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Aliens Vs Predator vs Nightbane

Thursday, December 13, 2012

12:31 AM

During the Long Alien Vs Predator Era, Earth has met a new Savior The Nightlords. While Micheal
Wayland lay dying aboard the Progenitor ship, He was contacted from beyond. A Soothing voice offering
him what he really wanted: Immortality.. He soon accepted, and soon he was brought over to the
Progenitor's Nightlands, where he was met by a Single Nightlord, and his retinue. The Nightlord
convinced Weyland that they were Simply Travellers not unlike the progenitors who he sought out, but
they had power they did not have. Magic..
Meanwhile, The Yautja Civil War between the under caste and the upper caste ended badly, The Yautja
Red Caste had let loose several queens on earth, much against the Proper Yautja Clan Laws, and earth
was decimated, Literally Billions were killed, leaving a paultry population of 6 Million survivors, each
scattered around Well defended bases between Colonial Marines, and the other arms manufacturers.
The Colonial Forces were mostly situated in outerspace or Non Earth colonies, they were able to
orbitaly bombard the worse off cities to kill off the Alien Threat before humans on earth became Extinct.
Then The Yautja Clans restructured, and began using earth as a hunting ground to train their warriors.

It was during this time period, the Weyland Yutani Founder had returned finally, with a host of "
Armored Warrior Automatons" claiming they were gifts from the Progenitors, and that he had found
what he was looking for. Earth forces were Mistrusting, but after the success they had in cleaning out
The Xenoform Threats.. The human race was able to grow again That is until the Horrors began
appearing amonst humans and Yautja alike. The Predators rejoiced in the new challenge and Soon the
Overlord present on earth declared these "horrors" to be the ultimate Hunt.. And they expelled the
Among the humans, Weyland declared the "horrors" to be a Xeno-Threat and began hunting them too,
For He knew what they really were..
Meanwhile back in the Nightlands on Earth, Another Nightlord arrived, and soon abducted a Queen
Alien. He used his Dark powers to enslave her and her brood, and quickly set about to Turn The
nightlands into a Giant Hive. The Formless ones still existed here in great number and were able to
keep The Hive from totally taking over the planet, in similar numbers to the human survivors, but now
had to deal with the tortured Progeny, The "Horrors" of the humans and other xenos.. They consider
these people to be fledgelings to their True race and used and abused them till They to were able to
fight back against the hivers, The Nightlords, and All comers..
Such is the World of Aliens: Hellborn Nights.


The Hell born

Hellborn are what the Nightbane of the setting they call themselves. Awakening inside the nightlands
amongst the dopplegangers and Xenomorphs, they fled to the Daylight world as soon as they were
able. Being that they are awakening now only because of the Emergence of the Nightlords in This
universe, they only know little of the normal world. Many were raised by dopplegangers, and other
Nightland creatures. As such, disregard the normal Nightbane OCCs and Occupations and only choose
from the following:
Hellborn Knight
Knights are the warriors who have served in the nightlands, with servants and title, in the
nightlands. They have sworn oaths to serve various leaders in the supernatural world which
they can straddle.
Hellborn Pawn
Pawns are those who were typically raised by the doppleganger families in the nightlands. They
are Scavengers and survivors, not likely to stay fighting against other factions if they can escape.
They have visited the day-world and know a lot about human culture, but as an outsider.
Hellborn Rook
Rooks are the enforcers and Hunters in the Nightlands. They are trained and augmented with
supernatural weaponry to take down those they hunt,human, alien, or Denizen.
Hellborn Bishop
Bishops are the Spiritual leaders of the hellorn, and Spirits, Astral entities, life and death are
their domain.
Hellborn Theurge
Theurges are the Hoarders of magic, and seek out lost arts and relics for their war. They
specialize in gathering and hiding information and supernatural power.
Hellborn Rider
Riders are the messengers and travellers.. Allowed to travel between feudal kingdoms and
trained to skip vast distances, they are world-worthy and tasked with delivering messages and
often, dealing in contraband.
Hellborn daywalker
Daywalkers are hellborn who were raised by humans, They are often Mega Corproate
employees, with only light knowledge of the nightlands.
Hellborn Freakshow
Freakshows are those whose becoming made them lose their humanity and act as Pit fighters,
Assasins and bulldogs for Human or Denizen Lord.
Hellborn Voidstalker
Voidstalkers are those whose becoming came off world, and often come from non human stock.
Although not always, they are usually more familiar with the intricacies of deep space of
Ancient Alien Clan warfare.


