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Shankersinh Vaghela Bapu Institue of Technology

Branch: - Electrical
180906-Advance Power System-II

Year/Sem : - 8Th
Faculty Name : - A.M.Qureshi
Question Bank

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Chapter:3-Reactive Power Control and Voltage Stability:



Derive the expression of critical voltage and critical angle at receiving end at
voltage stability limit for two bus system.


What is voltage stability? Explain different types of voltage stability.



Introduction to State
Estimation of Power

Question List
For a transmission line connected between two buses, derive the expression of
voltage regulation and also establish from the phasor diagram and the
equations that the Q and V have a strong coupling.
Enlist different types of reactive power compensation methods for heavily
loaded and voltage stressed power systems. Explain static VAR compensators in
What is voltage collapse? Explain the main factors that contribute to the
phenomena of voltage collapse.


For a three phase lossless transmission line has inductive reactance of 0.6
ohm/km and capacitive admittance is 50 μs/km. If the system voltage at the
sending end is 220 kv (L-L) and the line length is 100 km. Find (1) Electrical line
length of the line (2) surge impedance of line (3)receiving end voltage at no load
with sending end voltage as reference(4) sending end current (5) reactive
power at sending end and (5) surge impedance loading .
Derive expression for critical receiving end voltage and critical power angle at
voltage stability limit for two bus power system.
Discuss reactive compensation methods for heavily loaded and voltage stressed
power system to enhance voltage stability
Derive expression of mid-point voltage of a transmission line in terms of real
power flow and line length.
What is reactive power compensation? Explain reactive power compensation of
redial transmission line for; (1). On no load and (2).Heavy loading condition.
Discuss the sources of reactive power generation in the power systems.
Describe Least Square Estimation (LSE) and Weighted LSE for estimation of x
(vector of n random variables) using another vector y of variables m (>n).
In relation to state estimation process, explain detection, identification and
suppression of bad data in the measurement vector.
Explain various applications of state estimations in a power system.
What do you mean by state estimation? Discuss External System Equivalency.
How bad data are detected and suppress in state estimation.
Explain static and dynamic state estimation of power system.

regressive Moving Average Model for load forecasting 28 Explain power system operating states with neat diagram 29 30 31 32 Differentiate between normal.) Principal. 34 Explain function of different entities in deregulated power system 35 Discuss vertically integrated utility in brief. Give classification based on lead time and forecasting methodology and explain them in brief 26 Discuss average and trend term estimation in load forecasting.Electrical 180906-Advance Power System-II Year/Sem : . Contingency Analysis Explain generation shift factor and line outage distribution factor in relation to security analysis. Explain emergency control in brief.SVBIT . Define load forecasting. Chapter:5Preventive. How they are helpful in security analysis? Explain load forecasting methodology and estimation of average and trend terms.8Th Faculty Name : . Chapter:06-Power System Structures Emergency and Restorative Control Sr. 2003.M.Qureshi Chapter:2-Power System Security 21 What are major functions of system security? Explain them in brief. HOD(Dept. How does it differ from vertically integrated electric industry? 33 Write a short note on The Electricity Act – 2003. Explain transition from an alert state to an emergency state of a power system with the help of suitable example of small power system. System monitoring 2. 22 Explain system state classification with relevant figure clearly indicating all security levels and transition between different security levels. No. 37 Describe structure of deregulated power systems in India. 36 Write a short note on Indian scenario of power systems and Electricity Act. 23 Write short note on load forecasting.Load Forecasting Techniques Question Bank 18 19 20 24 25 Question List Explain what is power system security? Explain in detail as related to power system security: 1. alert and emergency state of a power system. Explain the structure of deregulated electric industry. 27 Describe Auto-Regressive Model and Auto.Shankersinh Vaghela Bapu Institue of Technology Branch: . What is black-out in a power system? When can it occur? Explain power system restoration after black-out. Chapter:4.A.