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Submitted by:
Ms. Genuine C. Antique
Student; BA Political Science IV
Submitted to:
Dr. Grace C. Baywong
Political Science 34 (11:30-12:30 TTHS)

there were only few members of the faculty who engaged themselves in the extension program.I. productive recreational activities and legal issues to the women will be more empowered and they will more appreciate their roles in the nation-building. The seminars to be conducted must be also done in a more conducive place where it can accommodate at least 100 individuals. II. Grace Baywong. 2016. The extension program was implemented to Barangay South Sanitary Camp. the Department of Political and Social Sciences in cooperation with Department of Business Laws and Taxation presented its extension program entitled INSTITUTIONALIZATION OF BARANGAY HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL FOR THE PROTECTION OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN through Dr. The core themes of the said program were to engaged women in community development and to protect them from domestic violence. . there was the shortage of funds so it is hereby recommended to have a scheme indicating a sound financial allocation for the program by consulting this with the Research Extension Office and the Office of the VP for Finance.) POLICY RECOMMENDATION The goal of the paper is to at least enumerate some recommendations to further develop the said extension program: 1. Therefore to efficiently implement this program. Baguio City. According to the report. Good Financing Mechanism to be sponsored by the SLU The extension program presented deserves a sound monetary allotment from the administration of Saint Louis University.) SHORT DESCRIPTION OF THE POLICY Last March 15. 2. Increase the number of workforce in the activity According to the presentation. There should also the involvement of the barangay officials or barangay volunteers who will be in-charge for the arrangement of the activity. This extension program was performed last June 2015 and continuously monitored until this year. Increasing the Range of Networks in terms of its Implementation The extension program in order to be successful must seek the help of other institutions within the Cordilleran region such as the barangay local government units and the city of Baguio to further extend its mission. there should be an increase in the number of workforce in the activity such as at least 70-80% of the members of faculty of the DPSS and at least 20-30% of the members of faculty in the SABM-DBLT. It is also recommended that the pioneers of the program to seek sponsorship to private sectors. Integrated Seminars on Legal and Economic Aspects The extension program should incorporate integrated topics especially on livelihood. 4. 2016. This will also imply that there will be high number of stakeholders benefited. 3.