The Mega Corps

(See List )
As a Corporate Employee, your Occupations are diverse, and have been generalized below

- You exist as a wage slave, and generally only good at operating the Giant machines
the megacorps have setup to provide everything from food, Manufacturing,
Medicines, and Mining Equipment.
Engineers are trained to fix every kind of hardware and electronics in use. High in
demand in the human colonies, and always present in space operations.
As an entertainer, you exist to distract the masses from the truth, you are astute in
Corporate maneuvering and shady deals
Genetically altered, you are the corporate spy, designed for various stealth and
recon enhancements.
Chronologists are the future Historians. They are historians and information
brokers, their main task is to keep current events current for those who exist
offworld, a Necessity due to all the hypersleep space travel requires.
They are part doctor and cyborg, they are experts in the craft of prosthetic and
military augmentation.
Mankind came to know they were not alone back in 1993 after very difficult to hide
alien attacks that happened on earth and in other colonies. These guys are masters
of disecting, distilling, and studying Xenos, Yautja, and other speculative species.
The breach in the wall awakened magic universe wide, Arcanists who once found
their old rituals only slightly effective now had spectacular results. After a brief
faction fight in the early 2000s, They have been regimented by the Corporations.
The breach in the wall also awakened psychics. These guys were always present, but
the breach now has given them powerful, demonstratable abilities they could not
muster before the breach.
Wild Card
Wildcards are mostly Exconvicts given Kill chips and some augmentation to act as
silent killers behind enemy or corporate lines. They are the dirtiest employees of
the megacorps, breaking legs of protestors, sabotaging colonies, harvesting unpaid
organs from victims.
You are the sons, daughters of the Megacorp elite, control vast sums of money, and
are always chosen to lead various expeditions of the corporations. They are viewed
as expendible since all the corps are ran by aging, cold hearted, formerly active
humans, all obsessed with various goals. You're given the best in education but
expected to take the fall for any and all failures..


The Colonial Marines

When earth went into space and began colonizing other worlds, the governments disallowed the
megacorps from militarizing, and kept that power in the colonial Government. Thus the military now
had jurisdiction over all the human space and planets.
As far as Occupations go, the following are relevant
(Geneeric Grunt Training)
Deep Space MOS
Defense Systems MOS
Close Combat MOS
Droid Combat MOS
Satellite MOS
Medical MOS
Sweeper MOS
Urban Assault MOS
Hostile Environment MOS
Deep Sleep MOS
Civilian Patrol MOS
Demolitions MOS
Sniffer MOS
Aerial Ace MOS
Seaman MOS
Occultist MOS
Reliquary MOS
Leadership MOS
Warden MOS


The Yautja
(insert history)
The Yautja have been affected by the breach, and the new species to hunt.
While the worst thing they ever dealt with was one of their own turning into a queen, they now have
the forces of the supernatural to deal with. Fortunately their advanced sciences and medicine and
weaponry gives them a huge leg up.
The presence of freakshows have turned their tribal methods on their head as a freakshow can become
impervious to their tools and slaughter an entire pack, escaping where the Yautja can not follow. The
Yautja are not psychic or believers in magic having long ago mastered science in a magic less universe.
(Yautja RCC)
Yautja OCCs.
Yautja Scout Scouts are Yautja warriors who have not made their first kill, as a rule, they're only allowed a
single weapon when on hunts.
Yautja Slave
These are taken from other tribes, and are branded and have their manes removed. They are used
as slave laborers but would kill their masters given a chance. (in Predators, they did just that)
Stronger but dumber, they are just as more likely to hunt rival clans then humans.
Yautja Hunter
Hunters have access to al the traditional weapons and armor of the Yautja, but are not capable of
flying their space ships. They have a massive number of trophies and combat experience
Yautja Ronin
Ronin are not Yautja at all but humans and other species that have survived the xeno hunts and
earned the respect of the Hunting pack. They are often lone survivors and trained in all aspects of
the Yautja. They can also ask for Clan favors on occasion.
Yautja Elder
Elders are Old, and not as combat savy as the younger, healthier Yautja, They are the curators of
Yautja history, Sciences and the leaders of Yautja society.


The Xenos
The xenos were created by the Progenitors, a group of humanoids who created weapons for the Galactic
civilizations at the time. The xenomorph was their greatest achievement, but it backfired, when a
progenitor technician infected the entire base and doomed their entire species. Few if any progenitors
still exist.

