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Kevin: Wanna tape the flashlight to your sword and make a light sabre?
--1.12 Apocalypse 1.0

Le Chien d'Onyx
A small onyx figurine in the shape of a dog.
Owner: Delacey Otage.
Location: Hopefully, somewhere safer than the last place he kept it.
Created By: ?
Sought By: Nobody that we know of.
Powers: Transform into a large, largely invulnerable dog that can teleport from shadow
to shadow and rip people's limbs off.
Drawbacks: Ripping people's limbs off doesn't always make you real popular.

The Orbs of Creation
Also known as the Orbs of the Tempest. Seven marble-sized spheres representing the
classical planets, each conveying the traditional powers of its namesake sphere.
Owner: The Benandanti.
Location: Six of them are in a vault somewhere in Italy, in a box that can only be opened
by Drew or Melina. One of them is Tori.
Created By: ?
Sought By: Pretty much everybody. Except Cora, who's only interested in one of them.
Powers: Reshape the universe into any form you desire.
Drawbacks: Reshape the universe into any form you desire.

The Heart of China
A large jewel said to be the petrified heart of a dragon.
Owner: The Chinese government.
Location: On tour with a collection of Chinese artifacts.
Created By: The death of a dragon.
Sought By: The Sect of Leaning Heaven.
Powers: Unknown.
Drawbacks: Famous and on public display.

The Stone of Kasam
Owner: Joshua
Location: Joshua's house(?)
Created By: ?
Sought By: Nobody.
Powers: Now-empty object that once bound a powerful efreet.
Drawbacks: Doesn't actually do anything any more.

The Kavanaugh Sword
A finely crafted sixteenth century Italian edged rapier.

badly in need of redecorating. History: dates from the High Baroque period (at least 300 years old). valued by collectors at about $80. Location: He's usually wearing it.000. Created By: Lorenzo Stellanera. probably in 1581 or 1582. and used as Donovan's primary weapon thereafter. Location: She's usually wearing it. Powers: Non-magical. probably forged in the Rhur valley. History: Commissioned by Donovan Kavanaugh (and Melina Demetra) for his use in obtaining the Mars Orb. Powers: Some sort of magic relating to dispeling things. Europe's finest weaponsmith. but composed of an "otherworldly" (meteoric?) alloy that certain demons are particularly vulnerable to. The Kessler Sword German hand-and-a-half broadsword. . in the early 1580s. Owner: Sam. with batwing-shaped guards on the hilt and runes etched onto the blade. Drawbacks: Reeks of magic. Sought By: Nobody. when it was given to Gwen Stacey by her Watcher as a birthday gift. Drawbacks: None known.Owner: Drew. Created By: ? Sought By: Nobody. Drawbacks: None known. Drew claimed it after Gwen's death. Virmon's Orb of Confidential Conveyance Owner: Slayer Club Location: Blaire's old cave on Solomon Heights Created By: Virmon Sought By: Everybody Powers: A luxurious tower that can be entered by spell or astral projection and which fits handily into your carry-on luggage and allows its residents to travel in style and comfort. It's fate is lost to history until the 1930s. seems to want to be owned by Drew.