Beth Shalom President
Robin Judd - CJDS Chair
Patty Price - Beth Tikvah President
Martin Rosenthal - Tifereth Israel President
David Schwartz - Ahavas Sholom President
Robert Shapiro - Beth Jacob President
Alan Shatz - Torat Emet/Main Street Synagogue President
Aaron Shocket - OSU Hillel Board Chairman
Joe Sniderman - JCC Board Chairman
Mike Schottenstein - Young Adult Division Chair - Ex Officio
Merom Brachman - JCPA Board Representative - Ex Officio
Leslie Wexner - Honorary Board Member

Gordon E. Hecker
President & CEO

Scott Solomon
Vice President, Campaign Operations

Lori Stan Sachs

Education Project Coordinator

Mark Anzalone
Vice President, Marketing

Lior Abarbanel
Community Shaliach

Diane Saks
Assistant to the President

Eric Brown
Vice President, Jewish Community

Jeff Brenner, CPA


Liat Shaked
Young Community Shilicha

Marla Davis
Atid Director, Israel Experience Coordinator

April Seymour
Finance Administrator

Rob Gleisser
Assistant Brand Manager

Mark Stahl
IT Director

Stacie Klein
Atid Director

Shelley Uhler
Campaign Administrative Assistant

Bill Franklin
Vice President, Community Planning
& Finance
Erin Essak-Kopp
Vice President, Leadership Programs
Gary B. Robins
Vice President, Donor Relations and
Special Projects

Alyssa Russell
Educational Services Coordinator

2013 Annual Repor t 4


2012-13 Allocated Spending

Connecting the Jewish Community

Advocating for Jewish Causes
Ensuring our Jewish Future

Connecting the Jewish Community


Advocating for Jewish Causes


Ensuring our Jewish Future


Strengthen Ties to Israel and Overseas


Jewish Education & Identity


Guarantee Community Safety Net


JFNA National Support

Leadership Development & Atid


Capital R&R

Build Local Relationships

and Educate on Key Issues

Senior services



Outreach to Underserved Constituencies


Drive Cross Organizational Collaboration


Jewish Supplemental Education


Israel Experiences

Build Alignment on Community Priorities


Jewish Columbus
Our Beginnings
A small community of 21 Jews whose first minyan was in 1851

Our Community Has Become
A thriving Jewish community with 22,000 Jews, 8 synagogues, 9 partner agencies and ranked 25th of 525
Jewish Communities throughout North America.

A Leadership community creating transformative programs known around the world:

The Florence Melton Adult Mini-School 60 cities, 4 continents, 5,500 students weekly

The Wexner Foundation Leadership Development Program for lay leaders, Jewish Communal
Professionals and Israeli public officials
Wexner Heritage Program -1,708 alumni, 100 current Members
Wexner Graduate Program - 334 alumni, 78 current Fellows
Wexner Israel Program - 206 alumni, 7 current Fellows

The Schottenstein Talmud is an English translation of the Talmud that is

studied around the world

The Melton Center for Jewish Studies at OSU the oldest in the country

Some Interesting Facts about Jewish Columbus

500 seniors served everyday by WHV

500 preschoolers at our JCC sites
325 students receiving Jewish day school education
878 religious school students
Zusman Hospice one of the first residential Jewish hospices in North America
3,300 Synagogue members
500+ students have participated in an Israel Experience since 2005
5,000 Jewish students at OSU Hillel
Jewish Family Services one of the few in the country recognized for its comprehensive family/mental
health counseling & career services programs
Columbus Jewish Foundation managing over $100 million in assets
150 Young Russians ages 25-40
Partnership 2Gether Columbus and Kfar Saba is recognized as one of the best partnerships nationally
Chabad innovative programs for special needs populations
Kollel a community resource for Jewish learning
PJ Library serves 550 children and their families

Our Aspirations

Become the best community for young Jewish professionals

Make Jewish programs accessible to young families
Provide our seniors with the range of services to live in dignity

2013 Annual Repor t 6

Connecting the
Jewish Community

Planning & Allocations

People in Need

Community Campaign

Federation is the single largest

donor to our partner agencies.
We identify community
priorities by using available
data and consulting the
agencies, synagogues
and individuals. We plan
strategically for the long
term and foster community
discussion to determine how
best to allocate resources
based on priorities and
program effectiveness.