(Standard xenomorphs here) are still found through out the Colonies in deep space. On Earth, the Bug
hunts, nukes, and Nightlands have created a new breed.
Metalmorphs - Xeno Hybrid with Hound, They are more impervious to harm ,and now capable of
Infesting supernatural beings. They resemble Metallic skeletal Xenomphs, Sans Tentacles. Metalmorphs
are smaller then standard Xenos, and often as tall as humans.
XenoOptera - Xeno hybrid with Hunters They resemble multiple winged flying skeletal dragons, who
spew forth acid and can hunt in both worlds.
FaceHiver - Xenomorph Face hugger hybridized with various Nightland deniens. It resembles a standard
facehugger, except when it wraps around the host, it sends the host into the hive mind of the queen,
merges with the host body, and shapechanges the host's face to what ever it sees.
HellQueen - The XenoQueens are no longer egglayers, instead their eggsack has been turned into an
Acidic hellpit, where it's pawns gather the PPE of it's dead and it has some powers of matter and energy
transmutation. Any Victim Directly entered into it's Abdomen has their soul trapped forever inside the
pit. The Queen now has an endless hunger for souls and that is what her new spawn bring her. She can
also Expend souls to create new minions.



Monday, December 17, 2012
3:58 AM

While the world still exists, what passes for civilization now is very diffirent. Due to the early Adoption of
sleeper births for Warp space travel, Humanity has spread through out the milky way. They have even
spread to habitable worlds and even vaguely habitable worlds through mass market domination. After
Xeno incursions in the 80s, 90s and the 00s, The World at large finally knew that they were no longer
alone. Predators had been appearing on earth for centuries, but in the nuclear age and maturation of
mankind's ability to monitor the world, they could no longer hide their presence entirely from the world,
as their usual tactics did not turn away human curiosity. In the 80s, the Nuclear explosion in Costa Rica
was detected by the nations around the world, Soviet and Nato Nations blamed each other, but cooler
heads prevailed noting that no major city was affected. The world governments hushed up the details
of this " predator attack" and rewarded the Marine who survived the encounter with the Predator with
a Political seat in the united states, which basically got him to never talk about his experience with a
hostile alien life form. Then the Predators struck out in NYC, during the height of the crack wars
between the states and the caribbean drug lords. There was a massive body count and many witnesses.
This got the attention of everyone, and by now artifacts from Other times and the future were being
discovered by victims and survivors, and buried by the world secret services. By 1999, The humans
have acknowledged a high tech, aggressive Alien species had been operating on earth, and had been
using humans as pawns in their games. Mr Yutani of Weyland Yutani Industries had discovered a Giant
underground city buried in the antartic, and ultimately found out, what the Predators were really after
The Xenos. Acid spewing host harvesting bio weapons from a war that occurred Millenia ago left amuck
across the universe.
The Predators Nuked the cite and left survivors, those survivors kept artifacts and sold them to the
powers at be, to further accelerate their understanding of alien technology.
When the Xenos made fall stateside near colorado, there was no censoring the event, Media footage of
xenos of all types had been made, and yet another nuking occurred. This started a limited nuclear
exchange in the mid 10s of the 21st century, and many countries fell economically, with various
corporations offering to uplift the fallen countries in favor of total control of resources, people and
Humans had turn to androids to assist in the post apocalyptic world and to do various duties normal
humans were useless on. So by the 2020s, they were able to finally reverse enough predator technology
to have their own analogues secretly. They built Giant ships and took what surviving humans on war
ravaged earth to man the new exoplanet colonies and soon earth was forgotten about , for the
colonists, but the people on earth continued to breed, live in filth, and many died from poor living
conditions, except those who were mega corp employees. The rest faced revenge attacks from crazed
religious fanatics and People unwilling to deal with the undeniable change. Then the corps began to
explore Deep space.. And encountered more of the xenos.
Now the biggest change occurred when the predators came while the Corps were away, and seeded
much of the planet in Xeno Queens. When the Colonial governments had awakened from their sleep,
they responded nuclear strikes at various hives and spent hundreds of lives and robots to get rid of the
aliens infesting their homeworld.
Now it's 2444, or about 30th Colonial Year. The old national borders are long gone and meaningless.
What's left on Earth now are Savage lands where Rogues, survivalists and Corporate refugees eek out in
a hostile toxic existance in the irradiated jungles and forests of the planet. The Megacorps landed Giant
Craft over several capitals to act as their now mobile bases of operation and begin to re-reap the earth
of any suitable resources, employing humans who they view cheap and expendable because they were
not from the "gifted" class of the "Pure" strain humans who stayed in space.
Weyland yutani Operates mostly in the East coast of the USA , having landed several of their colonial
processing plants over various vital areas. They also kept control over China and Japan keeping Global

processing plants over various vital areas. They also kept control over China and Japan keeping Global
control over vital resources and food supplies that they could keep. A Few other Corporations managed
to keep their presence on earth by staying thru the various wars by being Near Earth colonist Corps.
They control news, Media, Entertainment, Consumables, and History for the colonists, and act as as
filter between the Near Solar Colonists, Exosolar Colonists and the Earth bound survivors.


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