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A Scientific Report on

The synthesis of tetramethylamonium triodide

1. Phat Wongpanakit #5861301
2. Teerat Jamnongnoravut # 5861164
3. Pakatorn Wattanapruksa #5861088
4. Tanapol Dusadeepruetthiphan # 5861159
5. Sirapat Amornkul # 5861144

The content of report is The synthesis of tetramethylamonium triodide.mixing
Me4N+I- and Me4N+I3- also including the heat and cool temperature in the experiment,
which the tetramethylamonium triodide will resulting in a crystal.
After, we have learnt chemical equation in the class. Now, we will do the experiment
that may prove those thing. (Me4N+I- + I2 ------> Me4N+I3-)
November 28th, 2016

Twice chemicals are tetramethylammonium iodide and iodide.(Me4N+I- + I2) The
experiment goes in the process of heat and cool down, which is the part of chemical reaction
that make two chemicals combine together. (Me4N+I3-), which the mass of before is equal as
Material and Method
Refer to original lab procedure.
1. Beaker
2. 95 % Ethanol
3. Iodide
4. Tetramethylammonium iodide
5. Stir rod
6. Digital Weighting Scale
7. Weighting paper (0.58g)
8. Ice bath
9. Hot plate
10. Vacuum Filtration
11. Water spary
12. Lab gowns (Lab coat)
13. Lab gloves
14. Lab goggles


Add to a 50 mL beaker, tetramethylammonium

iodide (0.5g). Use a stirring rod to break up clumps of

Add iodine (0.6 g) and 95 % ethanol (12 mL)
Add iodine (0.6 g) and 95 % ethanol (12 mL)
In the fumehood, gently heat the beaker on a hot
plate with stirring for about 10 minutes until
tetramethylammonium iodide has dissolved.
Heat at a low temperature to prevent premature
November 28th, 2016


Remove from the heat and allow the beaker to cool undisturbed. (Agitating the

solution can cause smaller crystals to from which are more difficult to isolate and tend to
occlude impurities)
The crystals should form during this time.
Once at room temperature, further cooling can be achieved by placing the
beaker in an ice bath for about 10 minutes. Only put the solution on ice if necessary.
During this time, set up the apparatus for suction filtration for filtration and washing of
Using vacuum filtration, collect the crystals and wash them twice with
hexanes (27 mL).
10. Air-dry the product and weigh.
11. Hand in a sample, in a capped vial, labelled with your name, the name of
compound and the date to the lab


From the experiment we used tetramethylammonium iodide (0.5g), iodine (0.6g), and
95% ethanal (12ml) to mixed it together but we get a mix of green and black crystal. We have
2 hypothesis to support this result:
1. When we mix tetramethylammoniumm iodide and iodine together we mixed
them together not in 1:1 ratio.
2. When we mix or heat the chemical together we dont mixed it properly or

November 28th, 2016

From the experiment,the number of grams and moles of Me4N+I- that were used is
201.06g/mol and 0.5g and for number of grams and moles of Me4N+I3-that were used is
about 455.146g/mol and 1.22g.we also expect that the mass of product is 1.07 grams but after
we weight it the mass of product is 1.22gram cause the percentage error of 114%. the reason
that the mass of prduct is higher than the expectation because since we did the experiment we
have not poured the exact amount of iodine which cause a change in experiment . But
however, if we have a chance to do the experiment in the future dates.we may have to be
more careful and more attention when add something to the experiment and also we have to
improve our teamwork ability to do the experiment.

From the experiment, we have 0.5 grams of iodine, 0.6 grams of iodine, and 12ml of
1.)The chemical reaction is Me4N+I- + I2 ------> Me4N+I32.) & 3.) The reactant and Product grams and moles


201.06 g/mol

455.146 g/mol

November 28th, 2016


1.22 g


in conclusion, after synthesis tetramethylamonium triodide with the mixtue of iodine and
ethanal .it has shown the result as a black green crystal which can prove that our lab
experiment has been successfully done eventhrough there are still a little error since we mix

November 28th, 2016