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First and foremost , nobody chooses to become a Hellspawn , they are chosen .Those who , in life , enjoy violence , killing or are just allaround evil people are prime targets for "recruitment" . Upon their death , their soul is "rerouted" to a dimension that has come to be called "Hell"
(although it isnt the real one) . It is here that they wander the various levels , most of which usually become slaves to the native inhabitants of
"hell". Those that do manage to get past them get to meet the malevolent master of this dimension , a being named the Malebolgia . It is then that
he begins to recruit them , either by tricking them or by using their own emotions against them . Once they agree , they are permanently bonded
to a living , symbiotic suit and granted tremendous power . Once this is done , they are returned to their home planet where they find themselves
in costume and in their old body (which by that point has partly decayed . Once back they begin "recruiting" more souls by killing people . Some
realize early on that they were tricked and refuse to help they Malebolgia and his forces . These rogue Hellspawn are normally hunted down and
should be considered aberrant as far as alignment goes ( they can improve themselves with time though) .
When first created , they are given a tremendous amount of PPE but also lose most of their memory as well (they always retain the memories
of who they were and for what reason they came back) . Unlike other magic users , whenever PPE is used , the Hellspawn never recover any , it is
gone for good . When all the PPE is used they are returned to "hell" where they face a trial (GMs , you decide what the trial is) . If they fail , they
are permanently destroyed . If they pass , then they are promoted to the rank of officer and given special bonuses (see notes inside the
parentheses) .
Hellspawn (optional character class)
Attributes : as per race , but add +2d6 to PS & PE -2d6 PB
Alignment : usually evil , rogues should be considered aberrant (see above)
Hit Points : double what they had in life (officers double the number they had upon reentering "hell"
SDC : double what they had in life (officers , double what they had upon re-entering "hell"
Horror Factor : 12 + 1d6
PPE : PE x 500 ( officers regain this plus : when they use it up again they return to "hell" for 5d6+2
days and recover it , then are released once again to their world)
Appearance : a partially decayed corpse
Bonuses ; immune to : mind control , poison , toxins , drugs , diseaese , gases & age
Do not need to eat , breathe or sleep
Can survive indefinitely in a vacuum or under water
Cannot be suprised from behind
+5 damage +5 strike , parry & dodge +5 initiative & perception
Natural Abilities : radiate supernatural evil
If totally destroyed (ex. atomized) they will reform within 24 hours at the spot of
destruction with full HP and SDC , but PPE will be the same as when they were
Healing : they can heal damage by expending PPE
cost : 1 PPE per point of damage
Natural magic : By making an IQ check at a -10 , they can cast any magic spell
(GMs decide what is available) . If they were a magic user in life
then all magic knowledge was lost in their "rebirth" (the Malebolgia
wiped most of their memories)
Nightbane Talents : Can use any Nightbane talent by permanently expending the
cost PPE each time the power is used .
NOTE : magic and talents are equal to characters current level
Gateway (special) : By expending 1000 PPE , they can return , body and soul to
"hell" (officers have this at no PPE cost)
Vulnerabilities : Holy items and Weapons , when used as a weapon can permanently kill a Spawn
Casting Resurrection will break their link with "hell" , effectively destroying their
power . Casting banishment on them while they are in "hell" will destroy them .
Beheading will also kill them permanently .
OCC Skills &Secondary Skills: Assume that they were third level in whatever OCC they had in life
and start with those skills .
Related Skills : same as above , but select 3 new skills ever other level , starting at level three .
Equipment : Only the suit
Money : none
NOTE : Hellspawn can be from any race .
Experince Table : use Chiang-Ku Dragon table
Hellspawn Symbiote Suit
- Exclusive to Hellspawn ONLY !!!
- IQ : average (9-12)
- AR : 10 ; can be increased one time only by expending 50 PPE per additional AR point to a max
AR of a 16 . When the AR is above a 10 the armor begins to take on a more armor like
appearance (ex. it can look very medeival (but the over-all look is up to character)) .
- SDC : 300
- radiates supernatural evil
- The suit regenerates at a rate of 10 points per day . Damage from holy items / weapons is
regenerated at a rate of 10 points per week !

- Unlike most symbiotes , the suit can be removed , but this is very rare .
- Has access to the following minor super powers :
* Body Weapons (from Aliens Unlimited)
* Danger Sense (an original of mine , see Minors section)
- Most have a cloak that , if falling will spread out and allow the character to safely float to the
ground .
- They have 1d4 chains 3 ft. in lengthwhen not in use . In use they can reach up to 20 ft distant .
They will obey simple commands and can be used to parry or strike (for ease of use , use the
Hellspawns HTH attacks) .
Damage : 2d6 SDC if used like whips
Can grip objects with a PS equal to one-quarter of the wearers PS .
- Note that the suit can never be truly killed . If the Spawn is destroyed it will automatically return
back to "hell" .
More Hellspawn Info
For those interested , all the Hellspawn stuff (the Hellspawn , Symbiote suit , Redeemer and Phlebiacs) were all drawn up using the comics ,
movie and the SNES video game as a basis . What follows is mostly based off of stuff from the game , but does have some things that I through
in to make it a bit more balanced and to make it tough to be a Hellspawn . I mean look at the comic , does he have it easy ? Absolutely not !! He
lives in an alley with some bums and sits on a throne of bones . Anyway , on to the info ...
Despite popular belief , there is a way for a Hellspawn to get back some lost PPE , albeit temporarily. Plus the method is extemely dangerous ,
too . First off , your Hellspawn must use Gateway to re-enter Hell .Second , find a relatively powerful Hellspawn and cast Banishment on them .
For the Hellspawn , Hell is their home realm and having Banishment cast upon them has a strange effect , it totally destroys them with no hope of
recovery . Once destroyed , the victims Hellspawn emblem (all hellspawn have one) falls to the ground which the victor must pick up . When
this is done , determine what the loders PPE was before the fight and the winner absorbs half of that number , but the number never exceeds
what they started with , plus the new PPE vanishes within 24 hours . Next , one additional power , which is based on a recent issue of Spawn
(from over the summer (I cant remember the number)) . The name of this new power is Kill Cloud . Upon use , the victim can only try to dodge
(and yes they get full bonuses to dodge) . If they fail to , then they are enveloped by an eerie glowing green cloud which comes from the mouth of
the Spawn and are totally destroyed . They can be Resurrected , though . The cost to the Hellspawn though may not make use of this power
worth it though , for half of the Hellspawns PPE is used !
Gateway is not the only way to enter Hell . Using rifts , a Shifter (or similar) has a 2% chance of opening the right rift . Astral travelers
though , have a 10% chance of finding Hell . But , if they left their body behind in the material world and enter Hell , they are permanently
killed , for they are cut off from their body. It is most likely that a demon will take over the now uninhabited body . But , if they entered the Astral
Realm body and soul and find it , they will see a gateway similar to what is mentioned in Dantes Inferno . Upon entering they will now have to
deal with the resident hellspawn , Phlebiacs and the Malebolgia himself . Entering Hell from the Dreamstream is not possible .
Well , thats all folks ! I hope everybody likes my stuff so far . But if you feel anything is too
powerful and unbalanced , then simply dont use it or dont allow it .

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