Federation supports a
coordinated system of
services for people in need.
With one call or visit anyone
can access a broad array of
services including emergency
financial and food assistance,
affordable housing information,
domestic violence support,
career development, job
training, counseling, daycare,
Jewish education or senior

Large or small, donations

are vital to the Federations
efforts to nurture and sustain
Jewish life and culture at
home and around the world.
Quite simply, your time and
dollars are the lifeblood of
everything we do. Youve
heard it before, and it
remains true: No single gift
touches more people in more
ways than a gift to Federation.
Thank you for your ongoing
financial support.

Demographic Study

Connecting to Synagogues

Agency Leaders

During the summer of 2013,

we completed our most
thorough demographic study
in more than a decade. As
the results become available,
they will help us determine
how to best allocate the
almost $7 million Federation
raises to fund Jewish causes,
social needs and to strengthen
Jewish identity. We plan to
share preliminary results this
winter with a full report later
in 2014. This information will
be critical to our planning and
allocations for years to come.

Federation convenes
synagogue leaders on a
regular basis to discuss
potential synergies and best
practices to connect our
community. Additionally,
Federation manages a
number of community-wide
initiatives including healthcare plan administration and
acts as the liaison with
Homeland Security to
ensure we are all informed
and prepared in the event
of a crisis.

Our agencies and schools

touch hundreds of community
members every single day.
This past year, the agency
leaders met many times to
discuss how to collaborate
more, to find efficiencies and
to raise more dollars. In June,
Federation hosted a full-day
retreat with this group to
discuss the long term needs
of the community.

For more information about how the Federation helps to connect the community, contact
President and CEO, Gordon Hecker at 614.559.3200 or

2013 Annual Repor t 8

Ensuring Our
Jewish Future



Growing Jewish Columbus

Leadership Development

Whats in a name? Nothing

short of our hopes, dreams and
aspirations. Thats why YAD
(Young Adult Division of the
Jewish Federation of Columbus)
has become Atid, which means
future in Hebrew. In
Columbus, Atid is now.

Entering its third year, Growing

Jewish Columbus is succeeding
in helping Ohio State graduates
find meaningful work and
engage as Jews in central
Ohio. Participants have found
employment at companies like
Huntington Bank, Abbott
Laboratories, Worthington
Industries and Jenis Splendid
Ice Creams, enabling us to
meet our goal of securing
Columbus-area jobs for at least
50 percent of participants.
This program, designed for
college juniors and seniors, is a
partnership between the
Federation, Jewish Family
Services and OSU Hillel.

To help identify and nurture

a new generation of leaders,
were preparing to launch the
Columbus Jewish Leadership
Institute, a comprehensive
training program to engage,
train and inspire volunteer
leadership.The institute will
focus on two areas developing
and implementing a leadership
development curriculum for
emerging leaders (those in
their 20s and 30s) and building
a community Leadership
Council (made up of the lay
leaders of our synagogues
and agencies) .The institute
is being constructed in close
partnership with the Wexner

Atid Columbus (the new YAD)

will continue to help us
celebrate Jewish traditions,
explore Israel and foster
community. We are excited to
expand young adult outreach
efforts with dynamic new
programming. At its core, Atid
seeks to encourage people to
explore Judaism on their own

One Happy Camper

Preschool/Day School

PJ Library

Supporting summer activities

for children is a cherished
tradition. This year, Federation
gave over $45,000 in grants
to help send more than 60
children to Jewish overnight
camp. The impact of Jewish
camp is immediate campers
return home connected to a
community and with friends
that will last a lifetime. And
children with meaningful
camp experiences are more
likely to become adults who
value their Jewish heritage,
support Jewish causes and
take on leadership roles in
their communities.

Federation funds enabled

nearly 800 students to attend
Jewish day schools and
preschools. Support for
Columbus Torah Academy
and the Columbus Jewish
Day School included
scholarships and classroom
materials, while Jewish
preschools across central
Ohio were aided with
programming and professional
development for teachers. In
all cases, the goal is to enhance Jewish life through education.

One of our fastest-growing

and most-popular initiatives,
PJ Library makes it possible for
nearly 550 central Ohio families
to receive free, high-quality
Jewish-themed books and
music delivered to their homes
each month. PJ Goes to School
(PJGtS) now brings PJ into our
four preschools, where 3- and
4-year-olds receive books and
their teachers get professional
development and resources.
Funding is provided by Abigail
& Leslie Wexner, the Jewish
Federation of Columbus and
the Harold Grinspoon
Foundation in cooperation
with the Jewish Community
Center of Greater Columbus.

For more information about how the Federation helps to connect the community, contact
Vice President Leadership Programs Erin Essak-Kopp at 614.559.3207 or

2013 Annual Repor t 10

Advocating for
Jewish Causes


Jewish Community
Relations Committee

Federations JCRC works to

build relationships with
non-Jewish and interfaith
communities and organizations,
as well as connecting and
consulting with leaders at
local, state and federal levels
to help educate and inform
them of the interests and
priorities of our community.
JCRC advocates for Israel and
promotes understanding, as
well as combats anti-Semitism,
intolerance and Holocaust
denial. This year, JCRC
responded successfully to the
showing of an anti-Israel film
to world history students in a
central Ohio high school.


Moishe House

Holocaust Education Committee

Situated in the heart of

Victorian Village, Moishe
House is a vibrant place for
young adults to gather while
putting a Jewish spin on
everything from Short North
excursions, Cinco de Mayo
celebrations or a simple walk
in Goodale Park. Moishe
House events are coordinated
by three resident hosts and
made possible by a partnership
between Federation and the
Columbus Jewish Foundation.

The Holocaust Education

Committee provides speakers
and materials for public
school teachers to use in their
classrooms, coordinates the
annual Holocaust memorial
ceremony with the mayor of
Columbus, and co-sponsors
with Trinity Lutheran Seminary
an annual Kristallnacht
memorial to remember the
Night of Broken Glass,
perpetrated 75 years ago
in Nazi Germany.

P2G (Partnership Together)

Israel & Overseas

Israel Experience/Birthright

Partnership2Gether (P2G),
previously known as Partnership 2000 (P2K), is a collaboration established in 2002
with the Israeli city of Kfar
Saba. It is considered among
the most successful partnerships in this international program. P2G links our communities to promote unity and
Jewish identity. Our schools
are connected with shared
programming, including Skyping; we help provide scholarships; and more.
Recently, a group of Columbus
doctors was certified to
practice medicine at the Meir
Hospital in Kfar Saba, filling
a vital need

Through our Israel & Overseas

program, Federation strives
to maintain ties and extend a
helping hand to Jews around
the world, in not just Israel
but also in the former Soviet Union, among others. We
have recently welcomed a
new Shaliach, Lior Abarbanel,
and his family to our community, after saying goodbye
to Noam Even and his family
who have worked with us the
past three years. Our Shlichim
provide our community with
a fresh and direct perspective
on Israel and Jewish identity.

There is no better way to

explore and strengthen
Jewish identity than by visiting Israel. Israel Experience
offers grants and subsidies
to nearly 100 central Ohio
Jewish teens and college-age
students annually taking part
in approved trips to Israel.
And, in its first year, the new
Birthright program enabled
40 young adults (ages 21-26)
to crisscross Israel by bus,
meeting with Israelis and
experiencing Jewish history
and culture. All return with a
lifelong connection to Israel
and their Jewish heritage.

For more information about how the Federation helps to advocate for Jewish causes,
contact Vice President Community Relations Eric Brown at 614.559.3217 or

2013 Annual Repor t 12

Jewish Summer Camp


Jewish Book C
Shaliach Farewell

March of the Liv


h Party
Israeli Hanukka
City of Columbus Yom
HaShoah Holocaust Observance

Lion of
Judah Luncheo

Cardozo Society

Healthcare Eve


Lion of Judah

Retail Event

Major Gifts Eve


Israel Experien


Lion of Judah

Wine Tasting

LDor VDor
Society Event
Cardozo Society

Stand With
Israel Rally Real Estate Event

Stand With
Israel Rally

Major Gifts Event

Professionals E